RNC Speech: Mitt Romney accepts Republican nomination

Mitt Romney accepted the Republican nomination tonight and gave an outstanding speech that moved the crowd and gave us all hope for the future.

Watch below:

Below is a fantastic 10 minute compilation of Romney and his family that aired tonight:

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89 thoughts on “RNC Speech: Mitt Romney accepts Republican nomination

  1. Under RomneyCare, Mitt signed in to law $50.00 tax payer funded co-pays for abortions on demand-now is “0” dollars to kill babies.

    He also FATHERED GAY MARRIAGE and GOVT. MANDATED HEALTHCARE TO AMERICA! Romney has already accomplished what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton re killing babies and homosexual mariage only dreamed to do.

    Evidence of these documented facts are in the book “CAN MITT ROMNEY SERVE TWO MASTERS?” & reveals his entire liberal record. Can’t believe a word Romney says.

    1. You should consider changing your name to “certainlyUntrue” because you certainly don’t care about the truth as much as you care about spouting debunked propaganda. If you cared to, you could have uncovered the facts in a 5 minute search. Romneycare didn’t say anything about abortion. It was the Massachusetts Supreme Court that ruled the state cover medically necessary abortions. Here’s what FactCheck.org said about it:

      FactCheck.org called McCain’s assertion that Mitt Romney “provided” taxpayer-funded abortions “simply false.” … “Romney never pushed for taxpayer funding for abortions. An independent body — the Commonwealth Connector — not Romney, decided that abortions would be covered (a move required by two Massachusetts state supreme court rulings).

      There are also a number of things in Romneycare that only got there because the Massachusetts legislature overrode Gov. Romney’s veto. You can’t fault him for that. Ronald Reagan actually did sign pro-abortion legislation into law as Governor of CA. But that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the greatest conservative presidents we have ever had.

  2. TRS, just want to thank you for your coverage here. We have a treasure trove of inspiring speeches and mini-documentaries to keep us ‘up’ when the going gets even tougher for a while, as R&R get things back in place and try to undo so much damage.

    With no tv or cable in this house, your coverage, especially the live RNC feeds, would have been impossible to replicate, and we would have missed a lot. So, heartfelt thanks for this site, and your amazing work and dedication.

    1. ‘ “ANYBODY BUT OBAMA” will meet his Mormon Maker soon after..’

      Do you even understand what you wrote there? WTF?
      Try thinking before you post such a thing. Then don’t bother.

  3. I will do all I can to get you elected Mitt. If you win on Nov.6, starting Nov.7, I will do all I can to drag you to the right and defeat the GOP establishment. We know what you are.

    1. i won’t vote for you mitt for the way you have snubbed gov palin and the way your team treated the tea party, conservative and ron paul voters at the convention by the power grab on delegate rules. we will not forget this power grab come 11/6 or 11/7 when we beging to take down your gop establishment party.

      1. Buck-up Grandma, put on your big girl panties and join the fight! Vote for Mitt and we’ll begin the bloodletting after Nov.6 (if he wins). Everyone in an uproar over the power grab that everyone should have seen coming after watching the primaries. Palin, tea party snubbed. Get over it and expect more BS from the establishment. You appear to be mature enough to have grown thick enough skin to weather the snubs. I feel lucky to at least be able to choose my opponent Nov.6. It will be much easier to slow down a rowboat (Romney) than a 1,000 horsepower speedboat (Obama)! I expect nothing from Romney, but, if I get more, great. Think about it, I could use your help.

      2. I like Palin too. But let’s face it, 2008 didn’t work out so well. As Romney said, if you repeat the same thing and expect different results, that’s insanity. We don’t know what happened between the RNC and Palin. Maybe it was just some detail they couldn’t agree on. This has happened before.

        Also, if you think Romney dissed the Tea Party, then there is nothing Romney could do to satisfy you. We have Ryan. We got tons of red meat in Romney’s speech. We got Clint. No way would he be allowed to do that if Romney didn’t want it. Romney instantly helped all downticket candidates by defending Ryan and Medicare so that those candidates no longer need to run away from Ryan. This will save those candidates tons of money and no way they could have done the messaging on Medicare that Romney did at a local level. Repeal ObamaCare. Shrink government. Better tax code. Oh yeah, really dissing the tea party. <- /sarc

      3. Who cares about Palin right now……….the fate of our Country is stake. She can take care of herself, she’s a big girl. You must have wandered onto the wrong site. You are free to vote again for Barachhusseinobama.

