RUSH: Rachel Jeantel admitted that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman because he thought he was a GAY RAPIST!


Rush pointed out on his show today that in last night’s interview with Piers Morgan and Rachel Jeantel, she admitted that she told Trayvon Martin to run because she thought George Zimmerman was a gay rapist and it freaked Trayvon out. But Trayvon didn’t run and instead attacked Zimmerman which means he was a homophobe or gay basher. Rush says he thought this would have the left in knots by today:

UPDATE: Here is the actual transcript from CNN in case it’s hard to understand what Rachel said:

MORGAN: But you — but you felt that there was no doubt in your mind from what Trayvon was telling you on the phone about the creepy ass cracka and so on, that he absolutely believed that George Zimmerman, this man, you didn’t know who he was at the time, but this man, was pursuing him?


MORGAN: And he was freaked out by it?

JEANTEL: Yes. Definitely after I say may be a rapist, for every boy, for every man, every — who’s not that kind of way, seeing a grown man following them, would they be creep out? So you have to take it — as a parent, when you tell your child, when you see a grown person following you, run away, and all that.

Would you go stand there? You going to tell your child stand there? If you tell your child stand there, we’re going to see your child on the news for missing person.

UPDATE: It’s also worth noting that Trayvon was probably paranoid already from being on weed, so the thought of a ‘gay rapist’ chasing him may have sent him over the top. Good going Rachel Jeantel.

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190 thoughts on “RUSH: Rachel Jeantel admitted that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman because he thought he was a GAY RAPIST!

  1. As far as the homphobic part of this story, scratch that. If Rachel instilled fear in Trayvon, I bet she’s feeling pretty guilty right now. She should of told him to get of the phone with her and call the police.

  2. Zimmerman had no business playing cops and robbers. A teenage boy lost his life as a result. At the end of the day God is the judge, because a commandment was definitely broken. #ThouShaltNotKill

  3. Wow, Obama’s son was a  prejudiced against gays, so maybe that’s why it took POTUS so long to back gay marriage, the apple falls from the tree, right!?

  4. So this is was a case of imprudent young man believing that George was gay and a predator? Only based on the fact that Treyvon’s friend said what she said. So this is a crime where Treyvon believed George was a homosexual predator. Rather than Treyvon making his way home he turned and attacked George. That makes  Treyvon a gay basher? Not a color issue. A sexual orientation rights issue.

    1. Sherry G.  
      Well… we’ll never know for sure, but with everything else we factually know about this angelic little cherub… his dope smoking, his theft, his vile twitter comments, his racist “creepy-ass-cracker” language, his assaulting GZ… why should this surprise us as well?

        1. TeamJesus Las1 Sherry G.
          Not okay to kill children at all. Lets clarify child though. 
          A 6 foot tall, 17 yr old young man is not a child. The pictures the media showed were of Trayvon when he was 12. 
          When a 17 yr old young man standing 6 foot tall and weighing nearly 160 pounds punches you in the face and then tackles you to the ground and slams your head in to the ground, you are within your right to protect your life  and G. Z. was. 
          A 17 yr old “boy” approximately the same size as Trayvon used the same punch and tackle maneuver to knock off duty police officer Jonathan Molina to the ground after Molina witnessed him “key his car” and followed him, and the 17 yr old “child” beat him so severely that he died a few days later. 

        2. Trayvon’s death was justified when he chose to take the life of George.  Trayvon was a killer [thug].  Trayvon would be alive today if he didn’t attack George.  George pulled the trigger because he was getting killed by Trayvon.

  5. Would a gay man carrying a gun, who was attacked by his assailant laying in wait late at night, then who had his head bashed against the cement and his nose broken by his assailant’s fist… would he be justified in using his gun?
    Just askin’.

