Rush rejects advertiser begging to come back

I love this story. The Blaze is reporting that Sleep Train, who dropped their ads from Limbaugh’s show last week in the wake of his comments about Sandra Fluke, has decided that they made a bad decision and applied to run their ads on the show again, only to be rejected by Rush:

In an email to Sleep Train President Dale Carlsen (obtained by The Blaze), a representative of the show says that Limbaugh personally considered the company’s request, but denied it considering its public comments following the controversy.

“Thank you for your requests last week and this week to restart your voiced endorsement in local markets of The Rush Limbaugh Show,” the email begins. “Rush received your requests personally.”

Unfortunately, your public comments were not well received by our audience, and did not accurately portray either Rush Limbaugh’s character or the intent of his remarks. Thus, we regret to inform you that Rush will be unable to endorse Sleep Train in the future.

“Rush appreciates your long friendship and your past support, and we wish you good luck in the future.”

YES! Serves them right and sends a message to all other advertisers who want to have it both ways.

I love it.

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126 thoughts on “Rush rejects advertiser begging to come back

  1. My son cancelled his Quicken loan after they pulled their ad from Rush. It costs him $450.00 to cancel in the middle of the process but he is principled. It hurt to lose that money that won’t be refunded.

  2. JC Penny and Sears should also be on that list. Never again will I spend money in these stores. Enough of the double standards.

      1. Good idea Molly, you know Nancy wouldn’t have any use for them, unless she’s into water balloon fights.

  3. LOVE IT!! I e-mailed them and told them what I thought. Glad to see it might have made a difference, even though they are denying that public response made a difference.

  4. It looks like all our phone calls and emails worked. They lost their best potential customers.

  5. “Marry (the Left) in haste, repent at leisure.”

    Rush has flushed out the Useful Idiots for all of us to see, and they shall not be welcomed back.

  6. When I heard that advertisers had left Rush I imagined a STAMPEDE of new advertisers eager to take their place. The opportunity to have your product or service featured on a show that gets millions of listeners every day is limited.

    I don’t even listen to Rush although I certainly respect him and admire the impact he’s had on this country. I read the monologue that was the subject of all the backlash and it pales in comparison to some of the hateful and viscious things said by the Left without even a raised eyebrow.

    I think this whole episode has been a LOSER for the Left. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch!

  7. Second thought…. I had Carbonite subscription for about two years and I bought it because it was something recommended by Rush. I terminated my association with Carbonite in October last year. Since I have learned so much about this company since the brouhaha with Rush, I would not give them the sweat off of my nether regions if they were dying of thirst.

  8. Legal Zoom was on my to-do list for this upcoming week to call to make out our will. Does anyone here know if they have any competitors? I was hoping to avoid attorney’s fees.

    1. It’s really not that expensive to execute a Will. And the peace of mind you get from one on one advice is priceless.

  9. Here is the point missed by everyone. Ms. Fluke was a victim used by Pelosi. Rush’ anger should have been directed at Pelosi et al rather than Fluke. Anyone would have been overwhelmed by the sudden attention paid by leaders in congress and the chance to testify, likely after some ‘coaching’ about what to say. Rush played right into the hands of the left who are now calling the shots. Just look how the topic is ALL about FLuke, Rush, Maher, etc. The advertisers could have simply said that the incident has called into question the once laser like insight of Rush and they are looking for someone else.

    1. Ms. Fluke was a willing participant in a scam by Pelosi, designed to change the course of the debate away from Obama and the left. It worked.
      At present, Fluke is doing what she does best, shilling for the extreme left on every single leftest show she can book on and garnering large fees in the process. She is a “self proclaimed” activist and NOT a victim.
      But you are right about Limbaugh playing into their hands as have many conservatives over this Pelosi set up. We should know better by now!

  10. Making people responsible for the things that fly out of their pie holes. Novel idea……

  11. Something to say about 20 million listeners a day,college educated and good demographics. Glad Rush told them to take a hike.

  12. I don’t know what Sleep Train said in regards to Limbaugh’s profane, vulgar comments, but I’m guessing they were big enough to think his apology was sincere and was willing to advertise on his show again. Unfortunately Limbaugh isn’t able to be as gracious even though he was the one who did something offensive. What he has done has brought conservatives down to the level of liberals and like Santorum and the contraception issue, Limbaugh is keeping this thing going and it will only hurt conservatives in the long run.

    It would serve conservatives well to remember what Gingrich said-Limbaugh is just a talk show host and it’s ridiculous to think this incident is more important or relevant to talk about than the many serious problems this country faces. It would serve Limbaugh better to step down from his arrogant perch and exhibit some humility and then let the issue be a lesson learned and move on. This constant rehashing is just a distraction.

