RUSH: Republicans must walk away from any deal with Obama and the Democrats on the fiscal cliff

Yesterday Charles Krauthammer said that Republicans have leverage right now with the president on this fiscal cliff deal because if tax rates go up on all Americans, Obama’s second term will begin in a recession as the higher tax rates will slow growth even more, and Krauthammer contends that Obama doesn’t want that.

But Rush passionately disagrees noting that analysis disregards Obama’s entire first term. Rush believes that Obama doesn’t care about having a successful economy in his second term, that it’s all part of his push to transform this country into a welfare state because that’s what is fair in his eyes and that’s the only legacy he cares about.

But even more so, Rush argues there is no deal that can be made here that actually helps the country because Obama doesn’t want a deal to help the country. He wants, as part of his transformation process, to destroy the Republican Party and that is exactly what is at stake here. Rush believes the Republicans should stand on principle of not raising taxes and just walk away from the table.

This is an excellent monologue:

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75 thoughts on “RUSH: Republicans must walk away from any deal with Obama and the Democrats on the fiscal cliff

  1. I agree and I’ll go one step further: 0 wants to totally collapse the economy to have a Marxist style takeover and install a top-down, central government. Beck said the other day what I’ve been saying, that he’ll use a crisis, either real or manufactured to take over. For the “good of the people,” of course.

  2. “White House now wants debt ceiling increase without spending cuts in ‘fiscal cliff’ deal.”

    Clearly, the Democrats are chasing their ‘mandate’ with these ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations. Very well, let them have it. The message here is…not without spending cuts…

    ex animo

  3. The GOP must force Obama to disclose his spending cuts first. They should stay silent until he does so. Let his proposals be scrutinized, scorned, and derided. Silence can be a loud message.

  4. Rush (as usual) is RIGHT. Just walk away. Even if we gave King Barry everything he wanted. Barry, Reid, Pelosi and the Lame Stream Media would still blame the GOP when the economy goes head first in the crapper.

    Call their bluff and walk.

  5. Obama will blame the GOP no matter what negativity happens. The GOP should hold tight and NOT agree to any deals until the spending stops and the deficit begins to diminish.

  6. Shut the whole frigging thing down. We do not need government. The government shuts down on holidays and weekends and we do just fine. I knew as a young adult how stupid government is and planned my own retirement so that I did not have to depend on SS to live. Then I’ll be if the congress in their wisdom tied medicare to SS benefits. I despise the Washington politicians. Shut it DOWN we will be better off without them. Beohner will cave, he has no testicular fortitude.

  7. I wish you would post the vid of Newt’s speech at the Reagan Library from last night, he said everything Rush said today.

  8. If Congress and (especially the GOP) are SO unpopular, what is the risk of walking away from a supposed “deal” with the Dems?

    Just as the do-nothing Dem controlled Senate has not produced a budget in 3 years, what is the risk of the GOP also doing nothing and allowing the ten year “cuts” to expire and sequestration to take place?

    It’s OK – I DO know the answer: The GOP is a gutless, spineless, quivering mass of scardie cats.

    The second answer is: Jim DeMint. We need to clone him……..

  9. The Domocrats are going to have it their own way anyhow. Let them have it. The sooner we hit bottom, the sooner the recovery, or the civil war can begin. When the moronic socialist find that they cannot build wealth and maintain technology with their social programs, home invasions will begin.

    COntroll is what the Dems have always wanted. Let it go, let them have it, just don’t abet and assist.

    Shut down the government, let the the Bush cuts fall. I’m sick of hearing about it.

    When my all-time favorite dictator, Idi Amin, the first honest cannibal, expelled the Asians from Uganda, former stores, still stocked with merchandise were assigned the the next random African who has blood related to the Amin regime.

    Uneducated Africans who’d lived on public welfare were given ownership of stores and factories. Idi confiscated whatever cash was available.

    There was rejoicing in the streets. The Ugandans now controlled the wealth, the government and the economy of their own nations after 65 million years. The joy lasted about a 6.5 weeks and 20 years later the Asians, this time China, were back and control an even greater share of the country.

