Robbin’ Da Hood

So does everyone remember all of those promises to the middle class about jobs, health care, and just exactly how much Obama and the Democrats care about the middle class? Yeah….PSYCH! You have been had America but on the flip side it explains all of those fund raising dinners with the latest being at $37,000 per plate.

net worth chart 2009-11

“Using Census data on net worth, the Pew report found that from 2009 to 2011, the richest 7% of Americans saw their net worth climb an average $697,651 — equal to a 28% gain. The rest of the country saw their net worth drop an average $6,079 — equal to a 4% loss.”

Read more at Investor’s Business Daily

This article is very short, to the point, and worth your time. It is also great ammunition for the mid-term election.

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