Rush: No Labels group just liberals with new name

The new ‘centrist’ No Labels group is trying to assert itself as a non-partisan response to all the hyper-partisanship they see in America. They’ve been characterized as a ‘moderate’ version of the Tea Party by CNN talking heads as they claim they are neither Republican or Democrat.

I’ve been listening to Rush talk about this group for the last 2 days waiting for something to bring you, and today he gave me just what I’m looking for. His main point though is that these people are nothing more than liberals trying to re-brand themselves. Personally, I think they were inspired by Jon Stewart’s cry for ‘sanity’ a few months ago in DC and now are simply trying to put it in action. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out that Arianna Huffington were behind this group, as she’s been pushing Stewart’s ‘centrist’ plea for sanity every since the same event.

Cubachi has more on the lead people involved in this group including video of them describing it. But I’ll tell you now that they are pushing people like Michael Bloomberg, who they view as moderates, which should tell you all you need to know about this group. They claim to be centrists, but they are clearly not. It’s a smoke screen for the Leftists trying discredit Republicans and the Tea Party movement.

Here’s what Rush has to say:

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