Rubio tweets a pretty hardcore threat to Maduro and everyone is losing it

Marco Rubio is not screwing around. And people are not happy with him not screwing around.

Yeah, I mean… maybe not the best move for Rubio. But also not worthy of accusations of dictatorship or whatever. Maduro has destroyed his country and is making his countrymen miserable. He needs to go.


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75 thoughts on “Rubio tweets a pretty hardcore threat to Maduro and everyone is losing it

  1. My first comment on the new platform..and it’s a Rubio Thread… Tell me, did he reach blindly for a glass of water? LOL

  2. Two things can be true at the same time:
    1) That Maduro is a horrible leader and the current socialist government needs to go;
    2) The US needs to mind its own business and let the Venezuelan people (and neighboring countries) handle it.

    Rubio, Bolton, Abrams, and a bunch of other interventionist neocons are frothy over sending troops to South America. Problem is, after near 30 years of their foreign policy, everywhere they intervene is a 3rd world hellhole today. At some point we have to admit that neoconservative foreign intervention isn’t flawed, it is designed to fail.

  3. How about we just keep our noses out of everyone else’s affairs and stick to fixing the issues we have in this country. If the people in all these other countries wanted a system like ours, they would have voted the right people into place. They didn’t. They chose the one who promised them a utopia and are now paying the price for that. The solution? Just like it is here… the ballot box. I’m not an isolationist, but history over the last couple of decades should prove beyond any doubt that when the U.S. tries to intervene and do some sort of noble nation building, the results are not what we hoped for. Many of these peoples don’t want any kind of democracy. They don’t know what it is or how to handle it. They are so used to being dictated to that they don’t like it, but that’s where they’re comfortable (emotionally). It’s kind of like a kid that’s been abused in one way or another. They know it’s not right and know they don’t like it, but when taken out of that situation (like in a foster home) they will do what is necessary to create the chaos of home because that’s what they know, what they think is ‘normal.’ But, the point is, they have to solve their problems, not us. When we try, it just ends up in resentment towards America and Americans. Leave well enough alone.

  4. I agree with the tweets reminding folks what happened on one of the last times that we instigated a little regime change, we can’t force the Venezuelan people to embrace free market capitalism and democracy but we can kill one democratically elected socialist overlord and replace him with another one. F_ck Rubio, he should have been focusing on saving American lives risked by the socialists at home and not building his portfolio for his next run at the presidency.

    1. That tweet of Gaddafi is apparently open to interpretation.

      I took it to mean that Maduro needs to wise up and treat the citizens of his country better, or they (not the U.S.) might do to him what happened to Gaddafi.

    2. Good grief Rx, do you need a ladder because you are certainly reaching. Rubio tweeted a photo of a former dictator and NEVER wrote a single word. You and others are assuming he is suggesting WE the USA overthrow Maduro. His tweet can just as easily predict that the people of Venezuela may overthrow him.

      1. The tweets aren’t happening in a vacuum, when taken along with Rubio’s past and recent statements on Venezuela and the similarity to his statements on Libya and willingness to back Obama/Clinton’s intervention there can’t be ignored. Seems to me that pointing out the fact that Rubio is becoming quite the interventionist neocon is reasonable.

  5. I don’t see any death threats, he didn’t say anything at all. It can be inferred that Maduro could end up like Gaddafi, ousted from power and killed by his own people.

  6. A good Republican Senator doesn’t push for red flag gun control laws on the American citizens. I’m sure that’s in the Bible somewhere.

  7. Many of these people are the same ones who declare Trump a dictator, but then they get rabidly defensive of ACTUAL dictators. Marco’s chosen bible verse could not be more appropriate in evaluating the very people attacking him.

    1. Their viewpoint is that Maduro, their dictator, is a better dictator than our dictator, Donald Trump.

      I’m not saying Trump is in fact a dictator. Just pointing out their sick view of things. This is the old humanity. My dad can beat up your dad. My dictator can beat up your dictator. My king is the true good king, your king is the bad king.

      Progressives have a mindset from the fifth century that’s not all that different than the islamic radicals.

  8. Number One: the only reason the U.S. is involved in Venezuela is to keep the Russians and/Chinese out of South America. Number Two: the U.S. doesn’t care about starving Venezuelans. They voted for socialism so let them suffer and die under socialism. If the Venezuelans want freedom, then they should fight for it. Not U. S. troops.

      1. It’s possible to care, and also to know it’s not our responsibility to “help”, nor would it be in their longterm best interest.

  9. “Maduro has destroyed his country and is making his countrymen miserable. He needs to go.”

