Rush calls out conservative CYA bloggers

After a caller telling Rush how much of a stark, bold contrast Santorum is to Obama, Rush went into a discussion about how the establishment wanted this race over and done with for Romney early on and how they believe it is now hurting the party. But mid discussion, he lit into a mini-rant, calling out conservative bloggers, or as he put it, “some of our brave warriors in the conservative blogosphere”, who are in CYA defensive mode over the non-Romneys possibly winning the nomination:

Some of these brave conservative bloggers are already setting the table to be able to say ‘Wasn’t my fault, wasn’t my fault!’ if we lose. Yeah, some of these brave warriors telling us how we oughta think and what we oughta do – cause they think if Romney loses the nomination the party is finished and Obama’s massively reelected in a landslide. And so they’re setting things up to say ‘don’t blame us, we tried to tell you’ and so they’re in a totally defensive posture right now.

And meanwhile others are moving forward with a positive attitude, a can-do spirit, and confident of victory.

My opinion is that, among others, he’s calling out Drudge today for his shameful attack on Santorum. And rightly so, as it was something I’d only expect from Obama’s liberal army.

Here’s the clip:

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124 thoughts on “Rush calls out conservative CYA bloggers

  1. Check out the Gateway Pundit. He is pro Santorum but not so much (as in here are RS), that he doesn’t post relevant news about Santorum. Or the occasional positive news about Romney.

  2. these numbskulls who keep saying how is ‘electable’ have very short memories. Zero already beat McRomney.
    And besides, why would you even want to ‘win’ an election where you’ve chosen the same guy you want to defeat? What do you gain by having your party’s communist beat their party’s communist?

  3. Even Boortz is on the bandwagon of Romney now. He’s too chicken to say it, but he won’t say much about Romney. But Boortz is beyond Christophobic. He’s a one position voter and that’s anti Christian. Nothing gets to him worse than a Christian who dares to speak his mind when asked. Noticed I didn’t say who is going out preaching to the people and getting into their faces. This whole thing was brought up by the media to paint Santorum as a Christian zelot who stands on the side of the road with his “HELL IS NEAR!” signs.
    But Newt says a lot of the same things too but the difference is that Newt has a checkered past. So Boortz can forgive that because he doesn’t believe Newt has changed and maybe he hasn’t. But he sure is courting the Christian vote. He’ll be at my church Sunday night and hopefully with Mr. Cain in tow. They’ve both visited last year and they were both great.

    I believe that Newt is the best option because he’s the only one who can think quick enough and have a strong enough jab to keep the media and Obama’s lying machine off their game. No one else can think and stand their ground quick enough IMO. I don’t mind Santorum, but he’s a bore and when he speaks off the cuff you can see the gears working. Paul, no way in Hell I’d vote for Paul. Romney, I don’t see it. I may vote for him, if I can get out of bed on election day. Meaning he gives absolutely no to negative inspiration to get out the vote or even to vote.

    The other day Boortz was railing against Santorum and I just kept asking… then who Boortz? It’s all great that we can pick everyone apart but he’s going all soft talking about what the dems are going to run as an ad. Newsflash! They’re going to do it to anyone we send up. True or not, they’re going to go with it. I seem to remember a time when everyone thought that about McCain too. How’d that work out? It didn’t, and for us to already be quaking because of some pipe dream that we’re going to placate the left by sending up one of their own is nuts.

    A Romney nomination is the death of the party. Plain and simple and maybe the party is already dead. 50% of the party wants to go along to get along and get big govt. 50% of the party wants to stand on ideals and principles and teach or convince the people that their way will lead to victory. They are two diametrically opposed principles and really can’t reside in the same party anymore IMO.

    1. Newt wasn’t even prepared for the Romney attack in Florida (at the debate and in negative ads). That’s inexcusable.

  4. I’ve never heard so much whining in one place at one time. As soon as your guy takes hits you cry “FOUL!”. Stop it. The divisiveness of this primary/caucus season is nauseating. It’s the worst I’ve seen in the 50 years I’ve been paying attention to Presidential politics IN THIS COUNTRY. This is the price we’re paying for so much freedom. It’s bad enough to gag a maggot. Have any of you given any thought to what you’re going to do when your guy DOESN’T get the nomination? Are you going to cut off your nose to spite your face=I won’t vote for the GOP nominee because he wasn’t my guy!! Think long and hard about how crucial this Presidential election is. Do you want four more years of a Communist? He will become a dictator if he is reelected. He’s half way there already. It’s time to start aiming at him and not each other. I wish the four candidates would have a summit meeting and agree to not fight each other any longer. None of them are innocent. They’ve all dipped their toes in gutter politics the past six months and I’m sick of it. It’s time to focus on Barry Soetoro, or whatever his real name is.

