Romney, circa 2002: “My views are progressive”

After watching this clip of Mittens campaigning during the 2002 Massachusetts gubernatorial race, I’m starting to wonder if he even deserves to be in the RINO category anymore.

Seriously, he sounds like a garden-variety Democrat here, at best. That is par for the course for many Republicans in deep blue states like Massachusetts, but it’s also beside the point. Romney is now insisting to GOP primary voters that he’s a conservative.

Really? Why should we believe him?

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48 thoughts on “Romney, circa 2002: “My views are progressive”

  1. I’ll be honest. I can’t figure out anymore who I want to be the nominee. I think I’m on the Rick Perry wagon now. I do like Romney but for his flip flops. I will say one thing though, when he flips to a side he gets things done. Apparently he’s flipped totally on our side now. Who the hell knows.

  2. He was my governor and I will vote for him only IF he is the nominee. I do not think he will be.
    I see several sites updated with Perry supporters and a new video from Veteran’s Day.

  3. Flip Romney! I believe it was written in the book of 3rd Nephi, 14th verse:

    “You ain’t gonna be president, dope!”

  4. He is a typical New England politician. Sometimes the Democratic Party’s field is too large so they put their RINO or liberal light hat on and run for office as a republican. I cannot abide the man, sorry the orange can beats him by a landslide. Please conservatives, vote do not support the left or the republican establishment. Rino’s will lose against B.O and the establishment would rather vote for Obama than a conservative.

  5. My problem with Romney is not that he pretended to be a liberal to win an election. If he was truly a conservative who just punk’d liberal Bay Staters, I’d be much more favorably inclined towards him. But the thing is that he’s neither a liberal nor a conservative nor a moderate. He thinks that any problem can be solved by his own personal brilliance in assembling and overseeing panels of experts.

  6. Not a party republican? But he is a progressive. Why do republicans run away from conservative values. He just admitted that he is the same ilk as Nancy Pelousy. Why can’t we just run a conservative who is proud to be a conservative?

  7. paraphrased:

    ”I am a two faced closet liberal with big government ideas to increase the national debt and my mind numbed robots are going to vote for me whether I have an R or D next to my name.”

    Romney…..I think you are finished. You said that ”loosing to Teddy Kennedy was one of the best things that happen to you” because you made your millions after that….I think you just lost again….go home and make some more money and enjoy life.

  8. I don’t believe him. He may be telling the truth – this time – now – but I’m not willing to trust my political future to him. He’s flipflopped more times than a bass in a boat.

      1. Whew boy. I read as much as I could stand – not much – and I need an Alka Seltzer. Such disgusting, pernicious nonsense. Inconsistent, inaccurate, condescending… I’ll run out of non-profane adjectives if I continue.

        As you say, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

        As Snoopy, would say, “Bleah.”

        1. The timing fits right in with the exodus of our manufacturing plants, first to Asia then to China with favored trading status. I think the first time I remember hearing about a US manufacturer moving overseas was about 1972 … 40 years of well planned destruction.

          I had always attributed it to the extremely costly and increasingly stringent pollution laws in the US driving them out. Now I’m sure that was just one more nail in their coffin.

  9. No Sh!t which is why love Mittens so much. The truth be told, conservatives haven’t any chance whatsoever to get elected in that cesspool people’s republic of Massoftwoshitts
    Can we say Mike Bloomberg. Look how well this guy turned out for NYC. Took advantage of GOP popularity and when it tanked , Bloomy showed his true statist colors.

  10. Looks they are trying to force “tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dumb” on us (Romney vs Gingrich.) Lord have mercy on our Republic. We need to concentrate on the US House and Senate for any hope for this nation.

  11. I’ve said this in another thread, but I’ll say it here as well:

    It’s a shame that we can’t pull various parts from each candidate. Many have some good things and then some really bad parts.

    Prehaps, we could vote for Sarah Paulgingtorummanncainerry.

    Anyone but Mittens. I don’t know. Just saying…

  12. I can’t for the life of me understand where Romney gets his 20% support from. His supporters I encounter online are all spinnsters creating semantic debates trying to convince the rest of us we can’t trust our lying eyes and ears. If you have to lie, spin and eventually overlook core betrayals in support of a candidate then might I suggest that you take a break from politics. Find a quiet spot where you are sure not to be disturbed and reflect on yourself, what your core beliefs really are and evaluate honestly if the actions your taking and the people your supporting truly represent those convictions. If you come to the conculsion that the lies and spin are ok (so long as you win) and Romney is still your guy. I would suggest that perhaps you are a blue dog (fiscally conservative) democrat and the reason the rest of us disappoint you so much with our pesky notions of honesty, liberty and individualism is that your in the wrong party. While it is true conservatives despise Obama, it is not true that simply despising Obama makes you a conservative. Food for thought.

