Rush on Obama suspending immigration enforcement in Arizona: ‘I am scared’ at what Obama is doing to this country!

Rush opened his show today saying that he literally can’t believe what Obama is doing to Arizona after yesterday’s ruling. The Obama administration has ordered their agencies to ignore most calls from Arizona law enforcement reporting illegals, telling Arizona to effectively drop dead when it comes to immigration enforcement. And Rush says that he is scared for this country at what Obama is doing. And not only that, but they’re now trying to intimidate Arizona law enforcement by setting up a ‘tattle’ hotline for illegals to call in and report police officers in Arizona. Rush is outraged and we all should be at this lawlessness.

Watch below:

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109 thoughts on “Rush on Obama suspending immigration enforcement in Arizona: ‘I am scared’ at what Obama is doing to this country!

  1. Yep, to be a liberal today you would have to be so detached from humanity in order to rationalize and justify your thinking.

    1. Is it in the genes? I think so, cuz my sister is quite left on things, my mother used to be. I got lucky, blessed from the beginning on being conservative… 🙂

  2. So here we sit in Arizona, wondering when the terrorist attack is coming. We already can’t venture into our beautiful rural desert areas unless we are armed to the teeth. We can’t visit many of our park areas due to Mexican drug running and human trafficking. We can’t secure our border or secure our citizens. We are broke and sinking fast due to paying for all these illegals and their healthcare, food, housing, and education. I highly doubt Arizona was ever “in the running” for Obama, but after this? Nope. Not a chance. Whatever it takes, I will educate as many of my fellow Arizonans who are not paying attention. I can’t honestly even express my anger at my government and the Supreme Court. It would require too many foul words, and I would be forever banned.

    1. I kind of like that rant Chevy Chase does in “Christmas Vacation” ending with “Hallelujah! Where’s the Tylenol?!”

      That gets me laughing, but this is serious. I agree, we need to get the word out and fast.

  3. So, basically Barack Obama just gave Al Qaeda a free pass through Arizona! This is nuts.

  4. Nobody on the left realizes that this is just whipping up the Tea Party. They were destroyed in 2010 because the people had enough of the big spending bulls**t coming from the left. The pundits all thought the Tea Party was gone but they are awake now…more than ever. The dems are hanging themselves with each one of these hostile maneuvers.

    Watch! For every vote they think they are winning in these targeted demographics they will see 10 votes from the right at the polls. They are digging their own graves and they don’t even know it.

  5. “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Orator – 106-43 B.C

  6. I wonder if Obama’s only hope in November is to have Arizona secede from the union? Because I think that’s what Obama is pushing for, having Arizona want out of the union. If more people in Arizona are killed by illegals armed with weapons from Fast and Furious and the Feds don’t want to lift a finger to help them, I think the people in Arizona are going to start taking matters into their own hands and it won’t be pretty. Somebody is going to get killed here if Holder and Obama keep playing this dangerous game to appease illegals, and the blood of innocent Americans (like Brian Terry and that rancher in Arizona murdered by drug cartel bandits) will be on their hands. This is just shameful and if I were Romney I would call out Obama on this. Romney isn’t getting the Hispanic vote anyway, so he may as well take a conservative stand and defend the people of Arizona. I’ll bet you Romney would get A LOT of additional support if he did that, espcially from the black community since they are probably losing a lot of jobs to illegals. For God’s sake, it’s time for the Republicans to stand for something and NOT worry about the politics of the matter. Stand with the people of Arizona and I will guarantee you a lot of Americans will stand with you.

  7. Rush should be more shocked at those who are just letting him do it. If he was using conventional weapons like guns, bombs, or planes, he would have been. They just can’t get it through their heads that he’s a terrorist.

  8. Obama cannot comprehend that the millions of immigrants here legally want to prosper and take care of their families. When he refuses to protect the borders the illegal immigrants are competing for the few jobs available and thus driving wages down and adversely effecting their standard of living. A narcissist like Obama doesn’t have a clue because he sees them as dependent and, in turn, subservient to their elitest masters for entitlements taken from the producers. Since Obama cannot produce, he feeds their dependency in return for their voluntary enslavement of themselves and their families. Its the feudal system, just a few centuries later.

  9. What is so difficult to believe??????????? Obama does NOT like this country, is trying to destroy it and is vengeful. However, the Lord has said vengeance belongs to him, so Barack Obama would be better served on his knees asking for God’s mercy, rather than stomping his feet as a spoiled child.

