Roger Ailes considered ‘benching’ Sarah Palin for announcing her decision not to run on Mark Levin Show

Roger Ailes was apparently not too happy that Sarah Palin chose to use Mark Levin’s show to announce that she wasn’t running for president. The article said he was so angry he thought about benching her even though he still would have had to pay her. In short, she is said to have apologized, but the article implies that Ailes is still uncertain that he will keep her after 2013:

NEW YORKER – Sarah Palin’s announcement that she wouldn’t run for president disappointed her legions of admirers — but it infuriated Roger Ailes. The Fox News chief wasn’t angry about the decision itself. Rather, he was livid that Palin made the October 5 announcement on Mark Levin’s conservative talk-radio program, robbing Fox News of an exclusive and a possible ratings bonanza. Fox was relegated to getting a follow-up interview with Palin on Greta Van Susteren’s 10 p.m. show, after the news of Palin’s decision had been drowned out by Steve Jobs’s death. Ailes was so mad, he considered pulling her off the air entirely until her $1 million annual contract expires in 2013.

After the announcement, he called Fox’s executive vice-president Bill Shine into a meeting. Shine is the network’s principal point of contact with Palin. Ailes told him she had made a big mistake. “I paid her for two years to make this announcement on my network,” Ailes pointedly told Shine. Sources described the episode on condition of anonymity, given the sensitivity of the relationships.

Palin is said to have made her announcement on Levin’s show because she’s been upset that Fox News has given a platform to Karl Rove, one of her principal critics. “She isn’t happy with Karl,” one Palin adviser told me. “From day one, he hasn’t been very nice.” Levin had become Palin’s biggest booster in the conservative commentariat, and Palin is known for rewarding loyalists, and punishing her detractors.

Shine was deputized to handle the matter. He spoke with Palin’s agent, Bob Barnett, and told him that Ailes was furious with Palin’s move and that she was at risk of being “benched.” Fox still had to pay her, but they didn’t have to give her airtime. Barnett spoke with Palin and told her about the problem. After she apologized, he called Shine back and told him that Palin recognized the misstep.

But tensions between Palin and Fox haven’t subsided. Ailes, who told Newsweek that he hired Palin when she was “hot,” clearly hoped she would boost ratings. But beyond her prime-time commentary, Palin hasn’t turned into the television asset Ailes had hoped. Palin’s contract is up in 2013 and it’s unclear what the current fracas will mean for her future on Fox News. Part of her appeal as a pundit was that every appearance on the network was turbocharged by the “will-she-or-won’t-she run” speculation. She’s now given up that chip to play. But Palin knows that she still has value as a gatekeeper to her grassroots base. A Palin adviser told me that she is planning to make an endorsement for a candidate in 2012. Palin, being Palin, is keeping it tightly held. “I have an idea of who it is,” the adviser said, “but I’m not telling.” What’s clear is that Palin would be smart to make that announcement on Fox News.

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77 thoughts on “Roger Ailes considered ‘benching’ Sarah Palin for announcing her decision not to run on Mark Levin Show

  1. Todd Palin is a blessed man. Sarah is an amazing woman and they have a great family. They are wonderful Americans.

  2. Guess Roger forgot the title of the Governor’s first book. He made a brilliant, crony capitalist decision, in hiring a stable of smart, beauty queen, pundits from the lower 48. The rogue from Wasila it turns out was more than he bargained for. Her million dollar contract for a few appearances a month from her living room, has no doubt ruffled a few feathers in his hen house. That includes Juan, who cries so much, he too should be wearing a skirt! Reap what you sow, chubby. Sarah won’t carry your dirty water nearly as well as BOR and the hens. She truly is “unafraid”.

  3. “I paid her for two years to make this announcement on my network…”

    Did you, Ailes? Was it in the contract? Was it even a verbal agreement? Did you mention at the time that another “team member” would be Rove, and she’d have to tolerate his attitude problem? I’m sorry Governor Palin apologized to you.

    Yes, Roger, it was a logical expectation – if you maintained a good working relationship. Rove your idea of “a good working relationship”?

    I’m sorry Governor Palin apologized to you.

    Did you think you were Governor Palin’s boss, or her owner? I’ll tell you something, Ailes, I don’t care how rich and powerful you are, YOU DON’T OWN ANY ONE.

