Rush to Cohen: The new Jews are the Tea Party

Rush took nearly a full segment to talk about Cohen’s comments yesterday regarding the comparison of Republicans to Nazis. For the most part it wasn’t the Nazi reference that Rush focused on, but the lies that Cohen was telling that led to that comparison. Rush sets him straight on it, pointing him first to an article written by one of his own, Evan Thomas, called “The Case for Killing Granny.” He then points out that the American people are not victims of propaganda, but rather they are rooted in truth as many of them have read the bill and they know exactly what’s in it. He makes sure to also point out to Rep. Cohen that the propaganda around this health care bill has come from the Left and the American people resisted it and still do to this day, even though it was passed into law against their will.

But when talking about the specifics of the Nazi reference Cohen made yesterday, Rush said this (right after 6 min mark):

Congressman, who’s been more demonized in America recently than the Tea Party and the Tea Party’s leaders? If you are going to make a comparison with Nazi Germany, isn’t it clear who the new Jews are? Sure as hell isn’t the Democrats. Who are the new Jews Congressman Cohen? It’s not the Democrats. It’s the Tea Party.

At the end I included Rush exposing Chuck Todd basically passing off Cohen’s comments as something to be expected from rhetorical bomb thrower, but not something to get upset about.

So much for civility. Good!

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