RNC Special Speaker: Clint Eastwood speaks to the RNC

Turns out Clint Eastwood was the secret special speaker tonight at the RNC and he was quite simply hilarious. Just watch:

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274 thoughts on “RNC Special Speaker: Clint Eastwood speaks to the RNC

  1. I have watched this dozens of times and it is better each time. Today Clint came out to say what he meant, that Obama was the biggest hoax on The US ever. The fools that voted for him deserve him. We did not believe a word he said,except when it was against long standing US policy. I hope the uneducated people stay this one out and stay home.

  2. It is now 2-days later, and people are still talking about Clint’s speak. I’d have to say that based on that alone, he hit a grand slam.

    But you know what is coming… There will be a SNL skit about it, and undecided’s will wonder why they are doing it. And then they’ll go back and watch Clint’s original speech. I know I did. It is better than SNL could do.

    This has legs, and I have to think it is a gift from God for the GOP.

  3. The left tried to shut this down and only succeeded in having tens of millions more view this that otherwise would not have , and MOST agree with Clint.
    The INVALUABLE thing here is that Clint is speaking to Obama voters and telling them plainly and understandingly …You gotta let him go.
    In his simple way he captured this entire election in a nutshell, better than even Paul Ryan , Marco Rubio , or Mitt Romney ,as remarkable, as their own speeches were . And for that and having the courage to step forward I say THANK YOU Mr Eastwood

  4. Third time watching video and it just gets better every time I watch it! Clint is speaking from his heart.

  5. Liberals hate being mocked, which is why Eastwood’s speech is so devastating to them.

    And 23 million Americans out of work IS a national tragedy.

  6. After seeing the reactions from all over and the libs losing it, I think CLINT really did his part well.

    Let me give a perspective that could really be and these pundits are now gone off the
    rails, in to the woods, Peeing their pants. THEY need to put down the crack pipe, especially Touree, C BLOW, E Washington, and Mr Positive, Al Shaaapton !

    DID I say that? Was that racist? What would CLINT say?

    Mitt is rougher that we think, but he could not risk taking the shots, and when Monday was lost and they lost the 4 day plan to ramp up the real message.

    All this hemming and hawing about it was too nasty to the PRZI is just nonsense, we all know this. Somthing tells me the surprise WAS THE SURPRISE ON THE PROGS. Kind of a K$ll shot, we have learned from Seal Team sSx, you gotta plan a total over wheklming surprise attack. And no one knew what the chair was for……REALLY??? Surprise !

    BUT, this was PAYBACK, I feel, and MITT and Mr TRUMP figured out how to strike the boy king punk (Mad Cow ?). To see the attempt to figure this out, and deny it as, we did not know he would scramble the PREZI like Humpty Dumpty, was all a risk if Clint Bo$bed totally, but ther are a lot of us were hoping for EVEN more.

    SHAAAPton is trying to get some traction with the MEME that Mitt has to dis-avow the
    remarks against OUR President. Well, PREZI set all this in motion in his first days by being arrogant and talking like a KING or TYRANT.

    This day was coming, live and in PRIME TIME (the real deal libs are upset about, see they control big 3 networks), so only think left is to go back to racist REPUBS and MITT will not condemn his own party (you mean like O-BLAME-O does?) if some extreme event or comment happen.

    You all saw the saw the AKINS comments, Mitt acted fast (so MSM could not attack him on issue, and then they went after RYAN, and Paul reacted with coolness too), and AKIN is back on top of the Bat Woman of Mizoo (seen her glasses?), and may win, the man has his own money and Mou is very strong RED state.

    MSM was popped, right on the nose, and they can not stop the bleeding today.

    As a matter of fact, the more they cry, the worse it gets for them, and CLINT is bigger
    star than ever. Dirty Harry DID IT AGAIN….I want the movie rights?

    MItt has this way, of hiring the right guy at the right time. THAT is what a great CEO will always do, I have known many.

    And going to Louisana right away, genius move. Obumy is playing checkers against himself, and Mitt is playing CHESS with the CHESS Master at his side…RYAN.

    Look at all the facts, and see things a they are, not what MSM is playing out in front of you. They are totally befuddled, and we should be knocking them around on ALL THINGS.

    If you ever listen to RUSH and Mark Levin, they have been demanding some of this offense for a VERY long time. Mitt may even feel tough enough and earned enough respect to get 10 minutes on Mark and Rush’s show….at the last minute before election is PERFECT ! So MSNBC attack dogs will not have any time to mount a SWAT PROG SPEW ATTACK as they do like thay are trying to mount today and did on AKIN.

    RYAN was the piece missing, so I want his SS staff doubled ASAP.

    Nice JET-plane Mitt.

    Let’s roll, and then JET to the WH !

