Rush blasts those on the Right embarrassed by Sarah Palin

And Christine O’Donnell, Carl Paladino, et al. Everyone is asking for this segment and I can see why. Rush is sick and tired of people and their condescending attitudes when the country is being run into the ground by those in power. He goes for 12 minutes defending the aforementioned people and those like them who are being passed over because people say they are ’embarrassed’ by them.

And I don’t disagree at all. I wrote to some degree on this the other day regarding Christine O’Donnell:

Our country is being turned inside out by the radical Left and we need everyone who believes in the principles of the Constitution and the founding of this country to fight arm in arm against this threat. I really don’t care of Christine O’Donnell believes in evolution or not. I really don’t care if she encouraged people to masturbate or not when she was young. I really don’t care if she chooses to believe that earth is 6,000 years old because she chooses to believe in the creation story in the Bible. And I don’t care if she dabbled in witchcraft when she was in high school. What I care about is if she believes that this country is great because it was founded on the right of people to be free and not controlled by a tyrannical government – and will fight for that freedom.


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16 thoughts on “Rush blasts those on the Right embarrassed by Sarah Palin

  1. Bill Clinton did not inhale
    I like Christine, Sarah Palin and to all conservative women that won. At least we know for sure that Christine O’Donnell will never teach our children or grand children how to do masturbation at the very early stage like Jocelyn Elder Bill Clinton Sergeant General.
    Sarah Palin did not kill her baby inside her after she found out that he is not going to be perfect she loved him instead like a human being.
    She never hide Trig from the public she is not ashamed of her baby.
    I like Sarah because after many kids came out from her body she is still beautiful she is real she doesn’t wear heavy foundation like Pelosi, Barbara Baxter whatever etc. and Mrs. H. Clinton have you noticed her face?
    The left hate these women because they are beautiful naturally and still have brain.

  2. Rush on fire!! I’ve never seen Rush so fired up for an election!

    Kudos to Rush for standing strong for Tea Party candidates!

  3. Bingo! Good grief, look at the other side! Bawney is such an embarrassment; Pelosi is a total idiot; Hairless Reid is addled; Teddy Kennedy, that bastion of moral leader of the Dems essentially murdered a young lady; Clinton, who enjoys huge popularity this very day, has a sexual encounter in the Oval Office and then lied about it under oath. I could go on and on and on and on and on.
    So let’s compare the Conservative political population with these folks and we’ll see we come out pretty well.

  4. Not only are these conservatives good, but they are tremendous Americans who love their country and want to save it from destruction———–they are heroic, and I love how Rush defended them. They are just like us———-and I am SO very grateful that they have come forward to serve our nation “for such a time as this”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God richly bless ’em!

  5. So long as these people equally apply the constitutional restrictions on government actions to their OWN beliefs as well as the beliefs of economic statists, then I will vote for them.

    I’ll vote for neither Fiscal Statists or Social Statists. If a candidate is ANYTHING but those 2 things, I’ll vote for him/her over those.

    That doesn’t mean I can’t/won’t always be on the look out for better candidates or errors in the current one.

    If you let them rest on their laurels you are asking for a repeat of the Bush years, which opened the door for Obama.

  6. G-d Bless you Mr. Limbaugh. I’m crying hearing this appeal.

    His words are straight from the heart of a minister: it is as G-d is speaking through him: ‘How would YOU…’

    I’ve thought the same thing recently, and place the blame squarely where Rush does: our own phantasies and insecurities want ‘perfect people’. There is also an element of jealousy against those who decide to get involved in actually fixing things.

    Bless, you, Reverend Rush.

  7. Rush, i absolutely agree with you. I am just concerned of one other point the left will come up with… and am interested in what you think… if the left shouldn’t be digging dirt on conservatives… is it right for us conservatives…. to dig so much dirt on democrats. For instance…. Obama had some REALLY stupid views before he was a president…. so based on his past…. we judged that he would be a bad choice as someone who would be president. What do you say???

  8. “What I care about is if she believes that this country is great because it was founded on the right of people to be free and not controlled by a tyrannical government – and will fight for that freedom.”

    You took the words right off of my fingertips.

  9. Where is the equivalent? That’s what I’ve been talking about! They have Charlier Rangel, Ted Kennedy, and on and on.

    It’s cyber bullying by the mainstream media.

  10. I would just like to point out that Sarah Palin is in a class all by herself and way better in every way beyond O’Donnell and Paladino and others. I would vote for those two in their elections, but Sarah is in a whole other league.

  11. “RIGHT ON, RUSH ,RIGHT ON the political elites on the Left and Right are about to be destroyed as a TSUNAMI of REGAN CONSERVATIVE VOTERS have been reawakened from there SLUMBER as we will witness on NOVEMBER 2nd ,2010 .”

  12. RS, these people who are in power for a long time before Sarah/ Christine, et al came into the lime light are being embarrassed? for what? My guess is either Sarah/ Christine, et al are not perfect or did not suit to their standard, you know the elite type? but who in the world is perfect? if these people who are in power right now are all perfect, then, this nation won’t be in a bad situation like we are all in right now. Secondly, they just won’t admit that they are being smothered by the new comers popularity, the tea party candidates, the celebrity type of popularity. And lastly, either they are afraid that the Republican party is over if the tea party candidates takes over. Hello! these people need to smart up, like one of Hannity’s caller, if they keep bashing Sarah, these republican elite is over! This whole nation is in BIG trouble right now and isn’t it’s time that we conservative people needs to help and UNITED WE STAND to defend our freedom? Instead of bashing each other for what? personal gains? smart up Republican, suck it up and shut up! Sorry, but like Rush and others, I am sick and tired of these elites games.

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