Rush stunned at Kagan’s ‘boatload of money from the feds is a gift’ comment

This is really incredible. Supreme Court Justice Elana Kagan actually referred this week, in defense of Obamacare, to money given from the federal government to the states as a ‘gift’. Rush sat stunned with this mouth open, that someone this stupid could be a Supreme Court justice.

Folks, this is why all week I have been urging you: Don’t think they’re smarter than you are. Don’t fall for that. Don’t grant them that. These are some of the most uninformed, ill-informed, arrogant, conceited people you will ever encounter.

Watch the clip below:

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158 thoughts on “Rush stunned at Kagan’s ‘boatload of money from the feds is a gift’ comment

  1. ‘bama Bucks don’t ‘cha know! Y I P EEEEEEEE! A Fool and Their Money Do Part at O’bucksville now don’t they!

    Think about it we pay these idiots to govern yet they dictate, and they legislate, precieve that that our Constitution was given to us by our Creator and judges are elected by THE RULER IN CHIEF and we Pay Their Salaries!!!

    What is wrong with that picture, hmmmm?

  2. Rush’s one hour interview on FOX/Greta was UNREAL.
    I advise people to find it and put it on CD, it was done in December, but ran recently.
    RightScoop may have it?

    Is it not funny the yippy-yap (KAGAN) could not shut up (and said some revealing things about progessive thinking) but the black conservative (my hero) they tried to villafy just listened and learned along with the reat of us.

    2 Judges pressured to recuse, only ONE acted with DIGNITY.

    In that context alone, WE conservatives won the argument by a mile.

    I just hope they rule on the facts, constitutuion, and protecting liberty, not that poor people need health care.


    Kagan is no doubt going (AND IS) to be a very bad Judge, she seems to have NO respect for the constitution, just gives it lip service when it fuels her argument in any way.

    The fact that thay made the argument for the BIG GOVERNMENT lawyers shows a LOT !

    Is is me, or should that old lady liberal call it a day?
    I think she is having her “second childhood” (older people SOMETIMES regress, not progress at some point as they get close to the end) and makes no sense at all.

    We heard recently, she thinks our constitution is not as good as South Africa’s, which has way too many world views in it for me.

    She does not like ours, because our FOUNDING FATHERS, designed it to be restrictive, for just such a case and PROGS like her.

  3. Kagan does not belong on the Supreme Court at all. It was stupid for the republicans to confirm her. She certainly should be recused on this case.

  4. Uh oh! I guess prior to her statement, she was reflecting on her unfettered love for Europe and how things “ought” to be for our Constitutional Republic. Perhaps, during her moment of inward contentment, she failed to remember in all of her educational training in law that the primary reason for distinguishing ourselves from the rest of the world was in fact the yearning for separation from the Motherland across the Great Pond to establish a society based on individual freedoms and rights on limited government and activist oversight by appointed judges. The Founding Fathers spent more time meticulously examining governing systems worldwide, as far back as history would permit them – more than actually implementing it – to develop the system of governance we have today. Didn’t she learn anything about the limited powers of the executive and judicial branches (not to mention the legislative one, as well) that were a priori for authors of our Constitution? Didn’t she understand that the “boatload” of money came as a gift by the merchants of Charleston, the orchids of New Jersey, the farmlands and cattle ranches of Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland, the cotton fields of the South, the maple syrup groves and bountiful fisheries of New England, etc. etc. to various communities and not by elective or appointed officials and the taxpayers-induced coffers of the federal government? Is she really that conflicted and dumbfounded or is it just a ploy to assure and allay the fears for her constituencies that an insider remains on board to inject confusion and radically maintain focus on the cause? Wow! Boatload! Now, isn’t that special.

  5. Free government money with no strings attached?

    Without talking about the many things related to this that makes her a bumbling idiot, I just want to say one thing.

    It irritates me when the federal government acts like it’s THEIR money they are dealing with. They almost always have strings attached to letting the money get back to the states, and the people of those states are the ones that supplied the money to begin with. I wish this process would change. I am sick of the federal government taking money and then saying to the states….do what we say or you won’t get any of this money back. It’s extortion in my mind. Excuse me you liberal jackasses….that’s OUR money to begin with!!