  7. Clint……… BOOM!!! The sound of liberal heads exploding in their parents’ basements from Tallahassee to Tacoma!!

    1. leftist troll… that’s my pick. You know why? This here below…

      but let’s face it: we’ve become myopic and stagnant and incapable of seeing outside of our own windows when it comes to understanding mainstream America. We’ve become exclusive, intolerant, and vitriolic. We seem even incapable of identifying lies from our own candidates. Even Sally Kohn said Ryan blatantly lied in his speech.

      1. That’s exactly what I expected. Add “suspicious of those who would question our viability” to the list.

        If we don’t stop to ask the hard questions about why we are coming up with weak candidates and why we are managing to alienate moderate voters by calling them “Kool-aid drinkers” then we will stagnate and be doomed to a recursive failure.

        Your accusation only reinforces my original assumption about our party.

        1. I want to see the party steer a hard right. Since you are fond of using Sally Kohn as a litmus for whether our candidates are telling the truth, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that small government and more self reliance aren’t the direction you want to see the country go. I’m sure not going to lose any sleep on whether those so called moderates like us.

          Eastwood was funny and took the POTUS to task on his empty promises. Get over it.

    2. Thanks, but I’ll stay in my feel good bubble as opposed to that HATE filled one the libs live in!

  8. Out of the four years of the Obama Presidency, Clint was doing something the White House Press Corps wouldn’t do, and that’s asking tough questions about the tough issues to the President. Great speech, Mr. Eastwood.

  9. By yesterday morning everyone knew Clint Eastwood would be speaking.. I think the mystery speaker was actually Obama, and he had to say what we all knew he would say.. NOTHING worth listening to.

  10. Regardless, you are probably wrong if you think this changed the election or gave votes to Mitt Romney. If anything else, someone from Hollywood with an off the cuff speech overshadowed him. Like it or not, Mitt Romney just got overlooked at this own convention. Mitt Romney just accidentally gave the spotlight back to Obama because now, even more, everyone wants to hear what the Democrats have to say. And when they watch, maybe they’ll get the kind of dialogue they should’ve received while we were laughing at the expense of Mitt Romney’s campaign, headed by a terrific Clint Eastwood.

    1. Maybe we just think the improv was freaking funny… You know, because we have a sense of humor – unlike the insufferable, ill humored & bigoted Democrats.

    2. yahoo-7GN6KLEY46K4OZ4QZWKDIDAEOE, your brain is addled but if I had to sign my name as you do, mine would be addled too. You’re excused.

  11. Clint is taking a lot of bitchin from the left. But, that’s just them. They have to gang up on a single speaker. They are like a pack of wolves.

    Yes, it was different. Clint was like the 7th inning stretch. But, they don’t see that.

    Even at 80+, he still trumps all the whiney-ass Hollywood libs. They think they own stars.

  12. I thought it was great, among other things, that he started off with, “I know what you’re thinking…”, which is how his famous Dirty Harry line starts…

    “I know what you’re thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?”

  13. Wow, Clint Eastwood has aged so much. He might not be around 4 years from now. Reminds me how we are all getting old.

  14. “Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”

    – Clint Eastwood

  15. To all the left wing critics who denounced Clint’s talk to America I say:

    Any day you aggravate a liberal is a successful day.

  16. Good old Clint Eastwood with his steely gaze, a cuban cigar and a blazing gun walking slowly into a fight.

  17. God bless you Mr. Eastwood. Great talk. I have heard so many conservative speakers be gracious, classy, positive, upbeat and funny while sharing their thoughts, words and memories at the convention. It’s truly refreshing. And thank you for letting us know that there are many others like you in Hollywood, they just don’t wear it on their sleeve.

    Talking like obama was in the emply chair was hilarious.

    1. The’re a dozen comedians that could have delivered that routine better. Eastwood might as well have tried doing ballet. He was out of his element. Or maybe he should have practiced. He was a bumbler.

        1. Being 82 has nothing to do with it; he is not senile or incapacitated — it’s just not his thing. Any late nite host would have brought down the house with that skit. What he could have done was issue a bunch of challenges like “Approve the Keystone pipeline”, “Pass a budget”, “Pass the 14 jobs bills stuck in the Senate” … and after each one got the audience to say “and make my day”. Ending with telling the President he doesn’t have the stones or the grease to get any of this done and that Romney with the help of a R congress will “make my day”.

            1. Since I wrote the comment, I’ve come up with a better idea. Use the Romney version of Newt’s much vaunted EO list. Also knowing what we know now, he could have included “contacting Bobby Jindal about flood relief”, “helping Rahm stand in at the 12 funerals next week of gun murder victims that will occur in Chicago this weekend”.

              — in other words lots of red meat !!

    1. A true American, Indeed! As a reminder, Clint is 82 years old. I suspect he has been around the block a few more times than most of us.

  18. Gee, and I used to think he was wearing a rug.

    Nice to see an old man out and about and being his natural self.

  19. Clint Eastwood was great and loved the truth in his humor. Would love to have seen Barry’s reaction!!!

    1. The left-wing extremists in the media and entertainment fields are already ripping him to shreds. He scares the hell out of ’em. LOL!

