Sarah Palin has tough words for the MSM

In the first half this interview with Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin says that Republicans must ensure that the public understands that cutting taxes and getting the government out of the way is the best way to fix our economy and that they must communicate in an adamant way that they will fight against the ‘Obama-Pelosi-Reid’ agenda. She uses words like ‘aggressive’ and ‘enthusiastic’ when discussing the approach Republicans must take this year when communicating these ideas, and she is right! This is exactly what we conservatives want to see in our leaders. We want them to stand up with passion and defend what we know is right and to stop letting the Democrats, with their social agenda, win the debate in the public arena. We know that we can win the argument, but in order to do that we must effectively make the argument.

In the second half, Sarah takes on these ‘idiot reporters’ and has some tough words for the ‘impotent, limp, and gutless’ reporters in the MSM who would just as soon besmirch her and other Republicans with anonymous sources than actually search for the truth.

Oh yeah, she’s got a lot of fight in her. Enjoy!

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