      1. K-Bob, Wodie said he should step down from his arrogant perch, not step down from his show.

        1. Hmmm. I don’t think there’s any reason to do anything but what he did, and the big caveat for me is, the apology should be driven by his own recognizance of not meeting his own standards. It shouldn’t be driven by what others think or say or do.

    1. Its capitalism. They left. They wanted to come back, he said no. What’s the problem? They had an issue with what he said so they cancelled their advertisement on his show. He apologized for what he said and it’s up to him as to wether he wants to let them back on or not. I don’t know what they said about Rush after canceling their advertisements but apparently Rush didn’t like it. Again its his show so what’s the problem?

    2. I dunno wodiej, I think what Fluke and obama did was pretty offensive. Rush apologized for what he felt he did wrong. Are you expecting him to ask for forgiveness too?

      In my opinion these advertiser’s either tried to make a political statement to force compliance from Rush or they were cowed by the left to make stand against him. Either way, they chose to leave his show abruptly without even the benefit of giving Rush a heads up or a serious tongue lashing, which would have been diplomatic.

      As far as letting the issue be a lesson learned and move on, I think that the advertiser’s are getting it now. We should not allow political correctness to dictate every mistake on the right while allowing the left to become more aggressive and vile. If nothing else, it has made the left more aware of it’s own misogynist behavior, they have no idea what to do about it, so they are making excuses for their own, but it is in the public eye now and that is a good thing.

      Rush stated in his apology what his mistake was, so it has been acknowledged and “a lesson learned”. We cannot wish this event away and get on with our lives, nor should we.

    3. Yeah, and Fluke was just so gracious heh? Refusing to accept his apology. I thought he sounded pretty sincere.

    4. I couldn’t disagree with you more. This company, and others, caved to political correctness and the mob mentality from the left that pressured these companies into pulling their advertising. Serves Rush well to say “no thank you” when they seek to come back after they turned their backs on Rush in order to earn political correctness points. Now let them go advertise on some leftist show – oh, but I doubt they’ll have the audience. Boo hoo.

      I don’t think conservatives are letting this issue (Limbaugh/Fluke) overshadow the real, substantive issues. We know what’s at stake in 2012, and this flare up is simply an illustration of the depths to which Dems are willing to go to tear down conservatism. Don’t buy into the kool-aid the MSM is feeding you, wodiej.

    5. Milady Wodiej, you have one of the sweetest souls of anyone I know on the internet. That you are a fervent and devout christian, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind. I truely believe that you would forgive anyone who brought harm to you.
      My dear friend, you are one of those truely unique people who believes in turning the other cheek as our Saviour has commanded.

      Ms. Fluke is an activest and as we all have learned, her ‘testamony’ was staged by Pelosi to further a political agenda. She is nothing like you. YOU would have accepted Limbaugh’s apology Wodie, it’s the kind of woman you are. Ms. Fluke did not and is making large fee’s telling her ‘story’ on every leftwing program she can get to.
      Is Limbaugh arrogant? Often! Was he right to withdraw his comments and tender his apology? Without question! It should have ended there. It did not because Ms. Fluke did not want it to.
      The entire fiasco was designed to change the debate away from Obama and back onto conservatives. Once again the left succeeded. They changed the debate.
      Then something changed again after many sponsers dropped Limbaugh. They lost sales, they lost money, they recieved tons of negative mail and phone calls. Now they want back on with Limbaugh.
      It’s all political theatre. On both sides.

      1. I agree with you VG, wodiej is one of the most well spoken commenter’s that I know of. It is always a pleasant surprise when I see her comments in other sites like American Thinker.

        You brought up an excellent point that slipped my mind when I wrote my comment. That is that Ms. Fluke wouldn’t accept the apology when Rush offered it. I want to see Rush be the bigger person in this fiasco, which I believe he is, but I don’t think the entire blame should be placed on him.

    6. I hear you-and it was the first thing my husband said as well when he heard Rush didn’t accept their request to advertise on his show-but perhaps Rush was upset because Sleep Train has been with Rush for over 20 years and maybe he expected more from them and felt like he couldn’t trust them I don’t know.

  13. Gutless, amoral, greedy, corrupt corporations. It’s stunning to watch them pretending to give a hoot about anything except profits. Giving in to political correctness or whatever. Some of these companies are literally killing people because it’s profitable and they can get away with it. They dare preach morality to us? I think not.

