Rush on Cain smear: Blacks and Hispanics getting too uppity

Rush says that the Washington Post going after Marco Rubio and now the Politico going after Herman Cain is proof the left doesn’t like it when minorities get too uppity. He also hits the double standard in this by asking how the media would respond if the same identical story came out about Obama. He notes they would be attacking the accusers, and not defending them as they are with Cain:

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14 thoughts on “Rush on Cain smear: Blacks and Hispanics getting too uppity

  1. Ho Hum. Nothing new, for 70 years. It reminds me of LBJ. He propositoned every woman in DC, and the press laughed. How about JFK, and his parade of bimbo’s. If you run for president, you must accept the left press will make up stories, making you look bad. Get used to it Cain. Welcome to politics, DC style. They won’t even wait until you are POTUS, look at Arnold. His ovation at the GOP convention was too much. I guess if you are DEM, a pat on the butt is just normal. I am sure Bill C is rolling on the floor.

  2. How about the time obama overtly ogled the rear end of a beautiful young girl who walked past him when he was in France? Bing it, made me feel very uncomfortable- snicker, and I bet his head still has a goose egg from where michelle hit him. The picture should go viral.

  3. Rush is absolutely correct. The last thing liberals want is for Blacks and Hispanics to think for themselves. They would lose that entire voting block. The brain-washing of minorities by the Democrat party is one of the great tragedies of our time. In addition, Cain is a true African American, not part black and part white as is Obama. We can look at Obama as a white person with dark skin, or as a black person with light skin. Cain is a black person and as such falls into the Democrat definition of a black person. Someone who could not possibly rise to the Presidency of our Country.

    The liberal media refers to all Republicans as racist, when they themselves pour forth racist views. They are Hypocrits.

  4. Hmmm…This looks like a simple case of not wanting a BLACK MAN in the WHITE HOUSE. Plain and simple. This is RACISM, straight up.

    Sound familiar?

  5. Right on, Rush. The democrat party needs to be stopped. These people are sick rabbies-infested curs!

  6. Hahahaha. Rush called Clinton a sexual predator. You better be believing it Billl… coz its true!!

  7. Typical leftwing/DEM. B.S Attacks, vague and formless rumor mongering against Cain! Instead of denying, Cain should be confronting his ACCUSERS and clarify just what’s going on and who put them up to it! How come the Republicans are so afraid to accuse the DEms./Obama of ANY WRONG DOING??!!!!

  8. If these 2 nickel and dime accusers were going after BO instead of Cain, the so called network news guppies would be out to destroy the accusers and call this right wing conspiracy. Then to top it off Biden would be asking for a full investigation of the reporters who broke the story. These next 12 months are going to be filled with daily mud slinging.

  9. Rushbo is certainly right the way the left goes after someone who points out a defect in BHO or his pResidentcy. Look at the Black Panther whistle blower from DOJ!

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