Rush ridicules John Lewis over “He went to Selma” speech

We’ve already heard Allen West call John Lewis a hypocrite over his defense of Charlie Rangel. Now Rush takes a moment to point out the absurdity of John Lewis evoking race to help defend Rangel against his crimes:

We see this ongoing theme among some in Congress and some in the media where what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. For instance, I’ve pointed out in the past how some have developed this twisted notion of racism, where someone in the minority can’t be racist because they aren’t associated with the country’s white power structure. So in essence by that definition they can say anything they want and never be labeled a racist. How convenient.

And now, according to John Lewis, fighting as a black man for civil rights in the 60’s should be enough to earn you a pardon if you are found guilty of violating ethical guidelines in Congress. But if you are on the other side of that double standard, no matter how you’ve lived your life, you won’t be so lucky. Just ask Trent Lott.

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9 thoughts on “Rush ridicules John Lewis over “He went to Selma” speech

  1. cover for a man just based on the color of his skin….. racist!!!!…. a good and decent man…..THAT DIDN’T PAY HIS TAXES!!!!!! You go to jail but govenemnt workers keep the cash!!!!!!!

  2. Afirmitive Action is racist and stupid. Look at what it has produced…we got rangle, powell, a racist congressional block with BILLIONs from the Kommiecrat party and a sense of entitlement from the lowest ranking new black panther goons to the head of the DOJ.
    End Affiritve Action. End racism…

  3. We all are supposed to pay taxes.

    This isn’t like Rangel accidentally omitted paying them one year. This was over a period of 17 years.

    He has the gall to say that minorities are fighting the elitist’s wars and then games the system with this tax issue.

    If anyone reading this did the same thing , they’d be in big trouble with the IRS.

    Rangel was gaming the system and was caught.

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