Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling promo for “Paying at the Pump”

Sarah Palin just tweeted this promo out and it looks like a must watch:

Watch “Paying at the Pump” on the Fox News Channel on Friday, April 13th at 10pm ET. Re-airs on Saturday and Sunday.

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26 thoughts on “Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling promo for “Paying at the Pump”

  1. There is something wrong with this picture !!!

    WTF!!!! Gov. PALIN are doing now with this nonsensical “Pain at the Pump”

    How does it helping to beat husseincare 2012 ????

    First was there : Game ON speech in Wisconsin

    Second was there: Unconventional primary election campaign and elections

    And Third and Last: nonsensical “Today”, and even more debilitating “Pain at the Pump” circus.

    Something is wrong with this picture of Gov.PALIN

  2. Always good to see and hear from the Governor. I’ve always had respect for women who can be tough but sensitive too. You betcha!!!

  3. Wait, but does that mean she’s working?

    Shouldn’t she be staying home with her kids?

    No, no that would mean she hadn’t worked a day in her life.

    But, but …

    Wait now …

    Oh man, I’m so confused!!

    1. Let me help you out -the Liberal mantra is: If you are a conservative woman, you are wrong no matter what you do:)

      1. I think one of the many things that rubs liberals the wrong way about Palin is she pretty much blows them off. She doesn’t care what others think. And she’s a Christian who accepts others and doesn’t judge. Alot of Christians aren’t like that and it gives liberals fodder. She takes care of herself, she works hard, she is devoted to her family, she knows what middle class means.

        1. Yep. Add “intelligent” to your list and you just summed up all the things I admire about her:)

  4. Thanks for posting info, I look forward to watching the common sense, intelligent, conservative woman who should be our GOP Presidential candidate.

  5. Two great Patriots on one great program. Yes. Solid conservatives both. This is the kind of stuff we need, wall to wall and back to back from now throughout this election cycle. O’ needs to be hammered on what he’s done, undone, and not done. His thousands of extra pages of regulations. His numerous lies regarding his healthcare law too. I have been asking local libbies for a couple of weeks now to please name one statement O’ made about that law which was true and have heard nothing in response. This program O’ was selling with false claims and false assumptions is one huge lie, 100% misrepresentation and another money hole.

    Truth needs to run free across this country and lies need to be shown as such. Go get’em Eric and Sarah. Set the bar, set the snares, and cock the traps. All we need are facts and truth. The rallying cry will not be around Romney, if it is to be it will be the rallying of those who would defeat O’ no matter what. The motivating factor will be to take down O’ rather than lift up Romney.

    Hopefully we will learn some of the lessons Canada has learned and turn away from the socialistic tendencies this government has become addicted to.

    1. You make some very good points. If Romney gets the nomination (I’m not giving up just yet, though), I will not and can not actively support him. But, I can actively support the fight against Obama. If that is the way it has to be, there is sooo much info out there to use against him, it isn’t even funny.

      I will vote for the Republican nominee, since there are only two effective parties right now. Romney will have to do his own fighting, but Barry has my contempt all the way and I will dive in full force to help stop him.

  6. Wow! I get to watch Fox News again. Hope they segregate the ratings from those when Sarah is not contributing.

  7. She’ll also be on with Hannity tonight on FNC at 9 pm and on with Stossel on FBN at 9 pm. It’s Palin v. Palin.

    1. Frankly, there’s nothing I like better than wall-to-wall Palin. She’s a breath of fresh air… but I suspect you agree with me, refudiate…

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