    Roger, hiring someone is not the same as purchasing them. You and every employer in America needs to have that shoved up your nose. This is the land of freedom. Still. A little. Allegedly.

    I’m sorry Governor Palin apologized to you.

    “…it’s unclear what the current fracas will mean for her future on Fox News.” I’ll tell you what it means for your future, Ailes: you just made me angrier than I have ever been with any democrat, and that’s a bunch. I guess I’ll be getting my news elsewhere in the future.

    I’m sorry Governor Palin apologized to you.

    Roger baby (and I do mean BABY) YOU need to apologize to Governor Palin. You, (Roger baby) are an egomaniac and a control freak just as much as obama is.

    Roger baby, you have no business whatsoever speaking in that tone of snot to one of the finest, most competent, most righteous people ever to brighten American politics.

    Get your attitude straight You need a double shot of humility, Roger. Baby. Preferably administered with a baseball bat.

    Arrogant egotistical power-hungry amoral mannerless tyrannical unspeakable son of an unmentionable….

  4. I lost all respect for FOX when Ailes dropped Glenn Beck. All I will tolerate now is Hannity and Greta-only if she has someone like Newt or Herman Cain on.

    Glenn’s sweetest revenge is the fact that his new format allows him to be who he is without the constraints of mainstream TV. Look at how the Israeli PM recently praised him-there’s a real ringing endorsement.

    Like anything else-FOX had too much of a good thing and got scared of it. Living in Canada, I have an alternate – SUN News. They are what FOX was – fearless and unafraid. Between that, the Right Scoop, Drudge, Breitbart – the wild west world of the internet delivers news to be as FOX used to: “Fair, Balanced and Unafraid.”

      1. One day, it will all come out in the wash. For now, it’s just speculation but with a grain of truth to it.

  5. PLEASE will some enterprising conservative start another national conservative news organization so we could all consider benching Fox News and Roger Ailes

  6. Ailes and his FOX lost a lot of credibility when he publicly acknowledged kowtowing to the left for the sake of “mainstreaming”. Congrats Ailes, your suicidal business decision will be ranked right up there with Netflix. Sarah should have bailed on FOX when Ailes started spewing his fecal laced comments about her. Sarah did the right thing by not announcing on FOX.

  7. Why would Palin apologize? another brain-fart by SP….she’s not standing up to her core beliefs…another wishy washy politico that doesn’t understand you must take a stand and not retreat…

    1. We have no idea if this article is true or not – what we do know – Sarah Palin made her announcement on M Levin’s radio show – she went on a show that was true to her values

      1. in spite of the numerous Palinistas here, she is obviously semi-tone-deaf…she’s made some good moves early on but the last 6 months she has been ineffective. She has the $$ and following to have done a lot more purely from a organizational viewpoint to assist the Tea Party in the primaries…the Republican National Committee is dying, the next election after ’12 they won’t even be players.

        Lack of leadership, lack of planning and of course, the proverbial run on sentences that can be criticized and parsed. Disappointing.

  8. Has anyone visited MSLSD lately. I did. Has there ever been assembled on one network such a crew of hosts. Is this where FOX wants to go? Maybe FOX
    just wants to “lean forward” a little more. I see more online in my future.


  9. Sarah was the best thing to ever happen on foxnews and the wider US stage. Hope she leaves and they have combes and bickle left. Oh, geraldo and sanford the adutterer, too. Sarah makes them all pale in comparison.

  10. I watch Cavuto, Special Report and Red Eye when I cannot sleep but that’s about it. Fox has changed course, there are many stories they do not report so I get my news from the internet.

    Do you think Palin will want to renew her contract with Fox?

  11. Palin was right to do it on Levin’s show. Fox is establishment Republican. Levin is more Tea Party. Makes perfect sense. She was under no obligation to do it on Fox, so too bad Ailes.

  12. Sarah did the right thing and Karl Rove is an imbecile. I would have done the same thing. What about O’reilly, and the list is long enough. We got Greta and Hannity giving normal interviews and talking about her (behind her back) in a respectful way only. I never go to Fox anymore unless something is posted here.

  13. I stopped watching silly news networks a long time ago. Fox slowly fell into that bucket with the loss of Glenn Beck. Time is too precious to waste on trivial intertainment.