  10. What I don’t understand is that the Democrats naturally have the reputation of being big spenders and for being for big taxes. So, if we go off the fiscal cliff, aren’t the Democrats just getting what they want, big taxes for more big spending? Why don’t the Republicans frame the debate that way. If the country thinks that we can cure a $16 TRILLION debt by squeezing a few billion from the rich, they are sadly misinformed and sadly mistaken. Go off the cliff and have the Republicans say, “See, this IS what you voted for. You wanted Obama in office, you got the high taxes to go with the big spending. If you want us to do something about it, vote us back into office in 2014 and then elect a Republican president in 2016. If not, then hope you like your high taxes to pay for all of this out-of-control spending.” Frame the debate that way. Put pressure on the Democrats to reduce taxes, NOT the Republicans. And if the Democrats don’t back down, they’re just getting what they really wanted in the first place, which was much higher taxes and a smaller and impotent military. Let’s see how the American public likes that.

  11. Rushbo has been angry since the election, rightfully so, but he could have done more to push Mitt across the finish line. He’s got the largest radio audience on planet Earth, yet when is the last time he gave air time to a Conservative candidate? The Great One, Mark Levin, does it all the time. Put your money where your mouth is Rushbo…

  12. Once again El Rushbo is correct; Obama’s goal is not to fix anything and why the GOP doesn’t see it except for a few can leave me no other opinion than the Republicans are so cowering in fear and it is astounding to me the GOP keeps listening to those whose advice is wrong and cause you to lose elections. Either they are stupid, complicit or both.

  13. Obama needs a successful economy in this his 2nd term, raising taxes on the 2% won’t work right? So let Obama own it. Republicans will get the blame if they let ‘fiscal cliff’ happen. The majority of Americans don’t care what conservatives say at the moment. No kind of explaining is going to work, no one cares if Obama trying to destroy the republican party, the GOP is already in the gutter.

  14. Senator Blasts ‘Secret’ Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

    In remarks on the Senate floor today, Alabama senator Jeff Sessions blasted President Barack Obama and congressional leadership for holding “secret” fiscal cliff negotiations.

    In fact, the President is giving speeches calling for even more spending. On Tuesday, he gave a speech in which he said he wants to use the tax hikes to ‘invest in training, education, science, and research.’ Investment, of course, is just code for spending.

    Not once in the speech did he discuss entitlements, our $16 trillion debt, or the economic catastrophe that could occur if we don’t get off this unsustainable path.

    The President will go out to the press and use all the buzz words—he says he’s for a ‘balanced plan,’ and talks about a ‘responsible path to deficit reduction.’ But where are the cuts? What is the plan? It seems to me the President’s plan is to talk in general, to meet in secret, and then, under threat of panic, to force through some deal that maintains the status quo: more taxes, more spending, more debt.

    That’s why the process needs to be taken out of the shadows. With public debate, people would learn facts that are now obscured. …

    Meanwhile, as the President demands more taxes, he refuses to do anything about government waste. Lavish conferences, duplicative programs, billions in refundable tax credits being mailed every year to illegal immigrants. No one is managing this government effectively. Why should the American people send one more dime in taxes to Washington when we won’t reform and manage the money we are already getting from them?

    So I am concerned about the nature of these secret talks and the fact that the Senate is really not participating. News reports say that it is only the Speaker and the President of the United States who are negotiating. Apparently the Majority Leader of the Senate is not intimately involved, the Chairman of the Budget Committee is not involved, the Chairman of the Finance Committee is not involved. These are Democratic leaders in the Senate. Certainly Republican leaders are not involved.

    The Senate is a great institution, and we ought to be engaged. The engagement of the Senate would allow the American people to know what’s happening. They are entitled to that. I believe we can do better. We must do better.”

    1. Thanks – that was very interesting, showing nicely how Obama ‘governs’: deals behind closed doors, by-passing all who should be involved thought the various positions they hold. After all, they might come up with proposals which Obama wouldn’t like …

  15. Ok, let’s play this out. There was not one vote for the health care law and the republicans gained seats in the house. Now, if the republicans allow the fiscal cliff to happen and explaining that Barack Obama in conjunction with George Soros devised a plan called sequestration and all of the crap that it entails then the republicans make gains in the house and perhaps could retake the Senate. The only problem is that we are in a similar situation when the last negotiations happen when Boehner and the Senate, which included McCain, supported the sequestration but only because Obama would only go along with sequestration. Let’s not give him what he wants. Just bow out and allow taxes to increase or do what Mark Levin said which is to decrease middle-income taxes by 10% and allow the rest of the sequestration to take place. Afterall, the middle income group is the group where there are less jobs and could really benefit from a tax decrease given the increase in energy especially gasoline and food as a result of increase in fuel prices. Come on Boehner put your thinking cap on man!