  20. They said on the news that he said a vulgar line and that everyone ate it up anyway. What? He never got vulgar. He said “he can’t do that to himself”. That’s not vulgar, but what people will imagine “that” to be is vulgar. So what.

    He was hilarious. I wish he was 30 years old again so he could give us many more years of movies. He’s awesome.

  21. I loved every minute of it. Maybe now Romney will be forced to release some more of his tax returns to deflect attention away from that “break from the speeches.”

  22. Yes he seems a little old but who better than to make Romney’s day. It would e made mine. Now its time for Obama to make our day. Right punk? I mean Mr President.

  23. Since MSNBC was so fair this week, how about we….ALL


    Pass that along, they just got smacked in the nose, and can’t take it.

    D’Souza, Clint, RYAN, any more heroes out there????

  24. Man what a treat that was, Clint sure has aged but he still has that ability to make everyone love him. I have always loved Clint Eastwood and love him much more now after that humble and humorous speech!

  25. I was looking forward to his speech. I expected a Charlton Heston in front in the NRA moment. Instead, we got a rambling, bizarre performance that will unfortunately not help our cause. He is indeed a great American, but the fact is that this will only provide fuel to the left that shows how far off course the GOP is from mainstream America.

    1. clint eastwood is a great patriot. he is also 82 years old.
      maybe watching sandra fluke next week be more to your liking…

    2. That performance had everyone wincing. I love Clint, even have pics with him at his restaurant when he was mayor of Carmel, but tonight didn’t win anyone over. Hate to say it but it’s true. Sorry.

      1. Who’s everyone? By the looks of that crowd, it sounds like he had everyone laughing with excitement. It sounds like the only person he didn’t win over was you and I doubt that is a big loss to our side.

      2. Listen closely, Linda. Do you know what you’re hearing? That’s the sound of the wind whistling around you, the empty space, and “all those folks around you” that weren’t won over. Eastwood had everybody on the left wincing, that’s for sure. Just because it wasn’t done in the Slick Willy fashion that they (you?) are used to doesn’t mean that it wasn’t effective.

        It doesn’t matter to me whether you were convinced or were “winced”, because you are either in lock step with the left or just too PC to see what’s real out there.

        Good luck with that. True conservatives appreciated the performance of this great American.

        Edit: BTW, just because you hate to say it, doesn’t make it true. It just makes you wrong.

    3. No… you’re way off base.

      He is a towering figure of our cultural heritage.
      In a medium America created, the cinema, he has toiled with bold courage and intellectual honesty and a humble respect for the common man, the common American.

      He is like what would be a national poet in other countries.
      His authority can’t be denied.

      He could have been rolled out in a wheelchair… drooled… and said “Obama sucks! Go do what you gotta do !”
      And that would have been great in itself.

      But he entertained, made us laugh, and made us think anew with a twinkle in his eye.
      God bless you, dude.

      1. He could have been rolled out in a wheelchair… drooled… and said “Obama sucks! Go do what you gotta do !”‘ – chris

        Yeah! That would have gotten me to my feet.

        What I noticed last night was Clint’s performance was panned by the political pundits, but loved by America. The left is desperate to find something to wail and moan about and they are floundering. Sure, it wasn’t PC enough for them, but to me, it spoke to the heart of our nation and that heart is voting in huge numbers this time around.

        Go ahead, America – make my day!

    4. More fuel to the left, you say….. I say fantastic! The left wing media is already in a meltdown, so the more fuel we put on that fire the better! I love watching their ratings burn as well. They are going to lie about the GOP no matter what, so who really cares?

      1. Yay. Let’s all throw another log on the fire. As they go up in flames, they go down in ratings.

        Rest in Pieces, Lame Stream Media. Don’t let the blogosphere hit you in the keyboard on the way out.

    5. I thought it was a humorous break. If I thought anything needed to change, it would be him reducing the number of “uh’s.” (It’s a violation of public speaking code.) I thought that left the impression he was rambling, but he wasn’t. He knew what he wanted to say and in what order. He was even able to handle a heckler and get back on course and then work the heckler back into the closing. That’s not the work of a rambling man.

    6. It amazes me how quickly you so-called Conservatives are willing to eat your own and go over to the other side. When you are Clint Eastwood’s age, you probably won’t have any teeth and will need a walker to get to your mailbox. On the other hand, this man got on a plane from Carmel and came all the way to Florida and gave a speech that not one of you could have given. Not one of you. it will go down in History as one of the greatest speeches ever made at any convention, Democratic or Republican. Because it came from his heart. It came from his core beliefs. It came from his love of this country. It came from someone outside the political realm. It came from Hollywood, by way of Carmel.

      I was mesmerized by his performance here this evening. I was traumatized by the comments I saw from those of you who are supposedly on our side, but not really.

