Sarah Palin has tough words for the MSM

In the first half this interview with Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin says that Republicans must ensure that the public understands that cutting taxes and getting the government out of the way is the best way to fix our economy and that they must communicate in an adamant way that they will fight against the ‘Obama-Pelosi-Reid’ agenda. She uses words like ‘aggressive’ and ‘enthusiastic’ when discussing the approach Republicans must take this year when communicating these ideas, and she is right! This is exactly what we conservatives want to see in our leaders. We want them to stand up with passion and defend what we know is right and to stop letting the Democrats, with their social agenda, win the debate in the public arena. We know that we can win the argument, but in order to do that we must effectively make the argument.

In the second half, Sarah takes on these ‘idiot reporters’ and has some tough words for the ‘impotent, limp, and gutless’ reporters in the MSM who would just as soon besmirch her and other Republicans with anonymous sources than actually search for the truth.

Oh yeah, she’s got a lot of fight in her. Enjoy!

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30 thoughts on “Sarah Palin has tough words for the MSM

  1. Government big Government,who do you represent?

    Is it a union boss ,a lobbyist,a corperation or event?

    You say you have the answers,you say your word is gold

    I am out here working for wages, paid 20 years ago

    Why do people elect you,when our words are never herd?

    Then 2 weeks before an election,please donate wow what nerve

    Obama Pelosi & Ried, your power has being 4 years

    You had a lame duck President,you spent a futures swet an tears

    If there is anything I can get you,if there is anything I can do?

    Would you like some of my hard earned cash,can I mail it right to you?

    Just before the wrath of the people,send new blood to dig out truth

    Would you like my common mans autograph,before history slaps a bruise ?

    See you think no ones being watching,you think we are fools

    You think there is no punishment,for breaking the founders rules

    Remember in November,your fun will finally end

    As America seeks justice, on those who twist and bend

    That goes for all you Republicans,who think you are immune

    those who voted spending ,who sang a spending taxes tune

    Americans are not stupid,although you think we are

    every move you have made,has being written on your star

    These days are getting shorter,as fall begins to shine

    If you think we will stay home,your dreaming on your time

    every single incumbant, no matter who you are

    your days are numbered now, the shine has left your star

    To all of you in Big Government,your are not an iconic monument,

    so please, just enjoy that double the private sector pay,

    On November 2nd 2010,the people will have our say,

    On November 2nd 2010,it will be your last elected day.

  2. Actually she created jobs in Alaska and did many amazing things. These are SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS. Like the gas line, and rooting out corruption. But you do not care about that anyway, you are just a hater.

  3. When Bush cut taxes in 2003 government revenue dramatically increased every year until the recession. Had spending not gone up at the same time there would not have been a deficit.

  4. Wrong- regulations are there- BP spill was a failure of government to enforce.

    Government fails Americans- Private business gives us choices while we are stuck with whatever government service they decide to take over or “provide”.

  5. you are very right ..all joournalist do use anonymous sources..think Washington one of the most famous and important story as one of
    many. If one knows the true Palin story..there is no way a journalist is going
    to get a true story without using anonymous sources. She has been sucessful
    in causing most people that know be in fear to tell the facts concerning her
    ways..she has a long record of being very vindictive plus has gotten the
    power and clout to carry this out. Palin used twitter etc..almost excluse
    accept for Fox news which she knows will always be favorble to her.
    she also has a cult like following among certain people..why well who knows
    they are mostly a small group of high school friends and those that are
    so ill informed they buy her fake books etc..and her fake words..those
    perhaps who think pure loud screehy talk is real tough talk..etc.

  6. Corporations must have regulations ..the no regulations ..and not dilegently
    enforced is what gave us this big last oil spill in the gulf as one important example.
    To big to fail ultra international corporations are business for profit..only..while
    all business does have to have profit to not go down..there is and has been
    complete not expect them to put safety first when faster and better
    profit is such a becking motavation. If the market market..can at this
    point or in the very near past..the stock market would not have had to bailed
    out..nor the big corporations. again pure greed overtakes ethical busines.
    Obama and remember is was the Republicans who quickly insisted on the first
    bailout.. many more American workers in these would have lost their jobs.
    4o1 would have been completely lost ..the overly global business connections
    and stock market completely fallen.

