Romney in 2002:”My agenda is different from traditional Republicans”

Andrew at Buzzfeed dug up this clip from 2002 where Romney, running for Governor of Massachusetts, asserts that he really isn’t like traditional Republicans and he won’t be bound by party labels. He’s an individual and his agenda is different from traditional Republicans:

I don’t define myself by my party. I’m an individual. … I’m not going to be bound by traditional party labels or traditional party practices. I have a very different view than most Republicans, the old traditional Republicans. I’m a lot more like my mom and dad in that regard. And so my agenda is different from traditional Republicans.

Wait, I thought he was severely conservative? He certainly didn’t run on the idea that he was severely conservative. So did he lie to them or is he lying to us now?

Yesterday’s Etch-a-Sketch comment has me increasingly worried that Romney is just handing victory to Obama, should he win the nomination. His credibility is so undermined with clips like these, along with his campaign spokesperson suggesting that they will just erase his conservatism. He will be viewed by America as a high risk, someone who people won’t know if they can trust. And you know the MSM is going to push this narrative as well.

If we don’t defeat Romney now, I fear he could be defeated in November.

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