Sam Adams created a new beer to celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ugh. Liberals are politicizing decent beer now?! Cmon man!!!

From The Hill:

Samuel Adams is releasing a new beer inspired by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
The “When There Are Nine” Belgian Bruit IPA was created by women at craft breweries to mark International Women’s Day and will be released by Samuel Adams at a special event on March 29.

“We are dedicating this brew to feminist icon Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and naming it When There Are Nine, inspired by her famous response to the question ‘When will there be enough women on the Supreme Court? ‘” the brewery wrote on a page for the event.

“We wanted to name it Brut Bader Ginsburg but our legal team, uh, dissented,” the announcement continued.

It’s the atmosphere of the culture liberals made that allows people to do this kind of stupid crap but conservatives are scared to even admit their more rational beliefs.

I normally find boycotts self-important and ineffective but I might make an exception for old RBG.

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74 thoughts on “Sam Adams created a new beer to celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  1. Oh for crying out loud. Did these geniuses have to get political with the only commercial American beer I like?
    Sam Adams himself would have been horrified.
    I guess I’ll have to seek out a reasonably non-political craft beer.

  2. Funny, I would have thought that suggesting that all justices should be women would be as bad as suggesting that they should all be men.

    Sorry, Sam Adams, I’ll be drinking something else.

  3. If they read about the real Samuel Adams they’d know he’d he against this and then scream at them. Then later at night they’d find pallets of tea on their lawn.

  4. I like their beer, but now this is just added to the list of companies that I will not patronize now. Nice. Can’t we have anything left in life that is not political?

  5. They violated the number one rule in
    the beer industry and now they gotta live with it. Don’t sample your own product line during a business meeting.

  6. Samuel Adams is one of my ancestors, and was a genuine, godly Conservative. He would utterly despise Ginsburg, and her despicable, anti American, left wing antics. She is a dishonest, ungodly hag, and Samuel would hate having a liberal corporation manufacturing products in his name, and using his image. I know I do.

  7. No Sam Adams or Ben & Jerry’s or Target in my life. I am sure there are more I don’t have to give my money to. I’m partial to Guinness Stout.

  8. No thanks. You can keep your overpriced commielib Boston bottles of pee in Massholechussetts.

  9. TV ad

    (Rachel Maddow in a Planned Parenthood waiting room. She smiles as she holds up a bottle with Ginsburg’s face on it. )

    “Abortion Lite–that’s this woman’s Choice!”

    (Takes a swig as visibly pregnant women cheer. Maddow smacks her lips.)

    Caption: The Official Lager of Planned Parenthood. 100% Dolphin-safe and Fetus-hostile.

    1. @spiritof61 I would love to see Greg Gutfeld do a spoof commercial just as you described. What a hoot!

  10. Sam Adams makes a fine lager and esb ale. I don’t buy it too much any more because of the expense more so than politics. Yuengling is cheaper, owned by Republicans, and fine in it’s own right.

    1. Shiner Bock is a pretty good lager. Shiner also has a Dark Lager that is something like the smoked beers of the Upper Franconia region of Bavaria. Shiner, being a TX beer likely will never honor a socialist, so it also has that going for it. If you can get it, Shiner has some good beers.

  11. I stopped drinking the cat pi$$ bottled under the Sam Adams name years ago.
    Life is too short to drink shi++y beer.

  12. Haven’t drank a Sam Adams since they omitted ‘Creator’ from their commercial citing the Declaration of Independence.

    1. That’s when it started for me as well. Although I never have been much of a Sam Adams drinker.

  13. Bet it tastes like cat p*ss and smells like kitty litter. But liberals will love it because it is Social Justice in a bottle.

  14. This is beyond moronic. The number of Americans who A( know who Ruth Bader Ginsburg even is and B) drink Sam Adams Beer is limited to my blue collar first generation immigrant grandparents and that’s only because they burn her in effigy before Sunday Mass. Use RBG to sell very stale wine. Trying to use her to sell beer only shows that you don’t know your customer base.

    Now, if they did Bret’s (KAVANAUGH) Brew with a picture of RBG and Bret going, “she ain’t my type”, you’d sell billions of bottles of that.

  15. Sam Adams is my favorite beer, and I doubt i’ll stop buying it for this one reason, but…this is pretty gay on their part. SAD!

  16. I very rarely drink alcohol, but on the once in a blue moon occasion when I pop a top of beer it`s to make beer batter for onion rings.
    I wouldn’t use any beer that celebrates this vile woman.

