Sarah Palin has a new neighbor – Beck threatens neighbor’s publisher – UPDATE – Son of Joe McGinnis responds with even more creepy!


Spring has sprung in Alaska, and with this beautiful season comes the news today that the Palins have a new neighbor! Welcome, Joe McGinniss!

We found out the good news today. Upon my family’s return this morning from endorsement rallies and speeches in the Lower 48 states, I finally got the chance to tackle my garden and lawn this evening! So, putting on the shorts and tank top to catch that too-brief northern summer sun and placing a giddy Trig in his toddler backpack for a lawn-mowing adventure, I looked up in surprise to see a “new neighbor” overlooking my property just a stone’s throw away. Needless to say, our outdoor adventure ended quickly after Todd went to introduce himself to the stranger who was peering in…

Joe announced to Todd that he’s moved in right next door to us. He’s rented the place for the next five months or so. He moved up all the way from Massachusetts to live right next to us – while he writes a book about me. Knowing of his many other scathing pieces of “journalism” (including the bizarre anti-Palin administration oil development pieces that resulted in my Department of Natural Resources announcing that his work is the most twisted energy-related yellow journalism they’d ever encountered), we’re sure to have a doozey to look forward to with this treasure he’s penning. Wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?

Welcome, Joe! It’ll be a great summer – come borrow a cup of sugar if ever you need some sweetener. And you know what they say about “fences make for good neighbors”? Well, we’ll get started on that tall fence tomorrow, and I’ll try to keep Trig’s squeals down to a quiet giggle so we don’t disturb your peaceful summer. Enjoy!

– Sarah Palin

In the video below, Beck reads a personal email that Sarah had sent him last night that showed a little more honest feeling than did her facebook page. Plus, at the end of the clip below he also warns Random House to reign in their writers or he’ll never mention another Random House book again!


UPDATE: UGH! The creepy factor just went up by 100x (via Politico):

I haven’t been able to reach McGinniss, but did send an errant email to his son, the novelist Joe McGinniss Jr., who replied, “Sadly, she’s right. We tried our best to intervene, but alas, the heart wants what it wants. We can only pray for him now. He’s convinced that Todd will step aside and when the time is right, he’ll be there, right next door, to pick up the pieces.

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126 thoughts on “Sarah Palin has a new neighbor – Beck threatens neighbor’s publisher – UPDATE – Son of Joe McGinnis responds with even more creepy!

  1. As a Brit I must confess to being more than a tad worried by some of the opinions expressed by a lot of people here (bar thomas).

    Whatever happened to tolerance?

  2. The quote is creepy, and also unbelievable. It also doesn't mention who hacked McGinniss's email account to obtain the alleged quote.

    There really isn't anything to see from next door other than when the car leaves the driveway, which I doubt is of much interest to Mr. McG. It would have been more tactful to rent something a few houses down, close enough to get the feel of the neighborhood while not seeming to be hovering. But this neighbor was apparently eager to rent the place out due to some neighbor issue with the Palins which has been reported. I do not know what the issue is or what merit it has – it may be the larger house (Todd & Sarah's) was built out too close to the old one, or there may be something else between the neighbors. You'd sorta expect the neighbor would want to be on the Palin's good side, but something has obviously soured the next-door friendliness.

    It could have been a great opportunity for the Palins to charm the author. They have a beautiful house, wild game for dinner and apparently happy if a little undisciplined kids, which makes them more like average kids rather than hyperscheduled overachievers. JM is 2 ticks shy of 70 and would, at some level, think “aw, they're a nice family”; that could be accomplished with a few hours snowmobile racing with Todd, hunting with either and the “y'know they're fun to hang out with” factor would yield a very different book than what people are expecting.

    It's very strange the Palins chose the opposite tack. They were handed a softball for an easy line drive, dropped it and threw back a spitball.

    “Or maybe they could get together and have a barbecue and talk, enjoy the sunset, watch the kids play, etc. You know, act like neighbors.”

    And that's the only post I've seen here that shows how real Americans – the people who quietly hold the country together – handle their business.

  3. Really?? That non-interesting? Yet…here…you…are…working…overtime…to…'prove'…her…irrelevance.
    Excuse me…I gotta LMAO!!!

    Go on funny person…you can do better, I'm sure!!

  4. Really?? That non-interesting? Yet…here…you…are…working…overtime…to…'prove'…her…irrelevance.
    Excuse me…I gotta LMAO!!!

    Go on funny person…you can do better, I'm sure!!

  5. $arah Palin is about as interesting as this:
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  6. Apparently you and your troll friends have figured the points system out. How free is your speech when all you can do is repeat talking points,personal attacks that parrot the party line instead of offering honest opinion or original thought?

  7. Might have something to do with his past “journalistic” endeavours? Possibly his own statements?
    FYI my “donation” is my vote and that vote will go to candidates who will work within our political system and reign in our government's headlong rush to destruction while bringing our government back within the bounds of the Constitution.

