Rush on Obamacare ruling: A giant total fraud was perpetrated on this country yesterday

Rush says that he is sick at what happened in the Supreme Court and says that “a giant total fraud that was perpetrated on this country yesterday.” He sees no silver linings in this decision whatsoever:

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59 thoughts on “Rush on Obamacare ruling: A giant total fraud was perpetrated on this country yesterday

  1. Come to Hungary and see your new hospital system. Do you all know that ENGLAND IS NOT AMERICA’S FRIEND, and that America has been paying for England’s (and many other) socialism / communism for over a century? Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”.

  2. This is why Obama’s legal citizenship and legal presidency is vital. Perhaps a citizen, but we don’t know, but due to his Indonesian trip, 100 percent illegal president. This would excuse that lady (+!Ö!) off the bench, and everything else he’s done, as far as can be reversed.

  3. Rush is 100% correct. I listened to him yesterday and then listened a second time to hear exactly what he said. The first time I was at work, it’s hard to work and hear everything.
    I wonder what Justice Roberts was thinking, it makes no sense.

  4. SCOTUS betrayed US and went against the wishes of it’s own citizens. The majority of US did not want Obamacare to remain in place. I hope Romney gets elected and repeals it. I wish he would pick a VP candidate, I don’t know why he is waiting so long. Rubio, West, and Christie, they are the best choices.

  5. Now that the bill is passed, we know what’s in it. We now also know what is in the SCOTUS.
    Disregard for the Constitution. The grand and noble experiment know as America is now concluded. Thank you all for participating. Please turn out the lights as leave.

  6. Agreed with Rush 100%. Yesterday’s decisive vote was disgraceful, shameful, and a total fraud.

  7. Rush is right. It just puts more pressure on us to make sure Obama does not get re-elected in November. We have a long road ahead of us, because even if Romney is elected, repealing Obamacare will depend on which party holds Congress and by how many votes. The only way around that is to elect as many Republicans as possible. It may be a tall order, especially in some of the blue states, but we have to take up the challenge and we must succeed. The nation’s future depends on it.

  8. Perfectly said in a nutshell: We know we can’t rely on that which we have always known to be true. The SCOTUS was the last fortress we put our faith into.

    Time to nail that coffin shut and set about electing people who will restore the principles our nation was built upon. We must be prepared to do what it takes to eliminate corruption of our Constitution by legislators and justices.

  9. Trying to make sense of this…..not Rush, the whole SCOTUS stuff

    * Obamacare law was not passed as a tax but a penalty (and behind closed doors at that)

    * O-Dumb-A** vehemently denied it was a tax before this ruling

    * It was argued before the SCOTUS that it was a penalty at one point, tax at another

    * Roberts says Fed Gov’t cannot force people to buy a product

    * Roberts defines the Commerce Clause so that any penalty/fines cannot be legal under that clause for not buying insurance; but if it’s a tax, yes Congress can levy taxes

    * Calling it a “tax”, Roberts makes Obama squirm again to make people believe it’s not a tax because he needs the people’s support to win 2012 election (he said he would not raise taxes on middle class – GHW Bush raised taxes when he said he wouldn’t and he lost his next election as POTUS)

    * Since it’s not clear whether this is a tax – cause it doesn’t have that language in the bill – and as a penalty, it can’t be legal – how do we have to comply anyway?

    Additionally, it’s fraudulent at best how it was shoved on us as something they said it wasn’t.

    I’m not buying insurance cause I have to, it’s cause I want to and can. When I don’t want it, I’m chucking it. And I’m not paying any penalty/tax either since they don’t know what it is. They know where to find me.

    Other than that, the other major problems on businesses and people and taxation without representation all need to be kicked in the a**.

  10. It was a sad day for America but we must not allow this to stand Justice Roberts and the other leftists on the SC shamed themselves and spit on our Constitution. We must fight back!

    Anyone that want to contact Justice Roberts concerning his betrayal of the American people the address is as follows:

    Public Information Officer
    Supreme Court of the United States
    1 First Street, NE
    Washington, DC 20543

    (Available M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. eastern)

    No phone calls accepted ( probably because people would be screaming at him on the phone)

  11. Rush is very right on this. One of the things the Supreme Court is supposed to do is look at the intent of the law. They’re not supposed to reinterpret it in a way that makes the Justices become another party making a claim on the case. They should decide on the matter presented instead of going in a tangent and creating new laws out of thin air. This was a case about the Commerce Clause. Roberts didn’t like that and showed great cowardice.

