Ronan Farrow says Hillary Clinton BACKED OFF from her support after he investigated Weinstein sex abuse!

Ronan Farrow, the man who single-handedly began the #MeToo movement, says that Hillary Clinton backed off from her support after he started looking into the sexual harassment and abuse from Harvey Weinstein.

Journalist Ronan Farrow said Hillary Clinton tried to distance herself from him when she discovered he was investigating sexual assault allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

“It’s remarkable how quickly even people with a long relationship with you will turn if you threaten the centres of power or the sources of funding around them,” Farrow told the Financial Times.

“Ultimately, there are a lot of people out there who operate in that way. They’re beholden to powerful interests and if you go up against those interests, you become radioactive very quickly,” he said.

Clinton appointed Farrow as her special adviser on global youth issues in 2011 when she was secretary of state. Farrow said he had worked with Clinton “for years” when he was looking into the Weinstein story.

Now, if she chose her funding over giving a damn about this scumbag sexually harassing and assaulting women, you can only imagine what other compromises she’s made in order to try to seize power.

Instead of trying to help uncover his crimes, Clinton backed off and helped the coverup:

In 2018, Farrow said Clinton’s aides tried to back out of an interview with him after they learned it would be about Weinstein’s behavior.

“Hillary Clinton had scheduled an interview while it was at the height of the Weinstein reporting and her folks got in touch and said, ‘We hear you’re working on a big story,'” Farrow said. “[They] sounded very concerned and tried to cancel that interview.”

AND they wonder why she lost in 2016….

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