RUSH: Republicans must walk away from any deal with Obama and the Democrats on the fiscal cliff

Yesterday Charles Krauthammer said that Republicans have leverage right now with the president on this fiscal cliff deal because if tax rates go up on all Americans, Obama’s second term will begin in a recession as the higher tax rates will slow growth even more, and Krauthammer contends that Obama doesn’t want that.

But Rush passionately disagrees noting that analysis disregards Obama’s entire first term. Rush believes that Obama doesn’t care about having a successful economy in his second term, that it’s all part of his push to transform this country into a welfare state because that’s what is fair in his eyes and that’s the only legacy he cares about.

But even more so, Rush argues there is no deal that can be made here that actually helps the country because Obama doesn’t want a deal to help the country. He wants, as part of his transformation process, to destroy the Republican Party and that is exactly what is at stake here. Rush believes the Republicans should stand on principle of not raising taxes and just walk away from the table.

This is an excellent monologue:

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