  16. What Rush is saying is stand back, let them own it. There’s no way the GOP can stop this and anything they do will be portrayed as obstructionism and this mess will get hung around the GOP’s neck. Dems know tax increases alone won’t help, they will have to cut spending. It’s a war the Dems have to have within their own party. They created this monster of an administration, only they can kill it. Voters must hold Dems accountable for this mess.

      1. Colliemum, I agree. These cuts are inevitable and already beginning. Even Howard Dean is talking about how Obamacare will shaft seniors. (See DaTech Guy blog today). Much better for the voters to see these cuts coming from the Dems.

  17. I agree that they should walk away. But having said that, we must understand that the Republicans will take the blame no matter what happens. If the tax cuts expire, it will be the Republicans who failed to stop it. If the deal is made, it will be the Republicans who allowed spending cuts and promoted the rich only. It’s always the LameStream narrative that we have to combat.

  18. Rush is bang on about this. The private sector is in recession and will remain so with the anti-entrepreneurial regulatory environment created by the HHS, EPA and Energy minions pursuing the statist agenda which Obama is moving toward. These fools in Washington who want compromise are playing with the freedom of the Republic. Rush seems to have awakened from hibernation, thank God. I hope he keeps it up relentlessly.

  19. Brilliant thoughts from Rush. Thoughts that will be completely ignored by the GOP. They are too stupid to do anything right. Too weak and passive. Too neutered.

  20. Rush is forgetting that the GOP is already destroyed and dead. Now we need a renewed Republican party full of conservatives to take over or start a new party.

  21. This is all Kabuki theatre! Politico has an article called “Inside the talks: Fiscal framework emerges.” I think they’ve pretty much set the scene: Boehner and the leadership will cave, but pretend they didn’t. There will be a few who want to run for higher office who will be allowed to protest and demagog for the cameras and vote against it. Dems and republicans will kick entitlement reforms 10-20 years down the road so that most of them will be out of office by that time. Republicans will look (and deservedly so) like the spineless idiots they are. This is the “Whimpy” negotiation (in more ways than one), for the democrats will gladly give us spending cuts 20 years from now if we just pass tax increases on Tuesday.

  22. Seems logical to me. I agree that Obama wants a welfare state. Maybe we should just let him have it and hope it wakes up the ignorant who elected him.
    If the RINO party is decimated, so what?
    The Tea Party can try again.

  23. Rush can continue to tell the GOP what to do, and they will continue to disregard his advice.

    The Republicans are going to cave on this. There is absolutely, positively, no doubt about that. They are not only the Stupid Party, but they are also the Scared Party. Everything they do is based upon fear. Thinking that Republicans will do anything that takes any courage at all, is just spinning wheels in the mud.

    The GOP is just as corrupt, ideologically and morally, as the other guys. Together they comprise the Government Party. It is time to stop thinking about the GOP, and start thinking, and actively pursuing, an alternative.

    I love Rush, but I am completely fed up with his carrying water for the GOP while telling us that he is first, and foremost a conservative. His campaigning for Romney in this past election shows, beyond question, that Rush is married to the GOP.

    Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

    Illegitimi non carborundum.

    Barracudas Maximus.

    1. I am at the point where 3rd party seems to be the only path forward. We can’t send replacement conservatives to Washington fast enough to retake the party before they get co-opted by the establishments.

      For a long time I felt the GOP could be saved. It is to the point where the brand is so damaged that I’m not sure its even worth saving anymore.

      Libertarian party already has ballot access in all 50 states, we wouldn’t be starting from scratch.

      1. Jim Botts … The Libertarian Party is not the only Party with ballot access in all 50 states.

        There is, in fact, a Conservative Freedom Party that, I believe, has the same access. I have not looked into them as yet, but I am willing to bet that they are more amenable to our principles than the Libertarian Party, which is usually a “one issue” voter base. I have never heard of any Libertarian Party leader speaking out on fiscal issues. Not their bag.

        No matter what, it is going to take a charismatic figure to bring the conservative base together for a third party. Right now, I only see one person who can accomplish that. That person also connects with everyday Americans, i.e., We The People.

