ROFL: Watch Pharrell Williams AT Terry McAuliffe rally tell crowd they DON’T have to VOTE for McAuliffe!

“It might seem crazy what I am ’bout to say. Voting for McAuliffe just is not the way. I’m on his stage talking about the race. But I’ll tell you now right in front of his face.”

Well I’m happy, anyway, because this is pretty hilarious. At a campaign event for Terry McAuliffe, on Terry McAuliffe’s stage, special Terry McAuliffe guest Pharrell Williams not only didn’t endorse the candidate in this clip, he said it’s fine to vote for whomever you feel like voting for. You know, like Glenn Youngkin, for example.

And the Youngkin campaign tweeted it, and that’s even funnier than you think because you know who DIDN’T tweet the clip? Pharrell’s host, Terry McAuliffe.

Great comment here:

Just warms your heart don’t it?

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