    1. Plus, the more “layers” that money goes through, the less there is of the original. “Administrative costs” at all levels takes about 70% of the money in most federal programs.

  6. Sounds corrosive to me….I’m one of the folks who have to pick up the tab for these deadbeats who want free healthcare. HEALTHCARE IS NOT A RIGHT!

    1. Bob Beckel made the point that 2 million people can get health insurance now that couldn’t before. Excuse me, Bob….what about the 20 million that are about to lose their insurance because of Obamacare? That’s just the short term. Over 10 years I think the mass of people will be dropped if the left is allowed to keep cramming mandated coverage into the plans. Businesses will just pay the fines associated with dropping the coveraqe.

      1. You see, Kong, it doesn’t matter how many people LOSE health insurance, as long as some “disadvantaged” people gain it.

        This is how the liberal mindset works – no matter how much damage is done to the producers, as long as the looters get a piece, that’s fine. Remember, equality above all, at any cost. Even if we all end up in deep s**t – as long as we’re all in *equally* deep s**t.

        It’s the Socialist mind-set – they consider damage done to the upper-class and the middle-class as an *accomplishment*, not as a negative side effect. It’s how the Soviets destroyed the middle class after the 1917 revolution, and that’s how they’re trying to destroy this country’s economically productive base now.

        History repeats itself, once again. Want to know how this particular chapter ends?

        1. Are you “the” Tommy Lee Jones? Lol, that would be cool, wouldn’t it?

          As much as I love a good horror story, this one is too scary to sit around until the end. I would hope it winds up in a civil war before we give up our freedoms to allow tyranny.

          You mentioned social equality. The guy that sits on his ass gets as much benefit as the guy that studies hard and does all the work. Problem is, the liberal ideology is bankrupt of any reality. If that happens, the hard workers will decide to sit on their asses, too….and who would blame them? I cannot believe the socialist elites don’t know this. I think they do, but they latch on to the ideology that grants them the most power over the most intellectually lacking group of zombies that couldn’t see a train coming if it was on flat land and in a straight direction. The one thing the elites forget to tell their groupies? They won’t be included in the equality and they won’t work for us….they will rule us.

    1. So would we all, but I think we have a better chance of diving down the rabbit hole to visit Alice in Wonderland.

    2. Please don’t put him in SuperMax. I really don’t want him living in the state right next to mine, and one in which I enjoy visiting from time to time.

  7. Her hands were all over the Obamacare formulation, yet she had refuse to recuse herself… UNBELIEVABLE! So much for the respect of the US Supreme Court’s “judicial” role. If she had any honor and fair mindedness, she should drop out of this case now!

    1. I did maintain a bit of respect for the judicial branch–have had zero respect for Congress and Obama for some time. Kagan is the reason respect for judiciary is now down the drain. God help us!

  8. If that’s the case, the federal gov’t can keep their gift and just give me back all the tax dollars I have been forced to pay them every year.

  9. After working for 30 yrs for and with academics, I have decided that the best thing for our children is to NOT allow them to attend college at all. With the exception of a very small few (and 97% of them are in my generation or older), intellect is NOT a bi product of education, especially higher ed. The most senseless, unintelligent, stupid, racist, irritated, group of idiots to exist on the planet are those who possess the greatest number of degrees, lawyers, and some physicians. I do not believe that judges are the first last, and expert on all things legal. Listening the solicistor general from BHO was a disgrace, and agree, Kagan is the stupidist of all! grrrrrr!

  10. Our Academic Elite

    Erudite and arrogant,
    profound within their mind,
    unlearned competition
    seems all that they can find.

    Zealous for that pinnacle
    that keeps them from disdain,
    they hoard what should be shared
    that they may keep the gain.

    Yet raining down on humanity
    from beyond that lofty peak
    is the understanding of empathy
    given only to the meek.

  11. Rush could have done us all a favor and at least endorsed a candidate. This election is so very important to everyone, the very least he could have done was say who he voted for.