        However, that person has not yet stepped forward. I say “not yet,” because I really expect that person to do so in the immediate future.

        Also, and most importantly, it is going to take an “unconventional,” out-of-the-box strategy to neutralize the establishment Ministry of Propaganda. This is going to be the single largest hurdle in getting rid of the elitists, statists, and permanent political class.

        I have offered a few suggestions in regard to the above, and have been trying to get discussions going on other websites to gather additional ideas. So far, the response has been pitiful. It appears that the conservatives who frequent these sites, even this one, are content to just piss and moan, and wring their hands. No indication that anyone wants to be actively involved in doing anything.

        Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

        1. There are very few on this site that are content to just ‘piss and moan’. Many of us have been very active and will continue to be active (as you suggested with the Constitutional Freedom Party site). TheRightScoop is a central hub, whereby our efforts can expand out like rays from the sun.

          I posted this as part of an earlier post in a Krauthammer thread, so I hope Scoop forgives me for repeating myself.

          There are three things we must focus on in the coming two years, four years, and beyond. These three things are the reasons we lost this election.

          One, we must bust wide open the LameStream deceit. They are no longer media, but rather Obama’s propaganda wing. Until they are exposed for what they truly are, the masses will follow blindly and topple off that cliff without ever knowing what happened to them. It is our calling, nay – our responsibility, to force that exposure, whether the people know it, want it, or even care about it. Once exposed, the people will rise up.

          Two, this election cycle had massive election fraud. Every election has voter fraud, but this year was massive, indeed, no matter what the pundits will tell us after the fact. One thing I’m dedicating myself to is exposing this election fraud (mainly the electronic fraud that is so difficult to prove). What we, as a group, need to do is to find election reform that will secure our future elections so that what happened in the past will never happen again. If we can have secure ATMs that millions of people use on a daily basis, we surely can have secure election results and an election counting process that will be the envy of the world.

          And three, we need to create a new party that is truly OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people (do check out the CFP). The Republican party has proven time and time again that they are run by progressives that are just as bad as the ones in the Democratic party. When a party actually stands for truth, justice, and the American dream, we will not only garner people from the Republican party, but also from the Independents and the Democrats. People want truth. If you give them handouts, they will gladly take them, but if you give them the truth about those handouts and how they cannot be sustainable, they will see the light.”

          These should be our goals and we should all work to opening the eyes of the masses to what many of us here already know and feel.

          1. Nukeman … You and I have seen pretty much eye-to-eye for a very long time.

            If you will allow me, I would just like to clarify a couple of points.

            Let’s begin with # 3. This has been self-evident for a long time. The only point I wish to make here is that there is no Republican or Democrat Parties. There is one monolithic Government Party. The terms “Republican” and “Democrat” have been misnomers for over 60 years. The real delineation is between “conservatives” and “non-conservatives.”

            Almost no one in the Government Party is a conservative. The establishment Government Party has shown its disdain, disrespect, and hatred for conservatives for decades.

            Now, as concerns # 1. No one is going to “bust” the establishment Ministry of Propaganda. However, it is not necessary to spend time attempting to chase them all over the map with the truth. We need to neutralize them.

            As I have been pointing out here, and at other sites, we need to establish a competing, neutralizing media that attracts the everyday voter. Then we will be in a position to disseminate unfiltered truth directly to We The People. We need ideas which are “unconventional” and out-of-the-box, but will have the effect that we desire, which is to reach the people directly.

            As I said, I have been trying to get this discussion going, but it doesn’t seem to be resonating, even with the “choir.”

            As concerns # 2, this is a matter of manpower. The Government Party has massive amounts of manpower at their disposal, and are entrenched at the various local levels with their minions. We must find a way to remove these minions. Unless, and until these minions are removed there will be no recourse.

            This is going to take massive amounts of money. There are laws governing these things, and we must find ways to actually enforce these laws. Not just enforce, but enforce well enough in advance so that it is not all trying to be done at the last minute. The attack must begin now.

            Here is the conundrum: let us say we can prove election fraud. Who is it that is designated to do anything about it? What can actually be done, and by whom? This is really the crux of the election fraud situation.

