Rush compares Obama’s lies about Stimulus to Hitler’s “The Big Lie”

One thing is for sure. They keep repeating and repeating and repeating that the stimulus worked when the economy is worse than it was when they started. Everyone knew that it was nothing more than what Rush calls a democrat slush fund full of pet projects. And apparently there is quite a sum in the order of hundreds of billions that is still unspent.

The MSM continues to repeat their lies about the stimulus, refusing to hold Obama accountable and that’s how he propagates the lie. If the MSM weren’t in his back pocket, um like the last president, he’d never get away with this lie. So when Rush compares it to Hitler’s “The Big Lie”, it doesn’t seem that far off.

Note to any would-be haters out there, Rush is not comparing Obama to Hitler in the mass murder sense. He’s comparing Obama’s continuous lies over the stimulus to Hitler’s strategy on deception.

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