Rolling Stone launches a new attack on Justice Alito and it’s pathetic…

Rolling Stone today has launched a new attack on Justice Alito, claiming in their subhead “In a new, secret recording, the Supreme Court justice says he “agrees” that the U.S. should return to a place of godliness.”


Seriously, this attack on Alito is so baseless. Their title reads: “Justice Alito Caught on Tape Discussing How Battle for America ‘Can’t Be Compromised’”. Now let me show you his actual comments:

The recording, which was provided exclusively to Rolling Stone, captures Windsor approaching Alito at the event and reminding him that they spoke at the same function the year before, when she asked him a question about political polarization. In the intervening year, she tells the justice, her views on the matter had changed. “I don’t know that we can negotiate with the left in the way that needs to happen for the polarization to end,” Windsor says. “I think that it’s a matter of, like, winning.”

“I think you’re probably right,” Alito replies. “On one side or the other — one side or the other is going to win. I don’t know. I mean, there can be a way of working — a way of living together peacefully, but it’s difficult, you know, because there are differences on fundamental things that really can’t be compromised. They really can’t be compromised. So it’s not like you are going to split the difference.”

Alito did NOT say the battle for America “can’t be compromised”. No, he suggested that both sides have different positions on big issues that they aren’t willing to compromise and, because of that, one will have to win over the other.

It continues…

Windsor goes on to tell Alito: “People in this country who believe in God have got to keep fighting for that — to return our country to a place of godliness.”

“I agree with you. I agree with you,” replies Alito, who authored the Supreme Court’s 2022 Dobbs decision, which reversed five decades of settled law and ended a constitutional right to abortion.

You mean a Supreme Court justice had the gall to say he agrees that we should return the country to a place of Godliness? How constitutional of Alito! Seriously, we are a nation “under God”. As Vince Coglianese wrote on X, “Alito is literally expressing a view found in the Declaration of Independence, the Pledge of Allegiance, and even on American currency.”

It really is amazing how these leftists think this is a scandal. But watch Democrats like Dick Durbin try to make a mountain out of this nothingburger.

Two more things. The liberal that recorded this was pretending to be a conservative when asking Alito these questions . . .

“His comments were recorded by Lauren Windsor, a liberal documentary filmmaker. Windsor attended the dinner as a dues-paying member of the society under her real name, along with a colleague. She asked questions of the justice as though she were a religious conservative.”

… here’s the audio from our friends at PTVC:

In the article, Rolling Stone compared the remarks of Alito to Justice Roberts, who got similar questions from Windsor. They clearly suggested that he gave ‘better’ answers:

Similar questions Windsor asked of Chief Justice John Roberts at the same event elicited a far different response. (George W. Bush nominated both men to the Supreme Court in 2005; at the time, Roberts famously used a metaphor of a baseball umpire to describe his judicial philosophy.)

In an audio recording of that exchange, Roberts takes issue with Windsor’s assertion that the nation is unusually polarized, historically, citing the high tensions of the Vietnam War era, for example. He also insists that the Supreme Court’s current role is not exceptional. “The idea that the court is in the middle of a lot of tumultuous stuff going on is nothing new,” Roberts says.

Pressed on whether the court has an obligation to put the country on a more “moral path,” Roberts turns the tables on his questioner: “Would you want me to be in charge of putting the nation on a more moral path?” He argues instead: “That’s for people we elect. That’s not for lawyers.” Presented with the claim that America is a “Christian nation” and that the Supreme Court should be “guiding us in that path,” Roberts again disagrees, citing the perspectives of “Jewish and Muslim friends,” before asserting: “It’s not our job to do that. It’s our job to decide the cases the best we can.”

I don’t really have a big issue with the way either answered Windsor’s remarks to be honest. Roberts isn’t wrong about their job being to decide cases, but I wished he would have added ‘to decide the cases the best we can based on the Constitution.’

Either way, this phony attack on Alito just proves the double standard leftists have for Supreme Court justices. They are fine when their own justices are partisan activists and even say as much. But they don’t afford the same to those they believe are not on their side.

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