  4. Oh and ladies…Did most of you happen to hear how many females that MITT has hired and placed in high positions both in the private and public sectors??? That was impressive and I hope the ladies were listening….this man taps the best know matter who…FACTS speak Volumes!! I would say this man is definitely a lady’s biggest believer!! So much for the WAR ON WOMEN HEY????

  5. To me Mitt came across as just a wonderful family man who worries every day about the world his children and grandchildren will face. THAT I LOVE!! You know some people will say it was not soaring or lofty or some other BS but quite frankly we already had THAT EMPTY CHAIR and he sits at 1600 Penn Ave now and his LOFTY SPEECH is DESTROYING THE COUNTRY!! People you do realize that some of your best speakers have been the worst leaders, tyrants and dictators throughout history????????? They use words to fool and deceive only to reveal themselves once they have power!! Sound familiar???

    Mitt was warm, gentle, firm, driven, motivated and concise. Leadership is exactly was Mitt was portraying. The stories that people told about the man helping them WERE MOVING!! People the best people are the ones OTHER PEOPLE TELL YOU ABOUT not the ones that claim to MOVE OCEANS with GREEK COLUMNS. Everyday Obama tells us how GREAT HE IS while American whittles away….Mitt is the type that will work his butt off to help America and restore our ECONOMY and he will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!! One selfish the other giving…I see that in ACTIONS!! that is what matters!!

    Mitt gave us eloquence with purpose and style with grace. Those are not easy to do. Oration is a gift that is often abused….a great heart is a treasure to behold!! When Mitt said…Obama worries about the ocean’s rising or makes the oceans rise…me I want to help you and your family and look right into the camera!! BINGO!!! GREAT LINE AND HUMBLE!! vs the phony bologna we have now!

    This speech will touch Independents, conservatives and even some Dems that know America is the greatest country for opportunity, success, freedom and liberty!

    Mitt you sealed the deal….you contrasted beautifully from Obama….no hate, no nastiness and you were very Presidential!!

    He laid out a vision of TRUE CONVICTION and DESIRE!! Mitt is an achiever ladies and gentlemen will REAL RESULTS OF SUCCESS IN THE REAL WORLD!! That is what America needs.

    He laid out a stronger America that leads the world and is DARN PROUD OF IT!!

    When you saw all his children and grandhchildren (running all over mind you…loved that) with Paul Ryan’s family…IT WAS MOVING!! Tells you alot about the men!

    GO MITT!! I was very moved and proud!

  6. All these years and still comes off as an android.

    The MSM is going to push the “Romney isn’t liked” meme and Romney needs to counter quickly and explain to the American people that his ego doesn’t require him to be liked to do his job like Obama’s ego does. Mitt should explain that real leaders take the problem at hand and solve it with the solutions available to them and whether people like him or not. Guarantee ya the MSM is going to be pounding Romney a lot more on the likability thing as its one of the only poll numbers Obama has significant lead.

    1. BS….you see what you want to see and that is a fact….you are wrong…anyone that thinks like you….go stay in the closet where you belong. Because on that stage with his family, his history and his life…..you saw what you wanted to see. Android…I would say go look in the mirror moron! No matter what he said you would have said the same….

    2. i think the majority of people watching the stories of mitt told by the speakers and hearing his speech at the convention yesterday came away actually really liking Mitt, some people who didn’t like him during the primaries found out that he really isn’t out of touch like we thought he was, he actually tries to connect with people in everything he does, he takes on the leadership role very well, I think it says a lot about him… like Michael said people will see what they wanna see, and yesterday I didn’t see android, and came away liking Mitt Romney for the first time, doesn’t mean I fully trust him, the GOPE makes me very nervous, but I have a lot of confidence he can do the job as President, and he might be the right man for the job to fix the economy, the success of his presidency depends on it, that a great motivator to do what it takes to bring back the jobs, and we know those principles are on the right to do it, not the left.

  7. And so it begins. the beginning of the fall of the Regime of NObama and the beginning of a regeneration and restoration of America to her rightful place!

    One looks out and sees the sun setting.. The stars beginning to twinkle, and knows his time is done. Another looks out on a a spectacular first rays of the dawn sun and knows his work is about to begin.

  8. OK, I’m gonna be really shallow and say that Mitt and Ann Romney will be a really good-looking President and First Lady 🙂

  9. He will be a darn sight better than obama. He may not be as “polished” but he is a business man. I found the speech to be sincere, compassionate and filled with energy. God bless America indeed. And God bless the Romney’s. Let’s get this done in November folks.