  10. It is really disturbing to see what Obama & his DOJ is doing to the American people. They don’t care about the safety of the people in Arizona or any boarder State. It is their way or the higway. I don’t understand how come we are not getting together & make a big march to Washinton (the WH) and show them that we are fed up with their DICTATORIAL AGENDA!! Where is a leader we need to stop this guy!

  11. I’m scared too, I am terrified so much that Romney is looking like a white knight in comparison. This corrupt, lawless, ego-driven man-child has to be driven out of the White House, by vote or as our fellow poster and friend Nuke says..pitch-fork! I am sending money today to Romney’s camp…something I thought I would never do.

    1. ITA nibblesyble and me too! Never thought I would be able to stomach the idea of Romney as POTUS: However– it seem’s now, I can’t run to his side fast enough!!! Can’t beleive I just type that last sentance.

  12. Barrack Obama = Front man for the mob.

    Need I remind people: This President had his personal residence partially financed and enhanced by a convicted felon of bribery. A man who was on trial for bribery. A man who had told the judge he had no assets. A man who miraculously, when asked to by Obama, got the money Obama needed from the middle east. I am not kidding.

    Simple question: Has anyone on this forum ever had this experience in their life? Do convicted felons of bribery ever offer to help you with front man money from the middle east?

    How does this all work, exactly? Again?

  13. The only thing I can thank Obama for is taking Janet Napolitano out of AZ. Now she can (and does) show her incompetence on a national stage.

    Sheriff Joe – you got room for 2 more at Tent City?

    1. Greetings, fellow Arizonan. I’m happy about Nappy being taken out of AZ too. And, I think Tent City needs to be expanded another 100 acres at least. Plenty of beds, and two special ones for two special guests. 🙂

      1. Hey there! We have a real fight on our hands now, don’t we? I’m looking into where we can hold a rally, helping Sheriff Joe, something we can do. We need to impeach the BO and get him out. I’m not content waiting for the election….

  14. I’m at a loss for words.
    As much as I am grateful for all the conservatives, the bloggers, those who provide the information that the media, obviously, isn’t providing. I believe it just isn’t enough. I have contacted Reps in my State time after time after time and I see NO change. Teh One isn’t even eligible to inhabit the office and continues to make a mockery of our wonderful country’s principles. WHEN IS SOMEONE GOING TO DO SOMETHING.
    I’ll step off my podium now.

  15. Sheriff Joe says nothing changes for him, he’s still going after the illegals.

    I hope he never dies.

    1. Seriously! He had a chance to show us skeptics that he has what it takes to face down the assaults on our constitution. Here’s the latest assault in the headlines, making the top story on every major news outlet, and he says…..”blah, blah, blah…we need comprehensive immigration reform…blah, blah, blah.”

      And then the Romney supporters wonder why the rest of us were worried he’d just continue to pander to the left like he always does!

      Regardless of his position on immigration or how he plans to address this complex problem, at the very least he should’ve come out strong against an administration that defies its own laws as a punitive act of vengeance against AZ and given something to the MSM that even THEY couldn’t ignore. I would’ve liked to have seen the other side of the story being covered last night — the OUTRAGE the rest of us are feeling — but nope, we got nothing but BLAH.


  16. Mark my words, on Thursday when the Court rules on OromneyCare, Obama will implement it anyway.

    The Republicans will NOT impeach. This will be left to the people to take matters into our own hands. I have been waiting a long time for Rush to say he is afraid. It should have come a long time ago.

  17. hmmm, seems to me that TWO can play this game. Most folks have cellphones and computer’s So’…… let’s bring-it on and tell Mr. King ‘O’ just what we think of him and how is in violation of America’s entire civil liberties and his sworn oath to uphold the office as Commander & Chief to protect and serve all people, not just illegal immigrant invader’s. Start our complaint’s that King ‘O’ can kiss our Red, White and Blue @$$’s!

    What’s that “tattle” hot-line phone number and the e-mail BTW: Let’s use-it, inundate and shut her down……………….” Freedom of Speech my friend’s and so go’s our complaint’s back to the DOJ.

    SB-1070 be damned, all the way back in King ‘O’s face.

  18. Does Limbaugh do anything besides voice his opinion? I mean does he ever go campaign with anyone, do fundraising for them, tour around the country and talk to voters? Does he ever come up with his own ideas and solutions for what’s ailing our country?