    Maduro is “making his countrymen misearble.” Really Soopermex. Those countrymen are eating zoo animals to stay alive because they are starving. Yet you say they are “miserable”? Come on man.

  10. Who knew Marco Rubio would take the baton from John McCain when he passed. In some cases even Lindsey hasn’t done that. Rubio wants American military members to invade, invade, invade and then stay behind as “nation builders.” Rubio is definetely not a shock and awe, and then get the hel1 out supporter. In Jan. he said he wants at least 10,000 American military members staying behind in Afghanistan.

    1. Yes, twitter is an awful way for those on the right to get their message out. How do you get any message out on the leftist media that is 95% leftist propaganda. How do you suggest others, not on the left get their message out there? Waiting for your answer.

  11. I don’t understand Rubio’s comparison between Maduro and Gaddafi unless he is trying to hide his own role in Lybia.

    If someone has the chance to watch this, please do so as it is of great importance:

    Toppling Libya – More Conversation with the Moriartys Only Known Survivors of Al-Qaeda Capture

  12. Marco continues to act like a total moron. Gaddafi is Obama’s FU yet Marco is celebrating it?? Little Marco will NEVER be president.

  13. Venezuela is not Libya or Syria. Maduro is no Gaddafi. IMO, we will not have a massive civil war in Venezuela if Maduro is disappeared, killed or leaves. We are not going to have waves of terrorists spreading throughout the region nor will we have many large factions/clans fighting for control of the country. Venezuela is indeed a fractured country but they are much less tribal and more civilized than the organized jackals in Syria and Libya.

    1. It doesn’t have to be any of those places for us not to be interested in implementing regime change. Maduro was elected by his people, more than once! The same people that elected him were crazy about his predecessor Chavez but we are being asked to believe that the people who embraced that socialist communist mindset are suddenly just gonna be a.o.k. with there beloved dictator being tossed out of office and replaced with a leader chosen but their hated adversaries(that’s us by the way they HATE US)? This situation isn’t as simple as “we take out the bad guy and everything is fine”, what do you know about the tool that we’re replacing Maduro with? What makes you believe that the situation will be improved for anyone but the big oil companies(who are the real reason that Rubio cares)? We need to worry about the problems we have with socialists at home and let the situation in Venezuela play out by its self, they don’t pose a risk to our strategic national interest so we should be focussed on threats that do, there are quite a few of those!

      1. I think we can multitask and easily worry about our socialists at home while continuing to disrupt activities in Venezuela. That being said, I have no interest in our military getting directly involved outside of providing intelligence and monetary support.

        Chavez won a rigged election as did Maduro. Wikileaks published documents that extensively described what went on. We have the ability to influence things in our sphere of influence and should act on it with money, intelligence and international organization or allies.

        I have no doubt that plenty of the people support a Marxist govt there. I also think plenty don’t. I am okay with helping those that don’t and undermining those that do.

      2. I’m no Rubio supporter, and I don’t really like his tweet, but even the dictator loving EU called that election a sham. Big oil? Really? I’ve known dozens of Cubans; they hate socialist dictators. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with oil.

        1. Cuba doesn’t have any oil but Venezuela does and their beloved dictator nationalized the oil industry screwing over the big oil companies who were operating there(it was basically government stealing privately held business assets) so yes Big Oil is a factor. Ask yourself this question… with so many dictators around the globe and so many he humanity crises and people in dire need of help why all of this attention on Venezuela? I’m not a leftist kook who believes that everything that we do abroad comes down to oil but in the case of Venezuela it demonstrably does, look into it.

          1. If I was going to be a cynic about it (and I kinda am) I would think it had more to do with Florida having a large and growing Venezuelan population.

            BTW, I think what we are doing right now is great but would not support anything more.

            1. I’m sure that the population thing isn’t lost on Rubio but we’ve been messing around in Venezuela for decades, like I said check it out. We should support peeps on the ground there but it is one of the few places where sanctions have been an effective weapon, we don’t need to be involved because the situation is fixing itself.

              1. I agree with the sanctions and Trumps rhetoric on the evil of socialism, but that is all. I wouldn’t support sending one soldier there.

          2. I understand what happened with the oil companies. My point is that the US has a history opposing communism in S. America that doesn’t have anything to do with oil.

  14. Now that we know Rubio is 4% American Indian, all these disagreements with him are Literally Hitler racist.

  15. He’s a snake and he’s part of the reason Libya is wide open. Who posts pictures of him and reads a bible verse. That trip over there with McCain and him in a photo of with cockroaches?

