Rush Limbaugh: Boiling tea only makes it stronger

This is a great analogy by Rush on how this SCOTUS ruling will affect the Tea Party and thus the elections in November. He says this November will be even bigger than November 2010 because the Tea Party is boiling now and being a Tea expert he knows that boiling tea only makes it stronger. He says he would not want to be a Democrat this November:

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95 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh: Boiling tea only makes it stronger

  1. The people who identify with the Tea Party movement are the honest hardworking taxpaying law-abiding citizens who support their local sheriff.
    They come from all walks of life and represent the rich diversity of America. They’re also the best informed electorate of the last twenty years . . . who may just save the country.

  2. There is no question I am boiling, I am close to going into an all out rage with all that is transpiring to destroy our nation! I am going to try to give our system another chance to right itself with the November election. We have to defeat every Democrat/RINO and take back our crippled lady liberty so we can nurse her back to health! We Will Not Fail! Or Else!

  3. Rush is absolutely correct !

    In other words, if the liberals think the 2010 Mid-terms were a shalacking, they haven’t seen nothing yet. They will lose the White House, the US Senate, and we will maintain the House in Congress. Worse for them, we will have a super majority in the whole of Congress and the White House under Romney, as repulsive as that sounds to a true Reagan Conservative.

    This Nation and the govt. must be, and will be restored back to the People, period !

  4. the branches of government subverts the us constitution and the tea party.

    sorry guys but that is fact
    tea party patriot
    ducks in a row.

  5. I totally agree, but how energized will the left be when Obama goes around giving speech after speech of “if you want to keep your FREE healthcare you better go vote for me!”?

  6. Limbaugh and Palin are right about this with a few exceptions who apparently are not willing to fight.

  7. Here’s the obvious question from this ruling:

    Since the Constitution is now rendered meaningless, why bother with a Supreme Court? Why listen to them at all?

    Everyone today believes the SCOTUS is the “final arbiter” of what is, and what isn’t Constitutional. But that has always been incorrect. The other means of deciding constitutionality of a law are:
    1)Jury nullification (the courts hate that)
    2)Non-enforcement (a law not enforced is deemed null and
    void after some time has passed)
    3)The Vote (you vote out the fools who make bad law so
    the new folks can fix it)
    4)The States can call for a Constitutional Convention and
    fix it (very risky)
    5)The Amendment process

    But nobody wants to believe in the power of the people anymore. So basically, ever since the Supreme Court ruling in Marbury v. Madison, everyone has believed the Court has this magic superpower of deeming what is and isn’t Constitutional. Okay, fine.

    Well today, the Court has rendered that aspect of Marbury v. Madison moot, since they have proven incompetent enough to weaken the very instrument that gives them power.

    Tell me again that I’m supposed to be all excited about who gets to appoint Supreme Court judges. I wasn’t all that worked up about it before today. I will be even less so in November.

    1. Yeah, but I’d much rather put my confidence behind strict constitutional conservative judges than liberal ones. Seems like the libs make all of their rulings politically instead of by the Constitution. I don’t believe Roberts was being political in this. I believe he called it like he truly sees it…even though most of us disagree.

      I agree with this ruling as much as I agree with taxing farmers (under the commerce clause) for growing crops merely to feed their own livestock. I think the Constitution has been so watered down (by lawyers and judges) that you can drive 18-wheelers through what was meant to be pinholes. “Limited government”….what’s that?

      I don’t see how we close the holes back up.

  8. I am working on a strategy for a rally. Here is what I have:

    * Rent a hall (VFW, park – but it’s hot as Hades here)
    * Get a list of all US Reps and Senate seats coming up for re-election
    * Determine what we need to take House & Senate
    * Research the candidates for Rhino-tendencies and the folks who can beat them
    * Put up a site to communicate the rally; flyers, etc
    * Invite Allen West and Sarah Palin (that’s a ticket for sure)
    * Invite Romney just because he is currently acting like he will repeal

    Am I missing anything?

    1. Network with Tea Party, Freedom Works and 9/12 Project groups to get the word out.

      Are we talking national rally – or do I have an excuse to travel to Arizona?

      1. I would like to go national — just might need to start here. Perhaps a live You Tube chain of rallies?
        Subject: [trscoop] Re: Rush Limbaugh: Boiling tea only makes it stronger

    2. Use the Madison Project and the Club for Growth to determine Republican voting records/scores. If they have a low score (that means they are a RINO), primary them.

  9. Its takeing me 4 months to get an appointment for a physical exam, and 2 months for a dental appointment. The wait will be much more thanks to Obamacare. In Canada you have to schedule appointments sometimes yrs in advance.

  10. I have lost a piece of my fighting spirit today.Never thought it would happen.It’s a sad day when people who are sworn to up hold the constitution of this fine land kick it down the road like a piece of garbage.Very disappointed to say the least.