    (liberals must be foaming at the mouth at all those white successful people on the stage after Romney gave his speech. haha, couldn’t resist.)

  10. “When the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American.”
    Outstanding speech. I Believe in America, again.

  11. Seeing this introduction to Romney’s life is an eye opener. He may neither be a good speaker nor a good speech writer, but he is a doer. I like knowing that he’s a cheapskate who habitually values money, his bulb replacement and solution made me laugh. At least, I feel at ease that with this habit, he will handle the treasury’s money and resources better than itchy hands of Barack and his administration. Having an experience in result oriented job creation, will help him handle the problem of joblessness.

    He’s neither my choice nor I am sure of his conservative conviction, but he will do. May he proved me wrong for not making him my first, second, or even third choice.

    1. To me he’s a clunky candidate for sure, but at the very least , his private sector experience is a strength that is unique to him compared to the other candidates whose livelihoods came from being public office holders.

      His personal fortune accounts for something and it’s a unique asset for a presidential candidate to have. His increased wealth accumulated through his hard work as an executive……(give or take the advantages he had, he still ran with it) is the opposite of for instance, a John Kerry, who “married into wealth” politically… LOL

      1. Yeah he gottsa get hisseff sum swagger an what not. Ju no?!

        I’m not looking for a bowling partner, a lousy singer or an even worse golfer. We nee a problem solver not a problem enabler.

    2. Amen! Well said. My thoughts exactly. The light bulb story reminded me of many things my Dad did to save money. Using a bicycle inner tube to fix the toilet pump?? I still don’t know how that came about. Comments like “we don’t own the light company”, “we’re not heatin’ the outdoors.” Romney was my last pick. I wanted Palin then I opted for Gingrich. After that I was for whoever would beat obama and get this country back on track. Romney has a great business acumen and for that part, I think he will do well and that is what we need the most right now. Speeches are highly overrated.

      God bless America and may voters see the wisdom that alluded them in 08.

  12. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect with his speech, but was pleasantly surprised at how well he came across. Was very inspirational and felt it came from his heart. Barry doesn’t have that capability.

    1. WOW!/ Talk about the living spirit of Breitbart- That’s a great video, that’s a great American Conservative woman of the future–Thx- K!

      I think I have a brand new hero

    2. Who doesn’t love Dana? She and the whole gang at the Bigs are doing a fantastic job of fulfilling Andrews wishes and his legacy. Don’t you just love the new media! It’s a real game changer…… the lame stream is crashing by the day. Love it!

  13. How far we have come since the primaries. I never cared for Romney then, but the more I learn about the man the more I really, really like him, as a person. My respect for him has grown leaps and bounds as I find out how he has lived his life. The “media talking heads” criticize him for not talking more about his personal life. Contrast Romney who has accomplished many things, not just in the business world, but in his communities and for families. His kindness and charity have been done from the heart….. not for self. Unlike Mr. I, I, I, Potus who wants to takes credit for others’ actions.

    I believe he really loves this country. Although Reagan has been my favorite president, down in my gut, I have a feeling, Romney could be our new Reagan that will restore prosperity and optimism for our country that we have been lacking for several years.

    1. Maxine, you just wrote exactly what I have been thinking!

      One thing that I find extremely reassurring is the aura of competence that surrounds Mitt. This is a man who gets the facts, asks the right questions, hires the right people, and leaves very little to chance. In other words, he knows what he is doing. Contrast that with the community organizer who couldn’t run a popsicle stand and I think we’re going to be in good hands.

      1. When he selected Ryan, It made me at ease that this Guy is not a narcissist, yet secure with his own self and has confidence in his own abilities. He could even handle being upstaged by his selection of a very popular and a brainiac VP. Quite opposite from Obama, who has chosen a moron so as not to be upstaged and out-shined. Sometimes, I wonder who is more of a moron Obama or Biden? I have a feeling, considering Obama’s actions and words, Biden may proved to be a genius in comparison.

        It wouldn’t surprise me at all if hearing one of these days that Biden has been secretly working against Obama; by acting moronic to sabotage Obama’s reelection campaign and help defeat a person who he knew is working for the destruction of his own country…but then, it might just be wishful thinking on my part.

        1. Great points. Success in business depends on hiring bright people and letting them shine, giving them credit, singing their praises. Mitt knows this well – and that attracts more bright people to him.

