RNC Speech: Marco Rubio’s epic speech introducing Mitt Romney

Marco Rubio’s speech tonight was perhaps one of the best we’ve heard all week. This man truly understands the idea of America and knows how to convey it.

Watch below:

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50 thoughts on “RNC Speech: Marco Rubio’s epic speech introducing Mitt Romney

  1. Rubio is a naturally gifted orator. The ability to talk like that in front of an audience of millions and make it look easy is very rare indeed.

  2. His grand parents were governed and lived under Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Where Karl Marx and Vladamir Lenin were revered. where Communism and Socialism were its governing principles. And looked to the USSR (Union of Socialist Soviet Republic) for monetary and military dependency.
    Marco Rubio knows first hand what the scourge of living in a socialist society can do to an individual. It robs them of any dreams they might have had, and stifles any kind of drive to achievement.
    We must prevent anyone who tries to impose this kind of government onto the American people. And it starts with voting for Mitt Romney come this November for President of The United States.

  3. It was a good speech, with the exception of the “nice guy, but bad president,” part. There are good and bad people, and it’s misleading to claim Obama may be a nice guy. It’s better to say nothing than to claim someone is nice, when we can see and hear otherwise. Hasn’t Rubio ever heard the lies he tells? Does he know the unsavory people he calls friends? Does he know of Fast and Furious? Would any of those whos loved ones died because of it believe he’s a nice guy? How about the coal miners or oil workers who can’t have the Christmas’s they used to, would they think he’s a nice man? As an American who he was trying to frame in Fast and Furious, I just don’t equate that with nice. As a so called President who’s collaborating with the Jihadists at Jummah at the DNC, I just don’t see nice in that. Visit Atlas Shrugs and read about that.

  4. He’s a wonderful man with his head on straight! You can tell he believes in this Nation the way it was founded. The way we became great! Romney made the right choice for this current time in history as Paul Ryan is the only one that KNOWS how to explain complex fiscal and economic issues to “regular” people!

  5. “…our problem is he’s a bad president.” Classic and true statement. oblamers is not only bad for America, he’s harmful to America with his policies of destruction, division and class warfare. His time is long past…time for a fresh, new beginning with Romney/Ryan.

  6. at 17min 15seconds area of his speech I think his speech was mixed up, He said we choose more government over freedom….ooops

  7. Very good speech indeed, he is a rising star deservingly however can someone tell me why Allen West did not speak??

  8. Great speech, especially the line about Obamaism being the form of Totalitarianism they come to this country to escape. That message needs to be plastered across the Latino communities before the Leftists get them trapped on the white liberal democrat plantation.

    1. That was my favorite part too, Rocco.
      Press.Obama idealizes those those “share the wealth & control the population”
      ideas that have never worked. My own family escaped from communist eastern Europe . I never want to see those ideas here.

      Sen. Rubio spoke so naturally and movingly. Didn’t even sound like a speech.
      He was like a friend speaking from his heart to me in my living room.

  9. He is a natural. Hopefully, as he climbs the political ladder, he is not corrupted as so many are. However, his values and principles seem solid and well grounded…I think he can withstand the temptations.

  10. why do these people keep repeating the mantra about obama being a nice guy but a failed president? He is a nasty lying socialist and a Terrible president. Why cede this point?

  11. The USA is more than “an idea”, it’s a place, where people have lived for centuries and a nation was created. It is not “an idead” that half the world feels they own and can immigrate to at any time to make a few more bucks per hour.

    Sad understanding of history……

  12. It was a good night and for the first time in a long time I felt good about what the future of this country holds. I still have a bit of distrust though because of what we have been through the last few years…as we all know trust is earned not granted upon entry.

  13. Wow, what an inspirational and eye-opening speech by Marco Rubio! A must see for every citizen in our crippled nation. Romney / Ryan all the way baby! God Bless The USA and True Patriots, Conservatives!

  14. I thought the best of the night was watching all those Olympians and having a chuckle with my wife at the thought that the best the Dems can do is Sandra Fluke.

  15. Rubio done good. He flubbed one line at the end, but he didn’t let it slow him down at all.
    I thought his speech was well delivered, and heartfelt. Also he did a great job underscoring Obama’s failure of leadership.

  16. I liked Rubio’s speech and I thought it was quite good. Perhaps it’s because I can relate to a lot of what he said. He was certainly a lot better than Christie.

    1. Yep better than Christie. If I could have picked I would have chosen Rubio or Condie to keynote, or even Ted Cruz, or even Walker or Martinez.
      Face it, we have a lot to chose from.