    1. Who talks to more people than Rush? Doesn’t he talk to about 20 million people per day? Who else does that? How many would he talk to at a campaign rally? A few hundred? He talks about his own ideas and what’s ailing our country every day. Why would a guy “tour around the country” to talk to thousands of people when he can speak directly to millions of them every day, simultaneously?

      Rush virtually single handedly made conservatism cool and conservative folk come rushing out of the closet. He was the first one to start talking like most of us have always thought. He showed the entire media how popular conservatism was and is.

      I’m having a difficult time understanding why you posted this.

  19. Has Obama evicted Arizona from the Union yet? (no, Barry, I did not mean that kind of union)

    With Rushbo being outraged, Levin being livid, Malkin getting furious, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that Breitbart was searching all of Heaven for a bullhorn. Obama cannot get away with too much more.

    Attack the Churches, all Christians, any gun owners, straights, legal immigrants, Conservatives, Sheriffs, Wall Street, 1%ers, legitimate taxpayers, Israel, the Supreme Court, even the States — who the heck is left? (oh, yeah, the left – the 20%ers).

    1. I can just see Andrew running around Heaven with a bullhorn.The saddest part of his premature death was he didn’t get to see his hard work play out in November.Dang I miss his presence and his mouth! God called him home way too soon.He is probably havin a ball in Heaven.

      1. I personally suspect foul play, but I won’t get into that at this time. God has a plan for all of us. Andrew may have been called home early in our eyes, but his death woke up a great many of us and that may well have been God’s plan all along. We’ll see what comes of it.

        1. Yep,I agree Nuke. 100% shot of pure nicotine and one little pin prick was all it took to emulate a heart failure. Autopsies never check for the legal stuff,just the scheduled drugs and alcohol.

  20. We all ARE furious. Spineless crybaby Boehner needs to come out from under his blankie and get the thumb out of his mouth and bring this latest of many actions of dear leader and his mini dictators to account NOW!!

    1. As I just told 4hoppes on another story the old guard needs to go and make room for some fresh blood.If Boo Hoo Boehner won’t stand up than step aside.They have Geritol running threw their veins and I bet they fart dust.

        1. It’s all due to sleep deprivation.You get goofy being awake all night working.I’m taxed out but too wired up to sleep.I already tried sleepy time tea,a warm bath,reading field manuals and tried curling up with my stuffed piggy,but no luck, so you guys are stuck with me bugging you today.

      1. They have Geritol running threw [sic] their veins and I bet they fart dust.‘ – GBW

        Heh, the best line of the day. Love it.

  21. Oxymoron – Illegal immigration (like illegal citizenship) is a crime!!
    Immigration is only legal. Those coming illegally through any border are criminals breaking the law!!!
    That’s how Arizona should treat that.

    1. We do as a whole – determine them, find them, etc. but all we can do is report to the Feds.

      My ex was a border patrol agent for a little while. Very tough stories from him and that was early 2000. I know it’s worse now.

      When SB1070 came out, many illegals fled the area, several stayed and “came out”. I think they will come back and stay if they think all we can do is make a call. That leads to other issues (or an increase in the ones we have already).

      We have parts in AZ with signs posted telling us not to go into certain areas because of the danger from drug cartels/illegals (about 150 miles in from the border) now.

      As a country, we’re not in Kansas anymore…..

  22. Impeach the bastage. He’s a criminal and demonstratably treasonous.

    He has way overstepped here. Fire him. …But of course, that would require Republicans to grow a pair.

    Just because it’s an election year, that doesn’t excuse our Government from not doing their jobs or obeying the law. This is sickening.

  23. Yeah, I’m with Rush. I’m honestly a bit surprised that no one — not a single Republican I’ve listened to — has really had anything all that negative to say about Showbama’s latest antics. Very sad.

    1. Well, as a group, the Repubs there are not too fast, in my opinion. Many are established, been there since the 70s, 80’s, etc. Not keen on stepping up.

      I give it a day and I’m thinking Allen West will say something. I’m going to send him a letter today. He calls out communists, this should be right up there.

  24. Hear…hear!! IMPEACH! IMPEACH!

    Someone on our side in Washington needs to step up here and soon! This guy and his cronies think they’re invincible.

      1. And I do not think for one second that Mitt “etch-a-sketch” Romney has the *** fortitude to make it happen. Cross your fingers, kids. This could be a bumpy ride.