    1. Las1 it’s a little bit more complicated than that. instead of Florida being called a “Stand Your Ground” state it should be called “Stand Your Ground unless…”

  6. Let me get this right. A young man is out at 3:30 am. He is not an adult nor emancipated. Not leaving a job and not forced to live on the streets. An adult  is working as community watch person. He see’s a young man and is curious why this person would be out at this time of night. Because of course there have been some thefts and break ins? So he calls 911 and when this young person is no where to be seen as the adult exits his car. Then Trayvon comes from another direction and attacks him? Causing Zimmerman to grab for his gun that he legally can use as he has a permit. Shoots Trayvon and it isn’t self defense?

    1. No thats twisting it. You know it. We may have a god given right but is it prudent? Why was Trayvon out that late? He was not an adult. Where were his parents? Why was he on foot? If he meant no harm or wasn’t up to no good. Then why didn’t he just walk home rather than attack George? If someone were following me I would try to stay out of sight until I arrived home. I wouldn’t attack that person or even want to be in a position of a face to face conflict. So what was the reasoning for Trayvon to attack George?

      1. Was Trayvon fearing for his life? Did George brandish the weapon 1st and Trayvon attacked him for fear of being shot? I can understand if the weapon was pointed at Trayvon and he in his youth thought to take it away from George. Young people do stupid things. But from what I read about this case George had not confronted with a gun. Not until Trayvon had attacked him and he fearing for his life shot Trayvon. Is that right? So its self defense. Not murder. So why turn it into a race thing. I am european american and I don’t care the color of your skin. If I believe I am in danger then I would shoot to protect myself.

        1. Sherry G. “If I believe I am in danger then I would shoot to protect myself” we don’t need anymore ideologies like yours. #DangerousThinking

    2. Sherry G. What was GZ doing up at 3:30am with a gun? It wasn’t GZ’s place to pursue Trayvon. It’s not self defense. GZ was playing cops and robbers and ended up killing a child. Isn’t that homicide? #NotSelfDefense

      1. TeamJesus Sherry G.  Was there a child killed? What was travyon lurking in the shadows at 3:30AM…

  7. Zimmerman better sue everybody he can so he can afford to defend himself when the racist gov goes after him.  This guy who was trying to keep his neighborhood safe from thugs and got a world of hurt for doing so.  TM had been caught before with stolen jewelry he robbed from another home by his school.  Sorry, I feel sorry for GZ.  I bet he will never help anyone ever again.  No good deed goes unpunished

    1. TammyThompson Oh justice is on it’s way…all the money in the world will not help GZ. He murdered a child. You mentioned “thugs”?  Right, GZ was the true thug in this situation. You have the same mindset of GZ. HORRIBLE!!! #ThouShaltNotKill

  8. Jeaantel automatically assumes that when a male is following you, he wants sex. WOnder where she got that impression?

  9. Ya reckon George punched himself in the face then pistol-whipped the back of his own head? Neither do I.

  10. Here is my take. If Travyon was innocent how come he didn’t call the Police or 911. If he wold have called 911, the 911 operator could have provided information to both GZ TM

    1. GiantBryan I don’t think anyone is saying he is innocent. i think they both got carried away, but someone started the fight, and if someone is following me, I might get brave enough to ask them why, but to say someone sucker punched you for no reason? Doesnt make sence..I think george knocked the phone out of Trayvons hands. he was already on the phone with his girlfriend. She should have called the police. Chances are they wouldnt have gotten there in time to help anyway. Would they have taken her seriously? I don’t know, who know’s..

      1. RhondaThompsonMcconahy GiantBryan What in the world makes it so easy to assume Zimmerman initiated violence?  Nothing in his background indicates such a thing.  Not even the stupid business with his former fiancee.
        Meanwhile, Martin’s background is loaded with indicators that, at the age of seventeen, he was not a man in control of himself.