    Well it’s 1 2 3 what am I fighting for.
    You know I don’t give a damn.
    It’s Obama-Nam.

    1. I have responded the opposite way. I am doing everything I can do to not rush down to DC and go berzerker on any elected oafs I can find.

      1. Hey Lewis – get your a&& back in here and wait for the rest of us!!

        I said that in my best Gunny voice by the way – which according to my children is just as intimidating as a drill instructor. 😉

        1. OMG, hahahahaha. If I ever accuse you of not reading my posts just say that line right there. Oh my, I can’t catch my breath and I’m crying. I needed that, Amy, thank you.

          1. LOL – you’re welcome. Now can you do something about the cry babies posting in the Romney & Palin thread? Sheesh. I don’t feel very confident knowing they’re supposed to be on our six.

            1. Don’t worry. They are just working through the 7 stages of grief. Denial, anger, negotiate, acceptance and handful of other crap. I can’t remember them all. I had six of those steps surgically removed so I move faster than most. I go straight to pissed. =)

              1. LOL – you and me both… I’m afraid I don’t have much patience to let people work through it though. I don’t understand the I quit mentality.

                1. 🙂 Good to see your back. Keep the mad duck face though – it’s fitting for obvious reasons.

                  Logging off for the night – going home to the mister and regrouping. Lot’s of decisions to be made and plans to be altered. Take care until tomorrow ~

                  Isaiah 41:10

    2. Oh I am so glad I came and peeked on Scoop again one more time before I go do my chores. I am so glad to see you myGreenBeret. God Bless you- you’ll get the fighting spirit back soon enough…. I know I did. (((((())))))s

    3. And it’s 5, 6, 7 open up the Pearly Gates.
      Ain’t no time to wonder why,
      Obamacare’s gonna’ die!!!!!

      Hang in there GreenBeretWay, one move don’t make an endgame. Remember, we are just gettin’ started.

    4. I don’t know when you’re working myGreenBeret, just wanted to let you know I’m still thinking about you. And, I remember next Wednesday. I hope you’re cheered by then or I might have to post your poem early!!! ((()))s

      1. Starting to reevaluate if these types of forums are beneficial to my psyche.I enjoy the interaction with so many here but it may be time to extract myself from the mix.

        Due to certain limitations I sometimes feel like I am not fully contributing.

        I’m a meat and potatoes,down in the dirt personality trying to fit in with well spoken,well written intellectuals.

        I enjoy the companionship,the exchange of ideas and opinions and of course joking around but are my paltry little comments beneficial to the conversation.I don’t know.

        1. Oh please don’t feel that way!!!! You know there are quite a few of us who value you and your thoughts so much! I was thinking last night myself, that sometimes I come off as a know it all, always having to add my 2 cents worth. I know I am very opinionated, and know a lot of trivial stuff, but there is so much I dont know- and believe me mySweetGreenBeret, I would SO miss you and your contributions here- you really do contribute!!!
          Yes there are others on here who have a lot of good and knowlegeable comments, but I can’t help but feel that we’re a big family here, and all of us have our places. YOU INCLUDED!! I don’t know all about where you are or what you do, don’t know the rules you have to live by because of your job, so if it’s something that will get you into trouble, I would not want to see that happen of course, but GreenBeret, you mean so much to a lot of us. Not just your joking, even though some days I would not get through the day quite as well if I didn’t see you on here kidding back and forth with someone. You have brought more smiles to me, especially when needed.
          Yes, I do have a wonderful little family here at home, but some things I just can’t joke about with them- and while they value my opinion, I know I do get on their nerves sometimes. That’s why I love Scoop so much. We don’t all agree on everything all the time, but all in all, most of us are in the same places when it comes to where our values, beliefs and political ideas lay.
          No matter what you do mydearGreenBeret, please think on it for a little while. And while I will always respect you and your decision, I know I’m not the only one who would miss you terribly. It wouldn’t be quite the same without you.
          You’re MY Green Beret. (((())))s

          1. I got up at 4 am and went on a ten mile run with 40 pounds on my back.Torture is good for the soul.I watched the sun come up and it’s a new day.I was acting like a whiny wimp yesterday when I first heard the results of the decision by the court. I 7end out my comment above hoping only a few had read it.Mike was right my grief has turned into utter disgust and anger today as I knew it would.

            I thought back about older posts and realized we are a family here and some of the trials and tribulations I have recently experienced and shared here have been met with prayer,encouragement and kind words. If I can only be the joker in the mix and have to stay away from some of the political opinions I hold ,well so be it.It’s who and what I am and do.I may not be the brightest bulb in the bunch but if I learn from the experts here on the panel.That’s what matters.

            I could no more disown my white grandmother than disown all my new friends here.

            Maybe I should change my avatar to the “Joker”

            Love you ladies.