      1. You’re “going to have this out.” Explain what that is. Explain how it’s constructive. Explain how it’s a “smart” strategy? Explain what happens after “having it out” is over. If you call my original comment whining then I guess we’re all whining all the time.

        1. I was making fun of the fact that people love to call it “whining” when someone calls out another for crappy behavior.

          Also, I get your point that we do all have to get along and all. But this is a process, and it will play out, just like it always has. Everyone who cares wants to participate in some way, even if it’s only to complain.

    1. I am guilty of some serious whining, so I take your point. But I have never come close the nose/face problem. I will enthusiastically support whoever wins the nomination. As long as all of us maintain that base line, i think passionate debate among ourselves is OK.

  5. Don’t y’all think that it’s better to get everything out now. How much worse would it be to come out after the nomination. They will throw everything and the fan until some of it sticks. Some of this makes me uncomfortable, and I’m very conservative so imagine what it does to independents. We need their support to defeat Obama. I prefer Newt, but I will vote for Santorum if he’s the nominee. He’s not perfect; none of them are — well, except Obama and we know how that turned out.

  6. “The PARTY” that claims this not helping “The PARTY” because it’s NOT helping their boy Romney, EXACTLY RIGHT! “THE PARTY” is “THE GOP ELITES” covering their asses by saying we had nothing to do with this and distancing themselves.

    1. See my post. How can you possibly not know? How can you possibly say that Barry Soetoro and Mitt Romney are so similar you don’t know who is worse?

  7. the only thing rush got a little wrong is in regards to romney, he said if romney wins it will be because of romney alone…..i submit it will be romney and cash. he can’t win the presidency but he may just prove that he can buy it ! ‘romney & cash’ that’s the winning ticket. shame on us, america, if we let that happen !

  8. oh my gawd, hannity is desperately trying to paint romney as a conservative in his sarah palin interview. Hedge your bet Hannity, hedge your bet! I’m glad Palin at least jabbed Romney’s cap n trade stance..

  9. I hope you guys noticed that this has happened on The Daily Caller against Sarah as well as Hot Air and The Blaze, right? It’s not only Santorum that went through this.

    The Daily Caller put up personal e-mails that a person that worked for Sarah said in her thoughts about Sarah’s family and you know how Hot Air always put up any negative story possible for Sarah. I really am not getting how people are surprised about this?

  10. Hey scoop, you need to mention that Gingrich did a commercial with Pelosi, is for mandates and was into some sort of cap & trade deal and what affect did he have on the Drill Here Drill Now? Nothing came of it.

  11. It bothers me that some conservatives have a defeatist mentality that we can’t talk about social issues or we will lose. We don’t have to accept that establishment narrative. We are not handicapping ourselves talking about social issues. We WIN social issues argument. We are right on the social issues. You don’t think Obama and democrats aren’t going to bring up the socials issues anyway in the general election? There is only so much you can talk about Obama’s record, it’s like seeing how much water a paper towel can hold. We can WIN on a failed Obama leadership policies and also on the social issues facing this country.

    1. I expect it now. I saw what happened with Sarah.

      What she’s been through is way worse than any of them, so I don’t feel that bad for those running.

  12. The “establishment Republicans” just don’t get it. They are to take share for this mess we are in. The reason is, they turned their backs away from conservatism, the rock of the true Republican party.

  13. Let’s name names. Who is the brave warrior telling us what to think and do? Drudge doesn’t explicitly do so.

    1. There’s a lot of whining/pouting going on here. If this kind of selfishness continues the GOP nominee will have a hard time winning in November. Ten percent of GOP voters did not vote for McCain in 2008 because they were pouting because he wasn’t good enough for them. Look what we got stuck with. A Communist with designs on becoming a dictator.