        1. K-Bob RhondaThompsonMcconahy GiantBryan Because he stated ” they always get away”, and he was following him, and when I mean following, i mean , not just falling back, but pursuing him..It kinda made me feel like Trayvon was his prey, the way he was talking to the dispatcher about him. He already had him pegged as someone bad. he had already made his mind up, that he was on something, that he had something, possibly a gun, thats why I think George showed him the gun right off, and thats why i think Trrayvons voice is screaming on that tape.Believe me K-Bob, Ive taken a beaten in here today, but i am not a hater of Hispantics, blacks or my own race whites! And I certainly dont carry any hate in my heart for anyone. I want all the wars to stop, I want all the starving children fed. I want all addicts free from addiction. I want child abuse first and formost stopped. But when I know something in my heart, I know it..I have seen alot of things in my 53 years, and I know when to question things I know, and when something is being answered i dont need to question. I cant believe people are saying, i want guns taken away because my father got shot? What kind of reasoning is that? I will never be a victim. I teach women to never be victims to stand up and take self defence classes if they cant get concealed weapons permit in their state. But I certainly don’t want them to go looking for a rapist..Or confront someone who LOOKS like one..Or whoeven LOOKS like a rapist? Thats what im saying, People look like people. We are all different. If we all looked alike life would be alittle boring.

        2. RhondaThompsonMcconahy K-Bob GiantBryan  
          You are clearly overlooking the fact that this neighborhood had experienced “a series of unsolved burglaries”.  Zimmerman had every right to follow someone walking between houses at night, who “appeared” to be high.
          It isn’t the dress. It isn’t the skin color.  It’s ALWAYS the behavior. And Martin’s behavior was exactly wrong for that time of night in that neighborhood.
          Zimmerman was on Neighborhood Watch.  It was his duty to follow Martin.
          Even so, Martin had a right to be walking through the neighborhood.  He did not have a right to initiate violence with Zimmerman.  He should have gone home.
          His choice is the main reason why he is gone.
          His troubled past was another.  If the Police Chief in his hometown had arrested him for possession of stolen property, as he should have, Martin would still be alive.
          If all of the people crying crocodile tears over Martin today could have managed to give a rat’s a** about him before he was fobbed off on his father’s girlfriend, he would likely be alive today.
          But dead? Oh, my, the young man is worth a LOT of money to the race hustlers now.  Or would have been, if their attempt to lynch Zimmerman had worked.

        3. K-Bob RhondaThompsonMcconahy GiantBryan 
          The only testimony we have saying HE was the one who started the violence against George is George. Trayvon is dead. The girlfriend didnt say he went to beat him up. I think like I said it just went to far. I do feel bad, because both lives of both families are changed forever.

        4. RhondaThompsonMcconahy K-Bob GiantBryan  
          Somehow Zimmerman’s body has injuries, and Martin’s has only the gunshot wound.
          Do the logic.

        5. K-Bob RhondaThompsonMcconahy GiantBryan Wow…Ummm GZ killed a child. END of STORY. #ThouShaltNotKill

        6. K-Bob RhondaThompsonMcconahy GiantBryan You stated; [You are clearly overlooking the fact that this neighborhood had experienced “a series of unsolved burglaries”.  Zimmerman had every right to follow someone walking between houses at night, who “appeared” to be high] he did not have the right…white privilege makes people think they have the right to be authority figures. More or less GZ was playing cops and robbers. He had no business pursuing a child and killing him. You are not the judge, God is. GZ violated a commandment #ThouShaltNotKill #He’sDone You’re a racist.

  11. Here is something. Both this case and the public have way to much bravado and not enough humility. Remember ” wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove”. Americans at large don’t use that kind of thinking. So we see endless cases of confrontation rather than avoidance. Take it from someone who was young and stupid but lived to tell about it. You better walk away or run  if you can.

        1. GaryWalcott CalCoolidge SigEliteDark Not for me.  It’s easier to say homosexual.  But that still leaves the B and T.

  12. Rush just aired a piece from Greta last night that has one of the Martin lawyers admitting that her JOB IS SOCIAL ENGINEERING!
    I was floored! These atheiocrat fanatics aren’t even trying to hide it anymore! Of course Greta took her to task on the matter.