    I don’t buy his argument that it would affect his objectivity. Rush has been doing this long enough to not let that happen.

    He has to know that Romney isn’t the best candidate, just like Mark Levin does. Hannity is another one who has let the conservative movement down. We at least need to know who it is they are voting for, then we can make up our own minds when its time to vote.

    1. So what happens if he endorsed Romney? All of a sudden he would be a piece of crap and a large portion of his audience would stop listening to him. Why is his endorsement important? You’re going to support whoever you support anyway, right? All his announcement would do is piss some people off and make others happy.

    2. Rush doesn’t endorse candidates for the primary. He talks about principles, not candidates. You can imply who he supports by what he says about principles, but he’s not going to tell anyone how to vote…we should be adult enough to decide that for ourselves.

  12. Folks,, what We need here is ,, an American Political Regime Change ,,
    the Political Parties ,, do NOT represent the ,, We The People ,, anymore !

  13. Making the complex simple. One of the many reasons I love this loveable little fuzzball.

  14. I think Limbaugh is doing a lousy job of explaining this,

    Just the snippet of what Kagan said – money from nowhere – it is a “gift” of “federal” money. The coercion is obvious when one mentions where the money came from. There is no “federal” money. The money was taxed (coerced) from the states’ populations, and now the federal government, after taking a chunk to pay themselves, is giving some of it back to the states with requiirements (corecion) on how it is to be spent.

  15. Kagan’s not stupid…she just had no where to go.

    When you attempt to defend the indefensible, you are likely to say some pretty incredible stuff.

    1. The left rejects reality. This is indefensible.
      The left rejects reason. This is indefensible.
      The left rejects self-interest. This is indefensible.
      The left rejects capitalism. This is indefensible.

      The entire philosophy of the left is indefensible.

      Which is precisely why people on the right want people on the left to “keep talking”, because the more they talk, the more ludicrous they sound, and the less people will want to follow their philosophy.

      1. 20% of the populous is liberal (a number that amazes me, due to all they stand for), 40% of the populous is conservative. The other 40% is considered independent, moderate, neutral.

        That is why the left tries so hard (with media and propaganda) to lie to these people. It is how they have swayed this country for so long. If we just keep pushing the Truth, the liberals will collapse inward upon themselves, much like Air America did and Current TV is presently doing now.

        It takes time, but we are winning the war of the indefensible vs the Truth.

    2. Which explains why she should have recused herself. She should ask the obvious questions, but when she has to bend this far backwards she is in no way being impartial. She will vote for “constitututional” no matter how unconstitutional it is.

      1. She doesn’t know. With all her supposed intellect, she thinks the word “recuse” means to get up and go to the bathroom.

  16. This proves man is not intelligent by any stretch of the imagination. This is an economic war against communists and Muslims, but it’s also a war of intelligence. I think everyone should have their own money printer.

    1. This isn’t an economic war; the free market and capitalism won that war a long time ago.

      This is a war over morality; between a morality that says “you are your brother’s keeper” and a morality that says “???”

      And that’s the problem. The former morality is not refuted, not rejected and not denounced, and the latter is unformed and unaccepted. In fact, those who favor the free market and capitalism grudgingly accept the former morality, but only differ from the Left in their degree of acceptance – ie. that it applies on the individual, not state level. Of course, this isn’t a principled argument against the former morality. Only a consistent and antithetical morality would truly counter said morality, but only a handful of people on the Right actually advocate it.

      Yes, this is a war over morality, but more broadly this is a philosophical war because there are more fundamental conflicts over metaphysics and epistemology which hardly anyone seems to be addressing.

      Socialism, communism, marxism and communism died in the mid-20th century. They only exist today, zombie like, because the unrefuted, unrejected and undenounced morality that says “you are your brother’s keeper” is keeping all of these political ideologies alive.

      If you want to kill them, you need to put a bullet through the head of each political ideology by not only refuting, rejecting and denouncing the “you are your brother’s keeper” morality – but also embracing, zealously and intellectually the counter-morality that says “you are your own keeper” and that it is a virtue to do so. That spirit of individualism is most consistent with the founding of America, and it’s what the Right needs to discover.

