Sarah Palin: “Hell no I would not vote to increase that debt ceiling!”

Sarah Palin in an interview with Bret Baier was asked if she would remove the oil subsidies to oil companies and the short of her answer was probably not. She says that the four billion that Obama is wanting to strip from the oil companies may not have that much impact on the large oil companies, but would affect the smaller independent explorers who Palin says we want out there with their resources extracting for oil:

You have to remember that President Obama – and I’m going to say this with all due respect to the office of the Presidency – he doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to energy. He does not know, as I just pointed out, that the four billion dollars that he thinks he’s gonna stick it to Exxon, BP, Conaco-Phillips that no, it’s going to be the independent producers, the explorers that we want out there creating jobs that are going to be hit with an end of subsidy. So we really have to take a hard look at that.

When asked if she’d vote to raise the debt ceiling (if she were in congress) she replied:

“Hells no! I would not vote to increase that debt ceiling. Otherwise it just shows the American public we’re not serious yet, we’re gonna incur more debt. No. And we don’t have to increase the debt ceiling in the next few weeks. It turns my stomach to hear this…”

They talk about much more including her analyzing potential candidates for President and where she currently is in making her decision.

Great interview. Enjoy!

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