    2. He sure was. I think that Christie’s internal polls show that many don’t like his abrasiveness and he was “guided” to tone it down. He, and the Republican good ol’ boys have political aspirations for Christie and the Jersey boy who may want to be a “global” boy don’t necessarily mix well. His Jersey approach may work in Jersey, but not on the national stage – which is what he may have been told. Frankly, I think that if he was “coached” by the Republican leaders and took their advice, he is making a mistake. He is most appreciated when he is being who he is. Leave it to the out of touch, spineless Republican leaders to try and make a wimp out of Christie and, if Christie goes along with them, then he is truly not worth our admiration. He will be as spineless as the rest of the Republican elite (Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, et al.) – all hat and no cattle. What a disappointment. But, the Republican elite are most certainly trying to silence the true conservatives (Tea Party) – at their own peril. I have changed my mind about Christie and see that he will be a slave to the “old guard”. The whole reason we liked Christie is because he tells it like it is . . . if that changes – forget him. He will be just another “go along to get along”.

      1. I love it…”all hat and no cattle” = Christie

        I used to like Christie, but that changed when he trashed Newt Gingrich with false leftist talking points. I think Christie is just sucking a$$ to secure some type of cabinet position or to advance his own political career.

  17. Paul Ryan was the best and in the end it does not matter, what matter’s is kicking the one out of office and repealing obamacare

  18. A bit disappointing. But I had high expectations, so maybe that’s okay. Romney was impressive. Romney’s line about Obama preventing the rise of the oceans and healing the planet vs. Romney helping you and your family was the best line of the convention.

    1. Dittos about Romney’s line…


      rise of the oceans…
      healing the planet…



      helping the family…

      Comparable in impact to Reagan’s statement ‘there you go again.’



  19. He made a good speech, but now I am glad Romney chose Ryan, nobody can explain policy better than him. He also made a mistake he said “we chose more government”

    1. Woops. We noticed that too. He mixed up “more government over more freedom” and my husband and I just cringed, but we knew what he meant, and we knew it was a mix-up. I just hope it doesn’t make the headlines tomorrow.

      1. The headlines…

        Yes, it will make the headlines… and so will the original intent.

        So, the mispeak is a political serendipity.

        Even the progressives, if they mention it, will be forced to admit that Rubio’s original intent was DEFINITELY more ‘freedom’ and NOT more ‘government’ as the solution to the idiocy of the collectivist transformation envisioned by the local Chicago ‘community organizer’ who has been revealed as the USA national COMMUNIZER-in-Chief BHObama.

        So, the Sen. Rubio tongue tangle will be turned into a positive political serendipity.


        1. I like your perspective, Art, and I do believe you are right. It would be a joke for the progressives to even suggest that Rubio literally meant what he accidentally said.

    2. He started out that passage using the word “didn’t” then changed to “did,” so that might have thrown him off. He first said, “We did not allow fear to cause us to abandon what made us special.” Maybe the change from positive to negative threw him off.

    3. I prefer Ryan over Rubio. Rubio’s probably a nice guy, but he seems like he is better as a Senator….He also seems to have people interested in controlling him as he has more of a connection to the Bush clan (Jeb in Florida) than Ryan does.

    4. Still cringing about that line but, at least on first blush, it doesn’t seem to be making the headlines….

  20. good speech. marco got his points across very well. was a very good nite. rubio. clint and mitt. all good speeches.

    1. We were yelling at the television.OK Mitt stop there. Quit while you are ahead. Dont go ahead – dont blow it.

      1. mitt did good, it was heartfelt .he is not a dramatic speaker, imo. i thought he did very well. he gets my vote

        1. Like most I didnt support Gov Romney originally, but he is our candidate now, and I am 100% behind him now. We absolutely have to win in November. I thought he came across very well tonight, and this week has been a real shot in the arm. I feel energized and engaged.

          1. Good to see more positivity and optimism. There are some who want to stay with a glass half empty outlook and it’s not good to stay stuck in that mode running up to the election.

            In My View , sometimes the leadership doesn’t always have to be the ideal or optimal selection every single term. One step at a time… (For instance how many terms did it take until Ronald Reagan showed up? ) Though I would prefer Ryan to be at the top I think the ticket will do what it has to do to ensure its won the election.
            As a businessman, he’ll probably draw input from the team that surrounds him.

            There are some benefits of not being wrapped up in the personality of the leadership.
            I do believe that the GOP will implement better economic policies…and I’m pretty sure millions are going to be thinking that.

            The DNC convention will not be much to fret about because all they will have is demagoguery, whereas the GOP tried to play the right notes to Independents and Moderates.

            Obama’s strategy is to polarize the race, and Romney’s campaign are accounting for that given the tone of the GOP convention. I think Obama is running fumes already, as I don’t know what they can offer other than cheering on their implementation of anti-social fabric issues such as rabid abortion promotion and changing the definition of marriage, and to go negative against Romney in their convention.

            Our best hope to think about in Romney being given the vote is that Romney continues to surround himself with people like Ryan and conservatives.

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