RNC Speech: Artur Davis brings the house down

I did not expect Artur Davis, a former Democrat, to be as good as he was tonight. He really delivered a fantastic speech coming from the perspective of someone who switched parties and had a great message for people who might be on the fence. I’d say this is one of the best speeches of the night.

Watch below:

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49 thoughts on “RNC Speech: Artur Davis brings the house down

  1. Artur Davis got spanked in 2010 by Ron Sparks. Sparks took 62.44% of the vote – so then Davis decided to switch parties. Simply hilarious! Like a 2 year old having a tantrum because he did not like the outcome!! Good luck with repealing Obamacare!!

    1. Arlen Specter did the same thing in PA but Republicans new he was a phony a long time ago, they finally got the voters to realize it. I don’t think Mr Davis was in the same boat. I think he realized he was IN the wrong party. Arlen Specter would never say he was wrong about anything. He was just an arrogant *%$.

  2. I am so grateful to see people come out and distance themselves from the left.
    The world is so full of hatred and like many others, I am sick of it.

  3. We are so stupid that we’ll vote in someone with the best speech, with full knowledge politicians are liars. Talk means nothing unless you act upon it. Jobs are not coming back, and the economy will not turn around unless we have a major shake up. The corruption in America is too powerful. So take your words and eat them, politicians!

  4. Jobs are not coming back! The economy will not turn around until we stop buying from China and elect someone with common sense, instead of a lot of money. The corruption in America to powerful.

  5. I wish the politicians would stop talking and do some walking. Talk means nothing unless you are going to follow through. It’s has come to the point we always end up voting in the best liar. Jobs are not coming back! The economy will no turn around until we vote in someone with common sense. Money and corruption have destroyed us!

  6. That was a great speech by Mr. Davis. I’m glad he changed parties and rallied to the Conservative cause. Maybe he can changes the minds of some other committed Dims, and they’ll come over to the cause as well….and then we can really show America what we think of oblamer and his administration by a landslide win for Romney/Ryan.

  7. Artur Davis was on This Week with George Stephanopoulos as part of the so-called “Round Table Discussion.” Donna Brazile was also part of the group and George Will etc., if you wanted to know how effective Artur Davis is, all you had to do was to watch the sideways eye-daggers Brazile was throwing at Artur Davis when she replied to him. Davis should be in the Romney cabinet, he has seen the light and once that happens it never goes out or away. Terrific speech!!!!

  8. This guy just hit it out of the park. I was so mesmerized by him that I hung on every word, and syllable. I hope he runs for congress back in his home state of Alabama as a republican and wins. We need more people of color in our party, and make those independence who straddle the fence to finally leap over and embrace the constitutional principles we conservatives hold dear.

  9. I watched the convention on CSPAN last night from 7:00 PM on, so I have no idea if this speech (which I thought was AWESOME), or any of the other ones leading up to Mrs. Romney and Chris Christie, were aired on the major stations. Did FOX show this? When did NBC’s coverage begin? I know they aired Mrs. Romney and Chris Christie, but did they have the guts to show Nikki Haley’s speech, for example? Just wondering.

  10. t was an especially good last hour at the Republican convention last night. Davis shared some important things to remember, I felt his genuine concern. Ann Romney reminded us that leadership is not about spotlight. Governor Christi strengthened the premise that love is about respect not lust. Ann Romney’s love is the real deal…..the respect not lust kind. I appreciated her words. “I trust him, you can trust him.” Great messages that last hour.

  11. Completely agree with you. An amazing speaker and even poetic writer. Loved the metaphor of America being a tired athlete, who will get up and get back into the game. Best speech I’ve heard so far.

  12. Couldn’t agree with you more Scoop. The GOP should have given him more PRIME TIME real estate to tell the Dems who say, “he left because he lost” why he really left and boy does he have more to say. I have seen him speak personally and knew he would be fabulous. But tonight I thought he was Absolutely Fabulous!

  13. Agree whole heartedly with your comment…I too had low expections for his speech, but have to say it was one of the best. If not, THE best.

  14. Very, very awesome speech! I didn’t get to catch it live so as always, my thanks go out to you, Scoop!

  15. What is character??? Quite frankly it takes a MAN to admit his mistake. Anyone can play pretend and act right all the time…that is easy. But to go before the world and say you know what I SCREWED UP and I AM MAN ENOUGH TO ADMIT IT!! That is character ladies and gentlemen. It is funny the left is mad at him why? Because he loves his country and realizes the smoke and mirror of Obama is destroying this country. He is a FATHER FIRST! He loves his children like all parents do…sacrificing their future for SKIN COLOR ALIGNMENT IS ABSURD!!

    He did fantastic and he had JABS that I just loved….like the young the Dems “Look like somebody I use to know” in reference to Dems looking at successful Dem politicians..that was brilliant and then “2012 Mistake Corrected” That just had me cheering. I loved it….he is man enough to say…OBAMA you fooled me once you will not again!!! His zingers at Obama were wonderful!!

    Meltdown happening at Black Congressional Clowns office….LOL!!

    1. I completely agree with you…I can’t lie, I am loving the good jabs that some are slipping into their speeches. More please!!!

  16. Interesting… MSNBC found it necessary to let Rachel Maddow and another one of their commenters go on a rant during his entire speech… oh wait, they did that for every minority that spoke today…

  17. Mr. Davis was impressive and hopefully he will bring his six million friends to the right side.
    His speech will go down in history as one of the best!

  18. His shout out to Gov Palin’s 2008 speech was great!! But he made a few great points of his own! MSNBC went to break when he got on!!! And Roland Martin couldn’t contain himself by saying what a sham Davis is. And the funny thing, Davis spoke about them during his speech. Sure enough here they came out blown dirtbag on him!!

    1. DemocRats do not like defectors. Davis sounds like a man who fears God and fears for his soul, more than he fears DemocRats. His speech was inspiring I was clapping the whole time! Awesome!

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