            1. We love you too. I’m glad you got things into perspective a bit. 40 pounds huh? I don’t think I could do that, not on my back at least. I have mastered being able to maneuver 50 pounds of chicken feed out of the cart, into the back of my car, then from my car to the can I store them in 😉
              Sorry. I’m in a silly mood to keep my sanity. I really am glad you changed your mind- but I have to tell you, yes you are a joker which makes me smile, but you DO have a lot of common sense comments too, so keep the comments comin’ soldier! You have a lot to offer, and as far as being the brightest bulb, maybe not, nor am I- but you shine bright for me. 🙂

            2. Yay!

              Today I’m going to strap a sandwich to my back and run to the picnic table.

              Then I’m gonna strap a lawnmower to my tailbone and mow till the acreage cries uncle!


              1. Hey, Aren’t you supposed to be over on the Palin thread givin em a dose of common sense? I read the comments over there and thought I had fallen into a Palintology abyss.Throw a few of them into that backpack while you are at it. I think I fell into one of their dark vortexes the other day after hearing the decisions from the court.It’s cool though I’m back with a vengeance,ready for a fight and ready to help you run them back to C4P.They must have snuck in behind the wire while we were off bear hunting.

        2. OK my friend, it’s 1:46 am, and here I am still yapping. I’ve been playing some Christian music most of the day, didn’t listen to any of Rush or Levin today- I had to be away from it for a while. But I was listening to one of my favorite songs just now and thought of you.
          The middle verse is:

          “Lord, You are my Prince of Peace
          But this war brings me to my knees
          See there’s a table You’ve prepared
          And all my enemies are there
          But where my Shepherd leads
          Where else can I go?
          Who else fills my cup till it overflows? ”

          It’s from a song by Caedmon’s Call and it’s called There’s Only One.

          This helps me whenever I need much comfort. I hope it sets your spirit at ease my dearGreenBeret. I’m sorry to be such a pest 😉

          The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

          He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

          He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

          Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

          Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

          Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

          Psalm 23

        3. Sometimes I feel that way too GreenBeret, but then I think how much I enjoy the ebb and flow of so many good like minded people, like you, and many others here at RightScoop. I also learn a great deal from all of them. And some days all I can think to say is just silliness.
          A lot of us would miss you lots. I think we’re all a bit shell-shocked over the Scotus decision, yesterday. I’m thinking of taking a few days away from the computer, r&r as it were to refresh & rejuvenate my determination, but I’ll be back. (()) See ya’ll soon.

          1. The above comment to ABinC is for you too Free.
            Please take my advice from the other day and protect yourself.

            1. We both think you’re terrific and hated hearing you being so down. Living where I do, I think I would have to know someone to get a carry, but in my home I’m OK.

        4. Please believe me if you can sir. They are quite beneficial, and you are indeed a well-spoken, intelligent individual, and a solid soul. I hold you in the highest regard.

          You do what is good for you and hopefully, part of that can remain the good you do for us. I would miss you, way down in my spirit and way up on my list of those I admire and respect.

          Please accept this awkward, but continuous Salute, from a bear who’ll one day be a rug 🙂

          1. Please accept this awkward, but continuous Salute, from a bear who’ll one day be a rug 🙂

            Please accept a return Salute from a Green Beanie who will someday finally get promoted to the Girl Scouts.Wanna buy some cookies?

          2. Well said brother bear. Have a lovely holiday this week, celebrate in the grandest bear fashion!

  11. For what it’s worth;

    Thanks to Justice Roberts the Tea Party Patriots and other like-minded groups have just been handed a decree to rally around. The largest tax increases in this Nations history. The Tea Party of 1776 was founded on taxation without representation, and we all know what happen. So the social progressive better make the best of this day because we the Tea Party is coming to do battle.

    A Tea Party Patriot

    1. ah, well said and great example. People like Palin, Allen West, Limbaugh, Levin, Rep. Gowdy and others are going to rally.

    2. Good morning Korn. Let me know when you get this. I’ll return here and leave my e-mail address. Once you’ve ‘liked’ it, I’ll delete it. VG

  12. I just want to say that taking my son out this weeked to practice target shooting… PURELY COINCIDENTAL. 🙂

  13. I think we should act like the passengers of flight 93 on Sept 11 when they wouldn’t let the plane destroy any more of our country. As they did, let us UNITE and be UNITED
    States of America once again! LET’S ROLL!