  25. I know that Obama is being used as a pawn here by Soros and some other thugs. Obama is being told to take America out folks! Just read me out here. The treasury notes of the US are actually starting to go up because the precious metals market is being shorted. That is, Soros, Buffett and other multi billionaires want to create a global currency. Obama is NOT the puppet master. Somebody else is. How else can you explain a guy just 3.5 years campaigning from the center right to an outright marxist that we are witnessing today! Obama gave 2 billion to an offshore oil rig in Brasil. Remember that? Instead of investing here in the US. I guarantee that Obama probably had a secret meeting with Soros instituting what was to be accomplished during his reign. Again, I could be way off but Obama is not hiding the true Marxist he really is! This is scaring the hell out of me. If I am in AZ I would load up on ammo and attack dogs ASAP. Because the door is wide open for terrorists, drug dealers, etc. to reek havoc all over the state.

    1. How does a Community Organizer, a Professor, a Jr. Senator with zero experience become President of the USA?

        1. What??? I thought he was Professor of Constitutional Law (if you can believe he ever read the document). Perhaps he was studying up on the Art of War, the part about really knowing your enemy?

          (Woof, that was a bit off sides, eh?)

            1. ???? Are you kiddin’ me??? Is there ONE LITTLE THING about him that is real? Anything?

              I know I should stop being shocked, but he never ceases to amaze! I’m too sick today over the SCOTUS decision. I should lay off the blogs.

    2. Okay, I read you out. Actually, nobody here thinks Obama is a puppetmaster. He’s just not that smart. If you read anything from us 3 1/2 years ago, you’d have seen us all saying he was just a smile with a teleprompter. None of us ever believed he was center right. That was laughable. In Congress, he was the most liberal Senator of all. In Illinois, he was one of the most ‘present’ State Senators, as well.

      Your points are all well taken. The key is to remove this Marxist puppet from office in November. In the meantime, I agree that you catch up to us and maximize your ammo stash as soon as possible, before the only way to get it will be to make it yourself.

    3. “Again, I could be way off but Obama is not hiding the true Marxist he really is!”

      You’re not wrong John, but in many ways dear leader has not hidden his marxism… it’s just now that many people are recognizing it. Some recognized it sooner, but now thankfully more are.

      1. Obama met with George Soros before the ’08 election and Soros asked him if he would tank the economy. Obama said “no problem.” People were asleep at that time and allowed Obama to be elected.

    4. George Soros is the major investor in Petrobras which is where our tax dollars went. Soros is making a killing in the market with our tax dollars and at the same time trying to tank our economy.

    5. You guys have probably already seen this, but perhaps this is one way we can stand with Arizona in helping to reelect Sheriff Joe! This is an appeal to fight back against Obama, Soros and the liberal establishment’s smear campaign. (I was going to post this on the Open Thread but it seem to tie in with topic.)

      Breitbart Special Message…
      Barack Obama, George Soros, “La Raza” and the entire liberal political establishment has launched a multi-million dollar campaign to destroy “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

  26. And what do WE do about it? We have to sit down and take it until an election, apparently. Our leaders and the DOJ won’t do jack about this dictatorial takeover.

    The head of the DOJ is about to be held in contempt, for crying out loud! The news people won’t open their mouths about it. What are we to do?

    1. You have four months to ensure that every person you know also knows the truth. Whoever sees this administration for what it really is could never do anything else but vote him out. The landslide depends on us.

    1. Sen. Jon Kyl uttered the impeach phrase yesterday – on Bill Bennett’s radio show (if memory serves me correct). It’s the first time I’ve heard a Senator publicly say that.

            1. Yeah, and by the time anything happens there, it’ll be past November, so most people figure why bother. I figure that, anyway. It’s too late and he’s screwed up the nation badly in his wake.

              Again, this man has gone completely off the rails. I hope MSNBC is happy with their puppet dictator.

              1. I agree, it will take too long. I think it should be pursued though. The media would HAVE to report on it. All kinds of things will come to light that they aren’t reporting on, and their hands will be forced. The public will become more aware of things that are happening.

                A senator is now using the word impeach. I brought this up at Hot Air when Obama decided he would just let illegals stay by dictate, and my comment got deleted. Go figure.

    2. Darned right. He’s gone totally off the rails. Doesn’t anybody notice this??? He’s gone mad with power. He’s becoming a total dictator in his last few months, trying his level best to get all the Libs’ dreams passed.

      Healthcare – check
      Gun Control – check
      Immigration – check

      What else is there? He’s doing what he was sent to do, Congress and the Constitution be hanged! Where are the consequences??? Do we live in a nation of law or do we not? If not, I’m buying a gun and canned goods today!

