Russian attack warplane taunts US Navy ship in Black Sea

Welcome to Obama’s America where even Putin doesn’t mind taunting us:

NBC NEWS – A Russian attack warplane engaged in “provocative action” when it repeatedly buzzed a U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer in the western Black Sea on Saturday, U.S. military officials tell NBC News.

According to officials, in a 90-minute encounter, the Russian SU-24 fighter jet made a dozen low passes — ranging from sea level to several thousand feet — near the USS Donald Cook.

The crew aboard the Donald Cook made several attempts to radio the Russian warplane asking the pilot what were his intentions and sending warnings to remain at a safe distance, but the Russian pilot never responded.

The Donald Cook only responded to the Russian jet with radio warnings, and “did not go to battle stations.”

Military officials say it appears the plane was not armed with any aerial bombs, but the actions were still in violation of several international protocols.

While military officials consider the incident “provocative and unprofessional,” they say the encounter ended without incident.

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70 thoughts on “Russian attack warplane taunts US Navy ship in Black Sea

  1. Adam Smith first realized that we had stumbled upon ways to cooperate which enabled us to overcome the limits of our own personal knowledge.

  2. The predominantly black and Hispanic high school drop outs which make up the entire personnel of the US military perhaps should run along and do what they do best such as fighting wars for Israel and killing civilians.

  3. the aircraft is equiped with an internal 23 mm cannon. how could they know it was unarmed?

  4. Did obama tell PUTIN he better watch out or he’ll draw another red line . The great leader , but of what ???? Maybe the cattle in Nevada .

  5. This type of action was commonplace during the Cold War and even resulted in a few collisions. Yeah, the key words here are “Cold War”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they suppressed the info that the Russian pilot actually radioed back, “Obama is a p***y!”

  6. …”While military officials consider the incident “provocative and unprofessional,” they say the encounter ended without incident”…

    There is a reason for this. Obama wrote an Executive Order demanding all naval vessels not carry ammo. It might hurt the feelings of any Russian warplane that might want to ‘buzz’ the ship.

  7. Not to worry. Barry will figure it out as he rapidly retreats to another golf outing or a fundraiser.

  8. dude…. Putin is ex-second highest KGB trained in military strategy..
    he is playing an undetected chess game move after move and the obama
    admin is trying to decide red or black checker pieces. we should all
    worry because putin does have something he wants… he is showing us he
    knows just how to get it… and is as charlie sheen says “he is winning”

  9. don’t worry….FuBar Ack did put a line on the water….Putin is scared to death, hiding under his bed….
    And if Russians p**s on us the news will read: “it is raining”

  10. One of the nice things about these modern Destroyers is that they really don’t need to shoot you to kill you, I suspect that had the Skipper been truly annoyed he’d just have locked the Ivan up with ye olde SPY1D and cranked it up to 11.

    1. Well nothing to worry about, according to Juan Williams on O’Reilly tonight, he said “we know the aircraft had no missiles or anything”.
      Well at least he feels better. Typical liberal idiot fool. Juan, man of many words, but little, if any substance. That’s what you wind up with when you have to fill quotas.

  11. Good thing we have a bunch of shiny new F-35s that the American taxpayer has dumped several billions into to shoot down Russian planes……oh wait.

  12. I shudder to think that all during the Olympics NBC and Obama were whining that there were not enough gay bars in Sochi, all the while Putin was planning on simply invading and annexing the crimea. And Obama was absolutely clueless the Ukraine was in play. Scary, to know that the leader of the free world does not have any idea what he is doing.

    1. Yeah. I think you’re right; neither the president nor his administration have any clue what they are doing. Meanwhile, freaking Russia dares kick sand in our face. Remember when the USA had guts?

      Maybe the citizens still do.

  13. I had to erase everything I just typed. I really can’t swear like that in public. This bs would never happen if we didn’t have the traitor pos we have now.

    1. If we had a real President, that MIG-29M would be history and Putin would have never admitted it existed in the first place. :-{

    2. You have the same problems huh? Erase erase erase, and at times I come to the point and say why even bother.
      but just in case you’re wondering, Putin is a racist, you know,how dare he? and we’re gonna talk to NAN, and really let them know how we feel.
      It got Holder happy, it should work for me.

  14. Barack Obama has made America “The Punk” of nations. He has dissed us, degraded us and apologized for us so very many times that “The red headed step child” adage has been tattooed on our nation in neon ink. This POS makes Jimmy Carter look like “The Road Warrior”compared to himself. He has no backbone, no balls and he slithers. This my friends is the ultimate slap in the face to our Founding Fathers and to the very core of our foundation. To call this man “President” of the greatest nation that God ever created is the biggest case of blasphemy ever to blight the planet and when you think you have seen it all, this faux leader still continues to beat the horse long after it died.