      1. Don’t attribute McCain’s failed campaign to GOP voters. McCain lost because he was a moderate who could not draw the contrast, could not woo voters to our side through lucid arguments. He was a terrible candidate in a national election. Period. Of course, energizing your base helps. And look what they did – they brought on Palin and promptly hamstrung her.

        1. Sorry, you can not shift the blame. Obama ran a better campaign. While preaching change, he made not one example. And the public fell for it. You voted for him, one way or another. America is still ‘of the people’. Doze, and you lose.

    1. Don’t. I’m a Rush 24/7 subscriber but I’m not agreeing with him lately. I’m for Romney and I’m pretty sure Rush is for Santorum even though he’s keeping his powder dry at this point in time (Rush’s brother David HAS announced that he himself is for Santorum). I’m not going to stop listening to Rush because we’re not on the same page candidate wise. Rush is also preaching unity in order to defeat Barry Soetoro (or whoever he really is).

      1. Yeah, I’ll have to forbearing with Drudge, but his bias is hard to take lately. I appreciate that you are on the right side, even if I disagree with your choice of candidate.

      2. Yeah, I’ll have to forbearing with Drudge, but his bias is hard to take lately. I appreciate that you are on the right side, even if I disagree with your choice of candidate.

  14. If you find a story and link to Romney corruption and dirty politics – post it in the Drudge and Blaze tip box.

    When you know they are wrong – give them a dose of the truth as an antidote to their lies, smears, and biased reporting.

    (Remember real Gospel truth sets people free, said Jesus)

    Whenever I have done this, whether they pay any attention or not, it makes me feel a whole lot better.

  15. The bloggers Rush talks about are idiots. A Romney nomination will deflate so many conservatives that turnout will be very low. The Flipper is the least likely to defeat Obama. Even Ron Paul could generate more enthusiasm from conservatives than The Flipper.

    If Romney loses to Obama, I will proudly say, “It’s not my fault!”

  16. If you don’t like what Drudge publishes, why go to his site and give him traffic?

    Boycott Drudge. I do.

  17. Whenever I go to Drudge, I always think of him as Romney’s hack. Whoever he’s endorsing at this time will not get my vote. Our family had already decided ABR for the GOP primary.

  18. Rush is right, except I don’t think just anybody can beat Obama. From the beginning I have said Mitt Romney would lose to Obama and I haven’t changed my mind. I think that finally many are seeing my point and this is the reason for the concern. There are too many “not Romney” voters.

  19. Sorry, Rush, but I will NOT vote for Romney if he wins the nomination. I’ll vote 3rd party or write someone in, but I won’t vote for the Dem progressive OR the GOP progressive. I’ll just have to concentrate on getting Conservatives into the Congress to offset the damage that either of those clowns could do.

    1. Don’t vote FOR Romney.. vote AGAINST Obama! If Obama wins another term it won’t matter if we control the Senate because he has already proven his utter disregard for due process and hte Constitution and he will continue to circumvent Congress and make them irrelevant. He will push his agenda through the agencies as he does now with his “We can’t wait” executive fiats. He is dangerous and should be impeached for violating his oath of office but that will never happen because the leaders of the GOP have no backbone and no convictions… they just go along to get along, quite comfortable with the status quo!

      I will need nose plugs to vote for Romney if he is the nominee… but I will be voting AGAINST Obama… and anyone who loves this country will do the same.

      That being said, we don’t have to accept Romney as our nominee and I hope that if Santorum implodes, Newt will fill the void! Newt is the only one who has the experience, the knowledge, and the political saavy to turn this country around!

      1. Capelady, I hope you know that I understand your view, but you have got to understand that when Romney gets in there, there won’t be any Conservative view. The party will be worse and fall apart. How he’s run this campaign has been a total disgrace!

        1. I agree… but at least none of the Republican candidates are Marxists who are determined to “fundamentally transform America”… that is what we must prevent at all costs!

          Romney has run his campaign just as Obama will… lots of money paying for lies and smears because they can’t run on their records. I pray that Newt is our nominee, because I am not convinced that Santorum can win in the general election…

          But if it is Romney, I think I will hide until election day because I don’t even want to think of what that campaign will look like! All dirt and no substance!