  17. What nobody is bringing up is the fact the Justice Thomas did not participate in the oral arguments.Why is that ? It was also suggested he recuse himself because of his wife’s involvement with the Tea Party.I would think he had some conservative insight he could have brought to the table.But yet Kagan was out there, what seems at times,dancing with Vermilli (sic) on most of the questions.I wonder if his voice will also be silenced when the opinion is written ?

    1. I would imagine that Justice Thomas’ insight will be scathing in his written brief. Also, Justice Scalia did a pretty darn good job of slicing & dicing. Perhaps Justice Thomas was humbly allowing his esteemed colleagues to shine and preventing the media circus that’s sure to arrive as soon as he weighs in with his thoughts/evaluation from taking the spotlight off the others.

      Also, Justice Kagan (ugh – i don’t like even typing that!) did a pretty good job of showing her ignorance of the Constitution and partisanship every time she opened her mouth. Sometimes it’s best to let ’em keep talking – they provide their own noose.

    2. No worries Bob. Thomas almost never participates in oral argument. But his written opinions are rock solid. He is the last guy there who will be silenced.

    3. Justice Thomas hardly ever participates in the oral arguments. Nothing different with this. He just thinks it’s a waste of time since they already have all the arguments without the oral arguments and don’t need it.

  18. Soooo, Federal money are shovel ready which falls from trees, according to one of the Supremes. Must be another one of those Harvard Graduates?

  19. Kagan is an altruist. It’s clear to me, because in her statement she said “it’s just a boat load of money for you to spend on poor people’s healthcare” – why just “poor” people? What about people who aren’t poor? Well, this is symptomatic of altruism. Poor people have the greatest “needs” and so therefore (according to altruism) it is everyone else’s moral obligation to help them. Sod whether it’s economically viable, sod whether it violates individual freedom/rights – Some people have a need…and that’s all that matters to altruists.

    Morality is a very powerful intellectual argument. It can make people jump off buildings, make people blow themselves up… or make people bankrupt an entire country and violate everyone’s freedom/rights.

    And the sad thing is that only a small minority on the Right actually rejects the left’s morality of altruism outright. Most conservatives, for instance, accept a pathetic compromise called “individual altruism”, without rejecting the whole thing. Little do they realise that a compromise isn’t effective against a consistent extreme.

    1. Since Dicuss is throwing comments around, I’ll assume you are referring to my, ‘Rush not doing sh$t’ comment.

      What conservative did Rush back? Is this about conservationism or just entertainment?

  20. You know, I thought the same thing as RUSH, because I have heard the argument and discussion before on Lib and Prog TV shows, mostly MSNBC, CNN, and PBS.

    This offer from Feds of the $”boatload”$ offered, puts STATES in major jeapordy in the future because of the sheeer size and old clauses and controls and HHS options if exercisized. Kagan made it seem like there was NONE ! I thnk she knows better and was fishing or trying to find loopholes to exploit in her questioning.

    The fact that she does not understand (or faking it), or has to ask that question , I am going to guess it is for the left who would see or ask the same question. Most lefties who think they are elites, don’t want to know about clauses and such, like “LIMITING PRINCIPLES”.

    If she does not know why, and it was debated a LONG time, and our lawyers even got me a little turned aound because it was a “little” wonky.

    I hear it, as she spoke it too, like this ALL the time on MSNBC. It is a mindset of progressives, that there is an endless supply of money, because we can print it.
    TO MAKE IT SIMPLE, the more we print and get out of balance we get what we have. Things gummed up, getting bigger and more mucky. Our mucky mud is turning into concrete now, and we are running out of time because we are finding the limits, and have a very DEVIOUS AND CREEPY President. Read what Peggy Noonan has been saying lately. She is coming down to earth after praising O-BLAME-O for 3 years, she now is just focused on WHAT HE IS DOING !!!!

    I here it in discussions on MORNING SMOE, where they are CLUELESS and don’t even mention whether something is unconstitutional, or say somthing about that once, and go off of 20 minutes, in and out of commercials.