            Voter ID is just one tool, and not foolproof in any way. Criminals get phony drivers licenses all the time. We have to get specific, first about the mechanisms for identifying voter fraud, and second, and more importantly, how to prosecute and punish those who attempt it. Punishment including the negation of that vote. Not in some phony-baloney legal system where the gears grind ever so slowly. But immediately upon discovery.

            Saying that the Ministry of Propaganda is corrupt, and that we need to neutralize it, is not enough. We need ideas that can be acted upon immediately. Without the ideas, and the action, the rest is just “stating the obvious.”

            Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

            Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

            Illegitimi non carborundum.

            Barracudas Maximus.

            1. On my #1 point, that’s what I mean by ‘busting’ them. I agree to neautralize them with the truth from the new media (The New Guardians – 5th estate – us citizen journalists).

              As to my #2 point, you are talking about voter fraud and I’m talking about electronic election fraud. Secure the counting and you secure the vote.

              As to #3, we are in total agreement.

              Actions are in the works. It all starts with talk, but of course we move on from there to obtain results.

              As to seeing eye-to-eye for a very long time, you must have had a different disqus name, as you have only posted 16 times here. At any rate, I welcome your discourse.

        2. “Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.”

          that is what my grandfather told me my whole life except he substituted ‘hear’ for ‘read’ due to the far left news.

          He pegged Kronkite decades ahead of everyone else.

          1. sjmom … It will not be Rubio.

            He is GOP through and through.

            It has to be someone who is able, and willing, to go “rogue.”

            It also has to be a populist. Someone who connects with We The People across the board.

            Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

            Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

            Illegitimi non carborundum.

            Barracudas Maximus.

      2. I think the federal government is too corrupt and broken. I think it is going to be up to the states and the military to save this country!

    2. I don’t remember Rush campaigning for Romney. What I do remember is that he said Romney was far better than Obama, which was the truth. I voted for Romney, even though I didn’t want him as the nominee. I cared more about getting Obama out than anything else. Doing that is not campaigning for somebody. Rush never did as you stated.

      1. I don’t remember Rush pushing Romney either.
        My sister, who was a Romney supporter from the get-go, got so ticked off at Rush for criticizing Romney that she quit listening to him. I don’t recall him being excessively critical of Romney at all. I don’t think that pointing out facts is criticism, so maybe that’s the difference.

        1. Patriot … Your sister is wrong.

          As I point out below, in my reply to Constance, Rush was never out-and-out critical of Romney and his past history of progressive record. During the primaries Rush was critical of Romney only to the point of saying there were things in Romney’s record that were “troubling.”

          Again, that was only during the primaries. Your sister should have kept listening to Rush after the primaries. When Romney secured the nomination, Rush never again mentioned anything that was “troubling” him. It was all, “better than Obamao.”

          Rush made no secret of the fact that he wanted Romney to win. The only reason he ever gave was to beat Obamao.

          The difference between Rush’s treatment of the McLame run and the Romney run was apparent to all of us who follow Rush daily.

          As I keep reiterating, I love Rush. However, I am neither blind nor deaf to his predilections.

          Your sister, like most people who listen to Rush, heard only what she wanted to hear.

          Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

          Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

          Illegitimi non carborundum.

          Barracudas Maximus.

      2. Constance … I’m sorry that I offended you, but you are wrong. Rush campaigned for Romney.

        I have been listening to Rush since he first came on the air nationally in 1986. In all that time, right up to today as I sit here writing this, Rush is on my radio right behind me. I have probably missed 100 days of Rush during the last 26 years, a record that I believe cannot be matched by many others.

        In 2008 Rush continuously told the truth about John McLame. In fact, he said on many occassions, “It doesn’t matter which of these two get elected. We are screwed!”

        Rush never said any such thing about Willard Romney. In fact, he made a point of not using the same language again. Once Willard Romney was nominated, Rush never brought up any of the negative Romney points that he had previously spoken about.

        Rush went out of his way, this time around, to try and convince us that Romney really had conservative “leanings.” He never once stated the truth, which is that Willard Romney was even more liberal/progressive than John McLame. He attempted to whitewash all of Willard Romney’s liberal/progressive record by omission.

        It was obvious to me, and maybe only to me, that Rush was going through an attack of guilt for having bad-mouthed John McLame, helping Obamao to win the Presidency in the first place.