          About Biden, never thought of him as an outright commie, so hope you’re right and that’s why he made sure he would be kept as VP.
          Happy to join in that wishful thinking!

  14. I was surprised to see even Michael Moore, when asked after watching Romney tonight, said he had better start practicing the words:”President Romney”. I’d say that when even a liberal POS like Moore can read the writing on the wall, then it must be pretty apparent. And Clint’s comment about Biden being the intellectual between him and obama, was priceless!

    1. That idiot only thinks it is the case because of money. He believes that the person with the most money will always win, but he doesn’t factor in all the freebies Obama has access to.

      Campaigning and fundraising on the taxpayer dime, government advertising, and most importantly, a free (to him) media that operates full time as an arm of his campaign.

  15. Thought Romney gave a genuine and solid speech. I believe he really cares about the America people and our country. He will create jobs and fix our economy and he will restore the American dream for all.

  16. (I just wrote this comment over at theothermccain: )

    Hey, Anthony Watt’s site has a guest post by David Middleton on Mitt Romney’s plan to be”energy independent by 2020.”

    I skimmed it and it looks really interesting. The guy covers a lot of factors that folks often overlook, so it’s well worth bookmarking for your next trip to the bathroom.

    1. Hey, Anthony Watt’s site has a guest post by David Middleton on Mitt Romney’s plan to be”energy independent by 2020.”

      Just so we get facts straight, every President since 1973 has been promising that one. I believe Carter even formed the Dept of Energy to do just that. Ironic eh?

      1. Well, yeah, but for the first time since we became a net importer of oil, we actually know we have the reserves to turn it around. Back in the Carter days, we thought all the reserves were drying up, and people began screaming about “peak oil.” Like with Global Warming, they were simply wrong.

      1. You gotta be pretty f’n clueless to not be proud to be an American when you walked on the moon. And I’m Canadian. Seriously, walking on the moon is badass. In the 60’s no less… in machines that were 99% explosives. It really is an American feat. No other country would even DARE think of such a feat at that time. Sure, there were originally non-Americans like von Braun, but you went and got him from the Nazis. You did what needed to be done.

        Oh, but Shultz thinks everything is about Obama, not Armstrong and ALL Americans who will step up to the challenge. Yup, Shultz hates America.

        On May 2, 1945, upon finding an American private from the U.S. 44th Infantry Division, von Braun’s brother and fellow rocket engineer, Magnus, approached the soldier on a bicycle, calling out in broken English: “My name is Magnus von Braun. My brother invented the V-2. We want to surrender.” After the surrender, von Braun spoke to the press:

        “We knew that we had created a new means of warfare, and the question as to what nation, to what victorious nation we were willing to entrust this brainchild of ours was a moral decision more than anything else. We wanted to see the world spared another conflict such as Germany had just been through, and we felt that only by surrendering such a weapon to people who are guided by the Bible could such an assurance to the world be best secured.”

        von Braun and his team were awarded American citizenship on April 14, 1955.


        edit: quote from wikipedia.

  17. the GOPE makes it hard for me to trust Romney, but that 10 minute video of Romney really won me over, for the first time I wanted to vote for Romney and not just because he was running against Obama. I just think Romney will be super focused on the economy and jobs I expect nothing but success, and we need it. Obama must go!

    1. Not a fan of Romney, but I can say I’m confident in his business savvy and on the economy.

      I hope he’s ruthless in implementing policies for the economic recovery…

    1. -yep

      Ryan’s delivery was nearly perfect, and the content (especially the digs) were awesome. Nobody could have topped Ryan’s speech, unless Reagan came back somehow. If he had Reagan’s voice, he would be up there.

      1. Ryan’s still young. He should smoke some cigars to get a more distinguished voice…..j/k He’s a health nut so I wouldn’t recommend he do that.

        Reagan had more than just the voice though, he was once in a lifetime leader and communicator. They only come around so ofte

      2. governor sarah palin, vice presidential nominee in 2008 topped ryan speech. numbers speak for themselves. she is still the most popular political figure in American. she will not be silenced by the likes of romney/ryan via foxnews (after the stunt pulled by cancelling her interviews wednesday). she will run in 2016 and will be armed for bear and she has millions waiting in the wings to join her.

        1. You start out talking about 2008 and end up talking about 2016…please check your calendar as it is 2012….

          Let it go…please!!