  8. Wow, the lefty trolls must have gotten thier new orders from Dave&Cass. Too bad they haven't freshened up thier talking points. The comment about McGinnis being a journalist,had me laughing so hard I almost threw up,the guy is a hack writing hit pieces that are so bad The Enquirer passes on them. I'll give them a mark for persistance though, like lemmings rushing to jump off the cliff.

  9. AT,

    Sarah is a strong, smart woman who will, together with her husband, make the best decisions for her family. Those of us who support her and her family know that they will take this situation seriously despite the cry from her detractors that she is overreacting. We will continue to lift her up in prayer and wish her continued success!! G'Night!

  10. Hello, he's writing a book about her, an unofficial biography. His past writings were skewed negatively. Really, you simply must keep up dear.

    History of accusing men? Proof please.

    You know so much about her. How very observant of you. 🙂

  11. “Power of the pen”
    If your comments are an example, may I say, we have most certainly relaxed the standard. Pity.

  12. Go on Girl,

    Don't be shy now!!
    Lay the cheerios on the table.
    What secrets and lies? She has many??! Do tell!!
    I love me some cheeze as much as the next gal.
    Oh and remember…Sarah is a private citizen now.
    I'll be sure to share your shocking discoveries about her via her FB page. 🙂

  13. Careful, your desperation slip is showing.
    Seriously, you need to back away from the blogs.
    You have morphed all the most used troll cracks in one post.
    While mildly impressive, don't be a hater.
    I'm sure there is still a nice person in there somewhere. Find her.

  14. Well hun,

    Who's writing a book on whom?
    Who wrote a hit piece, thereby establishing precedent regarding motive?
    Unfounded gossip? He told Todd what he was up to. Darlin' you need to read her FB post again and please try to stay on point, um?
    Did she say bikini? Ay mija, READ! Tank & shorts is skimpy? What do you wear when it's warm out?
    And finally, like the “world” did not know the location of Piper's bedroom? You Sarah 'followers' know every detail of her home and have happily blogged every detail, right down to the day Todd bought the nails for the home and from whom. It's a bit late to try and pin that one on her, but you get points for the effort.

  15. Yes… “… she is correct to err on the side of caution.”

    Also, after a fence is erected, maybe a BB gun or paint balls to to shoot at any spy cameras “peeping” through or over the fence.

  16. Vulgarity? What The…

    You're kidding, right? Me, rambling? Diarrhea? When thought flows coherently from point to point, that is info, not rambling diarrhea. There's a difference you know.

    Nope, not a speech writer, either.

    I just like clarity of thought and continuity of thought, things you learn in copywriting courses such as this one at American Writers And Artists.

    Of course, there are many online… buy one and improve your clarity of thought and your continuity of thought with coherence. It's easy, and you can avoid the pit of “innuendo without substance” and improve dialogue.

  17. Finally… we're getting closer…

    We're getting closer to substantive continuity of thought… but the “mischievous” words that “bait” the reader with “innuendo without substance” are still the brick wall that instantly stops point-counterpoint dialogue.

    One of the definitions of the word “troll” is defined in the dictionary as “mischievous conduct,” which is also an accurate description of troll comments that are designed to “bait” the reader with “innuendo without substance,” sort of like throwing a verbal molotov cocktail from verbal speeding car.

    And the word “peeper” is an accurate and descriptive word that refers to what Joe McGinniss was “doing” (…observing), not to who he “is” as a person. An accurate and descriptive word that conveys substance is not a verbal molotov cocktail.

    However, consider your comment here,

    “… The poor little rich girl can't get support any other way, so she lies and defames another's character, so she'll get the attention she craves.”

    The words “lies” and “defames” are verbal molotov cocktails designed to demean, not to define. They are words that do not convey substance. They are words of “innuendo without substance” designed to “bait” the reader.

    The word “craves” is also a verbal molotov cocktail designed to demean, not to define.

    Well, class is over for now… till later.

    PS. No, I'm not a teacher… I just like clarity of thought and continuity of thought, and “innuendo without substance” produces neither and instantly stops dialogue.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  18. As someone who has dealt with a creepy neighbor, I get why Sarah would question this man's motives. Not all scenarios like this are just a case of a lonely old man. He wrote a hit piece on her and she should just accept that he's just hanging out, chillin'?

    He's writing a book about her; hmmm, so like his hit piece, he'll observe her and just use his imagination to fill in the blanks. I read his piece and there were plenty of “seems to”, “appears to” stuff and quotes from political and big oil opponents. Lots of “she breezed in and out” comments too. I'm guessing the book'll have lots of the same. He'll reprise the “not too sharp” meme, as in his hit piece. Oh yea, he also said that she had the mindset that if you think it, it will happen, and he uses this to illustrate her simple mind. Uh, ask any athlete who uses visualization to see themselves winning a race, a game etc. Simple? Hardly.

    Why doesn't he just read her own words if he wants to get to know her? Going Rogue dude, sold everywhere.

