Rush calls out conservative CYA bloggers

After a caller telling Rush how much of a stark, bold contrast Santorum is to Obama, Rush went into a discussion about how the establishment wanted this race over and done with for Romney early on and how they believe it is now hurting the party. But mid discussion, he lit into a mini-rant, calling out conservative bloggers, or as he put it, “some of our brave warriors in the conservative blogosphere”, who are in CYA defensive mode over the non-Romneys possibly winning the nomination:

Some of these brave conservative bloggers are already setting the table to be able to say ‘Wasn’t my fault, wasn’t my fault!’ if we lose. Yeah, some of these brave warriors telling us how we oughta think and what we oughta do – cause they think if Romney loses the nomination the party is finished and Obama’s massively reelected in a landslide. And so they’re setting things up to say ‘don’t blame us, we tried to tell you’ and so they’re in a totally defensive posture right now.

And meanwhile others are moving forward with a positive attitude, a can-do spirit, and confident of victory.

My opinion is that, among others, he’s calling out Drudge today for his shameful attack on Santorum. And rightly so, as it was something I’d only expect from Obama’s liberal army.

Here’s the clip:

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