          1. romney is not who you think he is nor is ryan. but ago ahead and vote for the mobster and his little buddy. some of us see right through him. I’ll be voting for third party this time around. first time in my life not to vote for a republican. will vote my principles and be able to sleep at night knowing i didn’t cowtow to the gop establishment, following in line, bowing to their hand picked candidate and doing as they told you to do.

    2. Ryan’s was pitched to be more laden with red meat. Romney had to look Presidential. He pretty much pulled it off, too. His “digs” were more subtle, and his policy stuff more “forgiving” of the opposition. Makes it more of a yawner than Ryan’s, but still pretty good.

      I can’t see Biden being willing to debate Ryan. But Obama will have to debate Mitt, and will get his a$$ handed to him. They can’t win a debate by using the racism charge. Obama has little else, other than his stupid, “tax breaks for the rich,” BS.

      (As to that, I hope Mitt finally does what no Republican EVER does in those d*mn debates, and clobbers that stupid, “tax breaks for the rich,” nonsense once and for all. I haven’t seen a single republican officeholder ever deal with that when confronted with it in a formal setting like a debate.)

      1. I’m pretty confident in Romney’s debate skills and ambition to win and destroy Obama. McCain was reluctant to fight, Romney will be only weeks away from his goal and ambition for the office so I hope he smells fresh blood.

        Romney also benefits from a challenging primary, and he knows what he has to do ( him getting his debate coach and adjusting to become a better debater) as he went up against the likes of Gingrich and Santorum two competent debaters.

        One can’t call Romney incompetent as he did gain the nomination through his efforts (questionable or not) in spite of we conservatives trying to stop him , which is why I’m looking forward to his debates. He shares some similarities to Obama too, debate wise so it’ll be like fighting fire with fire. He also has better hair and looks more presidential than Barry, so those superficial aspects will work as well.

        1. You’re right about some of the similarities to Obama, which is what makes it difficult for me to trust him. I have a nagging feeling that a “business guy” that is so used to full control will not care about the Constitutional limits because of being used to full control. I fear that he will solidify central government power for both sides.

          1. Little known fact about Romney’s faith: Mormons are brought up revering the Constitution as a divinely inspired document, though not scripture, and America as a “Land of Promise”, a gift from God. I was raised with the same beliefs, and can honestly say that the level of commitment Romney demonstrates for this country is quite genuine. Should he take office, you can look to him to do everything in his power to not only reverse the damage obama and those like him have inflicted on this country, but to also seek to lead this country to surpass its former glory; it’s like a mission to him. By the same token, you will also see him promoting family values as one of the means to get there, as you saw to an extant tonight. Both Romney and Ryan are genuine family men-that is not a religion specific trait at all, and success truly does begin at home. Indeed, a Mormon saying goes:”No success outside of the home, can ever compensate for failure in the home.”

            1. I hope you’re right, but as we’ve all learned (especially with the latest SCOTUS decision), everyone interprets what the Constitution says differently.

          2. Yes Romney can get agitated on the podium I noticed the way Obama does when criticized . One difference is Romney isn’t as smooth as Obama is (that’s a good thing because he’ll lie less)and has areas of his life where he isn’t like him in some positive ways. He is also rough around the edges charisma wise. But he has political similarities. It’s important to be cautious as his team have done ruthless things during the primaries and tricky business like buses of delegates being late this week.

            I have a nagging feeling that a “business guy” that is so used to full control will not care about the Constitutional limits because of being used to full control.

            This is why it’s good that the grassroots are working on taking seats Senate and making the Congressional House better.

            To me Romney’s liberal record in Massachusetts means he yields to the climate he is in. That’s why I’m glad he picked Paul Ryan and has John Bolton to get foreign policy input and some decent advisers….so it’s possible he can govern the nation to the demands that it be more in line with Constitutional principles.

            It would be good if he got Santorum in his administration because Santorum would also keep him in check on not violating the platform’s social issue plank.

      2. …..or dares to call out lies as lies, rather than “misrepresentations”. Nothing would be so awesome as pure, unfettered honesty. Mr. President, stop lying to Americans!

        Edit: feel free to come up with your own lines.

        Mr. President, your media counterpart might believe you, but the American people are smarter than that.


        1. Oh, that would be cool.

          ROmney learned to get all het up in the primaries, so I hope he really does that.

          It’s always bad debate policy to call the opposition out for lying. Except when they lie to the extent Obama does, which, like every other miserable aspect of his Presidency is “unprecidented.”

