Russia fires warning shots at N. Korean vessel, captures over 160 fishermen!

It sounds like things are getting mighty tense between Russia and North Korea, with Russia capturing a boatload of fishermen after having to fire warning shots at one of their fishing vessels:

Russia stopped 13 different vessels, according to the report, and is now holding over 160 North Koreans. Russia is accusing them of attacking and wounding four Russians.

CNN says that Putin just cordially met with Kim Jong Un last month and even discussed being an intermediary between Kim and Trump. But now it looks like this could be a big setback to their relations. And if things continue to sour, it could mean North Korea might have to rely solely on China for trade, which would further isolate them.

They also point out that it’s likely the UN sanctions are driving the desperate North Koreans to try and sell their seafood on the black market because they aren’t allowed to sell it normally. Meaning they go out into foreign waters and meet with rogue boats to sell their fish, so that it gets relabeled as if it were from Japan or another country. Not sure if that’s what they were doing in Russian waters, but whatever the reason it looks like this confrontation is a pretty big deal.

Watch the video for more…

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