    Whatever his motives, and I question them myself, she is correct to err on the side of caution. I finally had to move because my creepy neighbor was 'free' to stand outside my apartment to 'observe' me even though I was forced to close my shutters to avoid seeing him from my windows; I was subjected to his 'observation' in the laundry room, the bus stop, the pool, the mailbox, etc. Those who say she is over reacting, walk a mile in her shoes and lets see if you'd still defend your weak statements.

  19. Ahh Good one… that's why I'm not going. But please enjoy your stay, I hear the reading material is limited and many books have been banned.

  20. Huh…

    I'm not sure what your context is.

    I have not yet used the words, “written” or “notification” or “false” or “allegation” or “libel” so I have no idea to what you are referring, or, maybe to “whom” (… another commentator?) you are referring.

    I'd like to respond, but to what?

  21. Cheeriogirl… Is this an example of a drive by comment?

    You post a drive by molotov cocktail comment to smear one person, then you continue down the road bashing Palin.

    Thanks for the example of a “mischievous” troll comment that contains “innuendo without substance” that can't be responded to coherently.

    This is a “teachable moment” about troll comments.

    RAM would probably be disappointed in your lack of substance… but probably not surprised.

  22. All Right!!!!

    Finally, a comment with… aw, shucks, a comment with incoherent substance… more or less.

    Tyroanee… I didn't intentionally not respond sooner, 'cause I've been busy on this thread tonight, as you can tell.

    Well, since you don't specify anything that is “wasted” about my comments, of course, I can't respond substantively to incoherence.

    And, since you did not specify anything about the STOP! Islamization Of America site, again, I can't respond substantively to incoherence.

    I put the info links on my site so I could find info quickly for my own edification, but if you don't like the info links on my site maybe you can become informed at Pamela Geller's blog Atlas Shrugs

    Pamela Geller is also a friend of Palin's. You can even post comments there… but you should become informed so you can avoid sounding like a “dhimmi” kafir, as the Islamists call non-Muslims who will not submit to Islamic law called shariah.

    Thanks for the limited comment about my comments that are “wasted.”

    Your limited definition of “wasted” at least gave me the opportunity to direct you to a coherent woman who knows who the real enemy of free America is… and it is definitely NOT Sarah Palin who is the enemy.

    Freedom of speech is the last defense against political or religious tyranny and freedom of speech is being threatened by the “enemy within” America and the “wolf at the door” who is ready to pounce.

    And what are Palin haters at Huffington Post and (some) “mischievous” trolls on this thread spending their time doing? Bashing Palin, the woman, with innuendo without substance, and defending “peeper” Joe McGinniss, the man, with incoherence, and vulgar sexual innuendo posting from the Huffington Post.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  23. You keep accusing all the active posters right now of “bashing” the woman and “defending” the peeper. Yet you are “defending” the woman, and “bashing” Joe, whom you keep referring to as a “peeper”, despite having NO knowledge of any ACTUAL incident that took place. If you look at Sarah's claims on her FB page, she is not discussing an incident, she is fortelling the possibility of an upcoming incident- in graphic detail, so that all of her fans would accept it as if the incident had in fact already occurred, and feel sorry for her.

    The poor little rich girl can't get support any other way, so she lies and defames another's character, so she'll get the attention she craves.

    She KNOWS it's WANING, so she's in the desperation stage. Send me money, money and more money in our fight for FREEDOM. What a joke.

    What American DOESN'T LOVE our FREEDOMS.

    Too bad Palin only wants freedoms that benefit HER, even if they cause pain to others. Not quite that servant's heart she always blathers on about now, is it?

    Better work fast Sarah, it looks like this is THE ONE that could end your political career.

  24. So, you know “RAM” huh – part 2…

    First, threads are conducive to commenting about someone that is known, even if the original commentators comments are directed to someone else.

    Then you ask “what substance and depth” my comment conveyed?

    Well, your response was specific to my comment, which is a start for point-counterpoint dialogue, but then, your rhetorical question does not really ask for a substantive response about the main point of this thread does it, so, I guess this brings me to the end of my response.

    Unless, you have a substantive observation that is not a “mischievous” troll question that is designed to “bait” the reader for a response about “innuendo without substance,” well, later.

    But, knowing “RAM” like you do, you probably already know that she can be quite, uh, persuasive, can't she?

    I would LOVE to see that point-counterpoint substantive dialogue between you and RAM. Maybe some day. However, since RAM left Conservatives 4 Palin a few months ago to help Sarah Palin, the “LADY with the servant's heart,” my affectionate reference to Palin, RAM definitely has better and more productive things to do with her time and writing expertise.

    So, you're stuck with me and other coherent right thinkers, I guess, as long as “mischievous” troll comments that are simply “innuendo without substance” are the best that Media Matters, Huffington Post and et al can come up with.

    How about a substantive comment about the political and religious jihad that is attempting to erect an Islamic symbol of supremacy and submission two blocks from ground zero in New York?

    THAT, would definitely be productive.

