Rush: FCC trying to keep internet from becoming like talk radio and Fox News

“They are worried to death that the Internet is gonna become the next conservative talk radio and Fox News, and that’s what they’re not gonna permit. That’s what so-called net neutrality is all about.”

People mocked Sarah Palin for saying that there would end up being ‘death panels’ because of ObamaCare. But when you ration care, that has to happen in the end. Even the deficit commission said in order for ObamaCare to be viable, it would need death panels.

Now Rush is telling you what Net Neutrality is all about. I’ve said before that it’s baby steps to an end goal of silencing dissent that gets in the legislative way of big government. If you don’t believe me, go back and listen to a frustrated Sen. Rockefeller suggest that the FCC should shut down Fox News! You think he’s in the minority of Democrats? Even one of the two FCC Commissioners that voted against Net Neutrality said this:

“[The FCC’s action] is not motivated by a tangible competitive harm or market failure,” said Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker, a Republican, who said she couldn’t support the rule because the agency was intervening to regulate the Internet “because it wants to, not because it needs to.”

Got it? There’s no problem here that needs fixing. Well there isn’t unless you count this, this, and this.

Listen to Rush’s full audio below:

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