    1. first video: well, it would have been nice to see the rest of his statements on that matter. also, he wasn’t saying (in this brief clip) running as a continuation was bad. only that it wasn’t a winning proposition in the political climate of the time.

      but project away.

      second video: again, edited clips of gingrich can be misleading. gingrich is well know to talk at great length and the more edited his statements the more one can shape his statements to fit a narrative. he’s not a sound bite kinda guy but we’re a sound bite world.

      he also has a history of talking diplomatically towards those he doesn’t agree with politically in spite of his reputation as a divisive figure. take those diplomatic words out of context (as many have) and it’s not hard to smear him.

      having said that i am not suggesting gingrich isn’t without his warts. but i would caution that there is little to clearly define a “conservative” in any real world sense. remember: the classical definition of conservative is far removed from our general current use. and what passes muster for you may not someone else.

      1. Rubbish
        1..the first video does not need context it was an direct answer answer to a direct question
        2..The first minuite of the second video gave full contex and full answer

        but that is not what you gingrich supporters you want to hear so you stick your head in the sand or maybe somwhere else .
        if these videos were of ANY OTHER CANDIDATE you all would be screaming like banshees but blind following and messiah worship is what progressives do best

        1. Bill Redder


          ”any fact or logic that is actually the truth will be discounted by deo heerai and you will just be called names.”

          Am I right or am I right. lol

      2. Bill,

        Both videos are heavily edited and therefore suspect.

        Don’t even try to reason using fact and logic with deo heerai. He has no concept of those and any fact or logic that is actually the truth will be discounted by deo heerai and you will just be called names.

        Now watch deo heerai’s next post on me for confirmation of my statement.

  13. Romney,I mean Newt,ah,no, I mean hussein,no,Mitt,oh,sorry I meant gingrich. Oh damn! I can’t say what I mean ’cause they’re all alike!

  14. Rush just played the clip with a suggestion or three, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, or Rick Perry and the final nugget ” it ain’t over”.

  15. “the old standby definitions of who votes for which party have been blown away in this campaign.”

    These are give away words. They give Romney away that he IS indeed a progressive. Progressives always pose as a “third way” politician beholden to neither right nor left. Weasel words that try to fool the average Joe just trying to make a living, not troubling himself too much with politics, but are dead give away words from a weak and vacillating progressive.

    Whenever a politician talks like this… yup… you got yourself a progressive.

    P.S. And yes… I know he calls himself progressive at the end. At least he’s that honest here… otherwise they rely on the weasel words to telegraph that they’re progressive without saying their progressive. Or something… phew.

  16. I saw a poll today that shows in a head to head contest between Newt or Romney against Obama, they would both beat Obama. Who could O’ blame for that? Maybe he could blame O’. Naaa, he has that same Romney problem. Can’t admit anything was wrong, a mistake, a lie, or a flop.

    Romney thinks admitting he was wrong or made a mistake is like drinking antifreeze or something. He’s wrong there too 🙂

    On the contrary, this stubborn thing he has going about being consistent is starting to smell like an overpopulated barnyard. It’s surrounding his run like a green cloud of stinky.

    Hey Romney! Wake up and smell the stinky, since coffee is probably verboten.

      1. Thanks. My regular computer is being de-virused and it’s taking forever so I am responding via e-mail on this other computer, because it won’t display the comments properly. There seems to be some kind of booger sneaking through rightscoop. I got it 3 times while on the site and couldn’t keep recovering to a previous back-up date. It was a “Win 7 2012” something or other.

    1. Just like Newt, Obama and most other career politicians.

      If the Tea party doesn’t stand on the high moral ground, they have no ground to stand on and will be irrelevant.

  17. Romney-bots: how are you going to spin this? He wasn’t running for President, so he adjusted his entire philosophy? COME ON.

    THIS GUY IS THE WORST OF THEM. And obama will turn to him and say, “fellow progressive, I’m glad we’re in agreement on a lot of things”

        1. And then he made it worse by saying:

          “He scrambled up there every time we went on trips. He got in all by himself and enjoyed it.”


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