      We are all good with words here on this site, and I am as good as any of you. But apparently, we have differing opinions on what Freedom means and how to go about achieving it. I hope that doesn’t turn out to be the obstacle it seems to be at the moment. In the end, I hope we all have the same goal. Because if we don’t, they win. Right now, they’re watching to see what we do.

      1. You’re right, not one of us can be a bumbling has been preaching to the choir about how much we all hate Obama. Reading through these posts makes me wonder how much of a mutual masturbation club the right has become and incapable of realizing just how dysfunctional and out of touch we are. I’m never going to the “other side” but I sure as hell recognize delusionary self-effacing rhetoric masquerading as forced congratulatory back slapping in the face of utter failure.

        1. Well, I knew by the fact that you can’t accept your husband’s name, that you were a reasonable human being. I am guessing here, but I would surmise you are one of those on the left who want to change those of us on the right to be more agreeable and play fair in the sandbox. You Linda, are a plant here and you have no intention of supporting Conservative principles. I have to admit, they are getting better at training you people.

      2. W531, I dont think Linda is a RScooper. Ive been here quite awhile and I dont recall ever seeing her.

        Im with you, I thought Mr Eastwoods speech was rockin’.

      3. I think you were replying to a troll that was pretending to be on our side. She’s definitely not conservative.

        Clint Eastwood gave an excellent speech…hilarious at that.

    7. You must not pay much attention to the news because you would know that the left attacks anyone who does not agree with them.

      And if you think Eastwood’s speech is a game changer in this election, stop watching MSNBC.

    8. What are you talking about? Yeah, the GOP is so far off course from mainstream America. So far, in fact, that they wiped out Democrats in Congress last election and Obama’s going to lose in a landslide. The only thing you’ve got going for you is Holder’s lawsuits against the states to protect voter fraud.

    9. The question remains: Will the RINO talking heads defend Eastwood or capitulate and cede the “bizarre crazy rant by crazy uncle” meme the MSM and Left is pushing? ?

      Action speak louder than words and it will be interesting to see if the RNC throws Clint under the bus or defends his individualism, it will be very telling IMO.

    10. huh… and here I thought he was refreshingly irreverent to a POTUS who has everyone minding their p’s & q’s like he’s a freaking god.

      Eastwood was funny. He was completely non-PC. He spoke his mind and the only people calling it ‘bizarre’ or ‘rambling’ seem to be the pointy head, inside the beltway elitists who are being deliberately obtuse. Those pointy head, inside the beltway elitists seem to be coming from both sides, by the way…

      One more thing – the left uses everything as fodder & fuel. They don’t like us. They will never like us. I humbly suggest you get comfortable with it.

  26. I think Clint was GREAT !

    MSNBC was just mad he toasted DEAR LEADER.
    They had his career ending….Resist we much about DAT Al,
    YOU ARE the most negative racist I have ever seen.

    Wolf Biltzer was livid, and said Clint was awful when he was on the floor with the audience and they were all horrified?

    Then they showed a clip, and WOLF was LYYYYINNNNGGG.
    He too was upset they roasted the PREZI, with a stand-up routine.
    People in audience were having a ball !

    It was certainly different.
    It felt good to ridicule the left for a change,
    after the PREZI does it whenever he wanted to.

    When you play with FIRE,
    sometimes you get burned.
    I think TRUMP had his revenge….no?

    We are winning on Medicare tooo, so WTF !!!

    Get over it Libs, you got nailed !!!

    A lot of people turned in to see CLINT, and saw MITT too.
    HOW can we lose with that (?), and OBUMMER took a hickey…..
    OBAME was protected for a LONG time, and MSM coudl not protect him?
    GOOD !!!!

    It was kind of GRAND, and seeing AL SHAAAAPTON go off the rails….PRICELESS

    I hear Chrissy Matthews and Al Shaaaapton are toast after the election.
    The COMCAST people are thinking sooner now I assure you.
    Pierce Morgan is a DUFUS of major purportions.

    R&R 2012
    Let’s roll !

    1. The largest audience was tuned to Fox News, which averaged 7.7 million viewers, down 15% from nine million in 2008, according to Nielsen data provided by Fox.

      Fox News is a unit of News Corp NWSA -1.11%., which also owns The Wall Street Journal.

      Among broadcast networks, CBS averaged 2.4 million viewers compared with 4.9 million in 2008. ABC’s viewership fell to 2.8 million from 5.9 million. NBC’s audience also fell. Time Warner Inc.’s CNN had the steepest viewership decline of the major networks, with 1.3 million viewers vs. 6.1 million four years ago.

      Tuesday night’s proceedings, in contrast, convention had a slightly stronger performance than 2008. This year, 22.3 million viewers tuned in, or 4% more than the corresponding night four years ago.
      ………This is what you get for being biased Fox keep kicking their a.s.se.s………

      1. the audience may be down also, because power is out in louisianna. mississippi, in some areas.