  14. Well, we aren’t happy with Roger Ailes showing Bob Beckels disgusting face on his network; nor are we happy with Bill O’Reilly – aka Howard Baxter, aka intellectual featherweight – 1) attacking the tea party 2) giving air time to John Liebowitz Stewart and the 4’9″ troll known as Bill Maher. Fox news is CNN-lite. The real news on is Rush, Levin, Drudge, and The Right Scoop.

  15. After Beck left, my viewing time on FOX has dropped by 80%. Fox favors the elite DC politician. The rest of America does not. They lost us. Who needs Fox when we now have Breitbart, Beck, Levin, Drudge, PJTV, ReasonTV, Rush, and of course The Right Scoop etc…etc…etc…????? They bailed on us for $$$$$ and we bailed on them.

  16. These people are freckin nuts. I remember when BOR was being charged with sexual harassment charges and Foxnews when overboard to protect that man. They probably paid the woman off to shut her mouth up.

    I am sure it is not in Palin’s contract that she had to announce her run or not on FOxnews or that the person she may endorse for POTUS on FOXnews. Normally when you endorse somebody you are there with the person at a rally and not on the Foxnews set kissing that ulgy Alies’ butt.

    Foxnews has done nothing to protect her. NOTHING!

  17. I like the saying, “better to ask forgiveness afterward than permission before.” Sounds like that is what Palin did. She was able to show her dissatisfaction with Fox (and Rove) and then says, “I’m sorry”. I can’t say I have any sympathy for Fox (and particularly Ailes) with the way they are currently treating conservatives on their network.

  18. I for one was thrilled she made the announcement on Levin. Screw Roger Ailes. I’ve lost respect for him ever since he decided to back off being the conservative network in order to what? Court moderates. I’ve stopped watching Fox altogether. 8pm Bill is more than my stomach can stomach.

  19. Rather, he was livid that Palin made the October 5 announcement on Mark Levin’s conservative talk-radio program, robbing Fox News of an exclusive and a possible ratings bonanza.
    Sure Ailes is so goshdarn worried about exclusives and ratings, that’s why he picked up a fight with the only one who ever offered exclusive info as well as ratings to FOX.
    Ailes is just another rich hack who wants to fit in with the right crowd .
    If his richie rich rich media circuit or his moozie partner teases Ailes about someone successful on FOX, he’d rather get rid of the ratings than defend them .

  20. Oh boo hoo Mr. Ailes. Unless it was a part of her contract, too freaking bad for you. And as far as Karl Rove, who really gives a rat about his commentary. I’ve been turning off Fox News more and more over the last few years. I might tune into Hannity once and awhile, but refuse to watch ANY show with Beckel or Rove and several others.

    Go Sarah! If they don’t want to have you on the air, let them pay out your contract! There are many others that would love to have you on their radio shows.

    Ailes said recently he wanted to take a more “moderate” approach. Guess he’s starting to lose his conservative audience. (By the way Ailes, libs don’t watch FNC, so I can’t wait until your ratings drop.) Letting Glenn Beck go was a HUGE mistake.

  21. The only show’s I watch on Fox are Hannity, and On the Record with Greta Van Susteren, they are the only ones who treat Governor Palin with respect and are the only ones who are fair to her. The way Fox has treated Governor Palin before she announced her decesion to not run for President and went into attack mode on her, I have lost complete faith in Fox News. Also, ever since Roger Ailes’ “course change” and Ailes pushing his agenda on the viewers and voters to once again select our candidate (Romney) for us instead of letting the primary process unfold, I can’t trust Fox News anymore.

  22. Glade to know that I was not the only one that was pissed with her announcement. The whole episode was just horrible. With that said Sarah Palin is my dream candidate. If any establishment candidates win the nomination I pray to god that she will not just toy the media with the idea of running indedpendant or third party(which most certainly she will toy the media) BUT ACTUALLY RUN!!!!!

    Really if the Choice is between Romney, the One, and Sarah Palin who would be the obvious choice? Really!

  23. Sarah Palin…

    There’s just something about that Lady.

    Some people think they can make money with her name, persona, influence.

    Some people don’t think.

    And, it seems to me, Roger Ailes does not know, uh, Palin.

