Rush Limbaugh: There are MANY who think I have sold out conservatism… [AUDIO]

Rush Limbaugh addressed today the issue that many conservatives believe he sold out conservatism in 2016.


Rush says that he believed from the very beginning that not a single Republican could beat Hillary in the general election. But they moment he saw Trump riding down the escalator, he knew that Trump would win.

He also points out, as he has many times, that he doesn’t endorse candidates and that’s why he never got behind any candidates, which is what he said angered the Never Trump movement against him.

Look I’m obviously not a Never Trumper, but from my perspective what I didn’t like about Rush in 2016 was that he always played it down the middle no matter what Trump said or did. Trump was clearly not running as a true conservative candidate in the election as evidenced by the many things he said and his downright nasty attacks against other conservatives. But none of that seemed to faze Rush.

It wasn’t that I wanted him to get behind a specific candidate, it was that I wanted Rush to stand up for true conservative ideals and reject the liberal ones, especially in the primary. I wanted him to reject the nastiness of Trump’s attacks against Cruz, Carson, and the others. I wanted him to reject the liberalism in some of Trump’s policy positions like his preference not to defund Planned Parenthood. (I could say the same about Rubio’s liberal immigration stance.)

But no matter how nasty Trump got, it was rare that Rush would have anything negative to say about Trump. It would always just be ‘will this hurt Trump or help Trump’ and that just wasn’t good enough for me.

I do still like Rush and believe he’s still a strong conservative. I just don’t listen much any more.

Listen to the audio for more…

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