        1. Yeah, but I think people in those areas are already ours, and because of that I am very happy about the liberal media getting destroyed in the ratings. And my point was to say that fox is considered a right leaning channel which tells me that america still is a right leaning country and has awaken and does not care for the liberal media.

        2. the audience may be down also
          I think it would be folly to put stock in Convention viewer comparisons……

          The interest in them have so many different factors. This is an Incumbent year whereas 2008, both parties were offering up two different leaders….

          Add into the fact that Sarah Palin an unknown, was giving her speech and many Americans were naturally curious about the GOP ticket immediately after Obama gave his Thursday speech, combine that with the media dump they had five days before she was announced against Palin and her family…

          I also think Americans aren’t going to be tuned in until the debates and there are many who will vote but are less interested on the daily cycles. Obama had his “Reality show” “Messianic” Change campaign which is never coming back. (I don’t see him on ET every day like four years ago) and there was much interest in a changing of the guard and a symbolic black president..

          Now this year, it seems like people are waiting to get a tumor removed, while Democratic voters are just banking on putting their fingers in their ears , wishing the problem away that is their president.

          They also have nothing to campaign on , other than to bring up social issues, to tickle the ears of those who like to have their condoms paid for by the government, so really, it’s a campaign of Known expectations. Class warfare rhetoric, and “wedge issue” notes and reminders that the Democrats are banking on retaining its secularized voter blocks.

    2. ineedacountry, you may have just touched on something this evening, that may wind up being extremely important. Those who make fun of others, are often very sensitive to others who make fun of them. You see, they are not used to getting it back. We have not done that much, but I think it’s something we need to take a look at. Clint Eastwood took Hollywood to our enemies this evening. What a marvelous effect it had on energizing our base. We need to do more of the same. These people are so superficial, it’s laughable. They pretend to know everything, but they only mouth the mantra that the progressives give them. As Conservatives, we think as individuals. Huge difference. Clint opened up a window here this evening. God Bless him.

  27. According to the overpaid talking heads on MSNBC, his appearance was a disaster, a debacle and a catastrophe… which of course means it was actually a huge success.

  28. A real American. No teleprompter. 82. Not really a political speech – it was a PRO-AMERICAN speech. He is his own man. Very impressive.

  29. We started the Convention with Ralph Kramden and ended with Dirty Harry. Quite diverse, if not strange!

  30. What a great break from all of the political speeches. Maybe the surprise was, we didn’t know Clint could deliver such humor! But he also made a few very profound statements as well. Loved it!

    I thought the whole convention was very uplifting and fantastic! My goodness the speakers earlier that talked about Romney from personal interactions, let’s just say it took several tissues to get through them. They were so touching, even the men and women delegates were tearing up! Unfortunately, they weren’t during prime time so many probably didn’t see them.

    1. I agree Maxine. We were happily surprised by the collection of gifted speakers. It was a feel good couple of days. Some spoke from the heart. Others were policy wonks using guiding principles, and ideology as their strategy. A few were more conservative. AND some were straight down the line Party Republicans.
      All had the good of our country first and foremost, and whether in Tampa or watching live we all agree that Obama must go.

      1. The only speaker that I wished I didnt see tonight was Jeb Bush, he went in there only for political purposes, and to try to enhance his career. He thinks that he is a big star when all he is, is the next Charlie Crist.

        1. I was going to say the same thing. I really don’t care what Jeb has to say on any topic! That was a waste of time, IMHO.

          1. He and his brother are to blame for half the deficit in this country and god protect us from having another one in the white house. I just want him to disappear he is a liability.

              1. Sorry you dont agree that adding 4 trillion dollars to our deficit is not big?
                Its harder for us the party of small government to make our case when you grandee someone like Christie, that last time I checked unemployment in his state is above 9.9% and when Obama care was challenged by other states he didnt even move a finger to fight it etc.
                But being able to disagree is what makes us who we are.

                1. My Avatar, is the greatest president of modern times the one and only Ronald Reagan.

                2. Agree, phc (love your avatar!!!) – looks like Bush and Christie are being groomed for 2020 – and cabinet positions in Janaury 2013.
                  I think Jim DeMint will have something to say about that, and Sarah, and the electorate.

                  BTW did you hear Ted Cruz on Mark’s show today? Mark asked him if McConnell had been in contact. He had, apparently, trying to get in there early via a courtesy call. DeMint probably has too, though, so not to worry.

        2. lol funny, i thought the same exact thing. notice him nor christie made the twitter speaker chart.
          Mitt Romney 13,267
          Marco Rubio 8,937
          Clint Eastwood 7,044
          Paul Ryan 6,669
          Ann Romney 6,195
          Number of Tweets In One Minute.
          They said it was higher than Obama’s state of the union speech.

          1. they are so irrelevant in my eyes, the question is what with all the hype with christie? He was horrible last night, it was all about himself.

