Ron Paul says the US should get out of Iraq and let them deal with ISIS

I’m shocked, SHOCKED to hear isolationist Ron Paul say America should get out of Iraq and let the Iraqis fight this war against ISIS on their own:

While it’s true that ISIS has become more formidable with US military vehicles and weapons left to for the Iraqi Army, that’s just how war goes and unfortunately the Iraqi security force wasn’t what the US thought it was. Not to mention the fact that Obama has royally screwed up the region by not listening to his commanders on the ground in the first place regarding remaining troops in Iraq.

But that being said, we can’t just say ‘let the Iraqis fix it’ because it isn’t just an Iraqi threat. As Newt pointed out the other day, this is a global threat and should be treated like one. The fact that Ron Paul can’t see it as a global threat just proves he can’t see past his isolationism/blame-America ideology.

The truth is if Ron Paul had become president in 2008, he’d have screwed up Iraq just as bad as Obama and we’d likely be in the same place as we are now.

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