Romney signals possible support for Manchin-Toomey background check bill

Mitt Romney is suggesting he may be supporting the Manchin-Toomey background check bill – once he reads it to find out what’s in it:

THE HILL – Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said Monday that he believes all commercial gun sales should be subject to a background check and signaled he’s open to supporting bipartisan legislation from Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.).

“It certainly should be applied to commercial sales and finding a more comprehensive way to make sure that people are in the system that ought to be in the system,” Romney told reporters when asked about expanding background checks.

Asked if he would support legislation from Manchin and Toomey, which would expand gun background checks to all commercial sales, Romney said he had spoken with Toomey and was reviewing the bill.

“I’m looking at that. … Directionally, that is something I would support, but I have not read the legislation. That is something I would have to look at before I signed on,” Romney added.

The bill failed in 2013 and only had 2 Republicans votes: Susan Collins and Pat Toomey.

I think a big problem with the bill, other than overwhelming support by Democrats for it, was that Obama was president and Republicans like Ted Cruz were afraid that Obama’s DOJ would use the bill as an excuse to begin a federal registry. Cruz said the bill expands what is currently governed by the federal background system.

Romney isn’t completely on board yet, but I suspect he’ll back it. And what that may say about Senate Republicans on this is not good.

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64 thoughts on “Romney signals possible support for Manchin-Toomey background check bill

  1. What state in the union does not require a background check?

    The feds have zero business usurping the Tenth Amendment.

  2. I do believe that all commercial sales in all 50 states, require a federal background check, for every firearm purchase.

    As we all know, the more regulations put on the law abiding citizens, the higher the crime rates.

    1. and the larger the blackmarket for guns. Making drugs illegal only expanded the illegal drug trade.

  3. Then March your Progressive as – es down to Chicago on a Weekend and start door knocking. You can tell them they Need to be in the system. Romney is safe for another 5 years…no need to suck up..

    1. All elected officials who want gun control, should have to walk the inner city streets of Chicago for one week, without the tax payers paying for their armed security.

  4. Any elected public servant who infringes on our God-given 2A right of self protection should immediately lose any tax payer funded security.

  5. “Mitt Romney is suggesting he may be supporting…… once he reads it to find out what’s in it:
    Where did we hear that before? Pelosi on Obama Care. “we have to pass it so we can read it.”
    What a stupid thing for him to say.

  6. Having everyone’s personal history in a federal government database is way more dangerous than having a gun in the hands of a lunatic.

  7. this is why we have primary’s we need to get strong conservatives not these Republicans that are really dem’s at heart like collins and romney . it’s too late after the fact when its a choose between who is worst the dem or R.I.N.O

    1. What did you think about the crowd responses.It appeared it was just too hot for much enthusiasm.Especially behind the President.

    2. “I like to take the guns early, go through due process later.”

      “We’re banning the bump stocks…”

      “Silencers, I don’t like them. We’re going to be looking closely at the silencers…”

  8. Yeah,I’m gonna possibly go ahead and support the Toomey-Manchin Bill on gun registration.There is a possibility I might even read it to see whats in it,just to fu.. with my Utah dummy constituents.Wow I bet you guys are really disappointed that Paul and I did not make it.You saw what a great Speaker Paul was,well at least until he quit after giving the Dems. everything they asked for and there was no more to give.One other thing,you should see that wall Paul built around his home its bigger and longer than the one on the southern border.What, you say Paul sold that home and moved back to DC.Hmm

    1. Romney knows if Trump signs more gun control legislation that Trump will lose his base and will lose the 2020 election. The Nevertrumper Republicans in Congress will be pushing for this for that reason.

    1. I know….it goes to show you that Utah like California is being Californiaized.

    1. Red Flag Laws will send up a red flag to all Americans – we will NOT have our rights infringed by government!

    2. Not sure he’ll lose but he won’t get the support that he once had if he does pass more gun control. There’s always the hope that he can change whereas there’s no chance at all if people either don’t vote or vote for complete liberty suicide by voting for the totalitarian Left.

  9. We already have background checks on all commercial firearms sales. This is nothing but a smokescreen for a national registry that will eventually facilitate confiscation, or “buyback,” the Orwellian euphemism.

    1. We know it’s coming as Trump has met Manchin several times. Don’t you just love how once again the gop picks up the talking points of the left. It would take Romney two seconds to know what you just stated. I even saw a piece that Lt Gov of Texas said he is going against NRA and closing “loopholes”

    2. “This is nothing but a smokescreen for a national registry that will eventually facilitate confiscation, or “buyback,” the Orwellian euphemism The Next Civil War.”