    A good starting point for info is Pamela Geller's blog Atlas Shrugs

    The troll comments bashing Palin on this thread are so easy to respond to that they're getting boring. There's no there “there” other than bashing and innuendo without substance.

    But, I'll stay and respond to the “innuendo without substance” and the bashing without coherence, because Palin is truly a “LADY with a servant's heart” who does not deserve mindless bashing from trolls.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  25. Hey, maybe they could tape each other!

    Or maybe they could get together and have a barbecue and talk, enjoy the sunset, watch the kids play, etc. You know, act like neighbors.

  26. A stalker freak? And how do you know this?

    More of Sarah's accusations, without merit, I presume? Think LIBEL Luker.

    Sarah might want to think about that, as well as defamation of character.

    Hopefully she's got Van Flea on speed dial. She's going to need some wise legal counsel, after having her libelous little Facebook tantrum.

  27. Public WRITTEN notification of a FALSE allegation? That's LIBEL.

    Education has it's merits.

  28. First time I'm visiting this site and I can't get over the nastiness of the people who are regulars on this blog. What happened to discussion without name calling?

  29. Comprehension does not appear to be Art's long suit.

    Sarah's libelous attack on Joe the Neighbor, with her baseless and FALSE “peeping” and “peering” allegations, has already caused Joe harm. The postings on this blog tonight prove it.

    Van Flea will NOT be pleased with Sarah's false accusations, and will have to teach her about WHY she really should “quit makin' things up”. For the troops.

  30. Here we go… again…

    Trolling for coherent dialogue but with “mischievous” innuendo without substance. This looks like Huffington Post stuff… dull… dull… dull… and dialogue stultifying.

    If a reporter asked these kinds of questions… well, pink slip time.

  31. Art,

    First off, the second part of my comment was directed to RAM, NOT you.

    Next, I would ask that you reread your comment and ask yourself, what substance and depth did this convey?

    At least on this we can agree. Your post was a complete waste of time.

  32. Another good comment:

    Let's see….who took a photo of whom and posted it on the internet?

    Who sent someone over to the other person's house to inquire about their business?

    Who spread unfounded gossip about another person's supposed intent?

    Who revealed details of Sarah Palin's skimpy yard-work attire?

    Who told the world the location of Piper's bedroom window?

  33. For moving in next door? That's laughable.

    On the other hand, Joe might very well have a case for libel against Sarah, since she falsely insinuates he is going to be peering into Piper's bedroom window.

    And how would he know which room belongs to Piper anyway? Unless Sarah herself pointed it out to him.

    It's really too bad that Palin didn't handle this whole situation much differently. These false claims of hers could very well mean the
    end of her political career.

  34. Wow Seth, having a bad day. Like Sarah? Guess you're against freedoms too now, huh?

    I have to wonder what makes you fear honest political discourse Seth?

    BTW, if you don't mind enlightening me, what is a seminar blogger. I'm not familiar with the term. Thnx!

  35. If Sarah wasn't trying to juggle so many secrets and lies, none of this would be an issue. What business is it of hers WHO lives in that home? If she doesn't like the neighbor, then she can move.

    Remember the mountain top property with 2 complete homes and a guest house that Sarah conveniently “forgot” to notify the tax bureau about WHEN SHE WAS THE GOVERNOR?

    She finally paid off those taxes so she can now LEGALLY live there. Problem solved.

  36. Vulgarity and sexual innuendo from the Huffington Post…

    A good example of “mischievous” troll comments.

    Thanks for clarifying what a “troll” comment looks like in print.

    A classic “innuendo without substance” troll post.

  37. How about we have a REAL discussion Uffda, without the namecalling?


    I do, and I feel certain that Joe loves his too.

    Why do you think Sarah should be allowed to live in her house, but not Joe in his?

    Is it right for Sarah to make things up about Joe looking into Piper's bedroom?

    I guess Sarah has forgotten about the troops?

    Our freedoms do not include LYING about others to enhance OUR lives, at their expense.

    Besides Uffda, WWJD?

  38. This is what really happened:

    “I finally got the chance to tackle my garden and lawn this evening! So, putting on my hot red short shorts and extremely low tank top and my clear plastic heels to catch that too-brief northern summer sun and placing a giddy blindfolded Trig in his toddler backpack and strapping him to our dog, Driller for a ride, it was time for a lawn-mowing adventure. As I straddled the big, vibrating Husqvarna, I looked up in surprise to see a “new neighbor” as I like to call them, overlooking “my property”, if you know what I mean. Obviously he was staring at me. You would think he’d never seen a woman in CFM pumps ride a lawn mower like it was a mechanical bull. Needless to say, our outdoor adventure ended quickly after Todd went to introduce himself to the stranger who was peering in. That’s the big turn on for Todd, watching a stranger, watch Mommy mow her patch.”

    from Huffington Post comments!

  39. THIS SITE IS CRAZY… why is it only the Palin supporters get votes counted on comments made?
    Seriously this is how insecure the site is? Laughing all the way out OMG you guys are really messed up.
    Good Ole' Fashion American Freedom of Speech Working RIGHT here!