      2. You are so right. We have to vote O out of office. If we don’t, I truly believe there will never be another presidential election. We have to get O out in November.

      3. I understand your sentiment. However, if Romney does become the GOP nominee, then there really WON’T be a choice available. It’ll be a choice between a progressive on the Dem side and a progressive on the GOP side. If that occurs, I refuse to vote for a progressive.

        That said, I’m not conceding that Willard is going to be the nominee. I only said that IF he wins the nomination, I won’t vote for him OR Obama. I’ll be pulling for Santorum or Newt… hell, I’ll even pull for RON FRIGGIN’ PAUL over Mittens any day of the week, and that’s saying something! 😉

        Regardless, without a solid Conservative base within Congress, it won’t matter who winds up as the next POTUS. We need to do everything we can to ensure that a SOLID group of Conservatives are in place to keep the republic secure.

      1. Did I say I would vote for Obama? No. I stated that I would not vote for Romney, and I stated my reasons for that. If you don’t like that, fine, but leave your snide comments to yourself.

  20. I have been hoping for a Santorum or Newt come from behind win. I have not liked Romney from the beginning.

    The problem is, I do not know many conservative bloggers on the Mittens bandwagon, unless you consider Drudge to be a blogger. I have about 40 bloggers and news sites I go to, not many of them are any wagon as of yet. I think Rush and these bloggers he is talking about are looking at things all wrong.

    What we have to do, is pull in all the candidates into the next admin to consolidate the party. Let us say Santorum wins, he pulls in everyone that has been campaigning. Mittens into an economic position, Perry into a domestic position, Paul into the Treasury or Fed position, Bachmann into a DOJ position. You get the idea, use the people like you are an executive and forget using the model used over the last 60 years.

    It is time to be bold. It is time to be innovative. I have been consistently saying that a shoe could beat Obama. See, nothing except maybe an October surprise is going to cost us the election.

    Come on! The economy is not recovering that much. The most corrupt presidency I can ever remember. This guy ran guns to the Mexican drug cartel. His buddy Corzine stole $1.6 Billion and still no one in jail. Not one banker has been arrested for fraud. Dodd and Obama put bonus allowance into the bailout bill. Libya no congressional approval. Assassinating and indefinite detention language implemented and requested by Obama. Billions to his buddies in return for huge bribes, aka pay to play campaign contributions.

    COME ON! The guy is TOAST!

    1. I’d like to see Bachmann stay in Congress because we need conservatives like her in Congress. She’d be willing to introduce the overturning of Obamacare and Frank Dodd.
      We’ve also got to push to get the laws overturned in the stim-u-less bill because the death panel was put into that bill, along with our medical records being kept in DC, and the detention camps.
      We need to push to get the porno scanners out of the airport too.

      I say put Alan Keyes in charge of the DOJ! He’d go after o for not being eligible for the office in the first place.

      Put Tom Tancredo in charge of immigration and Gingrich the White House spokesman.
      I’d say West for VP, but we need him in Congress too. Maybe Cain for VP. Palin for Secretary of State and put Bolton in there somewhere too!

    2. It is easy, based on his failures, for informed people to believe that Obama is toast – but many Americans are not informed… or they believe the liberal media (who are propping Obama up)… or, they depend in some way on government handouts — so we really cannot take this for granted, even though it should be easy! That is why we need Newt Gingrich as our nominee – he is the only one who can communicate conservative values (without getting into the culture war) and inspire people to hope again for the future of our country!

        1. You clearly have not seen the interview Newt did with Greta van Sustern on his bus in Florida. She asked him about the moon project and the mockery – and he said he expected it. But unlike the other candidates, Newt sees the big picture. We never should have abandoned our space supremacy. He wants to restore the space program for the sake of our national security (right now if we want to maintain a satellite we have to hitch a ride with the Russians?), to encourage our young people to study science, physics, math, and engineering, and for the sake of jobs and innovation. It would be 92% funded by the private sector, so Santorum’s objection that we can’t afford it was unfounded. As for his comments about Bain Capital, I think his SuperPac took it too far, and it may have been an error in judgement, but the gist of what he was trying to say was not that there is anything wrong with profits, but there were several situations where Bain Capital might have crossed the line and it warranted some review. You have to remember that Newt tried in Iowa to run a positive campaign, he was in the lead until Romney spent millions of dollars running negative ads, most of which were outright lies and misrepresentations. So, Romney started it all. Newt would have been very happy to campaign on ideas and solutions – the problem is that Romney doesn’t have any, so he just smears his opposition. Now it is Santorum’s turn. Newt has not given up, and he has the substantive solutions America needs… check them out on I have a feeling with all of this focus on Santorum’s religious dogma, he may implode, and if he does, I hope Newt will re-emerge, because he is the leader America needs right now. He has the knowledge, the political saavy and experience, and the guts to fight Obama and the GOP political establishment!