  14. I ditched my cable television in 2008, all because of my disgust with the media.

    If every conservative (40% of the nation) would start vetting their vendors and act accordingly things would change our way a lot faster.

    I’ll never buy a brand new american made car again as long as the UAW is so attached to the Democrat party. I’ll buy foreign as long as it is produced and manufactured in a red state. I’ll never have HBO again either.

    1. Puttin’ your money where your mouth is…………….I like it!

      We too are canceling HBO. Gotta convince my husband that watching Boardwalk Empire isn’t worth it.

  15. I learned long ago that revenge is the very sweetest when you don’t work to achieve it but somehow comes it’s way all by itself. Keep on chugging Rush.

    1. Now, if only Rush will revoke his apology to that woman who can’t get enough contraception.

  16. These companies that dropped their advertising on Rush’s show are about as stupid as all the 1%er Wall Street businesses slammed by Obama and then promptly donating to his campaign when he whistles.

    Boycotts are really going to get tough for the left if they keep failing like this. Perhaps they can start up ‘Air America’ again, just so that they can boycott themselves. It would be easier for them.

  17. I routinely get emails from the flower company who dropped him. I sent a polite note telling them that I would no longer use their services as free speech is not only for Democrats. I got a reply disavowing that they had ever advertised on Rush.

    20 million pissed listeners/followers have a very loud voice and I think we got their attention. God Bless Rush and the work he does.

  18. For anyone that is dumping carbonite for obvious reasons, I can tell you that I have been using Mozy backup, and it is a good product. Maybe Rush will get their contract. That would be payback.

  19. I remember Rush saying once ‘the left ruins whatever they touch’. And how right he was. In order to teach Rush a lesson look at how many Businesses, jobs and stocks have been effected by the crazy left’s boycotts. Other examples of the left ruining whatever they touch: Healthcare, Affirmative Action, EPA, TSA, CAFE standards, Autobailouts, Chevy Volt, Solyndra just to name a few.

    1. It is a Sacramento-based mattress discount store. Rush was their paid spokesperson for years, dating back to the days when he was a local political commenter on a Sacramento radio station (KFBK)

  20. I love the guy who posted here last week that the was driving a few hundred miles to drop off his sleep number bed- into the parking lot!

    On another note, I am getting emails from Proflowers with “discounts” for 54% off plust a free vase or free shipping Thats new. I responded back-

    Sorry, I support Rush Limbaugh and free speech, and NOW FTD.

    1. Good on you poljunkie– BTW: this January last, I purchased a new bed from Sleep Train……seriously’ ‘ ‘ I was thinking I should return my bed, but honestly– I didn’t want to hassle-it, I do have a few back injuries etc. So’ I sent them an e-mail regarding my grievances about Rush– they gave me an extra 6 month’s on my warranty!!! Imagine that……..!

      ….. aren’t boycotts fun. :0

      1. Thats great!

        FTD for flowers has been great. They use local florists or you can have them deliver using FED EX, and you can pay using pay pal. So no credit cards!

        Proflowers really lost out because I was a loyal customer.

        Hubby and I are looking for a new bed- so this is good timing.

      2. That’s great, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And I’ve found that if you just say, “that’s unacceptable”, they sweeten the deal.

    2. Gotta tell my ProFlowers story. I had flowers scheduled to be delivered to a friend from ProFlowers this past Tuesday. On Sunday night, after learning ProFlowers dropped their advertising from Rush, I called to cancel the order. They told me it was too late to cancel the delivery BUT they would refund my money! When they asked me the reason for cancellation, I told them I didn’t agree with their advertising decisions. After my cancellation was complete, the salesperson offered to transfer me to a line where I could leave a message and I accepted. That line was set up specifically to deal with the Rush fiasco, as the recording said that although they do not base their advertising decisions on political ideology, they felt that Rush went too far with his comments. I left them a message saying that actually they do base their decisions on political ideology as they caved to the outcry of the left and because of this, they have lost me as a customer. All in all, they handled their poor decision well, but it was still a poor decision and I will not use them again.

      1. Good for you IL Patriot. I’ve used Proflowers for years and its too bad this happened. They were easy to deal with.
        Lately tho’ they have also been selling info to magazine companies, which annoys me. After I would place an order- a few weeks later I would get a random magazine. I finally made the connection. You have to notify the magazine if you want it stopped.

  21. I’m getting really frustrated with the reply feature as my posts won’t complete. I can make new comments but no replies.
    This has been going on for a couple of days so I wonder if anyone else is also affected.