  40. Hostility is…

    The “why” word is itself a potentially hostile word that could be intended to make the “making fun” point sound accurate.

    The word “troll” is not a hostile or a “making fun” word, it is simply a descriptive word referencing “mischievous conduct.” (See any dictionary. For example, I am using the 4th edition of the American Heritage Dictionary.)

    The “mischievous conduct” being referred to here on this Right Scoop thread has taken the form of words by anti-Palin trolls who “bait” the reader with innuendo but without substance… i.e., by bashing the woman Palin and defending the “peeper” (… another descriptive and accurate word) Joe McGinniss.

    But I do appreciate your venting in a decent way… thanks.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  41. Heavens no Seth
    That is what I am doing here. But for her to call the kettle black while playing the victim of peepers, and in her previous breath draw up a crowd of gun wielding loonies after the President of the United States and or all that run against her?
    Will then you have just fallen into some pretty messed up behavior. If the state of Alaska is really having a hard time with her deceptions… Then speaking my mind is what makes this country great.
    I happen to think this move by Joe is brilliant, What better way to get the real story then by Alaskans.
    If Ms. Palin was a smart cookie she wouldn't have built her house so close to the property line eh? But then again, if she has nothing to hide then she won't be so paranoid.

  42. Tyroane, a wise person said “Hell is a place where there is no Reason”; Tyroane… you've just dragged us all into Hell.

  43. Okay Art
    I went to your lovely site… all I have to say is a mind is a terrible thing to waste, but your comments are the true definition of wasted.
    Off to shower and remove the dirty lies…
    Go Palin 2012
    we can't wait for the debate!

  44. That's ok…

    I'm also not sure what it is that you are not clear about.

    I also am not being flip, and I also do not know how to respond.

  45. Do we not have the right to say someone is creepy? When did perfect political correctness become a standard we were required to live by? Since when can we not call people creepers?

    Lillibird… I think your creepy… No, seriously; why do you spend your time infiltrating conservative circles? Don't you have anything better to do than poke your nose into conservative web-groups and spam? You need to get a job or something, seriously… or at least quit smoking the peace-pipe. Leave us alone.

  46. why do you keep making fun of me? i'm not calling you or anyone else names. it's hard to have a conversation with someone so hostile. i can't imagine getting all het up about this. how does this affect your life? if you want to talk about something infuriating let's talk about how the media keeps us all talking about this inconsequential stuff, fighting among ourselves, and not talking about the things that matter.

  47. Hey Lillibird, I guess it wouldn't be creepy if I tracked down where you lived and then moved next door, watching and recording every detail of your life in biographical columns. Be honest and hold your own feet to the same fire you hold others to.

  48. Sarah and Todd did the right thing…

    Pick a woman, any woman…

    Is it OK for her “to be” (… pissed) “or not to be” (…pissed) when she sees a “peeper” observing her?

    That's a good question, isn't it?

    Sarah did the right thing.

    After Sarah saw the “peeper”… the “observer”… either word is accurate, she informed her husband.

    Todd did the right thing.

    He took action to understand the reason for the “observer”… “peeper”… paying attention to his wife who was on her own property.

    What's the problem? The word “peeper” or the “peeper” himself?

    Howsabout defending the woman, not the “peeper,” ok?

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  49. i think most women on the face of the earth has to deal with the male gaze. i am the same age as Sarah and well i have learned to deal with it.

    my neighbor, the one who's house i can touch is a lonely man and constantly seeks me out. in the morning he is in the back yard, singing and whistling to get my attention, he waits for me to leave the front door so “we can talk”. a lot of our windows are in the same place and when the weather is good he will look out his window at us. we just deal with it!!! i don't think this compares to what she claims is happening to her but really – how about some perspective!! i can't spend my whole like worrying about this person, i have sympathy for him. he aggravates the f**k out of me but he is a human being and well he's lonely. i treat him with respect, like i expect people to treat me.

  50. There are a lot of things people do that I find despicable, but I won't deny them their freedoms – none of us are saying we should do this. But we also have the freedom to criticize people – will you take that right away?

    Also Tyroanee, I'm no huge fan of Palin. I don't feel that she even remotely fits a constitutionalist-libertarian platform that she often feigns to represent. However, I don't understand how even the seminar-calling statists such as yourself fail to condemn such uncouth, awkward behavior when its coming from your side. We have the freedom to critique creeps like this guy, just like stupid kids such as yourself have the freedom to be obnoxious brats. It is no way my desire to smother your argument through any “fairness” doctrine of any sort, nor is my desire to wield the incapable hand of government against someone who happens to practice a creepy lifestyle.

  51. i want to reply to you out of respect cause you asked me a question directly but i have read your post three times and don't really know what you are saying. i'm not being flip i just don't know how to respond. sorry.

  52. Off topic…

    Maybe “calm down” is really a reference to how you are reading the static words on the page.

