Rush Limbaugh DEFENDS Trump caving in on Obama’s ‘Dream Act’ amnesty

Rush Limbaugh peeled away another layer of his soul today and defended Trump for appearing to cave on Obama’s Dream Act.

Listen below:

He even called it an “earthquake,” but said there’s no good out of deporting a bunch of “kids.”

Now, he should know, and probably does, that many of the Dream Act people are adults – they were supposedly brought in as kids, but have grown up.

But aside from that, isn’t this EXACTLY the kind of compromise that Rush and others would absolutely go nuclear over if it had been made by the GOP establishment? Didn’t they absolutely trash Marco Rubio for advocating some form of amnesty in his illegal immigration compromise? But NOW it’s a smart compromise, now that their cheeto-faced emperor is caving, and not someone else.

There’s all sorts of reasons to say this is a good idea, including the fact that so many Americans appear to support such amnesty in polling, but it’s completely hypocritical for Rush and others to look the other way now after expressing such righteous indignation before.

So when they said this would destroy the country, were they lying then? Or are they lying now?

Guess what – it doesn’t matter. No one cares. It’s all a tribalistic power grab.

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