  10. Just reading the name, Mitt Romney, makes me see red and I see nothing after that. Whatever he would vote for, I am likely against. Just another RINO commie socialist democrat in a suit.

  11. …all commercial gun sales should be subject to a background check…

    Hey, Mitt, all commercial sales are required to go through a background check already!

    And even that is unconstitutional!

    1. That was my understanding too that all commercial sales require a background check already. I’m thinking that this is nothing more than political grandstanding by the more RINO faction. It’s like they are waving their hands in the air going “Lookie, lookie here Dems! We’re on board and woke too! So puleeeeeze like us!!” We don’t need endless redundant legislation in things like gun ownership or immigration. We need people with strong backbones to stand up and point out to the hair-on-fire gun grabbing crowd that we have enough legislation already and just need to comply with standing laws. We’ve had enough encroachment on our 2A by the Dems without the Republicans jumping on the bandwagon too. I don’t care if they NEVER get invited to another Democrat cocktail party. That’s not why they were elected in the first place.

  12. In related news, Mayor Lightfoot has invited Sen. Cruz to Chicago for a visit to the west and south sides. I’d suggest plenty of armed guards and body armor.

  13. Politicians will happily erode our rights if it makes them look good on Socialist Media…Oh, and they’ll even sell their own mothers, fathers, sons and daughters for one more term, don’t ye doubt! May he and his ilk fall to a pox or something similarly nasty… >.<

  14. Come and take them Mittens, come on, man up and try to take them.

    We’ve allowed too much of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to be destroyed by worthless politicians who exempt themselves from the laws they pass. Registration and confiscation (buy back) is a bridge too far for millions of us. Heaven help those who join the confiscation squads, there will be blood.

  15. I don’t know what Romney is talking about, all commercial gun sales are subject to a background check. Every single one of them. These fools don’t know what they are talking about. They just want to infringe more and more so they spout off nonsense.

    1. Romney is a wuss and probably doesn’t even know how to operate a gun. Since he probably has had no need to worry about defending his family. The rich wuss has always been surrounded by armed security.

  16. I don’t get these mush RINO. When they are in the spotlight liberals destroy them and conservatives defend them. Then when they are destroyed by the media et al, and are back benchers they don’t stick up for conservatives and lander to democrats.

    I don’t get

  17. It is rather revealing that the people at the highest levels of power just seem to deny the state of mental health and consistently blame everything on a lack of gun control. Thomas Aquinas had a term for their mental condition: “invincible ignorance.”

  18. Funny if the no compromise Conservatives don’t vote for Trump over some gun control adjustments, we will have Biden, Sanders, or Warren to deal with-much much worse.

    1. Californians have obviously taken over Utah politics for this disgusting spineless Democrat and I say progressive Democrat because that is what Romney really is…I am sick and tired of using the term RINO to describe Democrats who lied to get elected as Republicans. Please just call the what they are…Democrats and the same goes for people like Collins. If they vote with Democrats more than they vote with Republicans then they are Democrats. Just stop with the RINO BS.

      There should be a website that shows the percentage of times the so called Republican congress person votes with his/her party verses against their party. This data would be helpful to view in primary races.

  19. Same church; different pew…What a dummy pelosi is; there is more than enough legislation limiting who can possess a gun. The problem is that criminals, including mass murderers, do not adhere to laws. Creating and passing laws we do not need, then thwarting the enforcement of those same laws, is something democrats do, which is why there is so much lawlessness in America. Blame that on 8 of the longest years in history under obama/clinton/democrat rule.

    The Hell to Pay comes in 2020, when Americans refuse to vote for democrats.


  20. What an idiot!!!

    If the GOP passes the law it will STILL be there when the Democrats are in power some day!!!

    Or how about all the left wing activist judges across the country?? smh

  21. This is great! If they can just pass this there’ll be no more mass shootings. They are working to protect us. Next thing they’ll make indiscriminate killing against the law. Wait, they already did that, and strangely enough that didn’t work, but this will.

    1. but they sure don’t care babies are being murdered every day in this country
      wish someone would ask the morons about that………….like the GOP should hammer their love of killing babies

  22. little rino mitch still thinks anyone gives a damn what he thinks
    wake up rino we don;t
    when you get rid of the police that protect all of you morons in congress call me
    when you get all the bad guys’ guns we can talk stupid mitch
    you are such a joke..thought Mormons were supposed to be good people

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