Sarah Palin gets Twitter death threats

The right-wing left-wing in this country hates Obama Sarah Palin so much that in the aftermath of the shooting on Sunday, they leveled a ton of hate filled death wishes/threats on him her:

((Content Warning))

This reflects the reality that we’ve always understood in this country, that it’s the Left, en masse, who enjoy using their free speech to show off their evolved sense of tolerance and enlightenment. Whether it be Bush, Palin, or Reagan, they will use whatever ‘free speech’ they deem necessary to destroy their opponent.

Have you ever clicked the Tweeting Keith Olbermann link at the top? It’s NOTHING like the hate tweets that Palin receives. Heck, I will even change it to Obama’s twitter later today just so you can see all the ‘hateful rhetoric’ that he gets. You won’t find much. In fact nobody gets hated on like Sarah Palin even though it’s really Obama who is killing this country.

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