    Have you read some of the “corrective” words by anti-Palin trolls who comment but define and defend the “peeper” next door with innuendo against Palin?

    Just askin' cause everyone is different.

  53. Is “exaggeration” is in the eye of the observer or the observed…?

    Pick a woman, any woman…

    A strange man moves in next door, and without introducing himself to the woman next door, he begins “observing” her.

    What do you think the sensible woman should do, if she is an honorable woman like Palin?

    Nothing, just keep mowing the lawn?
    Stop mowing the lawn, inform her husband and later her (facebook) friends?
    Show “such kindness” so that the man would write nice things about her and her husband?

    Just askin' cause you commented kindly, and, “hey, everyone is different.”

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  54. I can't figure WHY you are all convinced that this man is going to stare into Palin's windows. WHY would he want to?

    Sarah has a history of accusing men of sexual aggression against her daughters, WITHOUT merit.

    Sadly, it appears this is just another way for little Sarah sunshine to get sympathy from her loyal fans.

    FYI, she takes cash and checks, also too. She knows you care when YOU send in your donation. The bigger the better. With Sarah, size DOES matter.

  55. Ohh hit a soft spot, oh I meant hard… Very sad when the facts are laid out on the table, even from the Republican party and still the very think-headed ignore.
    *Sigh and farewell to party of Hell NO

  56. Just because a neighbor see's you mowing the lawn doesn't mean he's a peeper. Didn't she say Todd went over and talked to him, then she knew who he was when she wrote her rant. She's just pissed at who it was..

  57. Really Luker,
    What is it exactly that offended you? The truth shall come out in ten folds, and it is this that will make people shake their heads in shame for giving $$ to someone that is a hypocrite.

  58. honey calm down! we're just having a discussion. i am not defending him, to be honest i don't know anything about him. i am concerned at her reaction it seems a little manic and out of control. i live in an urban area and share a roof with three other people. in my alley i can stretch out my arms and touch my house and the neighbor's house. the situation she is in is not uncommon to many many people. she just needs to calm down a little and make this work to her advantage. and i don't think accusing him of being a stalker or a peeper is quite the way to do this. of course that is just my opinion…..

  59. Sarah is a respectable woman, wife and mother who is concerned about the safety of her family..-Art

    Your kidding right?
    Three children are offenders, one under age pregnancy, vandalism, theft, drug addiction, alcohol… this is what you classify as a respectable woman, wife mother whom just wrote on her FB page she was mowing the lawn with a two year old Trig strapped to her back?
    Wow, let me know when you come off that high Buddie, because you are on some great stuff! Maybe Palin might want to get in on that action?… No she just wants the gullible right-wing $$$ and it seems to be working.

  60. She is a millionaire hire security, build a wall, do what you have to if your think your privacy is being invaded, but don't blame the owner or renter next door.

  61. Bash the woman… defend the “peeper”…

    Pick a woman, any woman…

    If any other woman can be concerned about a man “peeping” at her whom she has never seen before next door, why can't Sarah be concerned for herself and her family… and tell her friends… whether it's a few… or millions?

    Sarah deserves respect, not the new “peeper” next door.

  62. well it's your right to believe that i respect you for that. i think she is exaggerating to muster support of her troops, that's fine too. but we all have situations in our life where we are called to make a choice – a choice in how we deal with the problem. i think the best way is to make lemonade out of these lemons. if it were me this guy would be hard pressed to find one unkind word to say about me! he would never know such kindness if he moved in next door to me with the intention of writing “bad things about me”. but hey everyone is different.

  63. If I go outside and see the neighbor mowing their lawn does that make me a peeper??? Well then I guess were all a neighborhood full of peepers. Was he peeking around the bushes or using binoculars, no…and saying he would peep in Piper's window is just sick, why does she always think people are predators after her kids??

  64. “Peeper” fits…

    “Peeper” is an adequate and accurate word to describe someone who is ogling a woman mowing her own lawn in shorts and tanktop… “peeper” fits, that all.

  65. So, you know “RAM” huh…

    Trolls are welcome… but comments without substance and depth are are a waste of time.

    Why don't you wait for “RAM” to comment here before you drive by with a verbal molotov cocktail sliming someone who doesn't even know you are sliming her and Sarah?


    STOP! Islamization Of America

  66. I don't understand all this peeper talk. He's a peeper just because she said so? The man is almost 60 years old and no one has ever accused him of this before, now all of a sudden he is a peeper? I think it is strange that every male that comes near Paylin wants to do damage (sexually) to one of her children. Interesting.

  67. Sarah's Facebook post is a public notification about a “peeper”…

    Sarah is a respectable woman, wife and mother who is concerned about the safety of her family… and some “peeper” is just getting to close.

    Respect the woman, don't defend the “peeper” without defining and defending your understanding about why a man would “peep” at a woman who is cutting her lawn.

  68. Good, being a vet, he would understand the intimidation of being spied on. The guy is a Kook. As far as awards go, I only point to the latest Nobel Prize award to Obama to prove all awards aren't deserved.

