Rush: We are all Sarah Palin now

Rush hits back hard against the assault coming from the left that the Tea Party are hostage takers and terrorists. He starts by playing one of his great media montages of Democrats in Congress referring to the Tea Party as holding the country hostage and then reads a Politico article that refers to the Tea Party as terrorists. He says emphatically that he doesn’t want to hear any more crap from the left on civility:

I don’t want to hear anymore crap from Democrats about civility! I don’t want to be preached to one more time by these holier than thou, better than everybody else, smarter than everybody else craven villains about civility!

I have to tell you folks and I know I am not alone, I am mad as all get out [that] the Democrats and their cohorts in the drive-bys have collectively ratcheted up this divisive, uncivil, reactionary language to trash the Tea Party and by extension conservatives. We’re not terrorists! we’re not killing people! We are Americans who disagree with YOU! We are Americans who disagree with statism! We are Americans who disagree with socialism, communism, and liberalism! We’re not holding anybody hostage, we ARE the hostages!

He goes on to say that to the left we are all Sarah Palin now, that they fear the Tea Party like they fear Sarah Palin and that’s why all this is happening.

Amazing monologue Rush.

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