    – – – – – – – – –

    Sarah Palin is original, unique, one of a kind.

    American Heritage Dictionary:

    Unique: adjective

    1. Being the only one of its kind.
    2. Without an equal or equivalent; unparalled.
    3. Unusual; extraordinary.

    Original: adjective

    1. Preceding all others in time; first.
    2. Not derived from something else; fresh and unusual.
    3. Showing a marked departure from previous practice; new.
    4. Productive of new things or ideas; inventive.
    5. Being the source from which a copy, reproduction, or translation is made.

    Original: noun

    1. A first from which other forms are made or developed.
    2. An authentic work of art.
    3. A person who is appealingly odd or curious; a character.
    4. (Archaic) The source from which something arises; an originator.

    -Being the only one of its kind
    -Without an equal or equivalent
    -Not derived from something else
    -Fresh and Unusual
    -Showing a marked departure from previous practice
    -The source from which something arises
    -An Originator

    Yes… This is definitely Sarah Palin
    Yes… yes it is!!!

    Sarah Palin is NOT another George Washington.
    Sarah Palin is NOT another Abraham Lincoln.
    Sarah Palin is NOT another Ronald Reagan.

    Sarah Palin IS like them.

    Sarah Palin is, well, Sarah Palin.

    Original and Unique… one of a kind.

    However, this is only the opinion of only one guy… who really, really, really likes Governor Sarah Palin.


      1. Dittos and Double Dittos Professor Why…

        If Glenn Beck knows what’s long term good for America, Sarah Palin would be more than a financial asset for a new venture, which is what is.

        Sarah Palin would be a North Star focus of attention who would bring honor and respect that would transcend the financial aspect of the business side of GBTV.

        As Glenn has said in the past, he founded because he wanted to be free to speak from the heart about the issues that he thinks are important to him and are relevant to our Republic.


        Sarah Palin speaks from the heart too.

        Mrs. Palin, whom I often reference as the LADY with a “servant’s heart” of gold who has gone through the political fire and come through it all with a character that is definitely beyond reproach, would not only be an emotional and spiritual asset to, the serendipity is that Mrs. Palin would be a financial asset too.

        Why would Roger Ailes hire Mrs. Palin in the first place?

        Case closed.


    1. who is the dumb fool. the “dumb fool” or the one who watches, consumes any content with the “dumb fool ”

      hey anonymous can you do what this “dumb fool” did. I doubt you can give a speech in front of 50,000 people without shitting your pants. run for office and lets see how you do. will the media find anything on you and your family. emails- can we take a look at it. what’s your economic policy, how about iran and nukes any ideas without world war coming. have any ideas for a book will people buy what you have to say. i doubt that you DUMB FOOL

  24. This is great news indeed it’s people let the Mainstream media know they’re NOT the medium of choice anymore and follow Ms. Palin’s example and take big breaking news to ,The RIGHT SCOOP and other conservative online voices!!!

  25. As far as I am concerned, she should have told FOX to stick it a long time ago. In fact, I think she would have been better off to have never signed with them.

  26. Good for Sarah. I was getting tired of the way the other Fox pundits were treating her. Maybe Ailes should have talked to them about network loyalty. I’m glad someone stood up to Fox News. I’m beginning to think they are becoming another Lame Stream Media Network. The pundits they have been hiring lately, sure aren’t my cup of TEA.

    1. Research the Palin Doctrine.

      Palin believes in a strong national defense which does NOT include offering friendship to Iran and blaming American First!

    1. Amen to that. I hope Scoop sends him the link to this thread. In fact, now that I think about it, I’ll copy my direct response and try to post it on fox. Thanks for giving me the idea, Josh.

    1. It evidently is not as if she broke their contract. Evidently Mr. Ailes needs to learn to write contracts to say what he means instead of what he intends.

      Since they have a contract, though, it was kinda tacky of her. NOT disgusting, just tacky. 😉


      1. Why was it tacky? Unless there was a clause in Palin’s contract that specifically said she MUST make her announcement on FOX she was free to make her announcement anywhere she chose.

        Want to know what’s really tacky?? What’s really tacky is FOX hiring Palin to bring the network high ratings and $$$$ and then letting Rove, Coulter, Ingraham and O’Reilly have free rein to take pot shots at her so the “controversy” could drive up ratings even more. Sarah was just supposed to sit there and take it. Now THAT’S tacky.

