Rush Limbaugh is willing to support citizenship for ALL illegal aliens…

El Rushbo was on Fox News this morning and said that he was willing to grant amnesty to ANY NUMBER of illegal aliens – but with one YUGE concession:

Isn’t it weird how all these people who told us Trump was needed to get elected because the GOP was going to give all illegal aliens amnesty all now support amnesty?

Still, his demand is a huge one – making illegals wait 15 years until they get citizenship would ensure that Dems would get an immigrant boost for the next few election cycles.

Here’s the rest of the interview:

A very important part of the interview is when he says that Trump needs to be VERY careful about endorsing the Mueller indictments:

“I would be very careful if I was President Trump here,” the host often dubbed ‘El Rushbo’ said. “The danger for the president is [that] it would be very… seductive for him to embrace this [and] say “see, I’ve been vindicated”.”

Limbaugh said that if Trump claimed victory on this particular front, and was mentioned in any forthcoming indictments, it could cause severe political trouble for the New Yorker.

“This whole thing is about setting Trump up for impeachment if the Democrats win in 2018,” Limbaugh said. “He’s the target.”

And if he’s right, then Mueller just pulled off a brilliant strategic victory by making Trump endorse the investigation. What will he say if Mueller comes back with charges against Trump officials?

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