      1. I’m having all kinds of trouble with Disqus. Now I can’t even reply on TRS. My words disappear. I am too illiterate on the computer to know what to do!
        Thanks for reply, Debby.

  22. Good for Rush! Unfortunately for Sleep Train they made a huge mistake, one which will lose them future business.

  23. I wondered which advertiser he was talking about … and I am so dang glad he held to principles.

    Relationships in business and personal life should count for something. Pity they didn’t talk to Rush before trashing him.

    1. Fear does strange things to people and these advertisers allowed the Left to bully them. Maybe next time they will think twice.

  24. Yep, that door swings both way’s however– when it hits you on the way out “lol” that’s the beauty about this post. Yeah, sweet redemption my friends.

    Rush scores: Good job Team America…………*wink*

  25. I guarantee you what is not being covered is the backlash these guys are getting. They probably got a hundred emails generated by media matters, and caved. Now they are getting thousands from people saying they aren’t buying from them.

  26. Probably going to be a big shakeup in the advertising industry and in in-house advertising people. The ones who remained loyal and the ones who jumped in to fill any void will be rewarded by EIB consumers.

  27. As I said in a previous post, the advertisers who bailed threw the boomerang out and now it’s coming back to haunt them.

      1. Actually, “chickens coming home to roost” is a saying that requires a judgement on a previous entities motivations and actions. Very subjective.

        Throwing a boomerang out and having it come back to you requires no judgement on a person’s part to see the end results, just an understanding of aerodynamics.Very Objective. In the case of a boomerang if you hit your target the boomerang falls to earth and you have nothing to worry about. If it misses then it returns to you. Guess this one missed.

  28. You lays your money and yous takes your chance. Boycotts are a two-edged sword. The door swings both ways.

  29. hooray! We should organize a national boycott of all these companies to show them we will not accept their attitude. It is beyond ridiculous to allow this to continue. Rush is powerful and needs to demonstrate his influence. And conservatives need to send a signal to the liberals that we will not take it anymore!

  30. Terry, any other place you heard that fable about the dead-air besides Media Matters? Hate to break it to you Liberals… it’s over and you failed.

  31. Gloria Allred’s making noises about Rush violating the ‘chastity’ act…sounds like she’s advertising for Fluke to become her client so they could raid Rush’s wallet to help the poor child get a little more cash for contraceptives.

    I know a lot of conservative lawyers who would be happy to defend Rush…maybe Mark Levin?

    1. Oh please don’t tell me that old witch is getting involved in this one… I hadn’t heard about Angry Allred yet. Hey, whatever happened to her client and Herman Cain? Funny how that entire situation just disappeared, isn’t it.

    2. I would think that Mark Levin would be first in line to be his lawyer. If I am not mistaken besides being a great lawyer, Mark Levin is a good friend of Rush’s.

  32. Rare but sweet justice for our buddy Rush Limbaugh! The hypocrisy from the left and the complicit national media thugs is finally being exposed. God bless Rush Limbaugh and all Conservatives fighting for the truth.

  33. No one can stop Rush, nor we conservatives. I really think Andrew Breibart’s death emboldened millions of us, which is the only silver lining in his passing.

    1. Great observation. I think you hit the nail on the head. That should be our motto as citizens, “We are Breitbart”.

  34. Yes, that’s what you get for making rash decisions based on the hypocritical outcry of the left wing nutjobs. What we should really do is get a list of all the companies that dropped Rush and boycott them and support those that stayed.
    For example, I only do my hardware shopping at Lowes now due to the same hypocritical out cry by the left wing nutjobs with regards to their pulling advertizing on the American muslim show. The left wing called for a boycott of their stores so I decided to support them 100%.

    1. I was told today that our local Lowe’s has increased employees by 30! The backlash must be working.

    2. There was a great article by Jeffrey Lord in American Thinker and he named the advertisers. You may still be able to find it. I think it was called “Rallying for Rush”.

  35. Sleep train will be one of many to regret their hastiness. Carbonite has been given the boot off my computers!

    1. God knows what they were ‘backing up’ for you. I’m sure it was as secure as….well as secure as Israel is in Obama’s hands.

    2. I had emailed a few of the advertisers the other day. Companies make a huge mistake when they get political.

      1. ..agree – and since this fiasco started, I’ve been looking for ‘conservative’ suppliers and digging down on ownership for new service providers.

        Good for Rush – I was hoping we’d hear more about the advertiser who was begging to come back to him.

    3. Awesome, we have to teach these weak-willed companies that they cannot fool with those we love,it’s time to boycott them and get the word out to our friends to do the same!

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