  13. Interesting to see the Left”s tactics reversed back on them. Gay rights activists everywhere should be hailing Zimmerman as a hero defending them from hate.
    Thank you GZ.

    1. ToiletMint This is crazy. So let me get this right. TM was killed by GZ and somehow TM hated gays, which is why he was killed by GZ? #BS

  14. By this definition, Obama is definitely gay and we can now legitimately refer to him as the one Rachel used, Nigga. Thanks now at least I can be fluent in ghetto speak and kowing that Larry Sinclair and Obama were very, very close, we can apply the term to him.

  15. People are finally catching up I see!

    Gee I wonder what would of happened if GZ was really gay….

    1. Laurel A I am not sure about that.  I think she may be too stupid to groom, and even if she said something, I am not sure most people could understand it.

  16. Well, this is a hate crime on Trayvon’s part!  Waiting for the DOJ to investigate the “hatred” in Trayvon’s heart….waiting…………waiting……………waiting……………………………….

      1. Orangeone Matt2Matt yes, evidently the skittles mixed with the watermelon drink and some Robitussin packs a serious punch.

        1. Matt2Matt Orangeone Leave it to the ObamaBots to come up with even more drugs to warp their already sick minds.

        2. Matt2Matt Orangeone Gees, I would never think of putting those substances together.  If they used half of that mentality just in chemistry alone, they could have the way paid through college (not that it isn’t already mind you)…just sayin

        3. Matt2Matt Orangeone I heard the violent psychosis can be permanent and it looks as if it was. Martin’s live showed damage from abusing cough syrup.

  17. Yea, thats why Travon was screaming for help! Does that even make sence to you? That was NOT a grown mans voice on that recording. that was a teenager scared for his life! And you are now twisting her words, yes twisting her words saying he is a GAY BASHER! You should, and will be held accountable for the evil you spill out your mouth, and spread.

    1. RhondaThompsonMcconahy The thug was not screaming for help, George Zimmerman was.  The jury heard the 911 tape and all concurred. Before you call them racists, one is BLACK.

    2. RhondaThompsonMcconahy 
      No, none uh dat makes sence(sic) to me! Here, let me spill some evil outta my mouf. You can spread it yourself.

    3. RhondaThompsonMcconahy What are your credentials? Audio experts could not reach an agreement on who was screaming. For every expert the defense found to testify it was Zimmerman, the prosecution was able to find an expert to say it was Martin. That’s why the testimony wasn’t allowed and currently there is no technology available in all the scientific community that is peer reviewed and accepted. 
      Other than listening to lies repeatedly reported by networks that are being sued now for defamation after apologizing for editing tapes, do you have any skills that qualify you as an expert? 
      If you are ever accused of a crime Rhonda, if you are innocent, you had better hope that the same laws and rules used in this case apply to you and that you aren’t at the mercy of public opinion shaped by media bias and the desire for a distracting circus.

    4. RhondaThompsonMcconahy  You’re an idiot………Trayvon wasn’t screaming….it was Zimmerman…………..Trayvon was on top, bashing Zimmerman’s head………the  candy and drink were still in Trayvon’s pockets……………..he wasn’t struck once………..the hate comes from Trayvon and people like you……….you should all go to prison for your “hate crimes!”    yeah, Trayvon was a Gay Basher…………………..

    5. RhondaThompsonMcconahy   Why did Trayvon then confront Zimmerman instead of running home? Why didn’t HE call the police and tell his friend Rachel to call the police? Why would he have been screaming for help while he was on top of Zimmerman,  bashing his head on the concrete as he clearly had control of the situation?

      Oh nos, we have played some logic on your head. Does it hurt?