  15. You know, if it was not for politicians,banks,oil companies,insurance companies, religion and money this would be a wonderful place to live

  16. I’ve never served in the USN… so I don’t know what protocol is and I’m sure the admiralty locked them down and prevented any sort of self-defense or warning shots to be fired… But even mosquitoes become annoying when they’re buzzing around long enough. In another age, that plane would have been fish food. Under a real U.S. President, this never would have happened. Obama, through his incompetence, weakness, and arrogance (not to mention malice for America), could conceivably be responsible for WWIII.

    1. So they say this plane had no missiles. Well, what about some sacrificial towel head (oops, I’m sorry. I mean “little sheet” head) ready to find his 72 Virginians? If they let this plane buzz our ships, they’ll let anybody and then we have a USS Cole all over again.

      How stupid (or craftily evil) is this White House anyway?

  17. Now where did I put that “reset” button? …..Or, what the hell difference does it make anyway?

  18. Seems as though the Russian pilot “acted stupidly”. And I heard there was a Russian pilot who belonged to the “Russian Tea Party”….(sarcasm)

      1. When you said “gutted our leadership”, it made me recall Stalin’s purges of the military top brass in the ’30s that made it easier for the Nazis to invade. A rather scary thought considering the current geopolitical situation.

  19. The shame is ours. We place our warriors in harms way while allowing to stand, as their Commander in Chief, a post-American islamic and globalist sympathizer.

  20. When one revisits ‘Leading from Behind in Libya,’ the Arab Spring, Iran nuke deal, Syria, Russia’s invasion of Crimea, its amassing of military hardware and troops on the eastern Ukraine border and now this, what does Putin have to fear about Obama and Kerry’s feeble threats?

    When America has impotent and incompetent president like Barry, that’s when the world is most dangerous. The Paulbots and leftists don’t get it. If world peace is the goal, only a strong America can lead the way.

    Under feckless Hussein, the world is heading towards the next World War. Impeached the scandalous criminal occupying the White House now before it’s too late.?

      1. I just did Duckie and that’s what I call excellence in jornalism. A number of times as I was reading, thoughts would pop up. And every time and within a few lines you addressed them all.

        It was a factual piece that was well reference. More importantly, it was timely and touched on many concerns I have, yet have been not well covered, if at all by the MSM. The proposed cuts to our military must be stopped by the House. This is not the time to gut our military to pre WW II levels. As you accurately discussed, the dangers America faces abroad are vast and real.

        I can’t believe Obama has changed the military leadership to a point where they don’t object (they could leak it if unable to openly object) and actually bring it to fruition. And how someone like Chuck Hagel, based on his military service, can carry out these orders is mind boggling.

        It’s also important that we have a President Cruz and a Attorney General Gowdy in place by 2017 to begin to undue the damaged of fundamentally changing America,

        BTW, I had almost finished writing this post at Politchicks when I accidentally closed the tab on my tiny tablet. That comment was more precise and concise too.

        Again well done…

        1. I appreciate you reading it.
          Well said. I pray for Cruz/West/Gowdy and massive change. We need people in office who either know what it’s like to serve in Uniform, serve in Combat or at least appreciate the he!! out of those who have and still do.
          One thing that’s been a positive sign and a blessing – so many Veterans running for office this November. All know, uphold and appreciate the Constitution. We MUST make sure they win.

          Thank you so much my friend for reading it and your comment..

      2. When a government becomes tyrannical, Patriots are labeled traitors, or in this case racists.
        Thanks, excellent article Duckie, I saved it.

        1. So true. That’s the second time I’ve seen someone say that today. And so true.
          Thank you very much for reading it! I appreciate it.

      3. I signed up for the politichicks newsletter. I had to laugh when I read “can’t be blank” under the space for the email address, but I guess you can’t discriminate the LIV’s, huh?

    1. ~~ I agree….but I’m not sure I’d want this incompetent office holder to respond….quite frankly it is above his competency at this point….and the world knows it….!!!
      And what is happening to the USA is what he desires….!!!

    1. That got me too; they should have immediately gone to battle stations and the destroyer should have locked weapons on the warplane as well.

      I guess that have their orders from chicken little not to do anything that might get Putin upset. Obama is a national and international embarrassment who has destroyed America abroad and at home.

      IMPEACH the SOB now.

  21. I suppose the Ron Pauls and Pat Buchans of the world would say it’s our fault because we shouldn’t have been there in the first place,

    1. Yeah, how ridiculous. Putting a war ship in harm’s way and expecting nothing to go wrong.

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