        2. if newt didn’t raise the bain issue, it would have never seen the light of day. and as for living on the moon, it’s going to happen…the only thing up in the air is the name of the landlord ! you may not remember JFK’s prediction to put a man on the moon, but i do. we had no plan in place on how to do it…NASA wasn’t even born yet ! and yet because of his vision, his challenge, it became reality. he knew how to inspire/motivate. that’s what newt’s trying to do. he’s trying to light a fire under our butts ! we need his vision and as JFK was fond of saying, his ‘vigah’ [vigor].

    1. I like how he points to the Angle and O’Donnel losses as “proof” of when conservatism didn’t work. He conveniently forgets that an a**load of so-called conservatives, among them one Mr. Spades, were slamming those candidates from the moment they entered the race.

      It’s why I coined the Darmok-ism: “Rove, the night O’Donnel Won.”

      How bout, to h*** with those kind of “conservatives.”

      I’m not a conservative, but at least I admit it. A lot of bloggers have gone full LGF, though. I suspect most are former center-leftists who are shocked at the state of decay of the US, but can’t quite bring themselves to understand the philosophy of conservatives. Instead , they just claim they are conservative, and try hard to drag conservatives to the left.

      They can claim whatever affiliation they want, but their words betray them.

      1. “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.” ~Winston Churchill

        If mature adults do not understand conservatism, it is because it has not been explained to them clearly. Visit and you will see real conservative solutions for the challenges America faces!

        1. Better yet, go to another, larger Newt site, only with all the same material in a better ‘order’. Don’t miss the Bill Kurtis Documentary on the Contract with America and Newt’s participation in bringing it to reality.

            1. Yes, go to the link

              Then to the variety of videos below the main pictures, to ‘the Republican Revolution, with a picture of Dick Armey as the initial speaker. It was in the center of the 2nd row, but may have changed. Click and there you are.

      2. COD and Angle are perenially cited by squishy types. How about Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, or Kelley Ayotte, or the 700 hundred plus state seats won?

        1. Indeed.

          They pulled the same trick over Palin’s endorsements. They pointed all the ones that didn’t win, and ignored the far longer list of those that did.

    2. Oh my, Ace is saying the guy that lost to the guy that lost to Obama is the only one that can win! Not buying it.

  21. The GOP is doing it to themselves first of all. This has been the most divisive GOP primary I’ve ever seen. This is a battle between the Tea Party and the cob-web encrusted GOP establishment. The GOP has been bungling things for years… and the Tea Party is ready to rip the wheel away from them and turn this thing around. And I’m here to help them!

  22. The Romney surrogates, not unlike the leftists, have shown an eagerness to malign, misrepresent, quote out of context, use projection, assassinate their opponents character, dissemble, and throw one ad hominem attack bomb after another.

    Why? Simple, because they refuse to debate Romney’s record, or make a decisive statement on where Romney stands on a host of issues. They know Romney has a liberal statist record and can show nothing from said record that is even remotely conservative. So, they attack his conservative primary opponents, because they have nothing to convince the conservative base to vote for Romney. Convoluted 59 point plans and patriotic platitudes won’t cut it.

    Besides attacking his opponents, the mantra that he is “electable” and “inevitable” is the only other arrow they seem to have in their quiver. It is not only presumptuous to make such claims, it is creating resentment among those of us who feel he is neither.

    1. Which is why he will not win if the nominee. A disaffected and bitter base will not coalesce around him.

      NO ROMNEY 2012!