    Joe always take both sides, day to day as guest come on like in 2010, during passing of the law, then the states decided to sue, he says a few words, as he listens to the players and mocks and laughs it up with the libs when he is alone with them and they were getting their way.

    He is way worse than Glenn Beck as he GLOMS on to info as is comes in he starts the ‘I TOLD YOU SO”.

    Beck actually has shows on HSN, FOX and GBTV on his radio extreme verson where he laid stuff out, but he seems kind of lost on this mandate and lawsuits on it, but was all over the CONTENTS of the OBAMACARE 2700 pages.

    Beck was all over that, explainint it was a moster package with so much spending and linking and hiring of Burocrats and IRS people.

    A good billl on health care well though out, maybe would be 500 pages or something, but this 2700 is a takeover, with so much socialism and dare I day communism mixed in.

    The SAUSAGE has so many NASTY things hidden in it, some of it won’t be found out for YEARS, and the HHS person, will be a HEALTH CARE DICTATOR of sorts.
    Some of the stuff in the 2700 pages, has NOTHING to do with Health care, except in a fake way and doing something very different in the back ground. MOSTLY SINISTER BIG GOVERMENT, I would guess.

    Remember Michelle Backmann found that $105 BILLION every year needed to get the thing up and going, not even known about. That was additional money Michelle tried to kill, but could not be defunded without the SENATE (not sure), even though Congress has the power of the purse, it is hard to stop something already passed.

    SCALIA gasped a lot on these points, and there was a reason why. He tried to read it, and found a LOT in there he did not like and KNEW it was too much power by the FEDS.

    THIS IS WHY KENNEDY was asking so many good conserning questions, and it was cool and made me proud they were in to it !!!!

    HSS Sec., maybe the most powerful person IN the country in a way.

    If they don’t take the mandate down, not to worry, we have one more DECENT chance.

    But it would be more pressure packed situation, with O-BLAME-O going aound mesmerizing the kids out there on his campaign.



  21. Thank you, Rush,

    In America’s darkest hour, when we needed you the most, you didn’t do sh#t. I appreciate it pal

    1. Oh, come on now. I think your anger at what is happening in this country is completely overshadowing your logic.

      1. Actually I’m no longer angry. If Rush would have backed a conservative candidate it would have helped. To those that are doing their all to save the country, it’s a bit of a slap in the face to have ‘The Big Voice on the Right’ sit it out.

        I still love ya Rush but we could have used your voice in this most critical time.

        1. Do you mean it would have helped to persuade the moderates/undecided/uninformed to vote for one of the Republican candidates, or do you mean it would have helped to consolidate support behind a particular candidate?

  22. Where does this boatload of money come from???? Will it fall from the sky. It taxpayers. It’s confiscating money. And distributing it among the states but the states will not be able to manage the costs because people who will think medical services will be free. Hello going to the ER for a toothache. It’s like the old welfare system and current Medicaid.

  23. Nearly cried when Kagan made the court. Funny how people can recognize and correspondingly revile an elitist in a movie or TV show, but in real life they vote or root for them.

  24. People are amazing. I was in line at the PO speaking with a Republican/Conservative White 75-ish year old Woman. A Talbots type, (boys ask your wife). This well heeled woman seemed fairly well informed, not Glenn Beck informed, but at least Bill O’Reilly informed (such as that is). Long story short we began discussing Government Money. This woman believed the Government has money. When I explained to her that there is no such thing as Government Money and that Government Dollars are Tax Dollars she turned whiter than her powder from shock. She genuinely (at 75 or so) had no idea that all the money they spend is private money they take. Then it was my turn to be shocked.

    1. I had a similar discussion with a family friend who has a severely disabled daughter. She is a registerd nurse and was back then, unquestionably, no argument going to vote for Obama because she was absolutely convinced the Republicans wanted to take away the aid money she gets to help with care for her daughter.

      I asked her about that and found out it is mostly Meidcaid money as her daughter is now over 21. I tried to explain to her how much better it would be if we did not have to send the money to the feds in order to get her back pennies on the dollar. I even tried to explain to her how even a modest tax credit would provide her far more money than the aid she was getting from the “generous” Feds.