  12. Roberts is a Progressive…Thanks 43 and RINOs inSenate who voted for him…
    Can somebody dig into this guys background? I’m sure there’s a Bilderburg, Rochefeller, Ford, Soros connection somewhere…

      1. So explain Mr. Federalist’s Anti-Constiututional Decision by saying the mandate was a tax bascially legislating from the bench.

          1. Progressive Period…Planted by RINO Bush…Had no Judicial Record but was approved, thanks GOP. 4 Justices were pulling their hair out trying to get a coherent reason this was a tax…Roberts intentionally did this, he only heard 4 topics and kept the tax issue out of the court so he could use it…

  13. That was epic and he is right about what happened yesterday. I felt sick much of the day, but I like the way Newt and Sarah spun this bad news as bad for Obama too, because now he has to defend the biggest ‘tax’ increase ever on the American me that is a sliver lining.

    1. Nibble, I went to Joe Kyrillos’s wesbite, who is running against corrupt-Corzine’s friend Senator Menendez in November in NJ, and he had a press release about Menendez’s spin on this so-called tax. It’s obvious the democrats do not want to have to be telling their constituents about this tax increase….

      “Yesterday, Senator Bob Menendez said the massive health care overhaul he voted for was “far from a tax increase” actually calling it a “tax cut.” …. “Bob Menendez thinks the largest and most obscene tax increase in the last 20 years is a tax cut. Clearly, Bob Menendez has been in Washington so long and voted in favor of higher taxes so much that he can no longer tell the difference. This is bad policy and a massive tax increase on New Jersey families and businesses that will kill economic growth and job creation.”

      He then goes on to list the actual taxes — it is really going to be hard for the democrats to hide from this, so Newt & Sarah are right about that. It was definitely bad news for us, no doubt about that. But it isn’t so great for the Democrats either as their massive tax takes center stage on the campaign trail. And if a massive tax is not about the ECONOMY, I don’t know what is!

      $123 billion – Surtax on Investment Income

      $87 billion – Hike in Medicare Payroll Tax

      $65 billion – Individual Mandate Excise Tax and Employer Mandate Tax Combined

      $60 billion – Tax on Health Insurers

      $32 billion – Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans

      $23 billion – “Black liquor” tax hike

      $22 billion – Tax on Innovator Drug Companies

      $20 billion – Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers

      $15 billion – Raise “Haircut” for Medical Itemized Deduction from 7.5% to 10% of AGI

      $13 billion – Flexible Spending Account Cap – aka “Special Needs Kids Tax”

      $5 billion – Medicine Cabinet Tax

      $4.5 billion – Elimination of tax deduction for employer-provided retirement Rx drug coverage in

      coordination with Medicare Part D

      $4.5 billion – Codification of the “economic substance doctrine”

      $2.7 billion -Tax on Indoor Tanning Services

      $1.5 billion – HSA Withdrawal Tax Hike

      $.6 billion – $500,000 Annual Executive Compensation Limit for Health Insurance Executives

      $.4 billion – Blue Cross/Blue Shield Tax Hike

      Minimal – Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals

      Minimal – Employer Reporting of Insurance on W-2

      TOTAL – $479.2 billion

      1. Thanks Rosie! You outdid yourself today. What a mess, but Keyes is right, this needs to go viral and fast!

      1. I know az! I miss him even more when Romney responds like he does..long, and meandering, ect. Newt is succint and…well I could go on forever. I will try and link it. He was interviewed while in Italy about this from Newsmax, and he said he was surprised by the ruling, but that Roberts did no favors for Obama because now he has to defend his lies about this not being a tax, and that he thinks that in the next few weeks Obamacare will be even more unpopular than ever and that conservatives need to win the Senate to help support Romney overthrowing it in January. Sigh, things could have been so much different with Newt being the nominee, but Romney is all we got and we need to hold his feet to the fire! Hope you are well and happy in your new marriage my friend!

