“Ron was a disciple of Paul Ryan, who is a RINO loser”

Former President Trump attacks Governor Ron DeSantis again, trying to tie him to Paul Ryan just because he made one comment about Paul Ryan a long time ago.

Here’s the video from this week:

It’s based on this video from Crazy Laura Loomer:

This smear of DeSanis is nothing but an outright lie. DeSantis was never a disciple of Paul Ryan.

As we’ve pointed out, DeSantis opposed Paul Ryan for Speaker in 2015. If he was such a disciple, he would have endorsed Ryan for Speaker. Instead he endorsed Daniel Webster:

But speaking of someone that sounded like a big fan of Paul Ryan, I think we have a winner:

It’s important to note that Trump wasn’t trying to shmooze Ryan. He was retiring so there was nothing left to get from Paul Ryan. Trump said this from his heart and meant every word of it.

So who’s the RINO loser now?

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