UPDATE: Rubio taken WAAAAY out of context!

UPDATE: Rubio was absolutely taken out of context by TampaBay.com. We’ve got the interview for you below. If you are in a hurry, I’ve got it cued up to the five minute mark:

Rubio was hitting back against Trump saying the system was rigged. He wasn’t making the argument that we shouldn’t have a contested convention and that we should just give Trump the nomination.

He was suggesting that, if Trump gets close to 1237, it’s valid to make the argument to delegates to support him, to not divide the party and ignore the will of the people. But he said there’s nothing illegitimate if delegates decide not to support him and give him the 1237.

So he’s not going soft on Trump.



Looks like Rubio has warmed up to the idea that Trump may win the nomination, and apparently believes his winning the nomination isn’t worth fighting it out at a contested convention:

TAMPABAY.COM – Marco Rubio appears to be warming up to Donald Trump, saying Friday his “performance has improved significantly.” Rubio has also continued to withold an endorsement of Ted Cruz, even though he previously praised him as the conservative in the race.

“If he keeps winning delegates like he did the other night in New York, I think he’s going to reach that number,” Rubio said on Al Punto Florida. “But let’s see. There are still other states to go.”

And Rubio, who continues to hold onto more than 100 delegates, has warned against a contested convention.

“Look let’s not divide the party. You have someone here who has all these votes, very close to get 1237, let’s not ignore the will of the people or they’re going to be angry. Delegates may decide on that reason that they decide to vote for Donald Trump but if they don’t it’s not illegitimate in any way,” he told Miami radio host Jimmy Cefalo.

So much for trying to convince voters that Cruz can still win. Ugh. Now you know why Rubio would have made a terrible VP choice.

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