Russia fires warning shots at N. Korean vessel, captures over 160 fishermen!

It sounds like things are getting mighty tense between Russia and North Korea, with Russia capturing a boatload of fishermen after having to fire warning shots at one of their fishing vessels:

Russia stopped 13 different vessels, according to the report, and is now holding over 160 North Koreans. Russia is accusing them of attacking and wounding four Russians.

CNN says that Putin just cordially met with Kim Jong Un last month and even discussed being an intermediary between Kim and Trump. But now it looks like this could be a big setback to their relations. And if things continue to sour, it could mean North Korea might have to rely solely on China for trade, which would further isolate them.

They also point out that it’s likely the UN sanctions are driving the desperate North Koreans to try and sell their seafood on the black market because they aren’t allowed to sell it normally. Meaning they go out into foreign waters and meet with rogue boats to sell their fish, so that it gets relabeled as if it were from Japan or another country. Not sure if that’s what they were doing in Russian waters, but whatever the reason it looks like this confrontation is a pretty big deal.

Watch the video for more…

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79 thoughts on “Russia fires warning shots at N. Korean vessel, captures over 160 fishermen!

  1. Wow, I knew the Russians were xenophobic, but this! j/k, I’ve no idea why the Russians would do this to some Nork fishermen, but it’s definitely interesting.

  2. The smart thing for America to do is dump the anti-American Europeans and form an alliance with the Russians. We will need their help to fight the coming war with radical muslims or with China, both formidable enemies of the U.S. Russia poses no threat to America, the Muslims and the Chinese are our real threat… and with most of Europe (except maybe Poland) embracing muslims, it’s time to consider a paradigm shift in our alliances.

  3. Talk about being “between a rock and a hard place”. These North Korean fishermen either catch and sell enough fish to satisfy Kim or end up in prison back in North Korea. Option number two. Fish in Russian waters, get caught, arrested and maybe never see their families again. Hopefully Russia will feed them well and give them all the vodka they can drink before shipping them off to Siberia.

    1. 😀 Interesting article. I just don’t know if I have enough information to comment beyond stating suspicions there are more motivations than I am privy to, at this time. NK has been used as a rattle for multiple reason de jour.

    2. Data Smog. That’s your culprit. Information overload on the stupid stuff, then when something significant or deep in nature is out there to get reported on, if it’s not circus-like, many aren’t interested because there’s no one to call stupid names.

      Life has become a living, breathing, edition of the National Enquirer. You are fortunate in that there are still a decent core group of people here that can grasp the difference — cater to their intellect on truly important matters on a continual basis and there will be a paradigm shift of what the masses can expect to find here.

      I think you do a great job on the important things, but fall prey to Omar, Beto, Ilhan, Tlaib-like stories syndrome.

      Keep up the good work, RS.

    3. What does it really matter in the long run? You go ahead and post what interests you, it is your site. Your mods have run off most of your various commenters, anyway. Not every one agrees with you all so they/we just avoid conflict and read without posting. But we are still clicking.

      Life goes on.

      1. Seeing you is a walk down memory lane terrible the way so many friendships were lost since 2016 @disqus_onwcYz8cPP:disqus

        1. I don’t know, it happened to me, and it was for something I didn’t think I did. But I persuaded them to reinstate me.

          1. Sometimes Disqus decides to ban people. There’s some kind of net nanny that isn’t quite logical. I’ve never seen anything of yours that would be ban worthy.

      2. Anyone that is run off, deserve to be run off — but I think that is by design of the offenders. RS has some of the best mods.

          1. LOL “high level of Trollness…” funny… There’s got to be a better conjugation, however… How about… Trollzilla? No? Then how about… “Trollmammoth!” “Gigantitroll!” or… or… oh, I know…”Super-TROLL-fluous!” LOL I’m a little slap happy this morning…

            Good Morning, Doc!!

    4. Well here buddy, I can help with that.

      So, like, here you’ve got some North Koreans. They’re kind of like motorists, just trying to get from A to B. Maybe sell some fish. Not really doing anything wrong. Something “illegal” perhaps, but their conduct… really it ain’t harming anybody and there’s no reason at all to get worked up about it.

      So then you’ve got some Russians, right? And they are the authority – au-tho-ri-ty – on these roads. I mean waters. They come out with guns and force and stop these people on the water version of the highways. Because like, they’re the authority and they can do that. And maybe they even feel entitled to use a little more force than necessary because like, allegedly, one of them felt threatened and/or was hurt. Which means that they can step up the force game because those SOB North Koreans need to just do as they’re told. Respect the authority. Like an American motorists would. Shut the hell up motorist, you don’t deserve liberty! This is for safety! Boating is a privilege, not a right! Because… because…

      The safety of the high seas. Or something.

      Anyway, the Russians can go to hell. Screw those guys. Russian Lives Matter? F that noise.

    5. We care, Scoop! But I just got done with a long day of baby-sitting and meal preparations so I’m just sitting down now for a bit of news.

      1. I know, and I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular. I just thought it would do a bit better than it did.

        It’s always risky for me to say something like this and I probably should have resisted the urge.

    6. For me Scoop, anything on the second amendment, and you will have all of my attention. From the latest news concerning the NRA to GOA new gun laws, shot show, some of the YouTube gun channels. I wouldn’t mind seeing more stories about good people with guns, that protected individuals from harm, the drive by media will never show any of that.For me those are what I’m interested in, that’s what I care about.