        Purposely avoiding the truth may not qualify, to you, as campaigning, but that is a technicality. Rush was in Romney’s corner from the moment Romney secured the nomination. His treatment of the Romney campaign was totally different from his treatment of John McLame’s campaign.

        “Romney’s okay, because we want Anybody But Obamao,” is campaigning. If that is all you can positively say about a candidate, then that is what you say. The truth, of course, is that Rush was totally unable to point out, in any way, that Willard Romney was conservative.

        During the primaries Rush predicted that a Romney candidacy was death for conservatives and the conservative movement. Once Romney became the candidate Rush never brought this up again. He did a 180-degree turn, and pushed Romney as “better than Obamao.”

        As I said above, I love Rush. But this time around he was Republican first and foremost, and conservative took a back seat. To be more specific, he put his conservative principles in the trunk.

        Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

        1. When one says things like, ‘It was obvious to me, and maybe only to me‘, perhaps one should consider it might not be so obvious.

          The election is over. Many here did not want Romney from the start, but he is what we got. Any campaigning against him after his nomination would have helped ensure an Obama reelection anyway, no matter how much someone says it wouldn’t.

          So, let’s move forward and solve the present political quagmire, shall we?

          1. So you attack me? for the failings of your mindless post… either way your still lack facts, and in your world that might be hard too find, considering the intangible opinion you have of me…Have a good day…

    3. He has said this before. He is GOP although a Conservative. He has said before that he does not think 3rd party. Sarah thought this way, too. At what point do either one or both of them change their minds? I know in my own case I keep going back and forth. Which would be easier to do. Change the Republicans or let them wallow in their own filth? Right now I don’t know.

      1. Betsey … As you are a staunch Sarah supporter it pains me to have to take exception.

        On many, many, many occasions Rush has stated that he is conservative first, and Republican second. He has even stated, many times, that he will no longer carry water for the GOP.

        Listening to Rush over the past few weeks, whenever he refers to the Republicans he invariably uses the pronoun “we.”

        Mrs. Palin stated that she would not run third party … in 2012. She was very specific every time she was asked the question.

        When Todd Akin was engaged in committing political harakiri, Mrs. Palin said, in an interview (either Greta or Sean, I do not remember which) that she would back a Sarah Steelman run as an independent. In fact, she actually called for it.

        I assume that she was unaware of the “sore loser law” in Missouri. However, she made it very obvious that this was not outside her “arsenal.” Mrs. Palin, in many interviews, referred to herself as “an Independent ‘currently’ attached to the Republican Party.”

        Again, she was very specific in using the word “currently.”

        Mrs. Palin has made a career of “going rogue.”

        Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

  24. …Right ON RUSH, Right ON ,
    Dear Leader Part II fiscal cliff should be laid right in DEAR LEADER PART II’s LAP with the blessing of the GOP Congress.
    Then watch the DEAR LEADER PART II squirm like the MARXIST LIZARD he is.”(period)

        1. Krauthammer says that Obama does not to go over the fiscal cliff which would lead to higher taxes and slow growth. Rush says Obama does not care about a successful economy.

          1. And Rush would be right, of course. Krauthammer gives Obama the benefit of the doubt that he wants to be remembered for good things. Well, Obama’s “good things” happen to be the destruction of capitalism and America. Since Dr. Krauthammer is a shrink, one would think he would be attuned to this, but apparently not.

            1. Krauthammer is a Beltway denizen – he’s looking at this as if Obama were just like any other President. Rush calls it ‘they look at it through the same prism’.
              Rush is right.

              1. Rush has been saying for a while now that “I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic.” I’m wondering now if it’s crossing his mind to actually say it. If he truly thinks that Obama wants our country to fail, and now he has a fresh four years to fulfill his mission, if now isn’t the time, then when will it be?

                1. The time to panic will be when the Rating Agencies have downgraded you and the Chinese demand their money back.

              2. I don’t think those politicians and media pundits (supposedly conservative) who are in the beltway bubble even fully comprehend the extent of the crisis we are in or the evil behind it.

          2. As of yesterday I leaned toward Krauthammer but as of today I have to go with Rush.


            Just the comments of Carney and Reid alone today tell me the Dems are going in for the kill. this is the fundamental transformation Obama talked about. Maybe one day people will learn to take other people at their word. I would of thought 9/11 would of cured that since we didn’t take Bin laden at his…but apparently not.

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