      She absolutely could not fathom either concept. Total and complete resistance. It simply was free money. The democrats give it. The republicans want to keep it for themselves.

      We talked to her recently she still does not get it but said they have been cutting her aid back. I tried to explain how the feds mandate state Meidcaid, but it is our state that is broke now and had to cut back on Medicaid. No luck on that one either. The only bright spot is that she is just pissed at obama.

      1. Similar situation in my family and they just cannot see where their aid money really comes from. They voted Democrat last time, and probably will again, they just keep buying into the demagoguery, aaarrgh ! I keep sending them good info, may they PLEASE open their eyes before Nov !! We just have to keep getting our info out to as many as possible, that they might see the light real soon.

  25. In light of Rush’s rant today, which was priceless, I thought it was timely to post another great rant about Justice Kagan being WAY in over her head, much like this president. This was written right after Obama’s announcement. A wealth of information for anyone who wants to know just how unqualified she is to serve on the Supreme Court. God help us.

    1. I wish I could say I was shocked after reading it. I cannot and that frankly bothers me more than her sheer incompetence.

  26. Kagan is a waste of skin. Why this witch hasn’t recised herself yet is simply amazing. What a travesty of “justice”. She is biased and tainted… no honor, no conscience, no merit.

    She might as well be maobama… this is the worst possible situation. She is not objective nor should have any part in this ruling. Corruption runs deep…

    MAN I despise her… I hated her while she was “vetted” and hate her more when I hear this ignorance come out of her pie-hole. Asinine.

    1. And there is no higher law to make her recuse herself. This is one thing I wished the Framers would have seen coming. But hey, they were good dudes.

    2. Kagan is a waste of skin. Why this witch hasn’t recised herself yet is simply amazing‘ – sober

      That is exactly why she hasn’t recused herself. She’s a waste of skin witch.

    3. “She is biased and tainted… no honor, no conscience, no merit. ”

      All the necessary requirements for a democratic judicial appointment.

    4. Obama wanted Kagan seated. He defied the people by having the former Solicitor General who helped write the Heathcare, to be seated for the vote. It was all pre-arranged.

      1. Yeah, I know.

        I’m just stunned that NO ONE is able to kick her off the panel for this. It is wrong on so many levels.

  27. Where the heck does she think this “boatload of money” comes from?
    Dumb as a bag of hammers. I’m with Rush on this one. I’m totally stunned. How could anyone, nevermind being a Supreme Court Justice, be this stupid? I mean, if a third grader told me this, I could understand. But a grown woman?

    I’m as surprised as if you hit me in the fanny with a dead rabbit!

  28. I’m Canadian, and I know how stupid people get promoted in government. But I have to say, this sent shivers down my spine. How can someone so utterly clueless be on the Supreme Court? This isn’t just going full retard. This is braindead with a mission.

    1. You got it!

      It’s idiocy *with a mission* – Kagan may not understand the full implications of what she’s dealing with, but she will defend this POS with every fiber of her being. Not because she’s clueless – but because it’s the party line.

  29. Time to break out Mark’s Men in Black book. It tells you all you need to know about the Supreme Court justices.

  30. I remember when Kagan was nominated, that liberal pundits were all very excited because they said her intellect would be so compelling that she would be capable of swaying conservative judges. Thinking back on that now, I just have to LOL.

    1. Braindead and a compelling intellect. Both are possible and plausible simultaneously for the liberal mind.

  31. Where does Kagan think the feds are getting the money to give a “gift” to the states to provide healthcare for the poor? The Libs don’t understand our money does not belong to them, it belongs to us. The Robin Hood mentality is now over the top. It is amazing how so many lack common sense.

  32. hey Kagan, there are strings on that boatload of money, right back to the productive taxpayers.

    1. Good point as the RINO’s also gave LIAR Obama the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell as well as the START Treaty with Russia just after the 2010 landslide.

      1. SC also is the home state of an amazing 5 of the faithful 22 house members we can always count on, sport.

        I am waiting with baited breath for you to tell us how many call your state home.