  69. Man, some people need to get a grip! Talk about over-reacting. And Mrs. Palin needs to stop being the forever-victim, and seriously chill with inciting vicious, violent rhetoric in her supporters. Y'all better hope and pray nothing happens to Joe McGinniss. The trail of serious threats won't be hard to follow.

  70. Sarah attracts trolls…

    Yes, the trolls, “… left leaning commenters…” are attracted to Sarah Palin like moths are attracted to bright lights.

    As long as the trolls are substantive in their comments, they are useful… i.e., their comments, and even innuendo, are fodder for understanding anti-Palin sentiment so right thinking commentators can correct the record in a coherent manner.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  71. Sarah doesn't want everyone to leave her alone, why do you think she put this on facebook, she loves being the center of controversy.

  72. Just because you think they are half truths doesn't mean they are. He has not been convicted of anything and has every right to rent where ever he wants, he is a private citizen just like Sarah is a private citizen. Sarah is not a Hollywood superstar so it's time to stop spinning the story.

  73. what superstar would build a huge house X 2, yet not secure all the property that they expect to control?

    Sarah is out of control, believing her own press, and is starting to act like she is a QUEEN. Newsflash guys, Alaska does NOT belong to Sarah, and neither does the house next door to her.

    Joe is renting it, and instead of being neighborly, and saying hi, she sic's her fan's on him. How sick is THAT?

    And then she takes a picture of him at his house, and posts it on her facebook. Who's stalking who?

    The answer is on Sarah's Facebook page.

    P.S. RAM, you really need to get a grip on your girl. Clearly she's coming unglued.

  74. The big deal is that the guy is a stalker freak, who's purpose is only to do a hitjob in the guise of journalism. It is an invasion of privacy to a woman and her family who live under the constant threat of nutjobs who don't believe in freedom of speech. I seriously doubt if you would be so casual with a kook moving in next to you. No big deal, right? i doubt it.

  75. Joe “Peeper” McGinniss…


    Obama's birth certificate is a state secret (… why spend $1.7+ million to prevent ascertaining heritage?), as well as his law school articles (… why hide legal conclusions?), and the lame stream media settles into the lap-dog position.

    Sarah Palin, however, whom liberal Republicans love… to bash, and whom liberal Democrats love… to bash, well, Sarah Palin seems to attract political pimps who think Sarah is a money tree for them.

    Maybe the nascent Sestak political (possible) bribe story will awaken the lap-dog media “journalists” into seriously questioning Obama's bona fides and leave Sarah and her family alone.

    Joe McGinniss… there's a “real” story for you… and maybe even a Pulitzer… if you are “man” enough to pursue a 'real” story.

    Todd Palin deserves an Obama “restraint” medal for the restraint he exhibits on a daily basis.

    STOP! Islamization Of America

  76. Wow looks like we have had a big influx of left leaning commenters here on RS lately. Mr McGinniss can rent that house that is his choice, but replace Sarah Palin with any Hollywood superstar and the outrage would be massive. Imagine if the gentlemen that stalked ESPN Erin Andrews and posted the video of her online moved in next door to her, or imagine if the person that was stalking Shawn Johnson moved in next door to her, can you imagine the outrage by everyone in the MSM if this was allowed? Sure Mr McGinniss hasnt been convicted of stalking Sarah Palin but when someone writes multiple articles based on half truths if that and is now working on a book about Sarah that seems rather suspect, he could do the same “research” for his book from any other house in Wasilla or even from his own house in Massachusetts or wherever it is that he lives.

  77. I'm sure they would have loads to talk about, since Joe is a VET and award winning author.
    Is violence and intimidation really your only answer? The guy is a writer not Jack the Ripper.

  78. It's apparent that Joe Jr. is just havin' a little fun. Lighten up, Sarah!

    ..oh yeah, that's right…you can dish it out, but you can't take it.

  79. Wow this freedom of speech thingy is workin' out real well over here in the party of NO….
    You all are ridiculous hypocrites for allowing yourself to listen (once again) to the victim card by Palin.
    On the other hand… [wait let me read my hand]… you deserve one another and your pile of freedoms you only dish out to those with guns, bibles, monster trucks and hockey pucks, but not those with the power of the pen!

  80. Wow, what a group of paranoid people, he rented the house next door, he has the right to do that. Has he done anything except mind his own business ? So why are you calling him names, pervert, stalker, etc. Sarah is the one who took the picture of his rental and posted it up on her facebook, that is an invasion of his privacy. Sarah keep your nose in your own yard and mind your own business, your facebook rant was childish, certainly not presidential material and one more thing you have the $$$ hire security, although I think maybe McGinniss may need it more than you…

  81. Seems to me that the older house beside Palins was in place way before the Palin's built their bigger home.
    If they had a problem with on-lookers there is a fence in place, what's the problem?
    If Sarah was uneasy with an author living next door, perhaps she should pick up a real book and read. Maybe pick up some pointers and not need ghost writers.
    After all it's not like Joe is sitting outside on the deck with an assault rifle (it's a computer people) like some Real Americans do exercising there rights at a Presidential speech? Remember all those weapons…Remember your crosshairs, reloading- disgraceful.
    No, No Ms. Palin you can't have all of these freedoms you chant at the podium if they only apply to some.
    Pathetic is what you have become, and now you must hide behind not only your lies, but your blinds as well.