  16. The Leftist Twitterworld of nobodies is very angry. Do people like Michael Tracey even have a job? Apparently he worked for The Young Turks at some point and then didn’t. Is he any different than anyone on this thread? Just some random dude with an opinion?

    Anyhow, Marco can’t give legitimate threats. He’s 1 of 535 people in congress with the power to do… nothing. At best he is trolling. There is only one person who can issue a credible threat and that is the POTUS as he has 100% of the power to intervene.

  17. When telling lies, I guess go big or go home applies to the left.
    @mtracy “….fact that Gaddafi was sodomized to death in the streets…” Not only is it a morbid graphic description, it’s also highly debated. According to ‘The Telegraph’ Gaddafi was near death after a hand grenade exploded next to him and one of his advisors while hiding in a ditch. Many accounts say Gaddafi was dragged out of the ditch and stabbed with a bayonet.
    Maduro may suffer a similar death of Gaddafi or Mussolini if his army is overrun by rebels.

    1. Sodomy aside these tweets raise valid points, Gaddafi’s removal led to the disintegration of an already sh*tty country into something much worse with terrible consequences for Europeans due to the mass migration by muslims and Africans through Libya after the fall(I don’t say unintended consequences because they were probably desired by the powers that be). Cankles made the same arguments against Gaddafi that Rubio is making against Maduro and they are both correct that they are evil tools but we can’t cure all of the world’s ills with intervention and we can’t fix the problems with every rogue nation on the planet.

      1. Rubio’s tweet showed a photo as a visual analogy. He never said the US should or would be involved in Maduro’s removal.

  18. Liberals HATE Facts…. even inferred ones.
    Maduro is like any other dictator… crush, crush and crush… until the people rise up.
    No pension checks in the mail in Maduros future.

    1. The fact is that the same arguments were made about Libya, we did overthrow the evil dictator there and the ensuing chaos not only made the situation there worse but sent millions of muslim migrants into Europe in the aftermath.

      1. George W taking out Saddam Hussein wasn’t a mistake, but staying there trying to ‘nation build’ and turn Iraq into a Democracy was. IMO.

        1. The vacuum created by our intervention is never taken into account, in the good old days we’d pick a suitable dictator to replace the one we took and pretend that all was well out but now we expect people with cultures fundamentally incompatible with democracy to ‘do the right thing’ themselves, it never works out well for them or for us!

        2. The mistake that was made was not putting a bullet through Saddam Hussein’s head the minute he was pulled out of his spider hole. Instead Iraq was in chaos for three years until he was finally executed and then things started getting better there– until Obama suffered premature withdrawal, that is.

          1. The mistake was believing that we could change the hearts and minds of people on the ground, unite a tribal society that hates each other but hates us more and trying to force people who’s entire culture is diametrically incomparable with democracy to engage in it. We could have killed Saddam and his sons and not engaged in all out war destabilizing the country, we should have just instilled a puppet dictator who would have been receptive to our needs like we’d done dozens of times before very successfully.

            1. I may have low standards here, but Iraq is a functional democracy today, which is light-years ahead of where it’s been in the past. You act like we still have 100K troops there still being shot at daily.

              1. The fact that we have one troop at risk there is one too many for my liking. Iraq has a parliament not a functional democracy, the sectarian tribes vote for their people but the citizenry isn’t free, the Palestinians hold elections but you wouldn’t describe that as a democracy would you? We can’t shouldn’t have to force democracy down people’s throats but if they do embrace some form of it them maybe we should respect their choice, they keep electing commie tools in Venezuela because that’s the leadership that they want, let them have it!

                I’ll always be p*ssed at the amount of our blood and treasure wasted in Iraq, always and relitigating that debacle won’t get us anywhere but when I see attempts at regime change again and again and again by the very people who’s past endeavors have been such total train wrecks that they destabilized the globe I have to call it out. Rubio gets it wrong a lot and I’m gonna say so.

        3. Nation building can work, we’ve done is successfully in Europe and Asia. But it takes a long term commitment. By the time Obama came into office Iraq was stabilizing and the insurgency was dying down. It was actually leaving that allowed ISIS to take root and made things worse.

    1. And since when do liberals take offense at the fact that male muslims often sodomize their male victims, either before or after death – as required by the is islamic cult manifesto? After all, it is their “religion”.

    2. No he’s bad but so was what replaced him, regime change hasn’t worked out too well for the good people of Libya has it? What makes anyone think that it will be different this time?

  19. These people sure do love their dictators. Seriously, do they even realize how it looks to become so venemous and hostile toward people who besmirch dictators?

    1. Maduro was elected by him people on multiple occasions, he’s their choice because they love socialist dictators.

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