RNC rips Biden and the Obama administration for “Misplaced Trust” in Russia

Not only is Russia arming the Syrian regime, their lackeys were suggesting they would protect Syria if anyone intervened. Also, we know they are working with both Iran and Venezuela.

But Biden, in his infinite wisdom, believes his administration should be best-est buds with Russia:

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28 thoughts on “RNC rips Biden and the Obama administration for “Misplaced Trust” in Russia

  1. these God forsaken progs are so dangerous to our country, it is not funny…this is deadly serious stuff.

  2. Does the vice president have an obligation to back up his superior even if he is a traitor, or is the VP’s prime obligation to the people that elected him?

  3. We are up the creek without a paddle as long as this ship of fools are at the helm.

    Impeach these ignoramuses.

  4. Should have a video replaying Biden indicating that Obama will be tested by enemies then show video of our spy planes in Iran and Obama begging for it back. With a question, “Will any of our enemies or does any of foreign dictator listen to him?” With Obama voice reverbing “we want it back”.

    Any foreign tyrant currently in power is rejoicing that Obama is in power. They are getting away with murder, hence, Syria and Iran.

  5. Joe, the most noble thing you could do for your country would be to declare yourself mentally incompetent and resign.

  6. You mean it is not common knowledge that the Russians have historically armed 70-80% of the nations that make up the Middle East????????????????????

  7. Biden also says the Taliban is not our enemy. Soon afterward, the Taliban broke off ‘negotiations’ with the US and has continued its violence and slaughter of innocents.

    The people bombed and shot by the Taliban would like a word with Obama/Biden/Clinton.

  8. Oh yeah, the same Russia that’s been assisting Iran with technology and military weapons. The same Russia that said if Israel attacks Iran, they will defend Iran. What’s to worry about?

  9. The RNC and Robamney are trying to make their own Red Bogey man. It will fall flat. We don’t trust the Russians. What new? We’ve got our damn Marxist autocrat to focus on.

    The RNC is gonna play the same ole playbook into obscurity.

    1. Yep! Apparently they forget it was Bush who looked into Putin’s soul and trusted him yet I didn’t hear any of this coming from the RNC at the time. Democrats will remind the voters of that and Republicans come out looking like scaremongering fools.

          1. Not sure, but he didn’t try to sneak our missile defense shield technology to them.

        1. I still remeber the the surrender speech by Bush at he DC Mosque. What a shock. Could hereally have been that complicit, that clueless or that misled?

  10. Obama loves our enemies and hates our true allies. Obama and his Administration are the enemy of the USA, fact. Impeach Obama Now! Oh wait! The affirmative action police will never let that to happen, disregard and prepare yourselves.

    1. No need to impeach. You only impeach a lawful president. This guy is not eligible, therefore, all that is needed it to frog march is scrawny, illegal behind to jail.

  11. Oh, for heavens sake. Misplaced trust, are you kidding? This RNC is enabling this criminal. He knows what he’s doing, you morons at the RNC. He’s a traitor, it has nothing to do wit misplaced trust. The entire Republican Party needs to go. They call it misplaced trust because they’re cowards, and don’t want to charge him with treason. They figure this gets them off the hook. The Republican so called leadership should be charged with this Muslim impostor.

    1. That’s exactly right. This isn’t misplaced trust. This is treason. Colluding with the enemy.
      The RNC makes me sick.

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