Santorum’s phony theology comments misconstrued in the media


I know some of you saw this yesterday in Santorum’s Face The Nation interview, but the media continues to take Santorum’s ‘theology’ comments out of context and are accusing him of saying that Obama’s theology isn’t one that is based on the Bible. Here is Soledad O’Brien confronting Santorum’s campaign spokesman this morning:

A good job by the spokesman. He mentioned the part before the comments that CNN left out, so I’ve cut out the entire context myself:

This is really simple. When most people use the word ‘theology’ it is in a religious or Biblical context. Considering the full context it’s clear Santorum was not using it that way, but rather he was using it as a way of describing Obama’s world view of radical environmentalism which certainly can be referred to as a theology of sorts. And then to avoid confusion, after he said ‘phony theology’, he made sure to differentiate it from a Biblical theology by saying “oh not a theology based on the Bible, a different theology, but no less a theology”. He could have just as easily said ‘and I’m not talking about Obama’s religious theology, but his world view which can also be defined as a theology’.

It’s not hard to understand one bit for those who want to listen. But the MSM continues to take it out of context to misinform the public that Santorum was beating up Obama on his religious beliefs. It’s sad that they are willing to go to these means just to defend Obama and his terrible policies, but they are his propaganda outlet and it’s up to people with integrity to correct the record.


UPDATE: Rich Lowry gets it right on Fox News this morning and says this is nothing more than a trumped up media scandal. Kudos to him:

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