            1. i am not on it, just reporting the news.
              i did not like christie nor jebs speech. seems others may not have either.

              1. What we are seeing is the slow demise of the RINOs. As the infamous Snagglepuss would have said, “Exit, stage left – already!”

    1. The liberals are out in typical form tonight….trashing Clint because they know he was great, but too low class to admit it….they’re actually wondering why Romney would put “an old man, has-been” out there…seriously?? have the liberals actually seen Obama’s line up…Sandra Fluke and Eva Longoria….and they have the nerve to question Clint Eastwood’s attendance? LMAO

      1. If he had done it at the DNC, the media would be going on and on about his creativity and ingenuity. But since it was mocking the boy King, OUTRAGE!

        1. The Carmel newspaper ripped him when he first endorsed Romney. The most hateful bile, I couldn’t believe it. But then, the language these people use is always a shock, no matter how often you see it.

          They are so low that with luck they’ll sink without trace once a real man is in the WH again, one who respects the office and wins our respect.
          Edited to add:
          PS And once we the people get used to fighting fire with fire and not putting up with their nonsense any more.

  31. you know he hit a nerve when the left starts calling him all kind of shitty names.. but so what .. like they are going to make him worry.. it was funny classic and not even close to what the Left does and did to the Republicans

  32. When I saw it live it did seem like he rambled a bit, but then again you’re not watching a movie. Second time I watched it, it just made my day.

    There’s just no way to not be in complete awe of this man. His work ethic, the quality of films he’s directing now… can’t really put it into words but Clint is a hero of mine. OF COURSE he’s not a milquetoast bleeding heart liberal. He’s a quintessential “real man”, meaning he oozes integrity, and there are so few of them in Hollywood. The only other person that comes close in my mind is Robert Duvall… no surprise, he’s not a wussy liberal either. When you watch them in a movie you aren’t watching a character, you’re watching a living embodiment of all that’s right in the world.

    I like George Clooney too, but come on. We have the good ones.

    1. Second viewing it wasn’t as “rambling” as people said it was. It was just a departure from the canned speeches the crowd has been used to…

  33. I see by a few comments at different sites that some people are slow on the uptake… they didn’t get Clint’s humor. Either they have very sequestered lives or their appreciation for dry humor is lacking.
    He was winging it… and did a fantastic skit… I laughed my butt off.
    The bits about the unspoken Go F yourself was great.
    Good stuff.

  34. I was hopeing that Clint would turn to the chair and say, “so, you’re running for re-election?” ………….. “A man’s gotta know his own limitations” !

  35. The DNC is all messed up and confused….. They announced that they were also gonna have a “Celebrity’ mystery guest speaking at their convention……. so Obama has prepared “two” speeches for the occasion.

  36. The DNC is all messed up and confused….. They announced that they were also gonna have a “Celebrity’ mystery guest speaking at their convention……. so Obama has prepared “two” speeches for the occasion.

    1. lol, it’s not going to be the same. Eastwood is a Hollywood icon, with a unique charisma.

      What will the Democrats pull out of their hat? A brain dead liberal being an actor or actress is par for course and not that riveting…..they got thousands of those hacks!

      1. Probably some phoney like Eva Longoria. I’m sure they will have as many Hispanic speaking “celebrities” as we saw tonight – probably more. But, I do know one thing for sure – the democrats will never show as much class, conviction, sincerity, and true love for America that the Republican National Convention showed during the last 3 nights. Democrats are all glitz and no substance. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. That’s all they’ve got.

  37. I love his comment that “we own this country” it’s true and it’s about time some of the pols learned it.
    I was never a big fan of Clint Eastwood, I don’t like westerns, but I am now.
    This is hilarious!

    1. If you don’t like Westerns , Dirty Harry films are pretty good. Unless you like the Bridges of Madison County genre

    2. Yes indeed Carol. Clint also pointed out that the politicians are our employees – a fact that has become lost over the years and should be pointed out to each and every politician in D.C. All of them.

    3. Carol – rent “Play Misty For Me” – it’s not a Western – you will be surprised.

    1. Mine too mom! When he put it out there that when someone isn’t getting the job done, it’s time to let them go – I was on my feet clapping like no get out. He is right -Obama is not doing a good job and needs to go. The message couldn’t be any clearer than that – for those who are open to the truth.

  38. I’m sure they are thinking of running a skit on it for SNL. What they failed to notice was that Clint kept on track, and delivered the material, despite the difficulties he is obviously dealing with.

    Of course, the Dems, who love to paint Republicans as “anti-old-people” won’t see the harsh irony of their making fun of Clint.

    That’s the problem you end up with when you pretend to own “diversity” and “social justice,” but all you are selling is divisiveness and blame.

    1. They might have a problem with that. How do you make fun of a Legend? How do you do that, really? You’re gonna pick on Clint Eastwood and try to make him look like a Wuss? Good luck. They tried that with Charlton Heston, too. Didn’t work then, either.