  7. Nothing Palin spins in actuality makes any sense at all..It is simply all spin..bluster.
    No doubt there is something wrong with her..long standing Republican voters
    that put this opinion of Palin and live in Alaska have said this. For a woman,,
    lady? of her age to refer in words to men that disagree with her policy..or are
    not completely flattering to Palin who claims she is such a bible person..yet
    makes personal comments as impotent..limp..uses a slang vulgar word to
    describe not mature..not ladylike nor Christian. Palin has no class..
    seems to be a bully type ..a smart aleck..if you find that type appealing well..
    your choice of course. Her political solutions have no workable value..none.
    the trickle down theory has simply never worked in any gushes
    up..destroying a middle class given any amount of time. The Vanity Fair piece
    was quite accurate as to her personality factors. I was very neutral concerning
    Palin but as we have family there and may again be in Alaska perhaps to live
    again I started to listen to is not what is written about Palin that in
    fluenced is simply listening to her and seeing her own ways..that gave
    the evidence of what is the true Palin ways and personality. She must be quite
    narcesistic which is often the way of a simpleton smart aleck. This is not a person that one should praise or want in any official goverment office. I am
    a long standing independent voter who is as to issues..important ones that
    affect all American citizens interested in the issue at hand. I look for workable
    solutions to these problems..not loud mouth bluster said to incite.

  8. I really loved that clip-

    “Impotent, Limp media” Very interesting ‘imaging’ she is providing. That kind of real and unpolished speech is what I like to hear out of a politician. You rarely even hear them call each other out for lying, but Palin is really bringing it. She has some of that Ann Coulter brutal honesty that I like. She would be so great as GOP Chair! She has more clout than anyone else and can force the GOP to be true to the TPM that is rising rather than forcing the American TPM to succumb to the power structure and status quo the GOP is trying to maintain (since I think they are resisting or attempting to infiltrate and co-opt the TPM).

  9. POTUS Material, is that what we are still looking for? Someone who shines from their God given voice and studied vocabulary all the way down to their perfect little feet. UGH! Looks to me like we already got one of those. Give me an honest heart, one who knows that it is by the people and for the people or simply living the golden rule.. I guess Chris Christie isn’t POTUS material either with all those extra pounds.

  10. I just cannot see a POTUS using the words ‘Whack’ and shrilling a voice like running a nail across a chalkboard. She is just not POTUS material. Maybe she should run for congress woman first.

  11. How does cutting taxes and reducing the debt or yearly deficit work together. It seems impossible to go positive if the government doesn’t receive any sort of “income” from the people. She gives no statistical or logical analysis on why this works. Saying we are spending too much is at best defense, for the sake of argument we will assume that we cut tons of spending, but also cut taxes. There is no net positive profit there.

    1. good comments for the most part..why was not the outcry on the Bush watch
      when he started due to the Democratic watch with a definite good surplus
      and a low is any what Obama inherited and came on with such an
      even bigger letdown just when he took office..there is no way the federal
      government cannot step in with stimulus and in many programs..I see no way
      until the ability to get more jobs..very difficult to American jobs and
      plants have gone in such number overseas now for years..very little American
      made today and for years. Health care prices always rising..
      the needed reforms so many should have been done years Obama
      said..there is no quick quick fix but with time and the right policy situtions.
      There are none from the Republican party of today nor from the teaparty.
      The special tax cuts on certain incomes should will not affect their
      personal income in any actually difficult ways..this is the only income tax
      cut that the Obama adminstration has said in the orginal tax cut that was
      to expire will under their adminstration..not on people earning yearly less than
      250 thousand a year.

  12. lower tax’s for who what about those of us who work. sarah back’s the big oil company and the big bank who will help us.she stop being governer of alaska to make more money than to help the people of alaska.

  13. Ummm…. every journalist uses anonymous sources. They have for decades. She can’t knock that. Whether or not the sources are accurate is another story, but that’s how reporters get information. I think she should focus her ire on the people who broke the code, rather than the media.

    1. She’s not knocking the use of anonymous sources. She knocking the ones who use them for smearing her and others instead of seeking the full truth. I thought that was pretty clear.

  14. I was listening to it last night and when she said that I had to play it over again a few times. I was like “is that our Sarah?” Whoa! I loved it!

  15. You can tell Sarah has been talking with John Bolton in this interview. I’m not a big fan of Hannity,I am always yelling at my radio for him to shut up and let his guest speak,well he finally did so and got what I feel is his best interview to date.

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