    2. It’s kinda funny and sad isn’t it? They are using Maobama’s EXACT same strategy – smear mud and move attention away from his record. Looks like George Soros was right in saying that Romney and Maobama are no different.

    3. What I think is so funny is Romney lost to the guy who lost to O and then they say Romney is the most electable!

    4. electable and inevitable are probably part of his mormon mantra. enough people saying it aloud changes the collective consciousness to make it happen. [aka the power of prayer] throw in a few million bucks and it’s a done deal.

  23. See I dont look at the article on Drudge as that bad. I think its nice to have a candidate who isnt afraid of the truth. True, its not something you hear presidents say, but look where that has gotten us; in a large part an immoral, semi godless society who believes in collective salvation.

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with Santorum’s “devil” speech either, but drudge (whom I’m extremely disappointed in) and others are using it and twisting it for mittens, and that’s a bad thing.

        1. I agree Cheryl that Christianity is just a name for many, but there are pockets of real believers too- and I think many of them are lining up behind Santorum because he is the one left in the race which is closest to what true believers also believe.

  24. He’s absolutely right. People like Drudge are trying so hard to set themselves up to say that it wasn’t their fault by slamming all candidates other than Romney. The problem is that they will end up being the cause of any failure if they get Romney nominated through false pretenses and let the true conservatives fall by the wayside.

  25. El Rushbo had a great show as usual, as I was listening on my way home from grocery shopping. He was talking about the change of atmosphere about Santorum and Romney in the GOP establishment, and mentioned the recent drudge headlines, so this rant later doesn’t surprise me. It does good to listen to it though!

    1. One has to be careful about drinking (in Rushbo) and driving. The emotions brought out could be hazardous to your health. Rush is great, but can you concentrate on the road? 🙂

  26. If Drudge reported on all candidates fairly they would have helped in selecting the best qualified candidate with the right conservative record to beat Obama. But they have decided to become no better than the left media and attack anyone with the possibility of beating Romney – what a shame!

  27. It’s scary that his approval rating is still so high. Where are these people hiding? I know one of them is/ or used to be friend of mine up until Sunday. Poor fella is still blaming Bush, that’s just sad.

    1. Not looking for sympathy… but my family has lost their mind and will vote again for the liar-and-chief. It’s confoundingly idiotic of them – they have lost their minds.

      1. You have to drag them past Obama’s rhetoric and lies and show them the facts. They believe the media hype about the economy improving… they have to understand that foreclosures are up, unemployment is really at 16% (because over 15 million workers have dropped out of the workforce it doesn’t show up in the numbers they give out)… the Obama administration miscalculated the debt by 138%, gas will probably go up to $5 per gallon this summer and it was under $2 when Obama was elected… they haven’t passed a budget since 2009… and Tim Geitner admitted that OBAMA HAS NO PLAN to deal with the debt! He will continue to tax and spend until we end up like Greece with nobody to bail us out! And that doesn’t even take into consideration his Marxist agenda, violation of his oath of office for acting in defiance of the Constitution, and his assault on our individual sovereignty. If people understand these things, HOW can they still vote for the man???

        1. I agree with you 100%. Sad thing is that they feel they are my intellectual superiors. I have a Masters degree from George Washington University… they at best have some community college credits under their belts. And I’m looked down on.

          How can they still vote for the man??? The only excuses I can think of are because of his social values and because they are now slaves to the government. Makes me sick.

          1. I know what you mean. I am surrounded by liberals and they are thoroughly convinced they have the intellectual and moral high ground. They cannot see that they are naive utopian statists, falling for pie-in-the-sky promises for things that will never happen! If Obama gets his way, a handful of Ivy League elites will be prosperous and comfortable and calling all the shots for the “great unclean” which includes everyone else, who will be living with the equal outcome Obama promises… we will all be equal in our misery!

            What boggles my mind is that people could lose sight of what a miracle America is — founded on individual freedom and personal sovereignty that was a radical idea in the 18th Century! How anyone can denigrate our founders who sacrificed so much to create our republic and provide for our freedoms…? I reverence them and this country with all my heart – and I am crushed by the ignorance of those who would surrender their liberty so cheaply!

            1. You are right and this all stinks. Though I keep getting discouraged, the comfort I cling to is that God is in control and he WILL get the glory.