          1. I think my mags need new springs because it keeps having feeding issues every few shots. I called taurus and they are sending me a new mag to test with. If it still has feeding issues, I’ll send it back for them to fix.

        1. Nice. The last one I picked up is the Ruger security 9mm. Its fun for plinking at the range and not having to worry so much about the price of ammo.

          I have a verity of different 22lr. What’s on my wish list in the 22 family, is the Henry golden boy, with the octagon barrel.

          1. I’ve got the Henry with the octagon barrel and the Skinner sights. I shoot clays with it at 50 yards offhand. Very nice little rifle.

      1. New Mexico is passing gun laws. We used to be considered the state with the most liberty. Now democrats control everything. I think some are unconstitutional but I don’t know if anyone is fighting them.

          1. My county is a 2nd amendment sanctuary county. Its not just guns they’re after. They’re also attacking natural gas and coal plus raising taxes. Wyoming looks good.

        1. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —
          Two new gun laws will go into effect for New Mexicans on July 1.

          Starting Monday, anyone who buys a gun in the state is now required to go through a background check, whether they purchase the gun from a store, a neighbor, or a friend. The only exceptions are sales and transfers between family members and between law enforcement. It’s important in terms of making sure that guns don’t end up in unsafe hands,” said Miranda Viscoli, with New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence.

          The other gun law going into effect would restrict those convicted of domestic violence or those with restraining orders from possessing guns at all.

          “If you purchase a firearm from someone who is not directly related to you, i.e. mom, dad, aunt, uncle, you would be guilty of a misdemeanor crime,” said Sheriff Tony Mace, president of the New Mexico Sheriffs Association. “If you’re under a protection order, you can’t own, possess a firearm or ammunition. You’ll have to surrender it to law enforcement.”

          While supporters of the legislation believe these laws will make New Mexicans safer, others aren’t convinced.

          “Our crime and our gun violence in New Mexico is at an all time high, we have way too many young people getting a hold of guns. This will help make sure that doesn’t happen,” said Viscoli.

          “We don’t have the tools necessary to enforce that law, so that’s where the comment, the stance of it’s going to be a law that’s in the book that’s not used comes from,” Mace said. “We don’t have a system in New Mexico to track firearms.”

          In April, several New Mexico counties passed “Second Amendment Sanctuary” resolutions in response to this legislation. New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas has warned sheriffs and police chiefs that they risk legal liability if they refuse to enforce these new laws. The background check law will also apply to gun shows.

        2. I have an app on my phone, I’m always getting updates to any new gun laws in all the states. As for now nothing on New Mexico new gun laws. I’m in Virginia, the Democrats are moving out of Maryland and DC, and moving to our state for lower taxes. They’re also bringing their gun control views with them.

          1. Thanks. I think they took effect July 1. Mandatory background checks was one. I think it includes all private sales. Something about mandatory gun safes too.

    7. “…with Russia capturing a boatload of fishermen…” Did you mean that figuratively or literally, Scoop?

      I was slow to comment because I didn’t (don’t) quite get it. You stated that Russia is accusing NK of attacking and wounding four Russians. So this doesn’t seem to be about sanctions, territorial waters, or even their historic relationship.???

      1. I’m guessing that the wounding and attacking was during the capturing that was the result of the fishing in territorial waters.

          1. I don’t know. But I do know that Yang wants to heavily tax cattlemen to put them out of business so we all have to eat North Korean sardines.

    8. Follow up to your impeachment hearing article/link. Nadler is threatening to hold Lewandowski in contempt of Congress.

      1. It’s ironic you point that out. I saw that earlier today but I didn’t post on it because I’m having a harder time finding stuff that I really like too.

        I got really jaded at one point, not long after Trump got elected, because it was just fight fight fight. Things are much better now but I still at times roll my eyes at some of this stuff.

        1. It’s really hard to keep up with this stuff and it tends to get repetitive. I get Jihad Watch and it’s the same thing over and over, scary and boring at the same time.

        2. I like comedy in politics and that hearing was hysterical. The NBC climate confessional is pretty funny too. The radical left has no sense of humor. Ours is exceptional.

    9. I just now saw this, but I admit it’s a little tricky trying to work up even a little sympathy for either side.

      1. I do feel some sympathy for the fishermen. Maybe one day the North Korean people will revolt. Hopefully with better results than the Iranians…when Obama did nothing.

    10. 1. Do we care if Russia neutralizes North Korea?
      2. Who’s paying for North Korea’s black market fish exports?
      3. Why do we care if North Korea sells fish on the black market, if Google can get away with targeting conservatives, yet continue to do business with the authoritarians in China?
      4. Why aren’t companies like Walmart expected to pull all Chinese products from their shelves, if our national interests are suppose to come before our economic interests?

          1. Because Mexicans can just come over here and get food stamps welfare medical and housing. That adds up to a lot more $ than they can make manufacturing cheap stuff.

    11. Stick with Trump, Cops or Trump and you’ll be good.
      Btw, I’m wishing I took the Jaguars instead of the Titans in Thursday Night Football. I’m trying to catch up to Sooper Mexy. ; )

  4. Wondering how fisherman on a dinky, little fishing boat chooses to harm Russians on much bigger boats… did they shoot them? Throw a fish and slap them upside the head with it? Call their mommy a name? Or are the Russians just making that stink up to flex their muscles? You know… exercising their sovereignty? LOL

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