      The next few days are probably going to be fun to watch. We may well be witnessing the end of the mainstream media, as they lose their importance in the lives of most Americans.

      Clint Eastwood did what no one else could have done. He called them for what they are, and at the same time, he gave them a target they can’t shoot at. He put them in a box. I don’t know whose idea it was, but it was brilliant.

      1. I think they’ll just diminish him – pity him.
        “Poor old guy has lost his marbles and clearly needs Obamacare to help him pay for the loony-bin he belongs in.”

      2. …he gave them a target they can’t shoot at.‘ – w

        Heh, that’s what riles them so much. They’re shooting, but they aren’t sure which direction to aim. I loved your comment.

    2. Clint is 82 years old. His life and his accomplishments deserve respect. If the lying liberal media choose to try and belittle a Legend – they will come off looking like the trash that they are. There is not one media news anchor that has, in their life, done anything remotely as astounding as Eastwood has done in his. But, I’m sure there will be a few who will try to diminish his presence – they just can’t help themselves.

  39. Woot JR, you made my night. I’m sure you will be getting an earful over this…..:0

    ~the high 5 posse~

    it’s true about what Clint has shared, not everyone in Hollywood is liberal. Now get ready for some major blow back from the left. However the Hollywood elite won’t touch-this, because that elite includes this very stunch Conservative, Mr. Eastwood *wink*

    1. From reading Rules for Radicals, I have discovered that the more the liberals speak their outrage, the closer to the mark we hit. And Clint knows how to hit the mark. 🙂

    2. Shocking….stunned…SO WHAT!! It is us against them Brian and who would you rather have on your side….JOSEY WALES OR SISSY MATTHEWS AND WOLFE BLISTER!!

  40. I grew up watching Clint Eastwood. Was it just me or did he look in poor health? The man just kicked Obummer in the Junk. Heck yea Sir……..

    1. He’s 82 Landscaper. He traveled to appear and maybe he was a little jet-lagged. I give him tons of hugs for making the effort and doing a great job. I hope I will be as “with it” when I’m 82 – if I live that long.

    1. You need a script? How about this? We’re losing our country. To Liberals, to Socialists, to Communists, to Illegal immigrants, to Muslims, to an Idiot President who thinks we should be a Third World Nation. What did I miss? That about cover it? Winston Smith, what planet were you born on?

        1. It’s called speaking off the cuff and doing an impromptu bit….

          He’s not there to deliver a CAMPAIGN SPEECH. He’s there as a concerned citizen, and

          The audience in particular has been those who fell for hope and change. Gitmo, the War, the Jobs.

          planet earth…

          On Earth, people aren’t taking everything so seriously.

        2. Winston Smith, this is a civil site, so I am somewhat limited in what I can say in response to your comments. But I can say this. You and people like you disgust me. Clint Eastwood is an Icon. We won’t have him with us much longer.

          The fact that at his age, he can still tell you what a man thinks about his country, is remarkable. When you reach his age, the nurses will probably just be changing your diapers and wiping the spittle off your cheeks. But obviously, you think you can say something important this evening to impress us, after the great performance this man gave this evening in support of Freedom. I’m sorry, but you missed your mark. You can’t even stand in the shadow of this man and be noticed. You sir, are an embarrassment to this site.

          1. Wow, what a statement, I swear I was here going like go white531 go……..
            You are a decent and a great patriot my friend.

  41. Clint on Lawyers as politicians…never liked them…HOW ABOUT A BUSINESSMAN A VERY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MAN….I loved it….Obama the Lawyer….Mitt the businessman.


    If they stink….GET RID OF THEM!!

    Flying around on the jet all over the place to talk to college kids…

    Biden…the intellect of the Democratic Party…..LOL!!! THAT WAS PRICELESS!!

    And when he said Obama told him and Mitt to stick it you know where….I was laughing!!

    Yes he is old and yes he had stumbles…but to me that made him all the MORE REAL!! When rehearsed it looks so phony!! Clint was very real!!

    1. Clint is more real, even at his age, than most politicians seeking office. This evening, an old man who still has spit, exposed the entire collection of Liberals, Socialists and Communists for what they are. Even for his age, I think he did it very articulately. I would go further than that. He did it with style. Clint won’t stop being Clint, until you put him in a box and bury him. Even then, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Clint Eastwood is one of those actors who portray a bad guy on the big screen. Difference is, Clint Eastwood is a bad guy in real life. It was great to see him at the Convention. God Bless him.

      1. Here we have an 83 year old guy that has achieved great things in his life, a self made man like clint did not need to go there. I dont know if he got paid but I know that he did it for his love for this country. So much respect for this guy

        1. Number one, he certainly doesn’t need the money. That only leaves one alternative. He did it because he loves this country. Just like we love him.

        2. Yes. He’s said for a while he’s “not a fan” with what Obama’s doing to this country.

          Gran Torino also is a movie, that promotes patriotic elements. He’s going to be skewered by the liberal media though. But he won’t care.