              Hang in there my friend.

      2. Until a DEMOCRAT has an awakening to THE TRUTH about Obama and the DEMs. they are like mindless ZOMBIES just going through the motions and voting Democrat,because when confronted with it they either arrogantly dimiss it or go berserk!

  28. Yup. Agreed. This is the second time that Drudge has been accused of slamming Romney’s rivals. I wonder if Drudge is getting paid. It’s very annoying and I think it’s overtly grotesque.

    1. It’s like finding out your wife is cheating on you… Drudge was a trusted source once and now he’s shacking up with Mittens… why? Money is a good destroyer of honor and principles. Makes sense to me – especially in light of how horribly Romney and his minions have behaved during this election. They are as contemptable as demoncrats.

      1. For me, I’ve added Beck to the ‘club’.

        He hired that UNfunny ‘comic’, who immediately, on his very first ‘show’ made classless jabs at Gov. Palin.

        He, and his sidekicks have batted Newt around like an MMA drill dummy… RELENTLESSLY.

        His hat tip to Santorum as “Today’s George Washington” is too thin to hold the airwaves… as he and his team increase their stealth support of Mr. Plastic Hair.

        If Beck truly held Santorum (whom I DO NOT) in the same regard as he claims to hold George Washington (whom I DO), or even close… it would be GAME OVER for giving any other candidate (i.e. Mr. Push-Me-Pull-My Finger) ANY coverage or credibility as a man to choose.

        And his ‘writers’ for the BLASE’ are building a mountain range of evidence AGAINST all that he has claimed to stand for, when it comes to Character, Honor, HONESTY, Integrity.

        For all the good Beck did (which was pivotal for a vast number of Americans WAKING UP to the now not-so-stealth bastardization and overthrow of our Republic from within) UP TO 8/28… his stealth Romney-Ram makes him this generation’s Benedict Arnold to his own clearly declared principles (such as “THE TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA”).

        1. Well said Sackett
          and not to forget that Beck called Birthers idiots and to shut the hell up, then went on a mini rant his last day at Fox during his departure, I hate you Republicans. We have allot of little mini battles going on in our party, it’s the true Conservatives who are desperately trying to hold on to the last little bit of Conservatism left within us…We are slipping and sliding badly!

        2. Santorum is no George Washington – not by a long shot. Allen West maybe. I support Santorum as my first choice, but that’s not a good comparison.

          Beck has indeed lost it in some ways. He has done a lot for America over the years and I’ll still drop in on him from time to time… but he’s secondary to me now. It’s sad to watch his demise (implosion). And his “comedian” does really suck.

          And agreed, they have been unfairly hard on Gingrich.

      2. It’s like Drudge is good friends with Ann Coulter another traitor and Romneybot! So WHY WOULD ANY REAL CONSERVATIVE GO TO DRUDGE’S SITE ANYMORE?!!!

      3. I do not like Romney. My choice was Perry. It seems the GOP is catching up with Romney. Of course, the media always picks the weakest GOP candidate to praise. This primary race is not over, until the primary convention is over. If, and only if, we can remember why the primary is there, to throw out POTUS. I will vote ABO. I ask all Americans, please vote, and ABO. Then, we have about 20 years, to throw out OB’s mess.

    2. You are far too kind. This is far from the 2nd time. Drudge was unmerciful to Newt and his only excuse was that it was because Newt was in the news so much. Newt has not stopped talking but it seems now that he is 3rd in the race Drudge does not care anymore about slamming him. Now it is on to Santorum because Drudge seems to do anything to slam Romney’s rivals but the silence of his posts about Romney is deafening.
      I have decided that now he has shown his complete bias for Romney to the point it is almost sycophantic that I am now going to ignore the Drudge report. He is no different then the MSM doing the same to all conservatives.

    3. Mark Levin lashed out as us for being critical of Drudge’s assault on Newt a short while ago. I hope Mark doesn’t try to defend Matt Drudge on this hit piece too. I love Mark like a brother but he is wrong on Drudge’s bias. It’s not easy for me to say this because I almost worship The Great One’s every word. In the past (like many here I’m sure) I have always gone to Drudge for the latest and greatest in unbiased news reporting. I guess everyone can be influenced by the big bucks?

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