Rush: Literalville ain’t lookin so good right now

Rush gives a very realistic view of all that’s going wrong in American and in the world as it relates to America. It’s rather eye opening to hear him enumerate from a big picture perspective what he sees as some of our biggest problems. Talk about a dose of reality. But not only is it that, but it is also a stark reminder of why we must win in 2012 and get these nasty Democrats out of power.

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23 thoughts on “Rush: Literalville ain’t lookin so good right now

  1. It’s amazing how much respect I lose for Obama on a daily basis, it’s like hitting rock bottom then pulling out the shovels (ready jobs) and digging; supporting the unions on this matter is just so disgusting, but I wouldn’t expect anything but as they elected him. We truly are at a dark place in American history, I would say Obama is an FDR, Wilson, and Jackson com-bound into one, with no intention on going back on his policies, no matter what happens. I think in the end, no matter how big the tea party gets, he will say the unrest in the unions call for change, no matter the numbers.

    2012 is a long way away, but I still hold firm that we have elections, and are not a country that can just be mobbed away in such a short span.

  2. Ruch let’s not forget the TSA is Unionizing. Take away the Blackberry, the teleprompter and Air Force One and all you have is ah ah ah ah…. and BTW Rush you were correct again about Hillary, she looks like the poster women for assisted living.

  3. He may not be the best speaker or have the best speaking voice but he sure can get his point across. I applaud him for telling the TRUTH.

  4. I have been listening to Rush since 1989 and found him to be correct 99% of the time. This clip correctly describes the Obama Administration to a T. This is why the left and the democrats want to throw him off the air. To them, truth and facts are alien to them.

    1. Glad to see that people are now speaking out about “…it’s all deliberate and by design…”. Been seeing a design in the making for a long while now – just didn’t know what course it would take until the last 2 years. Great to know I’m connected with like minded people.

  5. RUSH: This patriot is truly the king. He’s bright, experienced, entrepeneural, successful; WE get the treat of listening/reading his concise insight, and biting, comical wit…

    1. Agree. Rush is an inspiration. One semester of college only, I believe. Fired from multiple jobs. He took his passion and made himself the king of the conservative talk radio world. I have listened to Rush since 1988, when I was living in Sacramento, CA. He has had a profound affect on my life – not brainwashing, but teaching me to think outside the box and question what I see and hear. I can’t imagine America without him.

    1. They have never listened to him. They only believe lies told about what he’s like. Rush is nothing like his press.

      1. of course many have never erred in their past, huh? judgment is a two edged sword. why we have 2 ears and one mouth to listen twice as much as we speak. seems those doing the judging of his past are not using their brain.

    2. I first started listening about 2 years ago and up until that time all I knew was that he was a crazy right winger.

      After 1 day I was completely hooked. He was saying all the things I was thinking, but nobody else would say.

      Aside from the usual political chat and the great format, Rush is funny as hell. His occasional skits aren’t that good, but his radio persona is great.

      If people didn’t know it was Rush they were listening to (and didn’t recognize his voice) I’ll be the listening audience would be even higher.

      1. I’m what he calls a “Rush Baby”. I started listening, via my father at age 8. I am now 24 years old. Have been listening on and off when I can ever since. I.e. when I’m not working when he is on and have access to a radio that can tune to a station that carries him.

      2. personally i do not judge others by their past. i listen to many, Rush sounds a lot like my father did. and despite those that dislike him, i find him to have a unique insight.

    3. I agree that Rush hits the nail on the head and I totally agree with Jaynie – but I’d like to add one more thing about the libs who do listen – there’s no angrier person than one who has been indoctrinated to the extreme then has mirror of truth held in front of their face(s). They vehemently don’t like seeing themselves as they really are. Truth about themselves in that mirror is what they hate. They don’t want to deal with what they see so they hate and attack the messenger!

      1. Oh so right. These are angry,hate filled, self-loathing people. There is such a stark contrast in attitudes between liberals and conservatives. Most 3rd world countries have dictators to stir up their people, and displace their hate and anger towards the west, in this country we have the main stream media to keep the useful idiots stark raving mad 24/7.

  6. Popular conservative bloggers care more about what David Brooks and Dave Weigel have to say than to embarrass themselves in the eyes of liberals by lowering themselves to listening to, much less linking to, the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

    Thanks, RS. If it weren’t for you I’d doubt there were any real conservatives on the internet at all.

  7. Great post-

    I was going to request this in the other Limbaugh post, but I figured you wouldn’t come through 🙂

    Hell of an outline of many things that are wrong right now.

    1. I was to be somewhere today, easy to reschedule, and because he was on such a roll I decided to stay home and listen. It is so great to hear all this a second time around.

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