        Shall I guess? Since there are only 17 left for the other 49 states combined, my guess would be zero.

  33. Wow, I agree with Rush, for once…. but I must add, that entire hearing was…… dumbfounding to read. I don’t care what side of the fence you sit on, that dog and pony show they gave us, was pure #$%@#$%@#$ insane!

    1. Where did you get that photo? It wasn’t supposed to leave the Oval office‘. – BHO (dear leader)

  34. This what your “superior” education Harvard produces: Squat. How can that school’s education be so much more valuable than all the oithers? Well, it isn’t in the educational sense but in the realm of “insider” connections it is the hands down leader. The government is rotten with these people and look at what we have: A ship of fools heading for the reef. Kagan’s position on the Supreme Court could not exemplify this more. She is demonstrably dishonest and her dimness only serves to enhance the incompetence she brings with her.

  35. This isn’t a shock to me. I’ve been saying for many years that Liberals really are retarded enough to believe that there is ‘free money’. These people really are totally out of touch with reality. They actually think Gubmint somehow ‘creates’ money, instead of the reality, which of course is that Gubmint can only confiscate money from you and I. Liberalism IS a mental disease.

    1. She is just the tip of the iceberg. And to think she was CONFIRMED as a justice! And to think that our republic can be destroyed based on the opinion of someone like her. We are hanging by a thread folks.

        1. Unfortunately, I go to DC a few times a year. The continued growth, sprawl and generally high standards of living is infuriating. Often I notice the small things compared to my town. Everyone driving late model cars, high end malls and restaurants are packed. Bars overflowing with people and revelry even on week nights. The attitude of the people also reflects a wealth and prosperity living off money borrowed on our backs. I really cannot stand going there anymore.

          It is truly a massive, engorged parasite on America.

  36. Kagan is an overeducated moron. She can go to Harvard or Timbuktu, it wouldn’t matter. She’s a third-world statist who favors positive law over Original intent (a subject she never bothered to learn). She goes “duh” for her party.

  37. Republicans found 17 trillion in ObamaCare.

    This has to be struck down. If not, the healthcare will collapse us financially.

      1. With a direct hit to the core of the Constitution thrown in to boot. Not to mention the massive increase in government union employees an 10’s of millions of new government dependent voters.

        A fundamental transformation.

  38. This story reminds me of an interview with a mugger, who when asked if he ever felt bad about taking a victims money he said, “No, because it is my money that they just happen to be holding.”

  39. Would that be a gift from Santa? Where does she think that boatload of money the federal govt is going to give comes from?

  40. Its that Obama Money. It is free. It is a gift. Kagan should have ethically recused herself from this entire process but the arrogance of these people prevented her from doing that simple thing. If it were a conservative justice who didnt recuse themselves in such a case the left would be creating another lynch mob for that justice.

    1. If she did –

      She would not have revealed herself as the IDIOT that she actually is!

      She has put herself in a box

        1. That’s why it’s imperative to invalidate Obama as President, both of these bozos go bye bye. However if you’re going to sit idly by and allow your country to be officially flushed, than you deserve what you get.

      1. Quick, apply postage and mail to a foreign country, Afghanistan and hurry! Don’t forget the burka as I’m sure they won’t want to look at her anymore than we do.

    2. Rush has really taught me something this week. These people are not on the same intellectual level as most of us out in the real world. And, the useful idiots who happily punch the ballot for these ding-dongs are just and idiotic. Especially in our neck of the woods! I am no longer going treat people who continually vote for these people with any respect for their intellect. You cannot be intelligent and not see what they are doing. They’re doing it in broad daylight now.

      1. Oh come on, Mayor Kitty is doing a fine job in our city…… A fine job of flushing it down the toilet. Especially now that they are going forward with the blasted W11th EMX project despite HEAVY public outrage but it fits into UN’s Agenda 21. Our city is full of idiots and the queen idiot is the mayor

        1. Which is exactly why I won’t ever treat these people with any respect for their intelligence ever again. In Levin’s words, “Dummies!”

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