          1. What would be the unexpected consequences? We know the media would go insane and expose themselves even more, possibly to the point where they could not be trusted by independents. I just don’t see the downside. IIRC, you’re independent, and libertarian, so I wonder how you see “The Audacity of Truth” playing out in the American public.

            1. Reagan did it by saying, “There you go again,” to ol’ Jew Hatin’ Jimmy, so it can definitely be done. Romney will have a plan for it, I’m certain.

              (I’ll swear that guy has a plan for every contingency.)

              I think the truth is so overwhelmingly on “our side” that the press is being choked on it. About time, too.

              1. I hope so-

                I want there to be a time, before this election, where I can run into 1/10 of the people on the street wearing a Breitbart t-shirt. It’s the conservative’s own Guy Fawkes mask. In more conservative circles, this should almost be uniform.

                Edit: Yes, I likely just stepped over the crazy line, but it’s cool, I feel at home. 🙂

                1. Heh. Good idea. Maybe more like a “Che” shirt. Has anyone done one with Breitbart wearing a beret?

                  (UPDATE: I googled it. The only ones I saw were butt ugly.)

                2. I don’t know if the one I have in my head exists, but:

                  I like the screaming Breitbart, on a black t-shirt (in black & white) with the word “WAR” underneath. It would have to be centered appropriately.

                  It would tell the entire story of the tea party angst during the past couple of years.

      3. If anyone close to Mitt’s circle is reading this, please advise Mitt to get ready with Obama’s screwed Fairness crap, for he and the moderator will definitely gang up on Mitt with this. Also Mitt should refine his response regarding his own tax rates. He should elaborate that the 13% individual/personal tax is an after tax on top of corporate and other taxes.

        Mitt usually has a habit of not pacing his response well (his thoughts outpacing his mouth), which at times makes him stutter and sound less concise/coherent. He should learn how to calm and slow down by not forgetting to breath in and out. Most of all, Good Luck!

    3. I like his recollection of his Dad’s daily rose tribute to his Mom. It made me choke.

      Romney’s speech was good, but he could have said it better. Had he said before he started that although he may not have the mastery in talking as he prefers and used to the doing (or walking the walk) side of things, he would do his best to get across what he planned for the future of America. It would have endeared and humanized him to those who thought him aloof and reserved (as pushed by the left). Having said that, the intro video helped a lot in defogging and deconstructing what the corrupt media has been putting out there (Romneys as pampered rich elites). Boy, that video is an eye opener. His family lived simply compared to the Obamas, Oprahs, and most of the lying media.

  18. Bam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Boy our president had a great speech. Obama was scared of this guy from the beginning because this guy unlike McLame is not going to back down. If Obama thought that he was going to have an easy fight and be parading his motorcade back to the white house he is going to be disappointed.

  19. Primaries are over, BS RNC rule changes trying to eliminate the grass-roots, are over. And a good chance the Republican Party as we know it, is over too. The Tea Party is not going away, guys.

    However, while I supported Palin, then Gingrich… the most pressing issue we have now is, who’s it going to be? Obama or Romney?

    I have no doubts about this man kicking that failure Obama out of office. There is something very old-school and reassuring about Romney. If you look at polls, favorability ratings, like we all do, you wonder if other people see what you do. I see a guy that is serious about the Presidency, is serious about America, and is serious about the “nuts and bolts” of getting this country back on track. Mix that with Paul Ryan’s absolutely fantastic and PRESIDENTIAL speech last night, I have hope we can return to the America we perhaps took for granted would always exist. Obama will do whatever he can to make sure it is destroyed.

    I think we can pull this off.

  20. very heartfelt speech, mitt is not dramatic at speech giving, but he got his points across.
    made you feel patriotic. he is a good person. he will be much better then that thing in there now.

      1. that was special. something that has been missing the last 3 1/2 years.
        did you see what i posted on the clint thread? new michelle malkin post.

    1. Concur….some of your most giving people we will never know about….they do not advertise on Entertainment Tonight or play golf daily while millions suffer….Mitt is a very humble man and I think so many stories last night gave you insight into the TRUE CHARACTER of the Man. Does he speak with precise Oration…NO! but I am sick of of a Charlatan’s with a sweet tongue ruining my country!!

  21. The reason this IND is voting for Mitt is bc I know he can balance the books, that & I believed him when he said he wanted to restore the American dream that your kids will be better off than us.

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