Rush rips Republican elites for compromise with Democrats

Rush says that it’s all over the news today that the Republican elites, in the name of the American people, believe that they must compromise on the big issues with the Democrats when they win in November and this has Rush going ballistic! He’s been talking about it non-stop on his show today and I’ve put together a clip from the first segment where he tells the Republicans that compromise is NOT what the American people want and even goes as far to say that ‘you don’t compromise with evil’.

Rush is right on this. We do not want compromise – we want this socialist agenda that will bankrupt America STOPPED in its tracks! If the Republicans take this stance of compromise into the next 2 years, I assure you there will be a war within the party and it could mean, as Rush says, that the Republican party will be relegated to a third party status commanding the amount of votes that a third party gets. If that were to happen I don’t even want to think about what that means. It’s just too painful.

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