    1. On the surface, Karl, only on the surface!!

      If Obama wins in November, then this is going to be a major victory for the left! But the fact that the last version of the bill came out from the Senate should deem it invalid. Congress should make its point on that matter and return the bill to the house for a vote.

  14. Scoop, I hope you don’t mind me posting this here again.

    Folks, sign this and then wait for the next page to come up and donate to the conservatives listed. Even if it’s just one or two dollars per candidate.

    Don’t give up conservatives. Don’t give up!

      1. Excellent! I just made a small donation to each candidate as I’m currently unemployed doing whatever temp work I can get my hands on! I figure a little donation is better than nothing and if a lot of folks would just give each a little it would be a lot!

        1. I feel for you! I’m reminded of the widow in the Bible who only gave a penny (for tithe?)… but the Lord said she gave the most of them all. Every little bit helps!

          We’re all in this together. I will give as much as I can for as long as I can.

          I’ll pray for your work situation… Hang tough my friend!

          1. Thank you I appreciate it!

            Just sent my resume to Demint’s office! Probably don’t need any help, but that is a man I could work for!

            1. If it pans out… let me know. I’d love to work for him too. 🙂

              Best wishes my friend.

  15. Rush is right…as usual. Like he said, if the Court is going to both write and enforce laws, then we’ve got pure fraud.

    There’s no further alternative here, folks. The Supreme Court is going beyond their powers, the President is being a dictator, the AG is in contempt of Congress.

    The wheels are falling off the bus. Way to go, most intelligent President ever.

    1. He, obama, is getting exactly what he wants… chaos.. community organizer style..

      About the only firewall left is coming in November…

      1. Yup. And we have that stalwart of Conservative values, that firebrand of bold Constitutional rhetoric, that bastion of strength: (huh? Oh, he’s not available? Oh well, let’s just Romney again.)

  16. Rush is right. Well-said!

    I’m still stunned… I never imagined that this would have passed. SCOTUS is a sham now…

    So America has a dictator in the Executive branch, liberal activists in the Judical branch and corrupt-o-crats in the Legislative branch. America is not what it once was and we MUST fight these liars and crooks to take it back.

    Regardless, I’m fundamentally sad. This is a travesty.

    Pray, Fight, Vote!!!

    1. lol, I was writing the same thing.

      But hey, Sober, if the Government isn’t going to follow the law, why should I?

      1. Because they are the lawbreakers who can come to your door with guns, handcuffs a judge in thier pocket, and the keys to a jail cell. Sweet deal huh?

      2. Lol… good point. I also like sDee’s response very much!

        My answer: Because we’re better than that. At least I’d like to think so.

      1. Exactly. This just happened and we must talk about it, hammer it, until the election. Keep reminding people that this is raising taxes on us.

        1. Rush is down. Sick to his stomach. We all are. This was a tragic day for the Constitution. As he says we cannot rely on the Supreme Court at all. When one considers the fake and specious means those rotten Leftist swine used to contort the processes to pass the cowpat that is ObamaCare (remember the budget reconciliation process crapola?) well now to see the Supreme Court pull this one is just making my guts wrench.

          So, ok, breathe deeply, we have got to get back out there. Organize the Tea Party Rallies and make this the number one issue in November. We have to show the Leftist-Cabal and their stooges on the Supreme Court that We The People Will NOT let them strip away our God Given Rights and our Liberties.

          Roberts will always be remembered for a judicially insane ruling and as a traitor to his oath and to the Constitution. He merits total and enduring contempt. But now we take the reins and we make sure we elect enough House and Senate members and Romney to overturn this immoral and unjust law.

          We have got be be like our Founders. We must not see injustice done and liberties usurped while punitive taxation is levied. We will consign the left to the dustbin of history.

          As Thomas Paine wrote in The Crisis …. “I thank God, that I fear not. I see no real cause for fear. I know our situation well, and can see the way out of it”.

      2. We’ve spent four years agonizing over how unfair it all is, and what has that accomplished? At least Glenn Beck had some ideas about action to take. Yes, I am tired of listening to repeated statements of the obvious.

        1. People are angry about this and rightly so. If you’re tired of listening to it, be a conservative and go elsewhere.

    1. May well be… however…. you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. And Rush is doing a cartload of acknowledging here. Bingo Rush… Bingo!

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