      1. I agree Step, but I’d change one thing. He hasn’t become a total dictator in the last few months, he’s always been. It’s just now he’s putting the boot tighter on the necks of the people.

        1. Yeah. I think his desperation is showing. His masters want the rest of the plan done ASAP in case he doesn’t get reelected.

    3. You may be right, Sandra123456. Obama and his thugs will not go easy and few little laws aren’t going to get in the way He’s already proven that. Especially when the only thing in his way is a bunch of eunuchs called republicans.

  27. When will the GOP leadership in Congress find some courage? John Boehner should call to impeach Obama for violating his oath of office, or move aside and let somebody with some guts and integrity take over as Speaker, like Allen West! What good is an oath of office if there are no consequences when you completely disregard it?

    1. John Boehner should see a urologist to figure out why his testicles haven’t decended.

      1. He needs to grow a pair as ‘Fast & Furious” as he can possibly can.

        This whole crapola mess is like calling 911 in an emergency robbery situation and 911 tells you to get bent.

        1. Yep and to continue your example, this is why I love Sheriff Arpaio. He would shoot the threat then kick the crap out of whomever 911 eventually sent.
          Each one of us is the true last line of defense.

          1. It’s easier to carry a gun, because cops are too heavy.
            Arpaio has got to be pissin in his boots today.I know I am.
            Where do these people get off telling Arizona tough sh*t the Feds aren’t coming to pick up illegals.Well OK fine, send em to Sheriff Joe.Just erect more tents until the Feds decide to follow the law.Pink underwear is now on back order.

            1. What does Arizona need the feds for anyway ? The mexican border is closer than DC anyway.

              1. Just put up a big sign on the border that reads;

                Free Guns,Free Tacos,Free Medical,Free Welfare. This Way ——-> and have it point towards Mexico.

    2. CryBaby Boehner is a leader???? Cantor is even worse. The biggest problem we have is the RINOs can’t comprehend that without the conservatives and the Tea Party, they ARE THE THIRD PARTY. With every RINO stripped from power because of obvious cowardice, we are one step closer to saving our nation. There is no such thing as a democrat. The communists/socialists have long taken over that party and anyone who doesn’t realize that is a fool.

    1. Either the GOP gets some balls, or citizens need to take up arms pursuant to a violation of the Social Contract we have with our government. We all have an obligation to do so as our Founders were heavily influenced by Locke. When elected officials stop being virtuous it is time for them to go.

      Enough is enough.

      1. I know how you feel. Novemeber is just way too far away right now and this s**t just can’t go on much longer! I was speaking to an Irish immigrant earlier today (Been in the US for 44 years!) and even he was telling me how some of his friends and family members are ditching the US for greener economic pastures in Canada and Australia. When people are ditching us for Canada, you know the s**t has hit the fan! I know what you mean about Locke. Trust me, you’re not alone in your thinking. But you never know who’s listening in so I wont go further.

        1. That is exactly our main problem. We have got to a point that we are all afraid of who is listening to us. We need to go over that and fight back. We should start cotancting the good people of Arizona & tell them that we are ready to help in any way we can. They need to rise up & decide that seatting inside their homes is not the solution to show our outrage to Obummer & and his radical administration.

        2. F**CK them. When enough of us say “Come Get Some” we will soon realize we outnumber 535 members of Congress, 2MM bureaucrats, etc. Hell, we don’t even have enough active duty troops should they be ordered against our citizens.

          WE OWN THIS COUNTRY! I hope people are listening and reading.

          1. I like the sound of an American Spring myself. And unlike the one in Arab land, this one won’t be backed by the Muslim Brotherhood that’s for sure.

        3. I don’t want to disappoint you, but the same kinds of people are doing the same kinds of things here in Australia, albeit on a naturally smaller scale. But the goals and the end results are the same: leftist disasters. No, really. Colonel Neville. Melbourne.

    2. Imagine if Gov. Jan Brewer of AZ gets a cop to pull over a suspected illegal/undocumented allien. Calls ICE and they dont do nothing about it. Then she gets this rleased illegal allien to go and kill a family just to get the public angry with ICE, Dept of Justice and Obama. That is what F&F is. There is criminality in this case. Justice is not served, short of that.

      1. So…if Obama can defy the Supreme Court and his own party and Congress,whose to say that Arizona can’t pack illegals to the border themselves? What can Obama do ,but, send in the troops. Maybe the NBPP. If he wants war ;give it to him. That’s better than waiting while he tries to steal the election. That’s all

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