Roseanne Barr calls Ocasio-Cortez a ‘bug-eyed b**ch’ in crazy video rant

Roseanne Barr has some very very strong opinions about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and she laid it all out in a video on youtube.

She called her a “bug-eyed b**ch” among other epithets:

Barr is upset that AOC is anti-Israel but then she goes on this rant about how socialism is just like capitalism, but from a different direction, so, I’m not sure if she’s taking all her meds.

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42 thoughts on “Roseanne Barr calls Ocasio-Cortez a ‘bug-eyed b**ch’ in crazy video rant

  1. Barr’s a clueless Liberal, emphasis on clueless. Watch her debate with Ted Nugent on YouTube, she throws out every Liberal/Leftist dogma that AOC uses. She’s the personification of the clueless thespian.

  2. Remember the ”I’M WITH STUPID FAD,” in the 1980’s with the T-shirt? relevant with the ALICIA CORTEZ bunch today. As for the alleged frauds, look at crazy Bernie, fauxahantis warren, ect, let these fraud’s crash and burn in 2020 or you’ll be committing Hari kari Notice the fraud capitalist communist cortez, living in the most expensive part of DC wearing expensive clothes? LOL, the real frauds.

  3. Liberty daily app is under attack. No longer works on my droid. Links to a download of Drudge app and wants to make sure you uninstall LD app. Somebody please look into this.

  4. Must correct Ms. Barr. CAPITALISM is from the ground up, Socialism is from the top down and nothing ever trickles to the bottom. Otherwise she looks like hell, she comes off as crazy as AOC, but on a lot of points she’s right. I remember the years when Roseanne was a ding bat lefty. Guess she woke up to the fact that Dems hate Israel and ditched them.

  5. Not sure there is a female liberal who isn’t. Still Rosanne missed getting the A+ by two words…filthy communist…..

  6. AOC really isn’t the problem. Her election is evidence of a problem. The problem is a whole district of voters, NY14th, chose an economic illiterate neophyte to represent them. Then the Party and the media elites pushed her front and center to amplify her “opinions” because she can brand the extreme Left ideology, packaged Marxism, embodied in an attractive youthful person. Likeable to “millenials” she can sell Medicare for all, Free college, free everything, and GND in part or whole. That’s the play I think.

    Roseann’s not wrong, but her delivery is like taking a seat at a dive bar and listening to the erudite ramblings of the regular patron in the next bar stool over who is a retired aged foul-mouth philosopher who gives you what they think whether you want to hear it or not.. displayed on video for the world of social media to hear. Cringe.

  7. She left out the “Horse-Teeth” part. ha ha ha ha And what is it with these DemonRats like this Kotex snot nose, H. Rotten, Adam Schiff?……all have those wild, drugged up bugged eyes.

  8. Barr has run as both a Green Party, and Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate – she is at least as ignorant AOC.

  9. It’s like Kanye. Sure she says somethings you may appreciate from time to time but do you really want her to represent your cause? I don’t get all the vulgarity and cursing.

  10. Yikes! Somehow I got no volume. (no worries, it’s my computer setup)

    Reminds me of the time I saw the morose dude on “Bones” (AKA “Mr. Fisher”, played by Joel David Moore) recommend watching The Three Stooges with the sound off. His point was that the cute sound effects make it seem likely that no one was getting hurt. But with the sound off, it becomes a symphony of violence and despair or something.

    Just like watching Rosanne chew whatever she’s chewing and make faces with the sound off. Dang, son!

    Don’t try this on a full stomach.

    Or an empty one. I forget.

  11. Roseanne is absolutely right. AOC is a bug eyed crazy Biatch. I don`t believe AOC is aware of anything that comes out of Her Big Mouth. She`s applauding Amazon cancelling the 2HQ. Medicare for All . Bums on welfare gets paid as much as People Working. Etc. There`s Tons of Gold on the Dark side of the Moon also . Coo Coo.

  12. Roseanne Barr was also advocating for late term abortion a few short years ago. Sorry not sorry, but I have a hard time taking her seriously.

  13. Yeah when some right wingers were hitching their wagon to this train wreck because she voted for Trump I thought she was going to dissapoint. I remembered her from her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and said “Nope, not buying it.”

  14. Didn’t Roseanne run for POTUS as a Green Party candidate a few years back? Anyhoo whatever, she seems to have really found a home for herself amongst the populists so eh…… good for her I suppose, right? Idk, its like she’s 80% lucid and 20% space cadet imo.

  15. It doesn’t really matter who the person is as long as they make the point in which Everyone can understand. Rosanne just did that.

  16. Didn’t AOC start her political career working for Bernie? Should be interesting as to who she endorses in 2020. Yeah, AOC has gotten lots of support from the youngins who don’t have a clue. I take her, and her idiot uneducated youngins seriously.

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