    1. I acquired my taste for beer when I was forced to consume it in large quantities while in the Navy. First time I ever saw a beer machine in my life was in a transit barracks in Charleston South Carolina 1972. Of course never aboard ship, but Katy bar the door when liberty came.

      Tip of my hat to your husband, and you as well.

  17. Supposed to be served at room temperature with no life or fizz and leaves a bad after taste.

    1. I figured it would have to go years beyond its expiration date before you were able to consume it

  18. I don’t drink… but maybe one beer a year to celebrate my brother’s birthday (when we’re together). I always fancied a Sam Adam’s (patriotic name) Boston Lager. No more. This sort of crap just annoys the you-know-what out of me. I personally, will boycott. SMH

  19. It should be called “Black Soul Beer” if they really want to name it after this abortion enabling witch.

  20. Thankfully I don’t drink beer and, though it’s not often, when my husband does he likes Blue Moon.

  21. Most folks on the right hate boycotts.

    That doesn’t mean they buy stuff from companies that stink.

    I haven’t shopped at Target since they defended men in the women’s bathroom. It’s not a “boycott.” It’s just that I’m disgusted by the thought of them still being in business.

    Same with Dick’s sporting goods.

    Same with those companies with gayed-up ads on tv, or pushing “awareness” at me. All they get from me is contempt.

    But it’s not a boycott.

    1. @k-bob You speak for so many of us! And what I don’t understand is how these successful businesses can so blithely disregard the feelings of at least half the country. Don’t they care about their bottom line anymore?

    2. I haven’t been back to Target since they allowed men in the women’s bathroom either. I never shopped at Dick’s anyway. I don’t care what people call it.

  22. Would this be a pismore beer? Two and you no longer make rational decisions? I guess that you could really get falling down drunk on it.

    1. When I want to make something similar to Sam Adams, I drink my home brew, then step to the end of the driveway…

  23. Who in their right mind would drink out of that bottle?! I have a feeling this is going to be short lived

  24. Here I thought Sam Adams was making a memorial brew in recognition of RGB.

    Sam Adams makes a decent brew. I don’t by it because it’s too darn expensive. I prefer Yuengling. It’s nearly $8.75 for a S.A. six pack and I can get a case of Yuengling for $16.00.

    1. @conserve-58 – Hubs prefers Yuengling too. I drink wine, but I really like the beer from the Cincinnati Rhinegeist brewery. I loved the Cougar flavor the best.

      Eh, I don’t like that they did this with RGB.

      1. @msliberty It seems that you and your husband have much in common with my wife and I. You girls can go out shopping while your husband and I kick back with a couple of Yuenglings. Yuengling is the only beer I can drink that doesn’t give me a headache. I also like the fact that the company is the oldest and last family owned brewery in the country.

        1. @conserve-58 – I think that is a GREAT idea! You would have a lot of time to drink 😉

          Funny, last night I was shopping on the couch lol & I found this Michael Kors lace jumpsuit that I wanted in the biggest way possible….until I saw that the price was $5,995.00 :facepalmg: 😆
          💡 So, I only showed hubs the photo of it & asked if I could get it. He said, sure that would look amazing on you. Then I showed him the price 😀 😀 😀 The look on his face was priceless.

          1. @msliberty 😆 By the time you and my wife got back from shopping your husband and I would be :silly: I doesn’t take much for me to get that way. I’m a light drinker.

            Ooof! A lace jump suit? :thumbsup: :fire: I bet I know why they call it a jump suit. Then again, for $6,000.00 your husband could take you on a cruise and I’m sure him seeing you in a $50.00 neglige would have the same jaw dropping affect. Hm, with $6,000.00 I could buy another motorcycle.

            1. @conserve-58 :bam: 😳 😉

              Oh, hubs & son are so into motorcycles. Our son has a couple Triumphs & Harleys.

    2. I make my .50 Cal American Cream Ale, for $22 for 5 gallons. Not taking anything away from Yuengling, which I enjoy on occasion. You should try home brewing.

      1. @lurker_joe I’ve considered going the home brewing route, but I don’t drink enough beer to justify it. A night of drinking for me is consuming three beers. I’m an occasional drinker. I don’t go out of my way to drink beer, but I do enjoy a cold one after working outdoors all day. I keep a glass mug in the freezer for when I get done mowing and weed eating mine and my neighbor lady’s lawns. I don’t drink hard alcohol of any kind.

    3. Yuengling makes a number of good beers for the money. Sam Adams went too far down the rabbit hole when they went gay a couple of years back. They can keep their “ode to Ruth Buzzi”.

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