      1. SheerPolitics RhondaThompsonMcconahy 
        No, I believe that the “exsperts” that George Zimmerman’s own attorney hired even testified that it was NOT george Zimmerman’s voice on the recording. Oh, did you miss that part of the case? 
        I think If I was scared to death of a freak, no matter what, I would fight for my life too! I dont give a crap who was on top or bottom! George Zimmerman started it by following him and he could have kept his distance until the police got there, but it was HIM that confronted Trayvon, not the other way around. There is 2 whole missing minutes. I believe thats when Georgie Boy was showing off his big bad gun, When someone smokes pot it mellows them out, they certainly arent looking for trouble. You mark my words, within a years time, GeorgieBoy will kill someone else, and say the same thing. It will be another case just like this one. This wanna be cop isnt going to stop killing. He is a murderer that got away once. But Karma has a way of working things out. I want to know how George screamed so loud, if you are saying it is George with Taryvons hand over his mouth, plus Trayvon must have been quite talented to bash his head into the cement all the while hold his hand over GeorgieBoys mouth, and is like 100 lb.s lighter than george. Hey, I have a oceanfront condo for sale in Oklahoma, Interested? Call 1800youbelievecrap

        1. RhondaThompsonMcconahy SheerPolitics You must be retarded accademically speaking to say George outweighed Martin by a 100LBS while being 6-7 inches shorter and at the same time able to catch up to a slender lean athlete like Martin. Ever seen a fat 250 short guy catch up to a slender athlete? Have you watched football games. Any short fat wide receivers? Be honest for once in your entire life, Martin was guilty of starting the conflict that killed him.

        2. warpmine RhondaThompsonMcconahy SheerPolitics 
          Athlete? in what? Riding horses? George went thru academy training, you have to be in pretty good shape for that! He was alittle out of breath trying to catch up and chase his prey on the phone with 911, when they clearly told him NOT TO..But yea, you are forgetting Georgieboy had the car, Trayvon was walking…So, no, I am using my head..

        3. RhondaThompsonMcconahy warpmine SheerPolitics Get your facts, the 911 operator said no such thing.  The drug-strung-out-thug was a homophobe, hid in waiting to get his gang kill and took a well-deserved bullet. Now he’s maggot meat.

        4. RhondaThompsonMcconahy warpmine SheerPolitics Hey it was you that put that 100LB.weight advantage all I want to know is how that translates into a short guy being that large without being fat. At my prime, 5’8″ weighing 184LB. I still couldn’t keep up with anyone 6’2″ at 175LBS. I was very strong but never fast honey. Facts are facts, Martin is dead because he acted in Obama’s view “stupidly”. 
          All he had to do is go home or phone the police at 911 but that’s not what he chose to do. If Zimmerman was black and Martin was white/Hispanic, it still wouldn’t change the view that that the shooter was defending himself and that’s what we’re conveying here. I cannot help you if you are looking it through the lenses of racism, it’s not, it’s self defense.

        5. RhondaThompsonMcconahy SheerPolitics This guy/woman whatever, obviously lives in Bizzaro World!!!

        6. RhondaThompsonMcconahy warpmine SheerPolitics Who told him not to?  The dispatcher?  Are they the police?  Actually, there response is a canned response, so as not to assume liability, you clueless, clueless child.

        7. Orangeone RhondaThompsonMcconahy warpmine SheerPolitics I have all of my facts. I don’t like judgeing people either, but I’m guessing from your wording of what you are saying that you don’t value human life very much, and that you arent a very nice person. I hope you understand the shape this world is in because of racial discrimination, and non-comapassion. I grew up an army brat and we had all nationalitities around us everywhere we went. My father taught us that we were no better than anyone else and that the same holds for them, they were not better than we were. But every life has value! We are all here for something. We are all loved. Im assuming you don’t yet have children, because if someone talked of your child that died as “maggot meat” I think you might see things in a differnet light. I just hope something happens in your life that makes you see things alittle brighter, and alittle kinder, not so harsh..And not so cruel..