        1. I’m fighting mad and I’m not about to take it any longer. Figured my avatar should indicate that.

            1. I’m to busy cleaning the tools of my trade to load an avatar, so forgive me. I know yall understand.

        2. We’ll all be talking like Valley girls tomorrow, like you know what I mean?

          (upper inflection on the last few words, almost question like)

  14. “RIGHT ON ,RUSH ,RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON ! You SIR are so right about the upcoming 2012 Election’s OBAMA LOSES IN A LANDSLIDE because of the TEA PARTY PATRIOTS .” (period)

  15. And the WH is scared to he** of the Tea Party. Something they can’t control. Good.
    The Tea Party movement, which was as real and powerful a political movement as I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, is back in play. That scares the hell out of the Obama White House. You just got a bunch of Dems sweating hard over their re-election. The Republican Party will now be a lot more focused and clearly conservative and that’s exactly what they need to be this time around. We must make the election a clear divide between one side and the other and this Obamacare ruling has forced that to happen.

    1. It scares the hell out of elephants as well. In fact the only thing these elites and would be oligarchs truly fear is the people. We hold all the power but do not even know it – we fix their cars, build their planes, grow their food, run their sewers, make their electricity, fight their wars, heal their illness, feed their faces, defend their homes, and pay for every bit their very existence.

      The model they are building is state capitalism. Will Americans figure it out before it is too late to turn back?

  16. Vote is set for repeal on July 9th.

    Draw a line in the sand! Either you’re okay with raising taxes on middle America or you are not. Take names of those who are okay with raising taxes on American families and HAMMER them!

  17. I have to admit, I even turned off Rush today. Listening to music full blast instead, but this is excellent. Thank you Rush. Thank you Scoop.

    I’ve wiped my eyes, the tears are dried. Let’s roll.

    I intend to steal Thomas Sowell’s words to any lib who loves this ruling.
    “It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think that we can afford to pay doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it.”

    1. Hang in there, American, we ain’t dead yet. Granted, we are beat up. But even Rocky got the sh*t beat out of him like twice before he finally put down Apollo in Rocky 2.

      I know, I know, that’s a movie, but if you ever got smacked down on a playground, you do one of two things – get up and run, or get up and kick some a**. 🙂

      I just bought new boots….

        1. Excellent, Mike! My Dad, a retired Green Beret and Army Ranger (hope that’s OK that I’m an Army brat, but I did try to join the Marines – medical problem kept me out of all the branches of service – no one wants to see an epileptic with a gun 🙂 ), taught me strength of heart as a kid. I’m on a mission now to organize a rally here and I will be calling out all the elected officials who don’t support this repeal.

          Between this and the AZ crap going on, if I do nothing, I’m just part of the problem.

          1. Marines only hate army in peacetime. Now is anything but peacetime. We are all brothers in arms. I agree. The least we can each do is talk, ad nauseam until someone listens.

            1. Mike, you would be surprised how much of the conversations on this site spread out and are discussed by people who never heard of TRS. You have a much wider circle of influence than you can imagine.

              1. Oh, I know it. I’m pretty sure that some commercial director has my life bugged. You know that commercial where that guy says, “Even a blind squirrel will occassionally find a nut.”? I said that first 30 years ago and have witnesses to prove it. I just forgot to copy write it. Hahahaha.

                I have heard Sean Hannity bring up points that I saw brought up here first and usually on the same day.

        2. You’re not to old to stand. Eph. 6:10-14. God will overcome.

          Let’s roll up our sleaves and get ready for a whoopin.

      1. In our War for Independence, we were beaten in battle after battle, Then the tide turned and we won. This could be likened to a new war of independence, or for the freedom from dependence. One thing about Americans is that we LOVE our independence! And we aim to keep it!

    2. Excellent quote.

      Yeah, I was nearly brought to tears… instead I carry a heavy heart. I’ll live and soon there will be no more wet eyes… only smiles and satisfaction.

      Read Eph. 6: 10-14. These words, while always true, were never more relevent than today.

      I’m resolute to fight. I will help to reveal lies and corruption and I will do all I can physically, mentally and monetarily that I can to fire these corrupt bastards and remove these horrible laws, taxes, and regulations. Game on!

      1. Ah Sober friend, I agree. Dang I don’t like not being able to get the “likes” working today, I’d give you about a thousand if I could.

        My first reaction was anger, then the tears. Tears and still on and off, but I am not giving up. As I replied to our Nukefriend earlier, the silver lining is in the thought that no matter what happens, good or bad, this life is temporary. It gives so much comfort to get through dark days knowing something perfect lies ahead. God Bless you my friend. Game on indeed.

    3. Let’s Roll! That’s the spirit ABC. We were all in shock and went through all the emotions, shock, disbelief, anger, etc. Now it’s time to digest what actually was said and regroup and come out fighting again.

      The internet, seeing what it has become, the newer, better, more responsive form of news reporting, has a responsibility to spread the word and encourage the spread of truth.

      Stay positive and keep up the fight. Right will persevere.

      1. (((((())))))s my NY!! This cracker (Florida one that is) Ain’t giving up without a fight no matter how many tears fall. I’m not done. I’ve had 20 years of American freedom, and I aim to keep it.

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