Rush on Benghazi: Obama admin may be covering up their own incompetence and disinterest


Earlier today we learned that the CIA head in Libya basically told the administration that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist attack.

McClatchy also reported today that the story coming out of the White House on what happened in Benghazi actually changed 3 times – from a terrorist attack to a protest/video and then back to a terrorist attack. In that report they also suggest that the reason the administration changed the story was to try and cover up for the fact that the toppling of Gaddafi led to the spread of Al Qaeda in Libya and Northern Africa.

So in short, two pretty big stories have come out today exposing more about what’s really going on with Benghazi and the White House. And that’s where this commentary by Rush picks up.

Rush argues that while the administration may be covering up these 2 issues, they may also be covering up for gross incompetence and disinterest.

Basically, Rush points out that while Obama’s Hollywood supporters might support socialism and things of that nature, they won’t put up with a president who puts his own fundraising and enjoyment above national security. Remember where he went right after the terrorist attacks? Vegas, to do a fundraiser with Jay-Z and to sit down with Leno. And Rush says this may be what they are really trying to cover up.


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