        8. RhondaThompsonMcconahy SheerPolitics  Wron again.  TM had 6 inches and 50# on GZ.  When this happened, George was a little guy.  He has put on a 100# from all the stress

        9. RhondaThompsonMcconahy SheerPolitics   Explain why you are so prejudice against a man who was tried and found innocent.  You know more about the evidence and the law than those that were there and listened to everything.  You know better than the lawyers and you discount the AG being brought up on charges for trying this and for with holding evidence from the defense.  She will probably loose her license because of all he illegal tricks she pulled.  Why the hate?

        10. RhondaThompsonMcconahy Orangeone warpmine SheerPolitics So you learned from you’re Army father, whom the ARMY taught, to kill on demand, that ‘all life has value’! Seems some lives are more valuable than others!

        11. RhondaThompsonMcconahy Orangeone warpmine SheerPolitics By the way, If he’s still with us, thank him for his service. And so you know USMC

        12. RhondaThompsonMcconahy warpmine SheerPolitics  
          If you’re simply going to invent your own facts, you are never going to understand life at all.  You clearly did not pay the least bit of attention to the trial or the evidence.
          Truth has no agenda.  Stop being afraid of it.

        13. K-Bob RhondaThompsonMcconahy warpmine SheerPolitics Wouldn’t it follow that one who thinks Z is guilty is inventing facts, inventing law, or both.

        14. CarolinaSistah warpmine RhondaThompsonMcconahy SheerPolitics The autopsy report gave you Z’s weight in court?  Wonder why the autopsy report didn’t have Z’s weight the night he was attacked.

        15. CarolinaSistah warpmine RhondaThompsonMcconahy SheerPolitics He was weighed on arrest at more like 185. Still why did he come back? Why was he punching him? Why didn’t he have any bruising?

    6. RhondaThompsonMcconahy  They showed that it wasn’t Trayvons voice on the 911 call, it was Zimmermans. Trayvons own father admitted, at the police station, that it wasn’t his sons voice. Then, because it hurt the prosecutions case, tried to back track.

      1. SunnyWorkman RhondaThompsonMcconahy
        It was proved it was Trayvons voice, Look it up..I dont care what his father admitted in the police station, or if he was under duress, but it was proved it was his voice. It was too high to be a man of Georgieboy’s stature. He is just to old to scream that high pitched..Sorry google it, youtube it, or better yet, here.
        Now when you listen to this, realize the screaming stops at the exact second that the shot goes off. So if it was George screaming wouldnt he continue screaming, or scream to call the police he shot someone, or ANYTHING? No, because it wasnt him!

        1. RhondaThompsonMcconahy SunnyWorkman   You don’t believe in law?  You are so full of hate.  Has something like this happened to someone you care about.  I really don’t understand why you hate Latinos.

        2. RhondaThompsonMcconahy SunnyWorkman Do you even read your posts, before you actually hit post comment? ” I don’t care what his father admitted to.”  That shows right there how stupid you are.  Because why?  You’re more of an expert on Trayvon Martins voice, than his own father?  You’re an expert in forensics, so the way that the struggle actually went down, even though it was corroborated  in court, through witness testimony, you believe that you are the one who has it correct?  Well I am certainly glad you’re safe in your own little hovel, because you need to be kept away from the rest of the world.  You’re dangerous.

        3. TammyThompson RhondaThompsonMcconahy SunnyWorkman 
          Yes Tammy, My father was shot and paralized from the neck down to his feet. I have no hate in me anymore. I gave up on hate. It was 2 black men that shot my father Tammy. Thank you for asking. He never walked again, and died 7 years later. We werent rich like Christoper reeves. We didnt have money to buy him all kinds of equipment to help him, he sat in a bed for 7 years and watched football, because thats all he could do anymore. He couldnt even sit in a wheelchair, or he would fall over. He couldnt feed hisself. He couldnt do ANYTHING. So yes, something did happen, but I am not about hate. and I am against racial profiling..