  82. Yes, and when, like Sarah Palin, you post pictures of your neighbors to your facebook page, you are asking for trouble.

  83. Hey asshole, Liberty is not liberty if it degenerates into license. Just because people should be free doesn't mean we can't criticize them. People are free to smoke and drink – but that doesn't mean its right. You need to either get your sick head screwed on right or get the hell off Rightscoop (since your probably a seminar blogger, I prefer the latter)…

  84. This is un fricken believable!!!! I agree with Beck this is going to far!! These people on the left are beyond creepy when they storm peoples front lawns(SEIU)by the busload.Then move in next door to those their articles condem, just to pry into their private lives.He is obviously looking for dirt.I bet he has listenning devices.Better turn up your stereo Sarah,or find a safe way to talk on your phone.He is after dirt,or trying to create it.There is no level the left will not sink too.This is why America must defeat these thugs and stop bailing out their pension funds.

  85. Either way, it's a new neighbor. Smile, chat a bit, then get on with your own life. I don't see the big deal here.

    Unless either family is doing something unseemly, what's the problem?

  86. Wow, what you call “jihad”, I call freedom, and free market capitalism.

    Don't the homeowners have a right to rent out THEIR property, for whatever price they can get?

    Are you all suggesting that she and Todd have the right to tell those neighbors what they are allowed to do with the property THEY OWN?

    I wonder if she and Todd tried to rent it, but were turned down for some reason? She seems awfully angry about something that really is none of her business.

    All this time, I thought Sarah was all about freedom.

    Obviously, I was WRONG.

  87. Sure, but laws like bankruptcy law states you are allowed to keep two chickens and one rooster and your horse with your silverware… point being it's not just what many times the outdated law reads, its also the case-law and more that is relevant. Certain things like how many outdoor lights can you have in your yard and how can they be pointed? Five lights? 20 lights? Just how many? How bright? It's not clear. It only comes up when there's a problem with a neighbor, and then it's not clear.

    Most of the time its not a problem (like security cameras) but when pressed and dragged into court, you find out the reality that judges have MASSIVE LATITUDE to decide things, and it's not necessarily based on common sense. The bottom line is you don't want to go to court in any circumstance if at all possible.

  88. Wouldn't it be great if a few Navy Seals or Army Special Forces guys moved in on the other side of McGinnis? I'm sure there are many that would have Sarah's back.

  89. After searching Alaska state laws on security cameras and surveillance the only prohibition under the laws is in regards to audio eavesdropping, so as long as you are not transmitting audio it would appear you would be within the law.

  90. Mr McGinniss needs to remember that in Alaska they all carry guns and they arent afraid to use them. You arent in Massachusetts anymore Mr McGinniss.

  91. So does that mean the Palin's can sue the dickens (take the profits of the book and everything else he has or will ever have) out of him if he publishes a book on what they are doing on their private property.

  92. So does that mean the Palin's can sue the dickens (take the profits of the book and everything else he has or will ever have) out of him if he publishes a book on what they are doing on their private property.

  93. Now they have to stalk her at her home! What a low life. Sarah really makes them nervous. They probably thought she was just going to go in her little corner. Good questions Glenn where is NOW? Stand up for decency.

  94. Cameras are tricky. You can surveil your own property, but placing cameras that capture part of someone else's private property can be problematic. Even placing a camera pointing out your own house window that captures neighbor's non-public property and activities is a gray-area and can land you in court in certain circumstances. It's invasive to film and photograph people in their privately owned spaces, especially if its done from a non-public area like other private property. Permanent security cameras with powerful zoom lenses are not accidental captures.

    Of course you have the right to protect yourself, but putting in cameras that let you see the pimples on your neighbor's face will land you in an area of law that is unclear and with the wrong judge could end up being as Obama says, “Non-helpful” to yourself, tempting as it is.

  95. WOW ! Can anyone imagine if the writer was a conservative an the resident was….say Joe Biden ??

  96. Good God! This guy (and his son too) must be major sickos. You would think we would all be used to these dirt bags and the lengths they'll go to to attack Sarah Palin…but this takes the cake. Thanks to Glenn for standing up for her. What a mess for her and her family. It is not right!

  97. Here's a thought, the Palins should set up a video cam pointed at the house this arse-wipe rented, so it is focused on any vantage point he might use to view the Palin's property.Then run the feed on line. Turn about is fair play,heh.

  98. This is beyond creepy. This is stalking with an obsession for SP. This is not going to end well. Someone should step in with the neighbors who rented this house to this thug.

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