          1. (Gran Torino) Great movie he will probably tell them to do what Obama (according to him) told romney go f. yourself…..lol

  42. It’s not halftime in America 🙂

    It’s the last five minutes and we’ve got a fresh quarterback with a strong arm…
    The mighty mo is on our side… don’t get cocky tho !

  43. Ha ha. MSNBC right now is saying Clint Eastwood’s speech was DISASTROUS!

    Nice try! But I don’t think so.


      1. My husband insists on “knowing the enemy.” I can only take a few minutes of it before I beg him to switch the channel. It really IS torture to listen to their delusional view, especially when I know there is nothing we can do to change the hard-left’s view of life. I try to concentrate on the independents. Like Susanna Martinez said last night, “I’ll be damned! We ARE republicans!”

        1. Yeah, if many people knew what the democratic party stood for they would ask the same question Suzana answered, I think that line will be remembered forever and I hope that somewhere someone watching the convention said the same thing

    1. The leftists have all the late night talk shows to lampoon or parody Republican politicians, but they can’t take it when another ACTOR dares to MAKE FUN OF THEIR MESSIAH.

      They can go ……….. oh I don’t think they can do that to themselves, as Clint says.

      1. … And “Biden is the the intellect of the Democratic Party”.. <— summed it all up quiet nicely.

  44. Thank you Mr Eastwood. You are a patriot. Your speech was awesome and funny, filled with barbs towards those deserving of them.

    God Bless you, Mr Eastwood, and God Bless America!

  45. After Romney’s speech, I stopped over at NBC to see what the alphabet stations were going to say. I just caught Tom Brokaw saying that Eastwood’s speech was “rambling and took away from the night’s message”. Boy, did they miss that one, but I’m not surprised.

    So much for my 2 minutes over there. Need a brain flush now. Back to C-Span.

    1. Hey, I figured out how to imitate Brokaw speaking.

      All you have to do is take a deep breath, then exhale about 85% of the air.

      Then start talking and keep talking when you have hardly any air.

      That’s what he sounds like.

  46. It was a good evening. A good finish to a great convention. Even the music was appropriate. Good job everyone. Made me feel a whole lot better.

  47. clint eastwood, made the ending of the 2012 RNC convention memorable. he was something else, love clint. ! what a patriot !

  48. Only speech I watched And it was wonderful. At least my favorite actor was there unlike my favorite politcal figure who is from Alaska.

  49. He has a movie coming out next month, wonder if the left will call for one of their infamous boycotts against a legend?

      1. Very true. Eastwood is not politically correct. He tells it like it is. Just watch one of his movies and it’s not hard to figure out where he stands.

    1. How old are you? You don’t think you’re going to get there someday? Clint Eastwood may live in an old body, but his brain still works. Pray to God, that you still have a brain like Clint Eastwood, when you are his age.

      1. Eastwood has more class, more intelligence, more experience that Obama and Biden put together. He lived through the Cold War, the insane 60’s and the decline of the economy in the 70’s. He looks better than most men half his age.

    2. That’s not rambling… that’s an 82 yr old actor doing comedic improv 😉 He may be a little slower on the draw, but he’s still got it.

  50. That was pure bliss. My favorite line was about Biden…a grin with a body behind it…I nearly peed my pants!

    1. Mine were “you own this country” and “politicians are our employees”. Reminded me of The Great One RR.

      1. Amen. I’ve told Al Franken and other lib politicians that a few times. Now that the other MN senator is up for re-election, I’ll be sending her her job review. Not good..

  51. Too late now, but it would have been better if they had put an empty suit in the chair, with a white shirt and a blue tie.

  52. Unbelievable performance by someone all of us have loved our whole lives. To me and i’m sure a lot of us, Clint Eastwood is that image of someone who stands up to the bad guys and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Clint Eastwood made my day, one more time. God love him. I know I sure do.

  53. I saw this live. It was fantastic. Didn’t know Clint could be such a comedian. I was really hoping, by the end though, that he would turn to that ’empty suit’ known as Obama and say, “You want to run against us? Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?”

  54. One of my absolute favorite actors. 😀 It was quite hilarious to watch him interview the empty suit that is Obama. Very irreverent & very refreshing and apparently very irritating to the lefties. LOL

    1. This is what Clint should have told “Obama” in the chair when “he” gave him some lip: “Your mouthwash ain’t makin’ it.”

    2. I don’t think lefties are worried at all. The entire speech, and there’s really nothing to defend from any of it. It was just strange and even funny at times. But it wasn’t filled with substance, any weight, and unless you vote because a movie star made you laugh, it did nothing but give us something to talk about OTHER than real issues. And maybe that’s the point.

      1. I find it incredulous and stunning that you didn’t get the metaphor of the empty chair. The chair is going on tour…maybe then you will get it.

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