    7. RhondaThompsonMcconahy scared for his life?  Was this before, while or after he was sitting on top of Zimmerman, bashing his head in and breaking his nose?  A wonderful example of people who care nothing for facts, just conjecture and personal agenda!!  I weep for this country and the toilet its going down because of people like you!

      1. SunnyWorkman RhondaThompsonMcconahy I too, grieve for the USA! Rho is full of hate for someone ruining her fathers life. And she seems against guns because that was the weapon of choice.  She wants all us LAW ABIDING citizens to give up and let feelings provide justice. She says so in her commentary.

        1. DZortea SunnyWorkman RhondaThompsonMcconahy wrong again, I have a conceled weapons permit because I refuse to be a victim, and i would never allow someone to take away my rights..I told you once, i dont have any hate, do you people not believe me? Gosh, thick sckulled, maybe you cant get over things in your life, but I came to terms with this a very long time ago. Your words cant hurt me, believe me..I have a Colt 380..that goes everywhere with me..

        2. RhondaThompsonMcconahy DZortea SunnyWorkman If you are attacked (and I hope you are not) I hope he or she is the right color of skin so you don’t get arrested for protecting yourself.

        3. StanO360 RhondaThompsonMcconahy DZortea SunnyWorkman Why would it matter the color of their skin? If I am attacked, what does skin color have to do with it? Rapists come in all colors. this I know from life..

    8. RhondaThompsonMcconahy   You are wrong,  I grew up around Latinos and their voices get really high when they scream, where as most blacks by the time they are 15-16, their voices get deep.  BTW when TM was on top slugging GZ why would TM be screaming for help.?  The guy getting his head bashed in is 99% more likely to be yelling for help.  Trayvon was used to fighting, there are videos showing him using the martial arts moves beating up on people.  The witness said he was using those moves on GZ

      1. TammyThompson RhondaThompsonMcconahy Dear Tammy, I am a white woman, who has both blacks( My brother married a black woman who had 4 children) whom I love dearly  and Latino’s(My uncle married a latino woman, and I have many cousins)  in my family. we are pretty a pretty diverse family. I know alot about yelling and their voice’s too, believe me, my brother believed in whipping his kids,
        You dont do Martial arts on the ground. There is no Martial arts move on the ground that I am aware of, and my one brother is a brown belt.
        I believe and it is my belief that George threw the first punch, and knocked the phone out of Trayvons hand, and then Trayvon saw that George had a gun, and started fighting back but geroge didnt know that Trayvon would give him such a good fight. I believe that he did fight for his life, but also yelled for help, and it doesnt matter who is on top, if you know the other guy has a gun, you know if he gets up, so he kept yelling in hopes that someone would come and help him,, you are going to get shot! Thats what happened. But what I cant believe is that not one single person came out to help, NOT ONE> If one person had come out, i dont think George would have pulled the trigger..

        1. RhondaThompsonMcconahy TammyThompson   You believe….but you have no evidence to back it up.  I can make up a story, too but it won’t make it the truth.  Yelling at your kids is not the same as screaming for your life.  I made up my mind too when I first saw the pictures of 12 year old TM and heard the lies put out by MSNBC.  I said, that guy killed that poor kid.  But then I followed and checked it out and found out much of what was said and shown was half truths and out and out lies.  When I got the facts and checked them out, I found I was totally wrong.  You know this kid sold drugs and guns, broke into homes and robbed them.  Beat up on other kids.  And martial arts moves when they are on the floor is when someone on top continually slams the person underneath.  I should know what it is called since my son teaches it, but it escapes me.  BTW, your take means nothing, only the evidence please

        2. RhondaThompsonMcconahyTammyThompson 
          THREE Martial Arts Ground Fighting..
          Judo – It does not highly specialize in Ground fighting but it
          does cover the basic Arm locks, Chokes and Control positions.
          It may seem simple but remember Kimura the Judoka who submitted
          Helio Gracie. (Judo does not incorporate Leg locks nor Cranks)
          Sambo – It is a very effective grappling art that incorporates
          Ground techniques such as Arm locks, Leg locks, Cranks
          and Control positions. (Sambo does not incorporate Chokes)
          Brazilian Jiu jitsu – I consider it most effective because it strongly
          focuses on Control positionioning before a submission. It incorporates
          Arm Locks, Leg locks, Chokes, Cranks and Control positions.
          Educate before you speak.

