Ron Paul: ‘I Wouldn’t Risk American Lives’ to End the Holocaust

Yesterday I told you that what Eric Dondero had said about Ron Paul didn’t seem that far-fetched. Apparently I was right. This via Big Government:

On the evening of Sept. 16, 2009, I was invited to a function for Rand Paul’s U.S. Senate campaign at the headquarters of Americans for Tax Reform.

I had been invited by a friend of mine via Facebook who was a passionate supporter of Ron Paul. Within minutes of arriving, I saw Rep. Paul enter the room, followed by an entourage of several college students.

I immediately walked up to Paul and introduced myself, and Paul smiled at me and shook my hand. I told him that I had always wanted to ask him a question, and that it was a hypothetical question, but I would appreciate his answer nonetheless. Paul smiled, and welcomed the question. At this point there were about 15 people surrounding us, listening.

And so I asked Congressman Paul: if he were President of the United States during World War II, and as president he knew what we now know about the Holocaust, but the Third Reich presented no threat to the U.S., would he have sent American troops to Nazi Germany purely as a moral imperative to save the Jews?”

And the Congressman answered:

“No, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t risk American lives to do that. If someone wants to do that on their own because they want to do that, well, that’s fine, but I wouldn’t do that.”

This wasn’t the only historical tragedy that Paul’s isolationism would disregard. Click here to see which other one he wouldn’t have responded to.

I’ve never charged Paul with being anti-Semitic or a racist. Something about that just doesn’t feel right. In fact, Dondero says that it is just Paul trying to be 100% principled over his beliefs about interventionism. But how principled can you really be to stand by and watch six million Jews perish in the Holocaust?

And let me remind you, he’s saying that NOW, looking at it through the lens of history, knowing the horror that one man perpetrated against the Jewish people. For Pete’s sake, they were cooked in ovens! And this man is saying that if he were POTUS he wouldn’t have intervened? It’s no wonder people say he’s an anti-Semite.

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