        I have seen countless people criticize Palin for “cashing in” on her position. But no one seems to recognize that FOX hired her specifically for that purpose – so the network could cash in on her.

        1. That’s not “tacky,” that’s business. See? You are still talking about FOX. Mr. Ailes prefers that you be talking about FOX rather than one of his competitors – good business tactics.

          He, could have capitalized on Mrs. Palin’s announcement instead of whining about it, but did not evidently, see how he could do that. Any young executive that had come up with a promotion based on the Mrs. Palin / Mark Levin announcement would have probably been promoted immediately.



          1. Oh, and Mrs. Palin must have thought it was “something” even if she would not use the word “tacky,” or she would not have apologized.

            I am convinced that Mrs. Palin is definitely worth following, watching and backing up when she makes her next move.

            Mrs. Palin is a marvelous human being, not an object of worship.


          2. I doubt that Ailes will like what I’m saying about fox. Or about him. If I see ol’ Rog on fire at the side of the road, I would either consider it an excuse to spit on him, or a chance to dump that can of aging gasoline I have in the bed of my truck.

      2. I don’t think it’s tacky at all. Especially since Fauxnews did nothing but allow many to attack her throughout the past year. Also who was Ailes to try to tell Palin how to respond to being blamed for Tucson??

        Fauxnews is a RINO/establishment network.

        Palin did the right thing by going to a real conservative in the Great One.

        1. The lack of class on the part of one’s adversary or opponent, in the code I learned and lived by, does not allow one to stoop to that level.

          Since no one posting on here has claimed to have seen and read the contract between Mr. Ailes and Mrs. Palin, none of us can, with any degree of accuracy, say what obligations each had / has.

          I will accept that Mrs. Palin would not have apologized unless she agreed with Mr. Ailes to some extent on this matter.


  27. FOX is stupid! “The Five” Can’t be rated and Beck was an asset. I guess Ailes will hire Obama after the election.

    1. The five is the most idiots at one place at one time. have tried to watch it a few times and turn it off within minuets. Fox has become very quickly a non news with many moderates who think they can elect Romney Care into the WH. No doubt they will hire BHO in 5 years after they get him re-elected. GBTV is the news for now.

    2. The Five is a step in the right direction, but there are no Tea Party conservatives on there…Eric Bolling sounds good but always backs down when it gets tough to hang with core principles of liberty, freedom, and self determination.

  28. It is not an issue at all as Fox is losing the base anyway. By middle of next year most of the people who vote in this country will be getting most of their information from the internet.

    1. Fox Snooze is going liberal at warp speed, all that is left is Talk Radio…Hot Air is going mediocre middle as well, eating our own conservatives that are trying to rescue America.

      1. You are right about Hot Air but I am not surprised since Malkin sold out of the site to focus on her own site. I do not mind the middle since I have other sites that provide other points of view and access to info without a political slant. I must say that Palin has not kept my support with the way she has handle her platform at Fox. She could have done more. But it may have been a contract issue. We now know that Fox muzzled Beck to some degree.

      2. Hotair has lost me. I used to email all the time asking for open registration. Now I don’t even visit anymore. All of the bloggers and RINO’s and don’t like real conservatives like Palin or Cain.

  29. Maybe she’d BE the type of hot commodity for Fox that Ailes was looking for if they didn’t actively sabotage her every friggin’ second they get! Oy!

    1. totally disagree…Palin has not used the Fox Snooze perch effectively….she needs to take on members of the media and call them out, Chris Wallace included.

      disappointing that Professor Why has 26 people agreeing with him/her…Palin needs to take responsibility for her shortcomings and affix no blame to anyone else. She is highly disappointing in my book.

      1. Yes, how DARE people agree with my sentiments! Don’t agree with me, people! Bad free-willed people! Bad! 😉

        Seriously, though… I’ll agree she needs to take on the media whenever they misstep. And I’ll say that ANY public figure should take responsibility for his or her shortcomings, actions, and the like.

      2. Palin needs to take responsibility for her shortcomings and affix no blame to anyone else

        Oh, because she said something about this? Link please.

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