        3. RhondaThompsonMcconahy TammyThompson “you don’t do martial arts on the ground”
          Do you simply invent everything in your world?  You are in serious need of an epistemological housecleaning.
          You could start someplace safe, like maybe looking up the term Ju-Jitsu.  Maybe move on to “force continuum.”  Until you actually challenge your own bizarre set of beliefs, I think you should keep that gun in a locked safe, for all our sakes.

        4. phantom9in RhondaThompsonMcconahy TammyThompson Educate before speak?  That would silence every liberal in the country.

        5. RhondaThompsonMcconahy TammyThompson TM followed and involved himself with an MMA Street Fighting YouTube channel, and that very much involves a mix of wrestling, boxing, and martial arts.

    9. RhondaThompsonMcconahy    Wrong, Latinos voices get high when they are afraid and scream.  Most blacks, by the time they turn 15-16 their voices get deep.  If TM was afraid, why didn’t he call the cops or run home?  GZ didn’t know where he was for over 4 min until TM came back on GZ

  18. So who profiled who? Gotta wonder if the prosecution knew this and if its one of the things they hid from the defense. If so, they need to lose their jobs and be disbarred, everyone of them!

    1. njmom Given the age of Trayvon all the pieces fit together. I still think Trayvon was a bully to even beat someone but he didn’t count on the fact that the person had a gun. The prosecutors probably did know because they are really the creepy a** c*****s for trying to obstruct justice!

      1. marketcomp njmom He was a gangbanger.  No surprise that they knew, likely edited the witness statement to omit giving that info to the defense.

  19. That makes perfect sense to me! While it still does not give anyone the right to punch someone in the face and beat them down, given how the Black Community feel about homosexuals it is certainly logical.

    1. Media now has to make a decision. Go with the GAYS or BLACKS. Better consult the REV AL & Jesse and throw Van Jones Opine in there as well. A group is going to be PO”ed and lets just see how this plays out!!!!!!. As usual the truth is coming out way to late, again.

        1. marketcomp Longiron Golly gee, Piers didn’t follow up as aggressively as he did with Ted Nugent over gun control, I’ll be darned…

      1. Longiron It needs to go viral.  I’m sure the gays are part of the riots.  Pass the popcorn when they find out the thug was a homophobe.

    1. donnad9999 Well, to be honest, the law is a strange thing.  My understanding of hate crimes is that it can only be perpetrated and, thus, charged when something is “said” by an unprotected class (i.e. whites).  Blacks, Hispanics, Women, etc. are free all day long to say what they want, and it cannot constitute a hate crime … but you let a white man say it, and they’ll call for him to drawn and quartered quicker than a Brazilian ref.

        1. frisky E Lee Zimmerman donnad9999  you know, I’ve never heard of a white Hispanic until now.  So that makes Obama a white black

    2. donnad9999 I don’t think gay-bashing prosecutions covered perceived rapists. If Zimmerman’s schtick gets to be considered self-defense then that surely would be too, since both were based on misperceptions and false assumptions.

  20. Wow, this is not her testimony under oath.  Time for perjury charges, conviction and genpop for this racist.

    1. Orangeone That’s the first thing that popped into my head to: does this really ‘jive’ (pardon the lingo) with what she said on the stand.  I’m not sure it does.

      1. E Lee Zimmerman Orangeone And will the prosecutor get right on this? Nope. Another reason for her and the prosecution team to all be disbarred.

  21. Well, it looks like Mr. Zimmerman is going to have someone else he can sue for defamation.

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